Three bags full…

In my previous post, I mentioned that Annie-Q is back in town with her twins and she brought a bag of this butterscotch bread for me. I gave a loaf to my mum to eat that last time my niece gave me two and she loved it a lot. Thus, knowing that Annie would be coming home and the bread is not available in Sibu, I asked her to bring along a couple of loaves for me. She gave me three so I gave two to my mum and one to my in-laws.

Nope! I did not save any for myself as I am not really a fan of bread and besides, Annie had given me a bag of these nyonya zhangs…

KL nyonya zhang

Imagine her carting all those heavy dumplings all the way from KL!

They were nice…

KL nyonya zhang - open

…but I did think the taste was quite like what it would usually be and it looked like they used minced meat…

KL nyonya zhang - inside

…which my nyonya friend in New Zealand would certainly frown upon plus the ketumbar (coriander) felt kind of powdery. I would say that if I give those from my friend, Richard, a 10, I would give these a 7 perhaps – looking at them as nyonya zhangs, that is. Otherwise, they actually tasted quite good and were a lot nicer than any that we can buy around town here in Sibu.

The Chinese/Hokkien zhangs were great though…

KL Hokkien zhang

Yes, Annie-Q also brought me a bag of these too…

KL Hokkien zhang - open

…with the pork belly slices, shitake mushroom slices and chestnut…

KL Hokkien zhang - inside

…and the salted egg as well…

KL Hokkien zhang - salted egg

…inside.Β They were definitely nicer than the ones sold for RM3.50 each that I can get around town – with meat and a pinch of salted egg and no chestnut. Tsk! Tsk!

Of course I shouldn’t be looking at a gift horse in its mouth and I do appreciate the fact that Annie-Q had taken the trouble to go and buy all these and carrying them (and they ARE heavy) all the way back to Sibu to give to me. Thanks so much, Annie. It certainly was so very sweet and thoughtful of you…and having had all these to savour and indulge in, I am sure it wouldn’t come as a surprise that I would not want to pile on the additional calories eating plain bread, would it? Hehehehehehe!!!!

Now I wonder what I can get for her to take back to KL …that her mum wouldn’t have already bought, that is. Any suggestions, anybody?

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27 thoughts on “Three bags full…”

  1. i thought nyonya is blue in color geh? different from what we have in Melaka. but the filling was pretty muchy the same, minced meat.

    That’s when they take the trouble to use the flower to stain the rice. I don;t mind stains…but when they die all the rice blue, I don’t think they look so nice. Hmmm…ask Shereen or Richard (Hey! You’ve met him before when you came to Sibu, remember?) – they will say it’s a no-no when making nyonya zhang. πŸ˜‰

    1. Give Annie a big hug!!!…oh wait, she’s not mat salleh, hor… Hehehe.I am sure Annie don’t mind if you tak kasi her anything as she knows whatever you give her, if she wants or needs it, she would surely buy it herself. Maybe, u give angpows to the 2 boys for their recent birthday? Anyway, whether the changs sedap or not is besides the point, kan. Like you say,the effort to go and buy them and then lugged it all the way to Sibu makes up for everything.

      Yes, it is always the thought that counts the most, must appreciate that. Ya…taht’s an idea – no use buying anything for them either as the mum would have bought them everything, I’m sure…and the grandma as well.

      1. Eh, don’t know why my comment above appear at the wrong place pulak!! Since I’m here, let me comment a bit more.. Ahem! Nyonya Chang is never all blue in colour… Only stains. Another thing, we nyonyas never ever used minced meat. We cut everything into minute little pieces as it makes a lot of difference texture wise. Those you can buy that cost anything less than Rm 3 bucks, uses minced meat. Real Nyonya Chang can cost more than that and u can really taste the difference.

        The ones from Kuching do not use minced meat – more authentic nyonya…and definitely not the same. Ya…it should be stains only but I saw in somebody’s blog once – the zhang completely blue and I must say that it looked quite horrible… 😦

  2. i like the one with salty fillings (bak zhang) out of the variety of zhangS available.. but it’s really fascinating that there are so many types of Zhang invented by different dialect groups, isn’t it. πŸ™‚

    Yes, it has always been said that all these diverse cultures make up the rich Chinese culture – would be so sad if all these become extinct, wouldn’t it?

  3. you may just rate 7 for her dumplings but then for her to take all troubles to carry all the way from KL to Sibu, she deserves a +10!! haha..

    Yes…plus all the trouble and hassle of going to buy them, don’t forget that. Not easy getting around in KL – you people may be used to it but everytime I had to go some place there, I would get a headache… 😦

  4. wow.. Arthur… though you stay so far from us, I think you have the greatest gift of all…. bloggers’ bonding! The sitcom “Everyone Loves Raymond” should move over and make place for “Everyone Loves Arthur”… lol..

    I must have done something good in my previous life to deserve all that love and kindness. I am indeed so thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve got to know here, there and everywhere through my blog.

  5. nice bak zhangs.. but i have a phobia of it at the moment. Ate a tad too much yesterday when my mum brought back a whole bunch, and had indigestion and heart burn the whole night last night. >< blame it on my greediness as the bak zhangs were too good to resist

    Hahahahaha!!! So greedy! Your mum made? Nyonya zhang? Some people cannot digest pulut very well so they cannot eat much – I’m fine. Anything goes… πŸ˜‰

    1. this round my mum did not have the time to make, so she bought from outside.. rm4.50 one big zhang, very nice, just not enough meat. homemade ones are the best as we usually put loads of meat inside πŸ˜›

      RM4.50??? *faints* It’s RM3.50 here and I already think it is so very expensive. I would much sooner go and eat something else….

  6. Hi, wah.. you sure very lucky always got free goodies from your friends. The zhangs delivery in the heavy rain and now all the way from KL…. you must be smiling happily like strike 4 ekor.

    Have a nice day, regards.

    Yes, and to think that I would not be having any to eat this year. Now, I have so many… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. You must be a nice person…that your blogger friends are treating you well in return. Sounds nice to have like…gifts exchange thingy πŸ˜‰

    This certainly makes blogging more fun and meaningful…

    1. So, have you figure out what to get for Annie to bring back to KL?

      No. 😦 I’m sure her mum would insist on buying her everything she wants…

  8. Wow!!!…the nyonya zhangs flown in all the way from KL. Looks nice. I love “kee zhang” and these days it cost around 70-80 sen each and it shrink in size too. Goes well with kaya, sugar or condensed milk. Yummmy!!!!!!!.

    My mum loved the Padungan kee zhang, dipped in sugar – very small ones tied with string.

  9. The changs from Annie look delicious. Went to yet another Asian shop over the weekend and still can’t find any that have salted egg yolks. We have yet to eat any changs!

    The big red berbulu-bulu craft piece you bought me, that would be nice to get for Annie, too πŸ™‚

    No, lah…not for a local…and a Malaysian. People overseas would love that a lot. You haven’t? Oooo….I’ve been eating and eating and eating…. Zhang…zhang…zhang, every day zhang. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Those Hokkien changs certainly look good. Three bags full of goodies? Wow, so kind & generous of Annie. Hhhmm, I can’t suggest what you can get for her to bring back to KL but you can bring her to eat all the local food that she misses back in KL. With good food and good company, I’m sure she’ll be happy.

    She and her boys with her mum do that everyday – going here, there and everywhere. My cousins from Kuching are in town, so I’m quite tied up right now. Will join her for breakfast tomorrow…

  11. Okies…Mamarazzi has fed me ‘kao kao’ with the bak chang. LOL!!! no more drooling at the pics.

    Ya…I will not be drooling over any posts on bak zhangs anymore…not in the course of this year at least.

    1. Lol

      Don’t laugh! Wait till the ular sawa wants some more – you will have to start making again to feed him… LOL!!!

  12. I just learnt how to make these dumplings last weekend… man it’s hard work for a small thing!!

    Yes, it definitely is not easy. Imagine having to do it every day to earn a living. I guess the high prices may be considered quite justified – for the price of one bak zhang here, one would be able to go and enjoy a plate of Foochow fried noodles instead or kampua noodles and still have change…

  13. woo hoo …
    now you had started your Ba Zhang feast .. kekeke..
    Now I am waiting patiently on my MIL’s duck salty egg to be ready..
    once it is done then she will start make her lovely Ba Zhang..
    STP want some? kakakaka

    So when is she starting to make hers? Poslaju – dijamin sampai hari esok? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Get her the red mi suah wine

    The mum would have got at least a dozen bottles already…and she knows the source of the best in town.

    1. Or Mbe sago worms? LOL. Just joking.

      I think each state hv their own version of Chang. Like me I m used to the black Chang which my granny used to make n callhakka chang but ur side call hokkien Chang

      Here too. Predominantly it’s the Chinese or Hokkien zhang – only in my family…and maybe, a handful of others. We made our own nyonya zhang…and now, people in Kuching can buy the nyonya variety here, there and everywhere. Not Sibu though – only the traditional Chinese ones here.

  15. i like the latter one! with the meat, mushroom and salted egg! meh~ makes me salivate and hunger for one now! >.<

    No problem at your end. You can get these everywhere…

    Your first time here, I see. Welcome and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Will link you in my blogroll.

  16. You’re most welcome Arthur, hope you like the zhang. Too bad, this year the zhang festival fall a month later, didn’t manage to bring you my mil’s signature zhang. I had try Richard’s nyonya zhang, like what you said, he put five spice powder, where by KL one don’t have. There are actually many type of nyonya zhang, my mum said one of her church friend in KL bought her once, which is very very nice, but i don’t know where she get it from.
    Ah! I should have give you more butterscotch bread, at least you can have one to yourself. Did you try? It is really nice.
    Like i said, don’t need to buy me anything, save your money for the rainy day ok. πŸ™‚
    Let’s see can meet up for breakfast tomorrow or not. Sigh, everyday our wake up time, it is almost having brunch! hahahhahhahah

    Not five spice – it’s ketumbar powder. My missus is not really used to the “smell” – she prefers the Hokkien zhang with soy sauce and five-spice…and Melissa too. I’m the only one who likes the nyonya ones. I tried the bread when my niece gave us the first time. It was nice but I’m not really a bread person so that’s why I do not mind giving it all away this time. Shy lah…take people’s things and never giving anything back in return…

  17. Arthur, throw one over here lah. Poor Quay Po here missing her food. Only eat spicy instant noodles to ease her cravings. I should stop visiting you while I am still in US.

    You’ve been there a long time, it seems. When are you coming back?

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