Be careful…

We have heard or read reports of how people get cheated online and yet such things seem to happen again and again. For instance, I received this email just the other day:

BP Promotions Office: The BP Promotions Division
50 Piccadilly London, United Kingdom
Reference Number: BPZ/0031/2012
Batch Number: BTS89/14004

Dear Sir/Madam,

Winning Notification

The management of the BP Promotions division is pleased to confirm that you are a winner of
our Web Mail Sweepstakes Program held on the 27th of May 2012 as part of our on-going
Global out-reach project which was launched in 2010 to quell the negative publicity from the
“Macondo blowout” suffered by BP.

In an effort to be global, BP Promotions selected participants from a database of one billion
web mail subscribers without the sales of lotto tickets and winners were obtained after a
random selection by our “Automatic Quick-Pick E-ballot System” which assigned number
sequences to all participants.

Note that you have been approved for a lump sum pay out of £750,000.00(Seven Hundred and
Fifty Thousand Pounds Sterling) because your web mail account was assigned one of the lucky
winning number sequences [22-14-32-43-26-45] Bonus (14). This is from the total promotional
budget of £12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million Pounds Sterling) which is to be shared amongst the

Write to to start claims and give the details below for registration:
1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Gender and Age:
4. Occupation:
5. Ref No and Batch No:
6. Phone No and Cell No:
7. Alternative web mail account:

A Claims officer will assist you in redeeming your Prize.

From The BP Promotions Team

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Claims should start within five days of receiving this notification.

It certainly looks and sounds genuine, doesn’t it? Well, greed is one of the seven deadly sins and has always been one of man’s greatest downfalls and never mind if this is real or a scam, I am not disclosing any of my personal details to anybody I do not know…and anyway, born losers like me can’t possibly be so lucky. Tsk! Tsk! The same goes to any email or sms from the banks or anybody, for that matter…or even phonecalls – I understand there are a lot of those going around and many have fallen victim to those.

And talking about honesty, when I see a sign like this, I would simply get the impression that if I buy more, it would be cheaper…

4+4+2 = 10

I don’t know whether this is a scam or an attempt at deceiving unsuspecting individuals but I must admit that I have fallen victim to something like this at the market. I guess I only have myself to blame for not being careful and after buying more, when I did some mental calculations upon reaching home, I realised that it would cost the same, never mind if I had bought a few or more…and if I had known, I would have bought less actually.

I guess the onus is on each and everyone of us, in our everyday dealings, to be careful…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Be careful…”

  1. sama lah tu buy 4 or 10. smart marketing gimmick. I’d consider buying 10 too if I see such signs.. sigh…

    I guess they’re all the same…and we can’t say they’re trying to cheat us, just doing the calculating for us. 😦

  2. I, too, am not one to readily disclose my personal information unnecessarily. For instance, all those contests or surveys which require us to disclose our personal information – and win a prize – are just another way to obtain our details and sell the data to third parties. Maybe I’m being over sceptical, hehe. Anyway, retailers are getting very smart these days, playing around with words and tap into consumers’ uncouncious greed. Very often we are tempted to cave in to “buy 2nd at 50% off” or “for 3 days only” or “limited to x per customer”, right? Guess we have to be careful and penny-wise in these times…

    Ya…and the buy 3, get one free. I always insisted that it would mean if you buy 3, you only pay for 2 since you get 1 of the 3 free.

  3. LOL I receive like 5 to 8 of these kind of emails every single day. I wonder if anyone would actually get conned by it Piranha 3DD review

    So many??? Wow! You must be mighty popular… I do get spam – those trying to sell you things and stuff but such scams – maybe only once or twice before. I’m sure some have been conned…especially those calls from Hongkong or those supposedly from Bank Negara or other banks. I’m sure they must have read reports of these cases in the papers and yet they fell for it.

  4. Not at all interested in strange emails, I would not even bother to read and would just delete immediately.

    That’s what I usually do. They’re all spam. This one even has BP’s letterhead and all – looks very genuine but I guess these days, with computer technology, one can do anything. 😦

  5. hahahahaha! i like ur quote “born losers like me can’t possibly be so lucky”.
    cause that’s how i think too! I dont think i have any luck in my life.
    Even if i have, it would be after 99% of hard work. haha

    and… the kaya ball, perhaps food is our weakness.
    our itchy mouth that mess up our mind to do the calculation? hahahaha

    Yes, we will just have to work hard for it if there’s anything that we’re hoping for. Nobody’s going to hand it to us on a silver platter. I never bother to calculate – when I hear or see anything like that I just assume it’s cheaper. My bad, of course…for falling into it. 😦

  6. errr, straight away i know that email is a scam.. won’t even finish reading it and it’s already in my trashbox, haha!! i never believe in all this, even those facebook thing.. ask you to like their page and then say “I want iPad”, nah, those are scams only lah..

    I never bother with those – I don’t have any such luck, anyway, even if they were true offers. 😦

  7. errr, actually there’s nothing wrong to say 4 for RM1.00 and 10 for RM2.50.. but definitely this is one kind of marketing tactics, haha.. not deceiving but trying to confused you.. or maybe they really are just selling at packets of 4 or 10?? :p

    Then they could have just stated 4 for RM1.00, full stop. RM2.50 is not a round figure, so why mention it? At the market, the sellers would say – 50 sen each, 10 for RM5.00. That is excusable as they may just be rounding it up for you, doing the calculations…or at least, they can claim that’s their sole intention. Nope, this is a made-to-order place – no ready-packed ones in packets…or at least, I did not see any around.

  8. Every now and then I received emails that I have become millionaire.. I think by now if all were true, I would be a billionaire already!
    As for the kaya balls, this owner is quite smart.. for those who are not so good in calculation will surely go for 10 balls instead of 4…. 🙂

    Ya…if only! But nothing comes easy… Sigh!!! Well, you can count me in – I’m hopeless at Maths. Almost failed in school. 😦

  9. yeah everyday, there’ll be someone falling into these traps because they are not thinking twice about it. I don’t believe there’s free lunch in this world and these scams won’t be able to get me! hehehe

    You’re smart…plus you’re in that field so you would not fall for it very easily, I’m sure. 😉

  10. There are more and more scams these days. Need to constantly remind ourself not to be greedy. Talking about business gimmick..there’s always like..’you buy A+B+C then the price is cheaper..” But when come to think of actually don’t need or do not use product B&C pun..hahaha

    Yup, happens to me too. Looks like an attractive offer but you end up with all the things that you do not need. It’s ok though if the things are nice – can give them away as birthday presents. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  11. sometimes in our lives we dont realize that we spend unnecessarily because of greed. Esp for us ladies, ‘spend more than RM20 and get xxx for RM3!!’ and we actually fall for that when our initial plan is just to buy a RM5 item. Happy Thurs STP 🙂

    And sometimes, it’s all our own fault too. They say, “the eyes are bad”. They offer something at rock-bottom price…so we go and buy (and sometimes, they will tell you it is sold out, out of stock! Tsk! Tsk!) And since we’re there, we may browse around and end up buying a whole lot of things that we do not intend to buy in the first place. 😦

  12. well that is the marketing gimmick le…
    there is a lot of scam too….
    I always have these belief in myself ..
    why I am the lucky one? Don’t be greedy ….
    just being simple.. thats it…

    Yup! The problem is there may be genuine offers to increase sales that may be real value for money…but we can’t really tell which is which and end up getting “cheated”.

  13. I have a Marketing degree and I know that all these Buy 1 Free 1, discount are marketing gimmicks etc. But I still fall victim to such promotion, offer etc. Especially when it comes to food and consumer products. hehehe! And some more I am into such business and my customers are buying the products because of those “super” offers.

    Haiz!!! And I often fall victim to all these marketing techniques – like when they give very nice plates with toothpaste, I would not be able to resist…and will end up buying more tubes of toothpaste than what I really need. It wouldn’t be so bad if they’re good quality stuff but sometimes, those plates will chip so easily and are not really worth having. Also those free gifts when you subscribe to a magazine – most of the time, they give crap! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  14. It’s not a scam la. At least they were honest right?
    So… were the balls any good?

    Let’s say that they were not dishonest… Didn’t try the balls but the waffles with honey were nice, not bad at all.

  15. Congrats you are RM4.5million kaya now more than enough to buy the whole kaya ball plus the row of shops. So treating all bloggers kaya balls? Sorry calculator not enough digits to calculate how many kaya balls you can buy with RM4.5m.

    And don’t ask me to count either… I almost failed Maths in school, remember? 😉

  16. every morning i get those silly mails. if only its for real that i have that much money in my account lah.

    EVERY MORNING??? Thank goodness, I only get one once in a blue moon. 🙂

  17. There is a butcher shop in Auckland that has this big signboard that says “Voted Auckland’s Best Butcher” and all these while I thought it was true until recently when we noticed the small print at the bottom…teeny-weeny that says ( by the owner ) *slap forehead*. That after spending a fortune in that shop..what the heck!!!
    Never even bother to open those emails that I received.Ooooo…rindu kaya balls!!!

    You like? Not really a fan of those… LOL!!! One thing to his credit, the owner’s certainly witty! 😀

  18. It’s defiinately a scam lah, I always have this type of email. Too tempting to be true lah.Hey, I can also says that I have millions to give! 😛

    Yalor…and such good things don’t happen to the likes of me. 😦

  19. i get lots of emails like these, it’s scam emails thats for sure. Just treat it as spam and delete it without any second thoughts.

    Yup! That’s what I would do…

  20. I’ve been receiving lots of text messages that I won a car or money. I just delete those messages!

    Ya…that’s the only thing we can and should so with those. Such a nuisance 😦

  21. The scams seldom get me. I am too skeptical to believe that i am THAT lucky! I never believe in luck, I believe in nothing come easy, we have to work hard for it that’s why I don’t even buy four digits or lottery.

    I guess I’m a little better than you. At least I do try my luck at TOTO. Wish me lots of luck for the next draw. Next thing you know, I may just join you in the states…LOL!!! 😀

  22. I always ignore those kind of email or sms. I know I didn’t join the contest and yet I am one of the lucky winners. Too good to be true, rite.

    Definitely. Not that easy to become rich, I’m afraid. Sobsssss!!!! 😦

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