Ho ho ho…

This is Huai Bin‘s favourite beef noodle place in town…

Aho, Sibu

I do recall having tried it once before when it was still located at the Cathay Cinema, now Star Cineplex, building but I do not remember being wow-ed by it. Anyway, my daughter, Melissa, is back in town for her holidays so the other morning, I took her there for breakfast.

The place was filled to the brim and if the crowd was the gauge to judge how good the food would be at a place, one would expect it to be really very good here. They’ve their menu on the wall…

Aho, Sibu - menu

…so you can just pick what you want from the list. Ooops…sorry for the angle! I’m sure everyone has heard of a horse’s ass – this one’s a bull’s…and that’s supposed to be the tail – don’t you start getting any ideas now! LOL!!! In case you’re wondering, that mee golok is supposed to be kolo mee…or what they usually call mee kolok in local Malay. I assure you that it has no connection whatsoever with that infamous town at the Kelantan/Thai border.

I had their mee golok daging campur (RM4.50) – the dry version with beef, tendon, tripe and all…

Aho beef noodles - dry 1

…which came with a tiny bowl of beef soup…

Aho beef noodles 2

…or at least that was what it was supposed to be.

I would not say it was nice, not at all…but at least, it was edible – this much I would say. The soup did not have any beef fragrance at all – I honestly think I could come out with much nicer plain beef soup at home using Bovril.

One point in their favour was that they left the jars of chili sauce on the table so one would be able to help oneself to as much as one likes…

Aho beef noodles - dry 3

It was very nice and it certainly looked like that was the only thing that I liked there.

My daughter had the mee daging lembu (RM3.50)…

Ah Ho beef noodles - soup

– the soup version with just the beef and nothing else.

She did not like it and complained of the overpowering taste of the taugeh (bean sprouts) in the soup. I tried a bit and I could get what she meant. I thought the broth had hardly any beef flavour and was not worth the calories, not at all. So I told her to just leave it and we could go for something else a whole lot nicer for lunch later…and she did! If you ask for my humble opinion, I would tell you without a second thought that if you want nice beef noodles, you can try this place – frankly, I would think that theirs would be many times nicer despite the commotion from the carwash cum tyre shop right next door.

After breakfast, we went to walk around Wisma Sanyan right across the road to while the time away and it was well after noon when we went here for the nasi kerabu and of course, Melissa loved that a whole lot more. Funny how, according to her, she can’t get any nasi kerabu in Sungai Petani…in the state right next to the one where this originated from (Kelantan) or perhaps, they have that there but she is unaware of it. Imagine having to come back all the way to Sibu to enjoy that!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Ho ho ho…”

  1. can always hop over to KT or KB for nasi kerabu… beef noodle, anytime.. but if the broth is just like water, can give it a miss.

    I know KL has a few nice places – here too…but nothing beats the ngui chap in KK. Saw a programme on that particular place I went to on AFC.

  2. it’s that bad ya.. how can beef soup come without having the beefy taste? that’s unacceptable. hehe, I like the reference you put to bovril at home

    Dunno. And yet the place was so crowded, full house. Maybe that’s the taste people like…but I don’t?

  3. i can’t really mum beef as my stomach tends to get upset after that :(. but i had a bite of the beef burger at hard rock cafe. it’s yummeh! worth the ache in the tummy :/

    Burger beef is finely minced… Maybe your digestion isn’t so good… Eat slowly! LOL!!! 😀

  4. Looks great for that price. But where exactly is this place? Haha, sorry, Visiting your blog for the first time I think. Snow White & the Huntsman movie review

    I did not even like the looks of the dry version – the soup one looks ok. This is in Sibu, Sarawak – all the places that I feature are in Sibu…where I live. So I would usually say “here” to refer to my little town…but if I go elsewhere, then I would mention otherwise. Oh ya! Thanks so much for dropping by. A warm welcome to you, hope you like it here and will drop by again. Will link you in my blogroll.

  5. At those prices, I’m sure the owner could ill afford to put much beef into his stock. Over here, the cheapest bowl of decent beef noodles would already cost rm6 upwards.

    Thank heavens Melissa got a better deal in the nasi kerabu 🙂

    Oh? But there are other places here that I feel are heaps better…and they cost pretty much the same. Ya…at least, she had a delightful lunch.

  6. Why ho ho ho? Sounds like Christmas is around the corner. I could think of Moo Moo Moo or Poh Poh Poh (Huai Bin) lolz

    His name is whatever Ho, I think…so people call him Ah Ho…and hence, the name…like Ah Kow, Ah Too, Ah Ngiau, Ah Beh, Ah Goo…. 😀 Christmas is just 6 months away – will be here soon enough. 😉

  7. *wipes sweat* Thank the good lord,there’s not a picture of nasi kerabu in sight.. Hehehe..I hope I’m not laughing too soon!Honestly, without tasting those 2 noodles and by just looking only, I would have give it 10/10. They look so sedap. Did they put any rempah- ratus ie cinnamon stick into the broth? My mind is playing tricks on me as I feel that I could smell the fragrance from here 🙂

    Usually they do have the spices in beef noodles…but not as strong as those in the Malay sup tulang or the Indian sup kambing. Some have salted veg too in the broth for added flavour. You would not have any problem cooking this in NZ – so much beef there, so fresh and juicy… 😉

    P.S. No worries, not going to post on the nasi kerabu. Already featured before…

    1. Forgot to ask.. Is this shop halal since they sell beef?

      Yup, it is…or at least, the food is. All the workers are Malays/Muslims….down to those cooking. I only saw one Chinese guy (probably Aho, the owner) and one Chinese lady (probably his wife).

  8. I couldn’t find nasi kerabu in Kedah when I was studying there too! Only discovered the gem when I went to Kelantan 🙂

    Yalor…Melissa also grumbles about this same thing. She misses it so much. Just imagine – the two states are just next to each other.

  9. there are two types of beef noodle soup, one is the dark version as shown, one is the clear version.. guess they are from the different origins.. the ones i usually have and like it over here has clear soup, yet still very flavorful..

    I don’t like the dark one – spicy. I think they add chili oil or sauce – Taiwan or whatever style, that one.

  10. I heard of mee golok from hubs because he was born in Kedah.That’s why he always miss Kedah delicacies.

    There’s mee golok? In Kedah? Hmmm…if what I had here was mee golok, I think I would stick to our Kuching kolo mee/mee kolok or our Sibu kampua.

  11. Oh this beef noodles shop is open by a Malay? If u ever come to West Malaysia, need to go try the beef noodles in Seremban… it’s very good.

    I don’t think Aho is a Malay – Chinese, I would think…but all the workers doing the cooking and the serving are Malays or that’s what they look like. Seremban’s nice? There are nice ones in KL too…but cannot beat KK’s – RM8 though when I had that many many years ago, dunno now.

  12. Why Xmas approaching soon? Ho ho ho chak..

    Very soon – now Gawai, then Raya, then Deepavali…and Christmas in no time at all. Time really flies, doesn’t it?

  13. the beef meat should be very tender..
    I see that it is abit raw … can see a bit red……
    not a moo person…

    The meat’s tender all right – no complaint about that…but the broth or the overall taste not quite to our liking. 😦

  14. Both looks nice to me but sometimes looks can be deceiving and likewise.I love lots of taugeh in char kway teow or mee lembu. At least there is something you like, the whole jar of chilli sauce.

    LOL!!! I only had a bit lah…but if my missus were with us, she would pour it all into her noodles…and say it was very nice. As long as got chili, lots of it, everything is nice to her. LOL!!! 😀

  15. I may got cheated from its look. Bcos the mee kolok does look sedap. Btw…now only I know..I shared the same name as ur daughter! hehe…

    Yes, you do. Only the surname’s not the same. 🙂 Ya…some things may look good but need not taste great. Never judge a book by its cover.

  16. I really love this place though! I guess one man’s meat is another man’s poison. 😀

    I always order the dry version e,g, the one you had. The quality can be a bit inconsistent though – it used to be saltier and way more flavorful.

    Ya…you always spokehighly of the place but I never dropped by to try – not since they’re at this new location.

  17. Ok, i want to try the one that you mention previous.

    Yup! That one’s better… Melissa loves it there too – we haven’t gone yet as she always wakes up late. 😦

  18. The golok mee looks great and tempting, even I don’t eat beef I won’t mind to take a mouthful!

    Oh? So many people don’t take beef. I wish I don’t – no fresh beef here and very expensive – the Australian or NZ imported ones. That’s why we very seldom eat beef at home…mostly chicken or pork or fish.

  19. hmmm yum yum i like your plate of mee golok daging campur. It is dark and yummy.

    I would stop at “dark”…not exactly yummy…or at least, to me, it wasn’t. 😦

    1. STP, from the photo it looks good eh…So not good eh?

      Not to me. Maybe if you ask the crowd, they will say it is nice. Seems very popular, I must say…

  20. The dry version of kolok mee looks nicer… 🙂 Ipoh kerabu rice is near the stadium, a lot of malays including Elin love to patronise that place…
    Now that your girl is back, I am sure you will be showing us a lot of yummy food from now on.. 🙂

    Hah!!! I guess you’re not into nasi kerabu – not your kind of food. Well, Annie is coming back and my cousins will be here for a few days so guess we will be out eating sometime…

  21. beef noodles without beefy flavor, aww, but that slice of beef looks good to me

    Yup, the beef in the soup version is nicely done – this much I can say. 😦

  22. Hi, the mee look delicious and very cheap too. The best beef noodle in JB after several decades, closed shop liao. Unfortunately the son suppose to take over the father business got killed in the pub somewhere last year. Since then the father terus tutup his stall. Other stalls in JB no kick at all.

    Have a nice day.

    Oh dear! That’s really sad. I guess the father got too depressed and saw no reason to carry on. 😦

  23. i like beefey stuff too.. Mooooooo 🙂 but only lean meat, and not other parts of the cow

    What about pork innards? No, too? Chicken, I will only take the liver…but I prefer pork liver or beef liver – not so soft and mushy.

  24. beef broth with no beef taste? hmmmm

    That’s why I would give it the thumbs down. The one in KK, Sabah – you can smell from a distance…and when you taste the soup, it’s like heaven! So very nice…

  25. That’s what I like beef soup no beef taste! hehehe Sound stupid but that is what I will go for. LOL!

    You will? Oh no!!! Melissa could hardly finish a quarter of what was in her bowl that day… 😦

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