Don’t you remember…

Teachers’ Day came and went and other than a handful of people who wished me on Facebook or here in my blog plus a couple of sms’es, I guess as far as the rest were concerned, it just slipped their minds. Sobssss!!!! But I certainly was delighted when I received an invitation from the tuition centre where I was teaching before – obviously, they did remember my contribution over the years and saw it fitting to invite me to join their Teachers’ Day dinner on Sunday at this restaurant in town.

For starters, we had their pickled jellyfish…

NewCapitol pickled jellyfish

…which was all right but I thought that the one we had at Ruby was nicer. For one thing, I wished they had cut the jellyfish into strips a whole lot thinner. I love century eggs though…so I had the lion’s share of those. LOL!!!

Then we had the sio pua (hot plate), our more-than-4 Seasons…

NewCapitol hot plate

…which had a lot of treasures in it including scallops, fish maw, prawns and slices of abalone and very sweet and freshΒ pek chio/ikan bawal putih (white/silver pomfret) which costs a bomb at the market these days – given the choice, it definitely isn’t something that I would buy, I’m afraid…not at the current price.

Then we had the duck stuffed with glutinous rice. I have not had that for quite a while and I was delighted that they had done it really well that night. I enjoyed that very much but unfortunately, the photograph that I took of it came out blur as the waitress was in a helluva hurry to cut it all up. Thus, all that I have to show of the dish is this…

NewCapitol duck with glutinous rice

I had a lot more than just a few helpings, you can bet on that.

The steamed fish looked very good…

NewCapitol steamed fish

…but I had a bit and did not bother to have more. Looks can be deceiving, that we all know, don’t we? I thought it was quite bland and tasteless, probably having been frozen for quite a while but the rest at my table seemed to enjoy it a lot and finished it all off, leaving only the head and the bones.

The Thai-style midin (wild jungle fern)…

NewCapitol Thai-style midin

…was pretty ok – not bad and very spicy like they had cili padi in it…but I do feel that the ones here or here would be very much nicer.

The highlight of the dinner was the crabs…

NewCapitol crabs

They were small – not as big as the ones here but they tasted more or less the same and at least, they were not so over-generous with the msg here – everybody enjoyed eating that.

Lastly, we had the fruit platter…

NewCapitol fruit platter

– I had the pomelo but skipped the pineapples and I would not eat those jambu air without any asamboi (sour plums)…or my soy sauce with belacan, sugar and chili dip.

All in all, it was a sumptuous meal, much to my satisfaction, and considering the fact that the tuition centre is a money-making entity and once you’re no longer in their employment, they would not have any more use for you, I must say that it made it a lot more meaningful and I honestly felt so very flattered that they were gracious enough to ask me to join them on this very auspicious annual event unlike others that seem to have chosen to conveniently forget to remember. Sigh!!!

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23 thoughts on “Don’t you remember…”

  1. A large helping of century eggs?! Yikes cholesterol-overload!
    Such a thoughtful ex-employer. The dishes looked superb especially the hot plate and duck dish which is not usually served here in Klang valley.

    They were cut into eights so I would have to eat 8 before I could have 1 whole egg – I don’t think I had that many. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Yes, it was nice of them to count me in… What we serve here at Chinese sit-down dinners are obviously quite different from elsewhere. Would be nice to try if you happen to come over anytime. I would say ours is nicer…and cheaper. Hehehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. hehehe i would not eat the jambu air without the assam powder too:P

    We’re one of a kind… πŸ˜‰

  3. Duck stuff with glutinous rice…. Normally in kl we use chicken….
    Sibu got Pamelo?

    Of course, we have. You ask Claire lah, she’s from Ipoh. She tried our honey pomelo when she was here – so very nice and sweet! Over here, we’ve always had duck. Used to be very popular once – a must-have at Chinese diners years ago…but eventually, it disappeared. Maybe some people can’t eat pulut – cannot digest or causes stomach discomfort or something. May still get it once in a while…and I love it.

  4. ohmy! all my favourite foods!! and yup, the tuition centre is good enough to invite you along eventhough you are not teaching there already.

    Your favourite? Come, come…hop over to Sibu. I’ll treat you to all these…and more! Yummmm!!!!! πŸ˜€

  5. the steamed fish looks yummy. I just speculate that it tastes as such as it looks good

    Ya…appearance can be deceptive. I guess the way of cooking was good but unfortunately, the fish wasn’t… 😦

  6. Woah…sumptuous !! I love the crabs, but don’t take so much. High cholesterol !

    No lah…all that for 10 people. Did not really get to eat puas-puas…but good enough for me. πŸ˜‰

  7. all nice dishes i like!! we usually just have one platter (mixture of hot and cold) like that jelly fish and century eggs, but the hot platter is something new to me.. the duck looks good too with the glutinous rice.. and finally the fruit platter, wow, the pomelo would be nice all nicely peeled for me, hahaha!!!

    You lazy to peel kah? I like how they peel so nicely – segment by segment, so neat. If I eat at home, hancur berderai… LOL!!!! πŸ˜€

  8. so its not the case of out of sight out of mind lah?

    Food looks great la.

    eh when u coming KL?

    Ummm…no plan atm, TOTO tak kena…how to go? I’ve stopped teaching already, pencen tak cukup makan. Hopefully, tomorrow night…strike it BIG and you’ll see me very soon. πŸ˜‰

  9. Happy Teacher’s Day!! I’d forgotten about it till my girl brought back her noticebook and informing the kindy will be celebrating the special day…ehhehe

    Wahh……such a nice treat you had. All delicious food!

    Thanks. So what are you cooking for your girl’s teachers? So lucky all of them… Bet it will be something really nice. Yummmmm!!!!!

  10. Hi, thank for sharing the delicious food minus the century eggs. Can’t bring myself to swallow the egg.
    The fish and crab look extremely good, I feast with my eyes.

    So nice of them to invite you for the dinner, that show they still appreciate your hard work at the tuition center.

    Have a nice day.

    I wouldn’t touch the egg when I was younger – acquired the taste quite late but now I love century eggs! Yummmm!!!! Ya, it was nice of them. You, have a nice day too!

  11. A teacher well-remembered. Big pat on you. Foods looks awesome. I would definitely skip the crabs cos so “ma huan” to eat. Love the pamelo and jambu air.

    Hmmmmm….if your son wants to eat but is lazy to remove the shell, I’m sure you will do it for him even though you will not do it for yourself, right or not? Mums are all the same… Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Hahaha!!! your missus do that for her daughter too. Mums are the best of the best.

      LOL!!! If ask me, I will say no need to eat! Hehehehehehe!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  12. The food looks special to me, the four seasons, century eggs with jelly fish.. duck with glutinous rice.. would love to try those.. πŸ™‚

    So when are you coming again? You did not try this place the last time you came. Some of the things here, very nice. One of the oldest established restaurants in town.

  13. Looks delicious! I wouldn’t mind trying some. I reckon it would taste awesome.

    Some. I wouldn’t say all…and some, there are nicer ones elsewhere.

  14. Pickled jellyfish is super yum! πŸ™‚ Served with century egg? That is a first for me.

    1st for me too… πŸ˜‰

  15. The first dish really makes my saliva gland go into overdrive! The rest pun not bad but I think I would rather save the stomach space for Ruby’s food…and the kampua,of course. The jambu air is the very sweet variety, right?..jambu air madu and rather expensive too.

    Yup…VERY expensive these days. That day, I bought 5 for my mum…I think I paid RM8. So shocking!!!! Ruby ok lah – they do not have the duck there. I like the duck!!! Stuffed with glutinous rice. Yum! Yum!

  16. sweet of your ex tuition centre, they still think of you and remember you.

    Food look very good! How come i don’t remember i eat that first dish before, pickled jellyfish. Yum yum!! I will sapu all the centurty egg too, the smelly the better. hahahhaha

    4 season, midin and crabs, look very good. *wipping saliva*

    I think it’s not in the set menu – they ordered the dishes that they liked. You would remember this place – we went there for dinner the last time you came home…and Fearles spilled the drink. Muahahahahahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€

  17. who dares to forget you? haha, very nice of them to treat these delicious food .. πŸ™‚

    You lor!!! I thought you’ve forgotten me – didn’t see you around for so long. Hehehehehe!!!! Ya, I’m sure you would treat me to all the nice things in KL too if I go over again. You would, wouldn’t you? πŸ˜‰

  18. i like the way they serve pomelo, everything was well presented, i really don like peeling off the pomelo skins LOL, i wonder how will be the jungle fern tastes like ? hmm….

    Come on over! You can try… All my West Malaysian blogger friends who came loved it a great deal. One even bought some home but it did not survive the journey… 😦

  19. Wow. It is good that your former employer remembered you. It is good to know that there are still companies that appreciate their former employees. So much food! Seems like the company that you worked for had a lot of money. Well, at least they use some of those money to give teachers a treat.

    Yes, they do make tons of money but other centres where I was attached to before never bothered to treat the stuff – no dinner on Teachers’ Day and no annual dinner. They paid a lot less too, only wanted to squeeze the teachers dry… This one’s good, not like that.

  20. Aiyoh!! Where to find such food in Quay Lo land man!! Century eggs! Crabs! Chilli Padi! Where are you???

    Look carefully… You’ll find it all there…somewhere. A lot more expensive, of course…but just don’t convert. It will feel less painful. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. I found chilli padi at the swap meet yesterday!!! YAY!!! Not so expensive. Still looking for century and crabs.

      Century eggs? Try Chinatown…or the Asian shops. Salted eggs NZ$2 in Auckland. I wonder how much these eggs are in the states…

  21. That’s certainly very nice of the tuition centre to invite you! And the food look good, man! πŸ˜‰

    Yes, it was great. At least, some people do appreciate and reciprocate. Many don’t bother. 😦

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