She loves you…

It’s the 16th of May, the official date for Teachers’ Day in our country. Hence, I would like to wish all teachers a very Happy Teachers’ Day, all the very best in your endeavours and may God bless you all abundantly in your selfless pursuits to carve out meaningful lives among those under your charge…

Confucius says...

Now, to get on now with what I have to share with everybody today, truth be told, somehow,Β I just can’t seem to recall exactly how I happened to stumble upon this blog but as soon as I had read the review, I wasted no time at all in heading straight to the place…

Wang Lee 99 Cafe Sibu

…to try the kueh chap

AhLing kueh chap 1

If I may quote her exact words, she said, “Here is, to the best, kueh chap (thin square sheet noodles served with braised pork broth flavored with spices and all the pork spare parts) in Sibu, probably in Sarawak even (I have tasted almost all of the famous kueh chap in Kuching before making such remark),” and when somebody put it like this, “Should I have request for the last meal in my life, this would be it,” Β wouldn’t you want to go and give it a try? Well, I would and I did!

This stall in the shop…

AhLing bak kut teh Sibu

…was very well-known once for its bak kut teh. It was so popular that at any time of the day, it would be overflowing with people, all enjoying their specialty. Eventually, the popularity waned and the crowd gradually thinned. I heard that the man had died and his family members took over and they were not as good at it so the customers started to stop coming. I went there once not too long ago and was not exactly thrilled by it – I thought that it was over-peppery and lacked the strong herbal taste that would usually be present in any bak kut teh.

I never knew they had kueh chap until I read the aforementioned post…

AhLing kueh chap 2

but personally, though I felt that it was quite good, the soup/gravy seemed a bit cloudy and the taste on its own did not sweep me off my feet. I would think that I enjoyed what I had here a lot more.

However, I must say that the sambal or chili dip that came with it was simply out of this world…

AhLing kueh chap 3

I don’t know exactly what was in it but I could sense some ginger and a squeeze of calamansi lime and perhaps, even belacan (dried prawn paste) and when eaten together with this, the kueh chap did seem really delicious, after all.

I wouldn’t mind going back there again for a bowl (RM4.50)…but unfortunately, I have to refrain from over-indulging in those pig innards and stuff for fear of a gout attack. Once in a long while would be fine, I think…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “She loves you…”

  1. Omg, another babi post. Lawan wt smk ka? Both oso nice, nicer when mr gout pays a visit. Now where is the hard boiled egg in the kuey chap? Yummeh…

    Yahor!!!! No wonder it felt incomplete…something was missing! The phak lor egg!!! Tsk! Tsk! Tolak sepuluh markah lagi… Where got best like that? Tsk! Tsk!

  2. This looks like a hearty soup that I need now as I stay up to work 😦 I wonder if delivery is possible. Hehehe

    What work? So late already… Must eat well, ya! Then you will have the energy to carry on… πŸ˜‰

  3. Euwwww….pig innards? No thank you. I might as well eat braised chicken feet However, seeing that makes me hungry as I hv not had breakfast yet. Maybe, I should order the halal version tambah daging khinzir πŸ™‚

    You don’t eat those and it still makes you hungry kah? LOL!!! When I look at chicken feet, chicken butt and the like, I would feel queasy… Will definitely not feel hungry. Aiyor…you don’t eat liver too kah? Nutritious boh….makes you strong. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. No worries shereen, all the khinzir oredi sunat so, all not haram anymore. Liver in ginger and sesame oil, I loike!

      LOL!!! I love liver…any liver in any way they cook it, but cannot eat too often. 😦

      1. Wakaka…logik jugak si WKS!! I don’t eat spare parts etc…geli lar. Same with chicken, I only eat the feet…kasi muka tak berkedut,mah…ubat tu!..butt, hempedal etc…eikkkkk…no thank you:)

        They say the chicken butt’s the one to keep you staying looking young, your skin smooth as silk.. Go, quickly! Buy and eat…before it is too late! LOL!!! Or is it too late already? Hehehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜‰

      2. I rather berkedut than eating the butt..yucks!!

        Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  4. haha wow! she said: “last meal before leaving this world?” do you feel so too?
    haha anyway yup, cannot eat too much! need to jaga also! =D

    Ya, I know… Sobssss!!!! So sad, so miserable, so pathetic hor…my life! 😦 So nice to be young – can eat anything you want. I think if it were my last meal, I would want to eat a lot more than just that – very much more. I’m so greedy hor… Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  5. i like the bak kut teh there. the kueh chap not bad. the only problem is to find a parking space. that area always busy and its not easy to to find a parking space. sometimes i go the kopitiam opposite this place, thats where the famous kampua next to the fire station is now located. cheers STP!

    I think the kampua isn’t there and neither is the beef noodle stall. I did walk over to see the other day – they all did not look very familiar. I guess they have all moved to the old place – next to the fire station. Go early in the morning like me – 7 a.m. or go around lunch hour 12.30… Usually, no problem getting a parking space. I know because my “casino” is there! LOL!!!!

  6. oh it’s teacher’s day today?? hahaha, sorry but i’ve been away from school for so long i don’t even know this.. happy teacher’s day to all teachers around the globe, and to the retired ones of course.. :p

    Thanks. You don’t know kah? The place where you are studying to get your head permanently damaged (PhD = permanent head damage), no teachers kah? Or they all high class, lecturers and do not regard themselves as teachers?

  7. happy teacher day to you.. πŸ™‚

    Actually I don’t recall any of my teachers name .. or maybe one or 2 can remember..
    the one that love me so much (that rotan me all the time) They say they rotan you because they love you.. hmmm..

    I love kueh chap a lot..I don’t know any good shops in KL that sell this thing .. u know?
    geee.. I am asking Sibu person to tell me where got good kueo chap in KL.. lol…

    Thanks for your greeting. Gosh! So bad lah you…or your teachers all so lousy one – did not leave any impression in your mind. Kesian….
    You love kueh chap but you do not know where to find a good place in KL. Where do you go to eat then? Maybe you can try google search…

    Ya, I think I stumbled upon the post via your blog – she’s listed in your blog links. Of course lah! Pretty lady, sure in your list one. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    1. No le some of the teachers are really good ..
      The one that leave a big impression is the discpline teacher and the counselling teacher..
      the bad cop and the good cop..
      after kena rotan then send me to the good cop to advise me and counselling me ….
      I am such a notti student that time…

      Kueh chap….. I normally eat bak kut teh and ask them put the perut and the intestines…..
      so actually I don’t know where is just selling kueh chap in kl…

      oo STP .. then how come u r listed in my blog list?
      for sure u r not a lady ….. then of course pretty is out of the question…
      lol .. just joking ……

      Maybe at first, you saw the name – sui…you thought must be beautiful girl…but mana tahu! Big. fat and ugly and tambah lagi, a man!!! Memang potong stim hor? MUahahahahahaha!!!!! Wah…you discipline case, now so successful, so rich…you go back and rub in your teachers’ faces or not? LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Seems this Auntie Sim’s kueh chap is good?

      1. I like to eat Kueh Chap for the flat square sheet noodles, not so much for the innards. i have not eaten any Kueh Chap in KL, eaten them only in Singapore so I think maybe I will get over to Auntie Sim Kitchen to try it one day if they are still around.

        Come to think of it, I have not seen kueh chap anywhere in KL. We did not have it here before either, only in Kuching. Very popular there. Then somebody started selling, using kway teow….but that was sometime ago. Now we have those broad sheets, the real thing.

  8. thanks for dropping by, Arthur πŸ™‚ glad you like the kueh chap as much as I do! πŸ™‚

    Welcome…and thanks for dropping by here too. I love kueh chap – been eating since the 70s in Kuching…and only lately, we’re getting decently good ones here in Sibu…just when I’ve grown too old to indulge in it. 😦 At my age, I will have to go easy on all those innards…

  9. I can skip this when I go Sibu… πŸ™‚ I still havent learn how to enjoy kueh chap..Penang is famous for that too… By the way, Happy Teacher’s Day to you, Sir…

    Yeah, I think I saw somewhere that the best one in Penang is in Air Itam. I wouldn’t know – never seen or heard of it there. Been around and very popular in Kuching for a long long time like when I was there in the 70s. You can try – leave out all the innards, just the meat and the egg and the kueh chap. It’s nice! πŸ˜‰

  10. Happy teacher’s day to you……

    Thanks. Tried, tired, retired…and almost forgotten. Sobssss!!!! 😦

  11. Happy teacher’s day!! πŸ™‚ Heyyy.. That’s my best friend’s sister’s blog!!hahaha.. Sorry, I’ll pass kueh chap. I’m not a fan of pig innards πŸ˜€

    Just have the kueh chap with the meat and the egg – the soup is very nice…like bak kut teh soup. Your best friend? I wonder who she is…and I dunno the sister either. 😦

    Thanks for the greeting – not getting many anymore this year. Sobssss!!!! I guess most would have forgotten…unlike those days, when they used to give me loads of presents…and lots of cheese cakes. Now, not even a greeting here or on Facebook or via sms. Sigh!!!!! Sobsssss!!!!!!

    1. Good idea! Will definitely try one day. The chilli dip sounds really tempting! They are both ex St. E students. Don’t think you taught them before cause I don’t think they went to any English tuition.

      Awww.. hahaha.. I’m sure even without a greeting your students will still remember you somehow as you made a big impact on their lives. hehe.. I remember greeting one of my primary school teachers one day.. and she just looked and me with a confused face and ask “Who are you?” I was so embarrassed hehe

      I always amazed my students…even those I taught in the 70’s when I called them by name. You can imagine how their jaws would drop wide open. Sometimes the names would just come automatically like magic but sometimes, it would take a little time. Some, I would forget and then remember a few days later… LOL!!! Primary school, so very hard lah…you all so small, little kids then. Even girls in secondary schools – quite hard to recognise them when they’re all grown up, looking so mature, make up and all…. Boys, not so bad. πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi, Happy Teacher’s Day to you, Arthur.

    Wow, looks so nice that bowl of kueh chap. In Kuching, they say Bintawa Kueh chap is the best and recently they open a branch at our area. People has been praising high to the sky about this place.Business starts at 4pm. Every time I passed by there are a lot of people eating.


    I dunno where the best one is now. Used to love the one at the Padungan market in the 70s…until a rumour went round that a rat was found in the guy’s stew among all the intestines and everything. I think must be people jealous because the guy enjoyed such good business. Another story said that the guy accidentally chopped off his finger…and later, discovered it in his stew. So terrible, those people…. At that time, I used to love the let-tau-suan from the market too… So long I haven’t eaten that! Drool! Drool!

  13. Happy Teacher’s Day STP. πŸ™‚ Ahh…teachers, what will the world look if they do not exist?!

    ^_^ You are right at the end of the post. Beware of the gout.

    Thanks, Ishmael. Sigh…old age! Have to be very careful what I eat. Moderation is the key…

  14. Happy Teacher’s Day!! I can’t believe that the best teacher in town and only 5 people here wish you. I never forget your humour in class, your down to earth remarks, your advice to me of not using bombastic words when writing essays..
    And Again, Mr Arthur Wee, sir. Happy Teacher’s Day!

    Kuey chap is all about the sambal right? since the innards taste the same anywhere else. Though Ipoh hawkers might insist that their kuey teow is silky and second to none 😎
    I do like kuey chap that is sold directly opposite Li Hua hotel. Sambal is great!

    Yalor…so sad hor! A thankless profession, being a teacher – good for mudslinging targets only, I guess.:( Thanks for dropping by and for the greeting. At least, there are a handful who still remember… 😦

    No leh… Kueh chap also depends on the taste of the soup, the texture of the kueh chap and of course, the sambal is very very important! Long ago, I loved one place on the way up Lanang Road…but that time, they used kway teow. Have not been there for years – dunno how it is now. Will try to check out the Li Hua one but usually I do not venture that far in the early morning.

  15. Sorry ah…lupa to wish you Happy Teacher’s Day πŸ™‚ Anyway, is there any other name for kueh chap? I don’t think I have ever eaten it nor even know about it.

    Thank you…even though to me now, it’s just another day. Sobssssss!!!! Don’t think so – if I’m not mistaken, the kueh…is those kway teow pieces in it and chap is the mixture of the meat and innards and all, hence…the name.

  16. I remember reading from your blog of how your ex students remember you and I knew then that you’ve been a great teacher, a great teacher teaches about humility,gratitude and compassion, rather than straight Asssssssssss

    Only a handful… Brings to mind the story of the 10 lepers in the Bible… 😦

  17. Happy Teacher’s Day!!

    Hmmmm…i don’t take this too.

    Thanks. You don’t? But you do take liver? And bak kut teh? This is also just as nice leh? πŸ˜‰

  18. happy Teachers’ Day Cikgu!

    There’s a stall in Sri Aman selling nice kueh chap! drop in during your next trip I will bring you there! haha!

    Thank you. Been so many years since I dropped by Sri Aman. Loved the burger from the stall in front of the hotel – beef patty plus egg plus baked beans etc…all in one.

  19. happy teacher’s day to you! i tried once and didn’t like it… and the place always crowded one. i think the problem is with me. hahaha

    Not really crowded these days – quite ok… Not like when the father first started the bkt business there…every day packed. Perhaps, not to your taste – to each his own. I’m not crazy about bkt either…but I like kueh chap.

  20. passing by one day late to wish you a belated HAPPY TEACHER’s DAY!

    Humph!!!! Late!!! Go stand beside the door, with your arms crisscrossed and your hands pulling your ears… LOL!!! Thanks, Isaac! πŸ˜‰

  21. I love Kueh Cap-where is the place–town area?

    The former Ah Ling bak kut teh – I’m sure you know the place. Block beside HSBC, back end – facing the parking area at the back, opposite Singapore Chicken Rice.

  22. Oooooooh, it looks so delicious! It is only 8a.m now but i feel so hungry, I wanna try!!

    You want? Come on over, Alex… Where are you from? Vietnam? πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the trouble to comment. πŸ™‚

  23. My first late husband LOVED pig’s innards. He ate too often and probably that was one of the cause for saying goodbye too soon.

    Oops!!! I’d better not eat those too often! Don’t intend to go just yet… 😦

  24. Pork Innards !! NO ~ ~ ~ *faints*

    Hahahahaha!!!! And she would want that if it’s the last dish she can choose to have. πŸ˜‰

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