You like it like that…

I have never been a fan of pan mien or handmade noodles. I remember some colleagues of mine were raving over the ones at a stall in town and I went to try…but I thought it was all right – nothing to shout or get excited about or at least, that was the case from my point of view.Β I remember going all the way here for the pan mien but again, although it was pretty good, it did not really turn me on.

However, I went back to the stall where I had the hay/har meeΒ sometime ago to try their pan mien. I asked for the soup version (RM3.80) as I was told that it would be hand-torn, not cut with a knife or whatever and that’s how my NZ friend’s hubby, likes it…

SibuBusTerminal pan mien 1

I must say that it did not look very alluring or enticing owing to the fact that it lacked colour but when I tasted it, I found that the soup was really very nice…but then again, I always have this soft spot of nice clear soup.

SibuBusTerminal pan mien 2

This is where the lady makes the pan mien

SibuBusTerminal pan mien 3

…She used the roller to flatten the dough and then tore them into pieces to cook. I wanted to take a photograph of her in action but by the time I took out my camera, she was already done. Tsk! Tsk!

I was wondering why there wasn’t any fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies) in the noodles but later, I discovered them all buried underneath the noodles and the other ingredients…

SibuBusTerminal pan mien 4

Personally, I thought it was just all right. I did not quite like the noodles as I thought they were a bit hard like pek koi, not limp and soft like kway teow…and I did not like the cangkuk manis either as they were served whole and not torn or shredded so that made it quite hard to chew. All things considered, I think I would still go for the hay/har mee

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22 thoughts on “You like it like that…”

  1. just had tat for dinner… oh, u aint find a good one yet.. there’s one here in Taman Sentosa… was GOOD! Hand torn, not machine torn… hahaha… neway, believe me, it was GOOD! I would like to pour a generous amount of black vinegar and slurp all the soup up…

    Ya…I guess I have not had any real good one yet. I’ve only had it here…and one hand enough to count how many times I had it elsewhere, did not really enjoy it. Vinegar? Black vinegar? You eat it with that? I wonder what it would taste like then.

  2. Such a coincidence, I just had hand torn pan mee (mee hun kuey in hokkein) today. The kopitiam in my residential offers this and I must say my Mother Teresa and I just love the soft but springy texture of the torn noodles plus she makes great soup. We’ve become such regulars (esp on cold wet morns) that she automatically adds more vege into my bowl. The accompanying green cili paste is nicely made too.

    Oh? So that’s what it’s called in Hokkien. I wonder what “pan” means – I know mee or mien means noodles all right. Gee! Everybody loves it, it seems… Must be really nice at your end – the ones here fail to impress me…unless there are better ones that I am not aware of.

  3. i actually like pan mien, haha, especially those hand-torn type and not those noodles type that came out from the machine.. we don’t usually have fishballs and fishcake here, they come with minced meat, mushrooms and anchovies only…

    They cut by machine too. I thought the machine is just to flatten the dough and then they cut with a knife? Gee!!! So many things that I do not know about these noodles… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. pan mee is healthier than har mee πŸ™‚ have this once in a while is not bad..

    Latest: Crown of Pork Experience

    Healthy? Hmmmm….like that liu cha or whatever they call it. I wouldn’t mind if it tastes really really great…but unfortunately, not to me.

  5. Pan mee is almost everywhere in Ipoh… like WK said, I also prefer those torn by hands… yeah,they are not the soft type like koay teow, pan mee needs to be chewed.. lol..

    Oh? Me, so jakun… So the texture is supposed to be like that kah? Then, I don’t think it is something I would wanna eat again. 😦

  6. In Kuching, cangkuk manis in pan mee are served in whole and not shredded too. I think “pan” should read as “pien” which means “thin” in Mandarin. ” Just my guessing. Don’t know correct or not.

    As in pian sip? I wouldn’t know… I only know people call it phan mien. Oh? The cangkuk manis is meant to be served whole? Hmmmm….then that’s another minus point – very hard to chew. Some food stalls, especially the Malay one that I frequent, fry them whole. Very hard and hard to chew…so I don’t really like. 😦

  7. Pan mee is my all time fav…whenever I have dilemma on choosing what to eat, I will go for pan mee!;D I love chewy ones especially!

    Definitely not my favourite…and not so thrilled by the chewy bits. Wouldn’t bother to try that again. 😦

  8. Hi, the bowl of pan mien look delicious, yum yum… I love pan mien but not go gaga over it.
    I like to dip in chopped basil, garlic, chili padi, soy sauce, vinegar. It taste heavenly.

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

    Vinegar too… Gee! I really must try that as well. Looks like there’s something that I’d missed…

    1. This is dipping sauce is homemade, not sold outside.
      2 bunch of basil leaves, 3 cloves of garlic, chili padi = chopped finely. Add vinegar, soysauce to taste, a little sugar, a little bit of water, mix well.

      I see. Can try, should I be cooking noodles in clear soup… Don’t think I would ever try pan mien… 😦

  9. Frankly speaking.. I do not like pan mee..
    I always burnt my tounge when I eat it ..
    eat too fast and didn’t blow it…

    Hahahahaha!!! So greedy… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. My mum love hand torn pan mien , only in KL . Everytime when she is here , she will go for her pan mien breakfast , so far , according to her , no pan mien in Sibu is a good one . Usually I like it in dried version . You can have dried pan mien in hand torn type too . But I prefer , like noodles type pan mien. You should try KL one , then you will said it is nice !

    Hah!!! Your mum should know. She’s the one who told you (and me) about the Teku one. That one’s quite good…but so far!!! Since so many people like it there, t certainly appears that the KL ones are a lot nicer than what we can get here… 😦

  11. Soupy bee hoon kuey I terror buat…the dry version tu yang I can’t get the sauce right…hence the cravings from hub and I. Sometimes, I even add some braised minced meat on top but the original of course don’t have lar. We too love our soupy bee hoon kueh with chopped red chilliies in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar. Looks like I’m going to serve this for dinner sometime next week πŸ™‚

    I think I would prefer the dry version – will go back there one day to give it a try. As they say “tak kenal maka tak cinta”! Lucky hubby and son, can get to eat at home…sure cooked by darling/mum extra special one… πŸ˜‰

    1. Since we are no longer in Melaka, Shereen makes a very tasty soupy pan mee. I still think tearing the mee by hand makes a big difference and adds to an authentic, rustic look. Hungry now…

      Lucky you, getting to marry a true-blue nyonya. As far as the Peranakans are concerned, food is always a top priority. Yum yum!!! πŸ˜‰

  12. Hand torn pan mee has no equal and Auntie in Bukit Batu, Melaka makes by far the best I have ever eaten. She smiles from ear to ear when I tell her it’s delicious. Hmmm… Looking forward to dinner this coming week πŸ˜‰

    Yet to come across that would get me coming back for more… Must try when I go over to the peninsula – maybe they’ve better ones there, not here. 😦

    1. Oops… It’s Bukit Baru.

      As long as it’s not Bukit Cina. That’s the Chinese cemetery. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  13. I call it meen fan koh unless its in long slices like noodles. I love them soft. Chewy ones remind me of biting into an eraser. Make sense? Hehehe

    and I must have it with lots of spinach or sayur manis.

    I’m like you…as afr as the texture is concerned but not crazy about having more veg.

  14. I dun like torn one..A few scoops will start to make me feel ‘jelak’…hahhahah

    Aha!!! I’m with you on this one. I like thin, neatly cut and soft slices… The torn ones do not look so presentable. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  15. The best pan mien I ever tasted is from my late brother in law. His sambal belachan is out of this world! Whenever I eat pan mien, I think of him and miss him 😦

    With sambal? Hmmmm…all I got here were some tiny bits of cili padi in light soy sauce. 😦

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