Ketipang payung…

Hoi!!! Ala Payunglah payung, ketipang payung

LOL!!! Now, don’t ask me what ketipang means as I really do not know – perhaps somebody can enlighten the rest of us? I only know that payung means umbrella and it is the name of this café  in Sibu – one of my favourites, if not my favourite, in town.

It is located at 20F, Lanang Road, to the extreme left of that block of shophouses directly behind the new extension of Kingwood Hotel, back to back. The food there is not cheap – ranging from RM8.00 for a mushroom roll and perhaps the pomelo or guava or whatever salad as well…to RM16.00 for most of the dishes. There may be a few others that go beyond that but not many. As a matter of fact, you do not get many options to choose from but that is perfectly okay by me as most of the things on the menu are so very nice and cannot be found anywhere else, be it in Sibu or elsewhere.

Parking is not a problem – you can just park by the side of the lane leading from Kingwood riverfront to Lanang Road or you can park in the spaces right in front of the shop…

Sign @ Payung

The way they put the sign, one might get the impression that their customers must not park here. LOL!!!

Like I’ve said on previous occasions, other than the food, I love the place a lot. I love how they use simple ordinary flowers for their decoration like this one where they made use of pandan (screwpine) leaves, frangipani and periwinkle flowers floating in a big flower pot filled with water to come out with something very pleasant to the eye…

Payung floral design 1

This one is a bit more elaborate…and somewhat romantic…

Payung floral design 2

I was there with Mandy and Yee Ling not too long ago and it was Mandy who first noticed the heart in it.

They have all kinds of quaint things on display such as these lesung batu ( mortar and pestle)…

Payung wine & decor

…or this nice wooden carving on the counter with the local ethnic Dayak design…

Payung main counter

…and this one is used to hold water…

Payung water cooler

…and it has a cooling effect on the water inside – the water would be cold without any need for refrigeration.

If you think the employees do not look local, you are absolutely right. One of the bosses had a hair salon and hairdressing school before he branched into selling exotic furniture with carvings and all and he had workers from Myanmar and Bangladesh. Eventually, he closed down that shop but he retained his workers to help him at his restaurant…and he must have been treating them well for they have stayed with him since.

For one thing, they are very friendly and polite and make you feel comfortable and at ease…and they can speak English well enough…plus they can brief you on what to expect for each dish on the menu which is definitely a lot more than what I can say about the miserable local waiters and waitresses in many of the cafés and restaurants in town who can hardly utter a word in English and do not bother asking them anything on the menu – they do not know! Tsk! Tsk!

This one is most probably Myanmarese…

Payung  - preparing the ingredients

He helps out with the cooking and the preparation of the ingredients. Here, you can see him getting ready the petals of the torch ginger flower for one of the salads that they serve here.

If you do not know what the flower looks like, why, they even use the blooms for their decor in the café…

Payung torch ginger flowers decor

I have had many posts on the food at this place already so I am not including any photos of their delicious fare in this post. You can always search for those old posts if you are interested…and if you have not been here before, you can give it a try. If you are into uniquely exotic and very tasty cuisine, chances are you will love it here…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

46 thoughts on “Ketipang payung…”

  1. only thing is no sexy lenglui there… hahaha… ah hia, ai ciak ha mik…?

    …and Shereen said got eye candy, where got? LOL!!! 😀

    1. she likes black black one…

      Yalor…she always says she doesn’t like pucat-pucat one… LOL!!! 😀

      1. Woi,only food I like black-black one!If humans and yang sewaktu dengannya I LOVE white-white ones… Lol!

        Oops!!! LOL!!!! 😀 So which one was the eye candy that caught your eye there? Hmmmm….I think, SuperWeightKoalabear, it must be the one who gave you the pomelo salad free… Tsk! Tsk! I’ve been there so many times he never gave me anything free leh? Only gave to you… Wink! Wink! 😉 Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!

  2. The flower arrangements are very nice and local too, love them!

    And I agree so much with you on the below par waiter services. I wonder why so many eatery owners do not bother to train their staff on the most basic stuffs. More often than not, our questions are not met with satisfactory answers. The Myamarese waitress I met yesterday gave me a blank look when I wanted to order a drink. She. Didn’t even know the drink existed in the menu. But mention Aung San Suu Kyi, her eyes lit up! Lolz

    Yes, very creatively and tastefully done indeed. Here, we do not have those waiters or waitresses…only at this particular cafe but I’ve encountered some Banglas at a classy restaurant at KLCC – well, at least they can speak English (with a peculiar accent) and even though they did not know the answer to any question on the menu, they got the captain (head waitress) to come to attend to us. Not as bad as the ones that we have here – locals! Not even a smile while waiting on you! Tsk! Tsk! Really NCAA (no class at all)!!! 😦

  3. Ketipang payung…
    Is it come from a song? Can Mali chan Hoi Hoi…
    I had one similar labu sayung n it could keep water cold…
    But I don’t use it now….

    It is a song by itself – from an old P Ramlee movie – you can click the link to watch the youtube video. Ya, the phrase is also in Chan mali chan. Aha!!! Was googling for the name but was not successful – labu sayong, that’s what it’s called. Thanks, Onn!

  4. seems like a cozy comfortable restaurant. Looks like they really took a lot of effort in doing this.

    It certainly is a very nice place and so is the food! Come, come to Sibu and I’ll take you there – August 31st…and Oct 26th, long weekends. Check out the air fares.

    1. aug 31st janice bought me a plane tic back to penang oh.. paiseh, think she bought it last year.. 🙂 let me check oct 26 XD

      It’s ok. I guess she misses home a lot. Life in the city can get one down sometimes, very depressing. Let’s see if you can get it cheap in October then... 😉

  5. It’s definitely a class act. Can’t wait to have my jelly pisang again.

    Aha!!! It’s May already – two more months and you’ll be back here again. Counting the days… Btw, haven’t seen you around much – hope you’re doing well there. Take care, God bless…and Michael and missus too.

  6. I really like that place a lot..very tasteful and soothing to the eyes. The food yummy, atmosphere nice, got eye candy and the towkays pretty generous and cin-cai ( they allowed us to bring outside food and even provided us plates for it which many places would frown upon).Thereeeee….one of the bosses quite nice to look at ( obviously not the extra sihat one ) and one or two of their boys pun boleh tahan, soothing to the eyes…hahahaha.

    Hahahahaha!!! I know which one you’re talking about. Ya…they even let you try the fermented dabai that the staff was having for lunch – where to find such hospitality? I love going there, love the food…just that it’s a bit expensive for me so I can’t go too often. Sobsssss!!!!!

  7. I was impressed by the fresh flower deco. Simply captivating.

    It’s a lot nicer at night…but not so good for photos using digicams like mine. It has that mystical, romantic mood when night falls…very enchanting.

  8. Hi, the flower pots decoration very impressive and creative too. Now I got ideal how to present my cakes next time for photo shooting. Thanks for sharing.
    Look like a nice place to dine.

    Have a nice day, regards.

    It certainly is. You too, have a great weekend ahead.

  9. Sibu got two payung(s) right or only one? Oh, it is at lanng road? Ok, come, i bring you there when i am back. I think my mum never try the food there too.

    Only one – this one at Lanang Road.

    Another one, people here always call it the umbrella shop as they have tables in the open air and they put up umbrellas… This one is a coffee shop, many stalls – some people like the food and they love to hang out there – only open at night, I think – along Brooke Drive (near the former Mist Garden) right across the lane from Sibu Chicken Rice (which is in the same block as Nice House Restaurant).

    Then there is another one called Jumbrella, I think – at Sibu Gateway…at the corner facing Sugar Bun, the original location in town. Dunno still open or not, went once long ago – food not great. I know they have changed hands many times already… Never bothered to go back there again.

  10. OOh romantic setting! perfect for a first few dates.

    Yes, go at night. Dim, usually not many people…and they play lovely romantic songs. Last time I was there at night, it was Julio Iglesias! Too bad I was not on a romantic date – would be a good time to propose.. LOL!!!

  11. Really impressed by the flower decorations and the efforts they put into it. The ambience is nice too with the ethnic dayak designs.

    I wonder if The.D’yak Restaurant in Kuching looks anything like this. Will blog on that in a few days’ time. I’ve been to the Filipino one at Padungan – didn’t come close and the food wasn’t great either. That was the time when I went many years ago, dunno if it’s better now or not. I think it is still in business, if I’m not wrong.

  12. Such a lovely place with pleasant deco. Am sure one will have great appetite to dine in such an environment.

    Yes, I’ve always enjoyed going there…and anyone who comes to Sibu, I would take him/her there too. 😉

    1. but u never took us there.. have to find out our self… sob sob sob…

      You all sneaked there lunchtime mah…when I was home having a rest – old man mah!!! If I had known you people were going, I would have tagged along…or I could have arranged a time for all of us to go there one night. But since you all so clever, went by yourselves already, no need for me to do that lor… 😉

  13. Nice photos, Arthur. How did you manage to get that young man pose like that next to the ‘I Dream of Jeannie (Shereen)’ water cooler?? And which one is the eye candy – petal plucker or the dreamer…or the photographer? 😉

    Unfortunately, no photo of the guy in the post. Maybe next time I drop by the cafe, I’d take one of him. LOL!!! The man just happened to be standing there…and he showed me the water cooler, unaware that he was also in the pic. Handsome kah? Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Yoong,
      The dreamer/ water cooler boy not bad,eh? Younger version and darker version of Shah Rukh! The photographer also not bad lar but need a bit of nip/tuck here and there…oppsss! *cabut lari*

      To be fair, he is actually quite good looking, dark…but quite good looking, just not very photogenic…unlike the photographer. LOL!!! 😀

      1. ….dream on, muahaha!

        With looks like that, he wouldn’t be a waiter, would he? 😉

    2. I say ‘yes’ coz he could be one of your quiet readers! And my ‘yes’ will ensure even better service next time you’re there!

      Dream on… 😦

    3. Yoong, I think none of the young thing there is eye candy lah. I think Arthur is. Must tripod him so next time I go Sibu, he takes me there. muahaha.

      Yalor…where got any there setanding as me? Those ladies really need to get their eyes checked or they have very bad taste…not like you hor? Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  14. yeah, nice flowers!! and you notice i just use the word flowers?? hahaha, cos to me besides those more common flowers, all other flowers are just flowers to me.. i don’t know what’s frangipani and periwinkle and torch ginger flowers.. hahaha~~ 😀

    Fangipani would be those white ones with the yellow centre – you may see Hawaiian wearing those in their hair…but here, they’re mostly used for funeral wreaths, periwinkle, I hear, is a cure for cancer…and torch ginger blooms – if you let them wither and dry, they’re very nice for dry flower decor. I’m sure you know orchids and our hibiscus? 😉

  15. The flowers they’ve chosen really compliment the place, they are lovely. I love mortars and pestles too. I have a few of those in my home.

    I adore flowers, so I’d definitely check out this place, if it was near me, to see if I liked their food too. 🙂

    You do? What would you need so many for? I only have one – my mum wants to give me her bigger one as she doesn’t use them anymore but I told her no – I don;t think I would need another one and I wouldn’t know where to keep it. We do have a few nice places here like this one – nice decor, some not exactly tasteful…maybe a bit overdone…and the food is not as great. I like this one best…on all counts.

  16. LOL How did you get the guy to pose like that?

    LOL!!! No leh…he just happened to be standing there…and he didn’t even know he was in the pic. 😉

  17. Yes, actually their decoration there has a nice ambience.. I have taken a few pictures from afar…. didnt want to go so near but if u were there with us, then i dare la.. sibu tai kor not around, so……..

    I would just take even if I were in a strange place – people would not know me, so who cares? They will never see me there again, anyway… Hehehehehe!!!!

  18. that water pot of pandan leaves decor idea is just what I am looking!! Hmm…now I am thinking if the pandan leaves can stay green for that long???

    Should be. I think they had that for quite a while already. Saw them share the pic on Facebook quite sometime back. Maybe because it’s floating on water…

  19. I MUST go there next timeI am in Sibu! Arthur, am I saying it loud and clear? LOL!

    Yes, yes…I hear you loud and clear!!! Just let me know when you’re heading this way! Looking forward to that! 😉

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