Piece of my heart…

I don’t know what these are called…

Grilled fish paste 1

My mum said that they called it popot or something like that but I googled that and found it to be the name of some fish. I reckon it is something like what the Malays would call pepes ikan and I was wondering if it was anything like the satar that Merryn encountered on her recent trip to Trengganu. After all, my sister’s colleague who made these and gave some to her actually came from the east coast of the peninsula.

She said that she made it with mashed fish meat and heart, nothing else. Heart? Gee! I did not know that fish had hearts so I googled that and found that they actually do…and the usual ones that people eat would be those of a shark (ikan yu) or stingray (ikan pari). However, I am quite positive that she added some other things to enhance the taste before wrapping it all in these leaves…

Grilled fish paste 2

…and baking them in the oven or grilling them over an open fire.

I tried a little bit of it…

Grilled fish p[aste 2

…and I found it to be very tasty – not something that would get me jumping up and down in delight but I did think it had a  taste and fragrance similar to that of salai ikan (smoked fish) and I’ve always enjoyed eating that. My mum loved it a lot and it certainly helped improve her appetite as she enjoyed eating that with sagu’ (toasted sago pellets) and rice.

Personally, I would much sooner head back to this place for their own version of the otak-otak

PayungCafe otak-otak
*recycled pic*

…and I’m sure those who have tried it before would agree with me, no second thoughts about it…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Piece of my heart…”

  1. it looks a tad dry?

    i still prefer the otak-otak from Muar. hehe

    What about the ones in Penang? You like those? I don’t mind either – like both Penang and Muar…but they’re nothing compared to Payung’s, right here in Sibu – simple out of this world. Awesome… Yummmmm!!!!!!

    1. the ones in Penang is too soft for my liking. and they add some kind of green leaves inside 😦

      The leaves are supposed to add to the fragrance. I like!!! You’re not into these kind of exotic tastes? Penang asam laksa also makes use of all kinds of fragrant leaves leh? But I guess it’s an acquired taste. My missus not a fan either…but I like!!!

    2. the ones in penang are too soft for my liking. and they add some kind of green leaves in it 😦

      Oops! Duplicate comment. Seems there’s a problem with the comment box today? Never mind…the more the merrier. Hehehehehe!!!!

    3. Ya, Muar Otak is the best even though I have not tried it in the last 10 years! Hope to taste it when back to this town end of this year.

      You certainly have been missing out on a lot but I’m sure a lot of Penang people will disagree with you…but do take note of SuperWeightKoalabear’s comment below. Take it from one who really really knows. 😉

  2. oh, i thought that is otak-otak?? so it’s really not after you show the picture of the real otak-otak.. haha!!

    What’s the real otak otak supposed to look like? LOL!!! Muar’s…Penang’s…Payung’s – they all look so different from one another.

  3. and yeah, i do agree with you.. the otak-otak looks so much nicer, hahaha!! 😀

    Come, hop over here and I’ll treat you to this…and more, lots more! Air Aisa’s on sale right now – RM99 only KL-Sibu…travel in June. 😉

  4. i heard muar otak otak is the best..
    my neighbour is from muar and always give me some otak otak …
    and I still keep it in my freezer..
    that day i saw a blog .. that they serve seafood (prawn) otak otak…

    We have prawn otak otak here…and fish too during Ramadan. I bought from the stalls before, ended up throwing them all away. Might as well buy those miserable frozen ones sold at the supermarkets – so much nicer. 😦 I like Muar’s and I like Penang’s too…but between all of them, Payung’s is the best (and the most expensive)!!!

  5. They look like the ones I tried before from Malacca… but I think the ingredients are totally different… Can bookmark this… 🙂

    Why bookmark? You can’t get these here – my sister got from her colleague…either homemade or sent from Trengganu, not too sure. Malacca otak otak like that? Maybe I try to google and see…

  6. Is it otak otak? the first photo looks so dry and dull in colour…

    It IS dry…and hard too, like smoked fish…but the sweetness of the fish and the smoked fragrance…oooooo!!!! So very nice!

    P.S. Your url: “nothingbtuangelinestory” How to link like that?

  7. Ooo..it pretty looks alike the otak-otak I had in Malacca except the one you had is made from fish.

    Otak-otak in Malacca like that? I’ve yet to see any that looks like this. Not fish? What do they have there then? Prawns?

  8. salai fish? never heard nor tried it before! LOL!! look something different to me!

    No smoked fish in Sabah? I’m sure there is a lot – the Filipino market in KK, I’m sure they have there…alongside the salted fish and all. Maybe you never got to try.

  9. Salai fish…? that 1 i never try before.

    Obviously you’ve never tried a lot of things here. Not very adventurous in what you eat, are you? I must say that you really don’t know what you’re missing – all the nice things all around.

  10. Aiyoh why my comment did not get published? I was saying, I don’t want to try fish heart or any hearts. I will have otak otak over that anytime.

    You missed Payung when you were in Sibu, right? Oh dear! You simply must come again – the food is so very nice and their version of the otak otak is simply out of this world. Mandy doesn’t like otak-otak, never mind Muar or Penang…but when she tried Payung’s, it just swept her off her feet. She loved it. I do too…a lot!!!

    P.S. Claire had a problem commenting yesterday. She said so on Facebook…but then, I saw her comment in my blog – no problem leh? Dunno what’s going on.

  11. The last pic, the otak-otak looks so fluffy and nice! The satar that we had in Terengganu was made of mashed fish and grated coconut. I don’t know if these two are the same but well, anything made of fish is sure to get my favorable votes 😀

    It’s nice…with the salai/smoked fragrance, nice fish taste and smoked fragrance. My sister’s colleague is from Trengganu, I think – dunno if she got these sent from there or she made her own here. Not satar then, definitely, as it has no grated coconut inside.

  12. that is called ‘pais’ in Terengganu, as opposed to Satar… In indonesia, it is pepes… can be pepes ikan, pepes jamur (mushroom-i loike), pepes telor and many other kind… kinda wetter that those from Payung, taste different. The payung’s is more aromatic due to more rempah. The Pais/Satar has less rempah, so can smell and savour the freshness of the fish. Both otak and pais/satar are different and cant be compared… but Payung’s otak otak still the best brain i had eaten… hahaha…

    Oh? We call fish wrapped in leaves and grilled over an open fire, pa’is too. Nice! Especially if the fish is the lemak-lemak type, lots of fish oil and Omega 3. Yum! Yum! We use our local freshwater fish…the flesh is smoother, sweeter, nicer! Yaaaaaa!!!!! Right from the mouth of someone who has tried it all, knows it all…our Sibu’s own Payung otak-otak is the best!!!! Step aside, the rest of you…never mind Muar kah, Penang kah – cannot compare lah!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

    1. those from muar or penang… i would think steam eggs taste better… hahaha…

      Ok..ok…don’t rub it in. 😉

      1. I like Muar’s otak-otak…and no eggs wor in the ingredients 🙂

        Nah!!! In your other comment, you said you don’t like otak-otak. Yeeee….women! So fickle. One minute say one thing, next minute, say another… Muahahahahaha!!!! And I love eggs…in any form. You don’t? LOL!!! 😀

      2. Like not love!! I’m very passionate one…when I say love means super duper LOVE. When I say like means, I’m okay with it. When I say don’t like means I very BENCI.Ada faham?..lol! Ohhh…I LOVE eggs…especially…..lol!…opps!!

        Muahahahahaha!!!!! I know you do! 😉

  13. Eeee…no lah, thank you. I don’t like otak otak, too.

    Wait till you’ve tried Payung’s and then you comment… Ask Shereen, she has tried it once… 😉

    1. I do not eat otak otak. Just like you do not eat chicken feet…

      I’ll just wait for Shereen… Not going to say more. 😦

      1. Yoong,
        I’m a Nyonya and all Nyonyas love otak-otak except me. But like Arthur say, you must try Payung’s otak-otak…very very nice, unlike all other otak-otaks or yang sewaktu dengannya….also, ah..Payung got eye candy to see..hahahaha.

        Eye candy? At Payung? Who? Where? Check out tomorrow’s post and point out to me – none that I noticed, I’m afraid. Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya, like Mandy – she never liked otak-otak – Muar or Penang and she’s not really into gourmet dining, not so particular about what she eats…but she tried the otak otak at Payung and she loved it…A LOT!!! Everyone who has tried it loves it! So Yoong will just have to come to Sibu first and try it for herself.

      2. Don’t want, tak mau. Go Payung, I’ll have their durian ice cream…that I mau.

        I know you lah… Hari-hari mau one… Purrrr!!!! LOL!!! 😀

      3. Haha!! Today it’s meow, not purrrr!! Keep an out for your postman next week, I mailed you today.

        Snail mail… Will be lucky to get it in two weeks’ time…

      4. Keep an eye out for your postman, that is! Oh yes, wait a minute Mr Postman!

        I hope you did not register it as if nobody’s at home, they’ll leave a note and I will have to go and collect…and the office is very very far away, the other side of town…and I do not even know where it is. 😦

  14. that looks yummy. though i may not go for it. not much of a mashed fish person if it contains coconut milk. it does look like it contains coconut milk. I may be wrong.

    You mean Payung’s. I really don’t know what they have in it – only know that it is awesome. You don’t like? Good!!! I’m quite positive it was RM12 before…but now it has gone up to RM16 (last time, only the meat dishes this price…if I remember correctly) and the packets are getting smaller some more… Must be so very popular…and in heavy demand. 😦

  15. Looks less appetizing than the bottom pic otak otak. I won’t say anything until I taste it. Sometimes the worst looking things taste heavenly 🙂

    True, very true. They’re both different not only in appearance but also in taste and both are nice in their own ways…but of course, not everyone shares the same taste – to each his own.

  16. Something new to me! Never saw such thing before haha but if it’s made of fish’s heart, then they need a lot to make that! 😀

    I wouldn’t know. Never seen and never eaten before. Maybe giant sharks and stingrays have big hearts?

  17. Ermmm..I’m sure it tastes good but somehow it does not look that appetising.The style is definately Muar’s otak-otak but I guess the inti is totally different. I could not fathom otak-otak without any aromatics…hmmmm.

    I would say it tastes like salai ikan – smoked fish. I love salai ikan…very sweet, very tasty and very fragrant but most of the time, the fish has a lot of bones…so I’m usually lazy to go and buy and eat. Have to eat so slowly and carefully.

  18. I like otak otak, maybe this time should try Payung’s otak otak, see how good is it.

    Yes, must take you there. You’ll love it, I’m sure… 😉

  19. Oh my…I love Penang Otak-otak with daun kadok/wild betel leaf . The pungent aroma of this leaf enhances the taste and smell in this staple. Muar or Melaka otak2 is non aromatic but spicy only.

    In the last pic, how much is the otak2 and does it taste like Pg one?

    On the other hand, I do know a lot of people who do not like Penang otak-otak either because of the leaves…or they do not like the mushy-mushy egg custard. To each his/her own!!! The one in the last pic – RM16, inclusive of rice…but that’s at a cafe (see tomorrow’s post) not a hawker centre or coffee shop. As for the taste, you’ll have to come and taste it yourself – definitely not like Penang’s or Muar’s.

  20. The way it’s been wrapped and baked sounds interesting! By the way I couldn’t stop laughing about your comment when u thought Rome was my hubby! heheh! He’s a girl! LOL!

    No!!! Impossible… I’ve seen his photos on Facebook, shirtless, tattoo and all… LOL!!! Hmmmm…my bad! Shoudn’t have jumped into conclusions. LOL!!! 😀

  21. the wrappings remind me of “tupig” (rice cake with coconut).

    We also have glutinous rice wrapped in these leaves like this and cooked with coconut milk. Kelupis, we call them…

  22. LOL…of course lah Payung’s taste better

    There, once you’ve tasted it, nothing can compare ever again…! Those people never tried, dunno what they’re missing. 😉

  23. popot??? I ONLY KNOW LEKOR!!!!XDD my saliva oozing out when I think about it…;p Somehow never try popot before! hekhek!

    Lekor is something like keropok. We have that sold everywhere here. Haven’t bought any for ages… Was a craze when it first came into the scene, everybody going for it like there was no tomorrow.

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