Knock three times…

Well, they certainly knocked more than three times on my ceiling…

My kitchen ceiling beam

…all day, in fact, and I had  to go without the luxury of my usual afternoon nap.

I guess everybody knows by now that I had people coming to my house to do some renovation and repair works. I got them to do something about the cracks in the beam across the ceiling of my kitchen and they got it nicely done…and as they had to paint that, my missus got them to paint the whole kitchen!

I also got rid of my old squat toilet in the ground floor bathroom and replaced it with this new seat toilet…

My new seat toilet

…and put in new tiles on the floor and the walls. Ok, my dear friend in NZ! Do tell your hubby that I have two seat toilets now, no more squatting ones so when he comes to Sibu and stays at my house again, he will have a choice  between the two – top or bottom. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

The old plywood bathroom door was peeling away and the frame had gone all rotten at the bottom owing to the years of contact with the water so I had this new one made…

My new toilet door

I did not want the knob kind of lock that used to be in the old door – just a latch would do…and they had to paint the walls too after they had done everything.

My backyard used to flood badly everytime it rained especially after my neighbour had the extension made to the back portion of his house without any trough or gutter for the rain water so I had an extension done to the narrow pavement that used to be there…

Extended pavement at back

…and as far as I can see, that has helped to solve the problem. They also used pipes and cement to get rid of the open drain system at the back of the house – now, with the covered drain, it certainly looks a whole lot better.

There was something wrong with my sewage pipes, the old ceramic ones. They said that probably they were broken in places so I had a new pipe leading from the downstairs toilet (from the end of the extension in the above photo) all the way round the house to the septic tank and from the septic tank to the drain outside the house…

My new sewage pipes

I also had the town council  people come and desludge the septic tank as well, of course.

Lastly, the workers also helped seal a crack in the roof by the side of the house – it would leak depending on the direction of the wind and how heavy the rain was.

All that work took around 6 days altogether…and I must say that I am very happy with all they have managed to get done within that time. Total damage – RM7,700.00, inclusive of all materials and whatever used. I don’t know very much about these things so what do you think? Is that expensive or do you think it is reasonable? Perhaps you have something to share regarding this?

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22 thoughts on “Knock three times…”

  1. i din know i broke so many things during my short visit there… hahaha… for that amt of money and the tasks, i think it was well it esp if the workmanship is good. Just a small comment, why la the throne is so close to the wall, tak boleh nak sit like a king then… Nicely renovated… so now, more investment needed for Toto eh…

    Yalor… They started work on the 16th and that day, 770017 came out – didn’t buy! At least, 5 numbers out of 6, I would get RM3K plus…even though not the RM100K big prize. Tsk! Tsk! Ya…like there had been an earthquake at my house – so I send you the bill, can? Muahahahahaha!!!! I also thought it was very near the wall (like the one upstairs). Perhaps they were following the outlet where the sewage pipe for the squat toilet was…but never mind…more space in the bathroom cum toilet. I’m thinking of fixing a hot water shower on the side where the door is.

    1. Now I know where I saw tat same door… Similar to secret garden!

      Is that so? Now I must drop by there and see… LOL!!! Never noticed their door. 😉

  2. I consider that very cheap! So much to do here and there.. I was expecting the price to be over 10K… I dare not think of my own kitchen beam… water seems to be seeping down from the sides.. 😦

    Oh dear!!! Asking for money liao lor… Never mind, got your gratuity, EPF got or not? Can spend on maintaining the house, get it back into shape when you’ve retired. Working time, really no time for all these…or ask son to buy a new house, get a loan. Good investment really…

  3. wow, it didn’t look like just some minor renovation huh.. hehehehehe, i have no idea at all about this, RM7,700?? as long as you are happy with that, then just don’t have to know whether it’s reasonable since things are done and you’ve already paid for it~~ 🙂

    Yalor, what’s done is done. As long as I’m happy with the works done, that’s the most important… 😉

  4. nice place you have there Arthur. I don’t know about the price but I guess it would have cost a whole lot more here in KL.

    I guess so… I had expected more even though the total is already quite substantial. Well, at least, I’ve got many problems solved…and I would not have to worry about this and that…at least for a while. 😉

  5. It seem you have a big house..very nice. I guess the price is reasonable….as long as the job is done well.

    House isn’t big but the compound is. Quite impossible to find a link house these days with such a bog compound. 13 points, they say – just don’t ask me as I don’t really know about these things.

  6. Hahhaha….and my girls officiated your new bathroom!!!

    Ya…”…like a virgin, touched for the very first time…” Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. I like the big garden you have. I think the price is quite reasonable for the total renovation as long as you are happy and satisfied with their work done.

    Yup, my garden is big – used to have lots of fruit trees…but I’ve got rid of all of them except for the rambutan tree at the back. Hard to maintain, sweeping the leaves every day, had to burn as the rubbish collectors would not help get rid of such garden waste…etc…etc… Ya…so far, so good – very happy with the way things are now. Hope it stays that way. 🙂

  8. Yea yea, i just about to said, why the throne so near to the wall.

    Now after the reno, the house or the kitchen look all new again, good.

    Don’t know the price, but as long as get the things fixed and job done well, and you’re happy, then RM7,700 worth it. 🙂

    I guess so. As long as everything’s ok now, that’s the most important. My upstairs toilet bowl also very near the wall…but that’s because of the presence of the big bath tub – squeezed into the remaining space between that and the wall…so lots of space in the bathroom/toilet, can put spare bed and sleep inside even. Hehehehehehe!!!! This one, I guess they followed the original sewage pipe outlet… 😦

  9. That’s a very nice colour for the toilet door.

    Now, your house smell like new house again !

    The paint smell took a few days to disappear…or maybe I just got used to it so I do not smell it anymore. LOL!!! 😀

  10. u got a big backyard….
    what trees that you plant? fruit trees?
    looks like a semi D house to me.. if it is in KL than you are the millionaire man….
    btw how much is the property in Sibu? eg. double storey house, bungalow?

    No trees – just a rambutan tree at the back. Dunno the current prices of houses here – no money to buy, so never bother to find out. I think it’s 450-500K for a semi-D, 300K for a terraced house. They tell me houses are very much cheaper in KL leh? My house, no value lah – over 30 years old now and I asked the painters – they told me people will buy…for the land, demolish the house and build something modern and impressive… Sobsssssss!!!!

    For one thing, Sibu is located on soft swampland – in most places, the land will sink…VERY fast, maybe in a year 6 inches to 1 foot…but my area very good – after 30 years, not even an inch.

  11. You still remember Simon’s toilet story, huh…muahahaha. Nice colour tiles. It makes the place look elegant…like hotel 🙂

    Of course!!! See! I renovated the toilet just for him. So when are you all going to come? See, I spent so much wor…almost 8K…. You all cannot NOT come now… 😉

  12. Thank God. No need to do acrobatics next time I need to go! Money well spent in my opinion…lol.

    Dates! Dates! Gimme the dates…!!! So when are you coming? I wouldn’t want a white elephant in my hands – all nicely done, nobody to come and use… 😦

  13. Very reasonably priced. Can’t get that kind of price in KL

    Ok…so I can be happy then. 😉

  14. Good choice of door colour. Door to the palazzo!!

    Like Chinese temple colour, no? Ummmm…palazzo itu apa? I know lasso – the rope cowboys use to lasso the cattle…can also use to tie up sexy beautiful women in those old pre-Brokeback Mountain western movies. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. So…you lassoed any ‘cow-girls’ then? heh heh!! Palazzo = palace.

      I know lah. I googled… That’s Italiano. LOL!!! 😀

  15. squat toilet? hahaha thats really old wey! haha
    but then i like squat toilet.. sometimes it is easier for me to do big business. =X LOLLLL

    Wah!!! You constipate kah? LOL!!! They say it is healthier to squat – unfortunately, I can’t. I will tumble over…like Humpty Dumpty. Muahahahahaha!!!

  16. You will not get all those done in KL. The price is more than reasonable.

    Ok…that certainly is consoling to hear. Almost 8K is not a small amount for an old man surviving on a measly pension… 😉

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