Only wanna give it to you…

My friend, Yoong, in Perth, Western Australia, was in Thailand recently and on the way back, she and her husband stopped by Penang and just because she wanted to give it to me, she went through all the trouble of bringing the stuff all the way to Thailand and to Penang with her and send it from there via poslaju.

There was this beautiful set of drink coasters…

From Yoong 1

…which she chose because she was turned on by the Volkswagen van in the picture – she called it the “shagging van”, obviously speaking from experience. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Then there were these equally colourful table placemats…

From Yoong 2

…that I love just as much especially with their very cheerful vibrant colours.

Other than those, there was also this very cute kitchen towel…

From Yoong 3

…in the mail that she sent from this exclusive high-class hotel on the island where she and her hubby were staying…

From Yoong 4

You shouldn’t have gone through all that trouble, Yoong – thank you so much! I do appreciate your generous and thoughtful gesture.

However, despite the assurance that it would arrive the next day – “dijamin sampai hari esok“, it did not. It was held up on transit in KL for some reason. According to the guy at the office here, there was a delay in the flight – probably some big shot decided to visit Sibu around that same time and messed up all the airline schedules, I wouldn’t know.

I was at my parents’ place that Saturday morning for my daily chore of babysitting my mum and around lunchtime, I headed on home to bathe and change and go to the airport to wait for my friend, Mandy, who would be arriving around 2 something that afternoon. I texted my missus to tell her that I was on the way and asked her to get ready if she intended to go with me to meet Mandy…and when I got home, the notice was on the table – obviously the poslaju people came before my missus got home herself.

I rushed to the office only to be told that the van was still doing deliveries and had not come back and I asked for their location and rushed there to get the parcel from the people concerned – luckily, they were in the vicinity, not very far away. The office would be closed by the time we got back from the airport (it closes at 3 on Saturdays) and I did not want to wait till Monday or worse, Wednesday as Tuesday, the 1st of May, would be a public holiday (Labour Day).

And when Mandy arrived, she, of course, brought a whole lot of things with her for me…

From Mandy

…when in actual fact, I only asked her to buy 5 packets of the meatballs gravy from IKEA…and she bought me 7! I did not bother to ask her how much as I was very sure she would never accept any reimbursement from me, not ever.

It certainly did not stop there for when Yee Ling landed in Sibu that same night, she gave me some chrysanthemum tea and udang kering (dried prawns)…

From YeeLing 1

…and there was some roast duck as well

From YeeLing 2

Yummmmmm!!!! It was so very nice, so tender and juicy and very flavourful. I could sense a bit of five-spice powder and dunno what else…and since my missus does not eat duck, guess who had all of that to himself. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Blush! Blush! This is getting to be kinda embarrassing – people are always giving me things…but like what my mum’s Indon helper used to tell me when she was working for them, in between sobs and tears, “I have nothing to give you in return but God will repay you abundantly!!!” Sobssss!!!!! Thank you all…

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30 thoughts on “Only wanna give it to you…”

  1. I seconded WK’s question.. when are you flying over?
    The gifts you received are really abundant… πŸ™‚ Happy is the man who gives and receives… πŸ™‚

    Yes, I’m very very happy… πŸ˜‰ No plans to go over – no luck so far, didn’t strike big in TOTO to allow me to do that… 😦

  2. I really love duck… in all forms. Roasted.. Peking-style… French preparations… anything!

    Never tried French but I love duck stewed in soy sauce and five-spice powder too…

  3. yeah, you are really lucky people are giving you so many things.. you must be very liked by them all!! not only the things, but the hassle that they don’t mind troubling all the way.. hey, you should also sulk at one corner lah, hahahaha~~ :p

    Yes, I am so lucky to have such sweet and wonderful friends. Huh? Why should I go sulk at one corner? Because you did not give me anything kah? No leh…you sent me a cd of my favourite songs, I remember that – you’re also so very sweet… Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Ming Xiang Roast duck …yum LOL….wah…Ling takut after eating Roast Duck will be heaty siap give you Crysenthemum Tea. Very “perihatin” πŸ™‚

    Is that what it is? Very nice… Nicer than the “normal” roast duck that we get here – more flavour, tastier…

  5. the coasters are really colourful, love the bright colours. As I scrolled down with envy, you made me stare at the roasted duck a full 30seconds. I wouldnt mind having one here now! πŸ™‚

    ps: you’re right, my mum does cook the best food. Mum’s are always the best πŸ˜› .. but Chef Debbie Teoh did whip up a really good array of Nyonya dishes that day for us. πŸ™‚

    No need to stare…just go out and eat – can get very easily in KL, lucky you all there!

    Ya…of course, mum’s cooking the best and for those of us who have inherited the skills and can cook, what we eat outside must be really very good…or we would criticise like nobody’s business – like the classy (= expensive) nyonya restaurant we went to in Penang. Everything, we criticised…until one of the cousins said next time, we should just cook our own and eat at home – don’t go to any nyonya restaurant anymore. LOL!!!

    I did say some nice things when I blogged about the place – toned down and left out all the bad comments… I’m very kind.

    1. hahaha, yes you are really very kind STP, kind enough too to drop by my blog all the time even though I start to write lousy writeups already. 😦 .. Need a new change, what do you advice to keep up the blogging motivation..

      No leh? I always find your posts interesting… Maybe not the ones on the movies as I don’t watch movies and my favourites would be what you do, where you go, what you eat…on your own, with Janice or with your family – those more personal posts.

  6. wow .. i saw roast duck and it really looks very delicious….
    now make me craving for roast duck…

    Yum..yum!!! KL, no problem – roast duck everywhere… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  7. Well, gifts are about friendship, good and nice gifts are for good and nice friends… Like i have always said, it just starts with us, if you are the good ones first, then others will be the good ones to us eventually, kan and you are the good one, I bet.

    Ya, it takes two hands to clap…and what goes around comes around…but material gifts are mere tokens, nothing compared to the gifts of genuine friendship and love – a helping hand to those in need…a kind gesture…a comforting touch…a sweet smile. πŸ™‚

  8. i want the roasted duck la… yummy!

    Should be real easy to get where you are. Not that commonly found here in Sibu and not really great, most of them. 😦

  9. Happy to know that you like what I sent you. Heh heh, you aahh, teach your readers bad stuff…’shagging van’ indeed! As only you would choose that description rather than say the VW kombi or hippie van, muahahaa!

    You should have let the Poslaju people return on Monday to deliver the parcel. I am, however, chuffed to know that you went after them…it tells me that you appreciate my urgency to send you the parcel upon my arrival at the hotel but Murphy’s law would have it that the hotel staff returned from Poslaju office to tell me that a 2nd form was required and thus we didn’t make the 4.30pm closing time that Weds. And then the flight delay, aiyah! But all is good and knowing that you like what I sent you, I am happy πŸ™‚

    Come and visit me in Perth soon!

    Nah!!! You come to Sibu… Hehehehehehe!!! The poslaju people will not send to the house anymore after one failed attempt. You will have to go to the office to collect yourself – personally, cannot be anybody else unless there is an authorised letter…whereas when they send to the house, anybody at home can sign and accept delivery. Thanks again, love them heaps…but please don’t send anymore. Enough lor… πŸ˜‰

  10. Hmmm….shagging van…yours and Yoong’s era..hahahaha. I’m still too young for that..ahem! Nice of Yoong, Mandy and Yee Ling to give you so many stuff and the duck look so divine. I like ducks to look like that…a bit kering-kering and all nicely chopped…look so senonoh and mo makan pun bernafsu…not comot πŸ™‚

    I loved it! The duck was good – just nice in every way. Oh? You’re so young? Wonders will never cease. I could have sworn you’re from my time. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Oi !! Not my era lah! Those VW shagging vans for the flower-power people only. I…not qualified for those hippie vans…would have been handy though, those kombis, when I started partoring, heh heh heh!!!

      Ah! Flower power! Peace! * showing two fingers – the V sign!… Make love not war!!! My time. LOL!!! πŸ˜‰ But no, I did not have the VW van, we only had bicycles… So sad. 😦

      1. Ohhhh…sorry Yoong.I forgot you were born in the 90’s…ahaks!

        You mean she’s already in her 90’s? Impossible… That would make her older than my mother! Muahahahahaha!!!!

      2. Bicycles…also romantic mah. Back passenger can wrap arms around the ‘driver’ tight tight.

        No tumpang one lah… Police would arrest, against the law…and hey! That reminds me of a story of a gentleman’s bicycle… Ummmm…never mind lah! Too long to tell here! You come to Sibu and I’ll tell you the whole story. More effective that way – jokes are best told…not written down and read, not the same at all.

  11. You received some lovely things, and it’s true, if you’re giving it eventually comes back either to you or someone you love.

    My mother says (about selfish people) “That their hands are out, while remaining closed” Selfish people always want something; but refuse to give anything to others.

  12. Wow!!!,,,…so many nice gifts from your friends. Very blessed. I really love the roast duck. Looks great. Yummy!!!…yummy!!!…

    Tasted really great too, thank to Yee Ling…and yes, I am so abundantly blessed to have such great friends.

  13. so blessed to have many friends πŸ™‚

    I am. People blog for money – while on my part, I am thankful that through blogging, I’ve got my due reward – the number of wonderful friends I’ve made, here, there and everywhere… πŸ™‚

  14. Yeah, you’re lucky to have so many friends and you’re mighty generous yourself! πŸ˜€

    I am? Lots of love to share and give, that’s for sure… πŸ˜‰

  15. You deserve all the above….friends right?

    I certainly hope so… πŸ˜‰

    P.S. You missed out the “e” in your url… No worries. I’ve edited it for you.

  16. Visiting your site always makes me hungry.

    It does?…Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

    P.S. I guess that’s a fictitious e-mail address? … LOL!!!

  17. Wow!! So many gifts from your friends. Yee Ling carry the duck all the way from KL to Sibu? tsk tsk tsk.

    Ah! I love that kitchen towel, very nice and colorful and so do the coaster and the table placemate. Now i must go and “manja manja” Yoong a bit. hahahhahahha

    Go lah! That Yoong sure will love that – likes people to manja-manja one… Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya, so very nice of Yee Ling to go through all that trouble. Ummm…what will you bring me leh? Roast piglet? Muahahahahaha!!!! That one, I guess have to wait for prospective son-in-law to bring… Hehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  18. I will be excited to collect my parcel on the day itself and won’t want to wait for the next day or so.

    U have got so many nice gifts!

    Too bad, you will have to wait at least a day…and in this case, two days be=cause of the delay. Thankfully,it does not happen often…and we can track and trace online.

  19. Wow… so many gifts…. you’re so lucky. All the gift look so nice and of course especially the roast duck. hehehe

    Have a nice week ahead, regards

    I am lucky, that goes without saying! πŸ˜‰ You too, have a great week… πŸ™‚

  20. Arthur, me too, I have nothing to give you. Sob sob. Hehe. Oh do plan to come KL after June after my trip to America. No need to book hotel, you and Lucy can stay in my Condo. Give me early warning so I get the place clean up to receive you.

    Never mind, I wouldn’t ask for anything more than your friendship and your prayers… Those would mean so much more than material gifts, really!

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