Last call…

Yee Ling and her girls left Sibu earlier on the morning flight that day and in the meantime, I took Mandy to tour the Sibu Central Market – the biggest in Malaysia with a multi-storey car park. Mandy commented that she had never seen any like that anywhere, not even in Singapore…a market with an adjoining car park several storeys high. She also noted that the place was clean and for a wet market, she was amazed at how it was not smelly at all. She was in luck – there wasn’t a single sago worm to be seen, lucky her! LOL!!!

After that, we headed to Sungai Merah

Sungai Merah Sibu 1

…to see where the first Foochow settlers landed in Sibu…

Sungai Merah Sibu 2
*Footnote to the town council people: I think the barricade needs a new coat of paint!*

Because of the tide, the water was “red” or teh-o colour – the result of the withered leaves that had dropped from the trees upstream into the water in the river below. If it had been high tide, with the water coming in from the main river, it would be like teh-see (tea with milk) owing to the severe soil erosion upriver.

There was even somebody fishing by the river that morning…

Fishing @ Sungai Merah

We stopped for coffee at Choon Seng…and after that, we went back to the hotel for Mandy to get her things and check out and then we went for an early lunch.

I asked her to choose and she indicated that she would love to go back to Ruby again for the midin belacan

Ruby midin belacan

…that she had grown to love so much and she would not mind eating that one last time before she left town.

So, there we were at Ruby once again and I also ordered for her a bit of the Foochow fried noodles to try…

Ruby Foochow fried noodles

She loved it very much, especially the fact that our yellow noodles are different from those in the peninsula – not so yellow, not so hard/springy and none of that horrendous smell of kee (boric or whatever acid).

She saw jellyfish being sold at the ย market earlier and as she had never eaten it before, we ordered some pickled jellyfish salad as well…

Ruby pickled jelly fish

…but it was not to her liking so my missus and I ate a bit and we tapao-ed the leftover home. I would say that it was very nice…but I guess not everyone shares the same taste. Like I always say, to each his own!

The prawn balls in honey…

Ruby honey prawn balls

…were good and she loved the so-called Four Heavenly King beans or whatever it is called…

Ruby 4 Heavenly King beans

…except that ours had more than the four – there was brinjal in it too and Mandy said that it was the first time she had tasted that fried with belacan (dried prawn paste) and pork belly. So far, she only had it fried with garlic. I thought it was nice too but it was a bit too oily and it could do with a bit less msg.

I ย also ordered the sea cucumber soup…

Ruby sea cucumber soup

…to let her try what it would be like usually and it certainly was different from what we had the previous night. Like all my West Malaysian blogger-friends who came before her, she loved it, of course!

The bill came up to RM45.00 that day…so minus the drinks (fruit juices), I think the food actually cost around RM30-something only.

Soon it was time to send her to the airport and to say goodbye, till we meet again. Thanks so much for coming to Sibu, Mandy and to you too, Yee Ling and your girls. Do come again whenever you can – everyone who cares to drop by is always warmly welcomed to our simple little town….

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17 thoughts on “Last call…”

  1. oooo ruby…. fried misua is excellent there…

    Was ok that night, what we had before was better…and also what we had at MingMeiShi for my BIL’s birthday.

  2. wow, i also love that jellyfish salad and the sea cucumber soup.. they looks great!! but then looks like she loved every dish that you ordered for her huh.. hmmm, you were successful!! haha~~

    Not really. She did not like the jellyfish…and earlier, she did not like the kampua at breakfast and the day before she would not touch the keli… Different people , different tastes so can’t expect everyone to like everything that I like.

  3. Jealous! jealous !jealous! All the food look so shiok…my kind of food,jellyfish included. When I visit you again, I think we must dine at Ruby every day, at least for a meal so that I can try all the dishes on the menu. But then, we must also makan at Payung for a meal at least everyday too as they also have a nice menu. Hmmmm…. And breakfast everyday must eat the best kampua in town ( what’s that place called? … Rasa Sayang?). The rest of the must try how????

    So? Have you decided? When are you all coming? Hmmm…either you have to do like what the rest did – 6 meals a day…or stay longer. Hehehehehehe!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t be eating at the same places all the time – so many more things to try…

  4. My girl was right beside me when I read and scrolled down your post… she said “Hoe sik”… (nice to eat!) She saw the prawns in honey and the sea cucumber soup.. too bad we didnt try these two…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ya…when she’s in the uni, they will have longer holidays…so you can come with your kids again, this time for a longer stay…and most welcome to stay at my house – no problem. Save on hotel…can spend on food and shopping. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus uni holidays do not coincide with school holidays so I think air fares will be cheaper.

  5. awhh!! So cheap!! Cheap errrr… next time must visit u …u bring me jln jln, ok? ^^

    Come! Come! So when are you coming? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Your last few posts on food make me drool. Wow!!!…all the nice food only cost RM30++ Really cheap hor. Cheaper than the previous one, am I right?

    A LOT cheaper…and A LOT nicer, that’s for sure… Hmmm…you don’t want to come over to Sibu, what to do? Just drool lor… Muahahahahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. the midin belacan looks so good…i wouldn’t mind eating it everyday. but seriously…food is so affordable in Sibu!

    Ya, standard of living lower here, purchasing power low…so cannot be too expensive. If we buy and cook our own, it will be a lot cheaper even… ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I am so excited for more photos … yummy!

    You are? Good! Stick around for more…but once in a while, we take a break from all the food. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hi! Your first time here, I see… Welcome, welcome…and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do come again, will link you in my blogroll… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Kuala trengganu got such market too. Next to river. car park building next to the market. one side is makan place, one side is buy gifts, one side buy barang dapur and one side wet market. But Sibu one is cleaner compared to that.

    love the midin

    Mandy’s just been to Trengganu…but I guess she did not go to the market. Usually people don’t go to such places when they go on a visit – not so interesting like the Sibu one. LOL!!!

  10. Hey, Arthur. I went to the Mei Shi place & the 3 layer pork was GOOOOOOOOOD.
    RM60 for 4 dishes & 2 bottles of beer. Good value too!

    The Master is NEVER wrong… LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Must bookmark this place…

    No worries. Anyone coming to Sibu, sure I will bring him or her here one.

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