Was it good for you…

Obviously it was good for smallkucing and his papa but everyone thought the kampua noodles at this particular place were bland, lacked the fragrance of fried shallots and lard and were definitely not as nice as what they had the previous morning.

Yee Ling wanted to try the very nice Penang hay/har mee that I had sometime ago just before they left for the airport for their flight home but unfortunately, the stall was not open for business that morning . Thus we decided to proceed to that coffee shop at the other end of the same block but unfortunately, they had not started cooking the zhaochai hung ngang yet even though it was already well after 7.30 a.m. by then.

Everyone else had the kampua noodles and they were not impressed while I decided to give the Sarawak laksa (RM4.00!!!) a try. It probably was even worse than the kampua noodles, I must say, and I did not even finish half of it. The tiny shrimps were not fresh at all and I could smell it from a distance – I simply put them aside as soon as it was served. I did not want to risk it and I did not touch the miserable looking sambal belacan either – it looked like bits of mice or cockroach droppings. Eyewwww!!!!!!

I did enjoy the baked sweet potatoes though. These were from the mini dimsum stall in that same coffee shop…

TungLok baked sweet potatoes

I had seen somebody’s photograph of these on Facebook and I must say that I liked these a lot more than what we had at the dim sum place before. Whatever the creamy stuff on top was, it certainly did wonders to enhance the taste…and at RM2.00 per plate, I thought the price was pretty reasonable.

Now, these sio bee (steamed meat dumplings) were extremely cheap…

TungLok sio bee

At 5 for RM2.00, that would work out to 40 sen each, much cheaper than what I had here. They were all right, quite nice…and everyone liked it with the chili dip provided. Yee Ling’s daughter seemed to like it  a lot and Mandy went and ordered some more. She also ordered these har kau (prawn dumplings)…

TungLok har kau

…but nobody was impressed. The prawns used were of low quality, not really sweet and on the whole, the dumplings were not very tasty.

While we were there, fellow-blogger Mery came to join us as she had promised to send Yee Ling and the girls to the airport…so after a while, it was time to them to leave…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Was it good for you…”

  1. i din know they sell siobee there, else would have tapau 1 dozen each time i am back to the hotel… the kampua on my first morning there was good though. Would want to go to Rasa Sayang for its famous Kampua…

    You didn’t? You all didn’t see the baked sweet potatoes? They were good – I certainly would buy those. Ya…it seemed that you all ordered kampua everywhere and they all seemed good…even though I would think they’re not that great. I think I’m more selective but other than, Rasa Sayang and Soon Hock, there are at least three or four or more other places where the kampua is really very good – next trip, we go to all of them and try them one by one.

    1. Tarak…tak nampak the baked sweet potatoes

      No? It has been around for a long time. I saw my friend post the photo on Facebook a long time ago. It’s not in the kampua section – the other section – with the char siew/chicken rice stall…and the laksa stall next to it – this stall is next to the laksa stall. Never mind! Come again…lots more things to try and enjoy here. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. aww.. kesian. again yee ling tak dapat what she wanted. but nevermind, that only means she has to make a trip there again! 🙂

    Ya…good excuse for her to come again. And I bought her the wrong flavour/variety of Mee Daddy, the not-so-nice mee goreng – she will have to come again so I can give her the right one – 3-in-1 chicken flavour. LOL!!!

  3. so many blogger friends that you have.. i’m jealous. I want to grow up to be just like you!

    Oh no, you don’t!!! I’m sure you don’t want to end up a big and fat and ugly old man like me. LOL!!! Humph!!! I bet you have a lot more blogger-friends than me – you meet lots of them at every event you go to….but maybe, they’re not as nice as the ones I have lah! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  4. Lately have been seeing lots of ppl eating sweet potato. I told my mum “poor man’s food making a comeback”. mum said, “nowadays the rich ppl like to eat sweet potato… can keep fit”. LOL.

    Ya…like Taiwan porridge – with sweet potatoes inside. Last time, people ate that because they could not afford rice. Now, rice is so much cheaper, in comparison.

  5. i saw the baked sweet potatoes and was about to ask you what’s the stuff on top, yet you didn’t even know?? i thought with your “golden tongue” you can just taste and know anything they used?? hehe.. could be be some cheese??

    Cheese? At 3 for RM2, you expect cheese? I think it’s sweetened mayo…probably mayo with condensed milk, but it’s very nice. The ones here, they claim to use cheese:https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2011/04/22/no-longer/ cut RM1.40 each/3 for RM4.00…and somehow no taste of cheese, probably drowned out by the taste of the sweet potatoes. These are cheaper…and nicer!

  6. Oh….next time I must go there try the siomay…

    They’re ok, better ones elsewhere…but these are cheap and nice with the chili. I love the sweet potatoes.

  7. the sweet potatoes really looks goooooddd!! im drooling!

    Ya, they’re good. Sure wouldn’t mind going back there for more…

  8. I never try baked sweet potato in any dimsum restaurant and this looked yummy!! 😀

    Oh? Try doing it yourself. Get the expensive Philippine or Japanese ones. Just wash and pop them in the oven and bake till cooked…real nice! Eat with the skin sekaligus!!!

  9. Baked sweet potato with creamy sauce ? Look nice… But I’m not a fan of sweet potato. Normally, I will only drink the soup and forget bout the flesh. hehehe……

    Soup? That’s just sweet sugar syrup what… Have to eat the sweet potatoes.

  10. Whoa! baked sweet potatoes! reminds me of my childhood days when mom used to grill the sweet potatoes using wood. bliss!

    You can do that anytime, Just wrap in aluminium foil and throw into the barbecue fire. No fire, throw in the oven also ok… Nice!

  11. Not that crazy for those food but I do like the sio bee you bought for us on the first night while we were in Sibu.Also, I would like to try that sweet potato things.Looks kind of interesting.

    Ah!!! I think I know where those sio bee came from now. My favourite so far – 70 sen each, dunno if the price has gone up or not. Hasn’t gone to buy for quite a while. You must try those sweet potatoes when you’re very, Very nice… I like!

  12. I love roasted sweet potatoes and also sweet potato porridge with salted eggs. I have yet to try siobee. Putting it in my list of things to try for my next trip to visit you.

    Ah!!! Taiwan porridge – porridge with sweet potatoes. I love that too…ever since I first tried that at a Taiwanese restaurant in Singapore in 1973! Yes, yes…keep a checklist so you will not miss out on anything when you come… LOL!!! 😀

  13. the baked sweet potatoes look delish! and the sio bee…i seriously can’t wait to check out sibu food!

    So are you planning to hop over anytime soon? Do let me know… Always glad to have company! 😉

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