The weather had been scorching, so much so that even after sundown, it was still so very hot. I was thinking of some nice, cool place for dinner and at the same time, I wanted Mandy and Yee Ling (and her girls) to try our exotic local ethnic cuisine, so we ended up at this restaurant that night.

As usual, we were served these keropok (prawn crackers), probably the nice ones from Mukah, as appetisers…

Fisherman's keropok

…but unfortunately, they were not on the house and even though you do not order those, you would find those charged to you in your bill eventually.  Thankfully, everybody loved them especially Yee Ling’s little girls and in the end, we ordered another round of those for the two…and the  rest of us.

Of course, I ordered the lokan

Fisherman's lokan

…which is some kind of clam actually and they scoop out the flesh and mix that with minced meat and what not to stuff the shell and deep fry…

Fisherman's lokan

This restaurant claims to be the only one in Malaysia serving this but I do not know to what extent, that is true.

Mandy loved the umai (raw fish), a Melanau dish…

Fisherman's umai

…which was very much nicer than the one I bought from the kampung Malay food stall as they used calamansi lime juice, not vinegar and they were very generous with the belacan. Unfortunately, it did not tickle Yee Ling’s fancy so the rest of us had it all to ourselves.

They were okay with the paku (jungle fern) cooked in santan (coconut milk)…

Fisherman's paku santan

…but as far as the midin (jungle fern, a different variety) with belacan (dried prawn paste) – no msg added, it said in the menu, was concerned…

Fisherman's midin belacan

Mandy felt that the one she had at Ruby would win hands down.

They liked the sea cucumber soup…

Fisherman's sea cucumber soup

…but I did not think it was all that great. In fact, it was quite different from what we would get at the other places in town.

Still, it was a pleasant enough dinner and we managed to finish everything…

The aftermath @ Fisherman's

…even though it was not really cheap – the bill came up to over RM90.00 for four adults and two kids (who hardly ate anything other than the keropok).

Hey! Wait a minute! Actually I had intended all along to order some kacang ma chicken for them to try but somehow or other, it completely slipped my mind that night when we were there. Sigh!!! Sign of old age, no question about it! Now it looks like they will have to come to Sibu again if they want to try that. Hehehehehe!!!!

Personally, I do wish they would do something about the place really as to me, it appeared somewhat shabby and rather gloomy. A new coat of paint would do wonders, I’m sure…and perhaps, some simple and nice decor as well, no need to be too elaborate. I’m pretty sure at the prices they charge, they can jolly well afford to do something to make the place look more presentable and pleasant to the eye. Other than that, if anyone is planning to go there for dinner, it would be a good idea to sit nearer to the door as it seemed a bit cooler there (but darker). We sat further inside where it was brighter but it was a bit hot and not very comfortable. In fact, the air conditioners looked kind of old – probably, they had moved those from their old location many years ago.

All things considered, frankly speaking, if not for the fact that I wanted Mandy and Yee Ling to try those stuff that would not be available elsewhere, I would not have gone there…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Sundown…”

  1. can skip this for the next trip…

    Yup…maybe if I add my own belacan to the cheap umai from the kampong stall, it would taste more or less the same? 😦

  2. hmm… this restaurant is expensive le… i prefer exotic food like wild boar, venison, snake, crocodile, pointed head tortoise. XD

    We checked the bill – it was the sea cucumber soup that was expensive – RM25…and could hardly see any and it wasn’t even nice. The veg dishes were reasonable – RM10 each and the lokan RM1.50 – we were quite put off by the fact that there were three big ones and two very very small ones…and if I’m not mistaken, the keropok was 50 sen each so two baskets of those would come up to over RM10.

    I like wild boar too…but it must be old and fat to be any good…and the restaurants here don’t know how to cook – adding all the ginger, the serai and and everything – that absolutely drowns out all the unique taste of the meat. I’d rather not eat… Venison is ok by me…but not the rest. Not so adventurous.

  3. Never mind, next time just tah-pau the lokan, umai( especially!) and kacang ma and eat at the road side picnic style before adjourning to Ruby.That way, I would not miss anything out.. Lol!

    Lucy’s kacang ma is a whole lot nicer…and she can make lokan too but it’s a lot of work – too much hassle. We can tapao that – only RM1.50 each…and one of these days, I’ll try adding my own belacan to the umai from the kampong Malay food stall – see if that will improve the taste or not.

  4. Thanks for all the reviews, Arthur. They help me spend my meagre salary at the most worthy places!
    Sibu this weekend! Wanna meet up?

    Your meagre salary? So many K, plus all the allowances…and nowhere to spend? Come, come…spend it all on me. Ya…I’m free this weekend. PM me when you’re here… 😉

  5. I am still thinking of the lokan! How come we miss that ah…..

    That means you will have to come again… Lots more to try, no worries. When are you coming? Make it soon!!!

    1. hahaha… u cant sleep eh last nite? so, we go again? kompia, kampua, siobee,fried misua,kacangma…gosh, the list is getting longer again. Been trying to keep it short…

      So when are you coming again? That’s the only way to shorten the list… Btw, I saw on Facebook – Payung is introducing mango ice cream today – same as durian…only thing is that instead of the durian cream, they have mango. Hmmm…come, come! We go there and try, want? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. All the food is delicious. I like the Umai with belacan and also the prawn cracker…home made? and the bill only cost RM90…not bad not bad.

    90 not bad? That’s a bit too expensive lah… Mostly vege some more. Food’s ok, nice but not great.

  7. another scorching weather post?? hmmm, and you are still eating all these heaty food!! tsk tsk tsk~~

    Heaty? What’s heaty? The veg? No leh… The keropok? Only a few pieces… The lokan…one each, so no lah!!! Nothing heaty there! The raw fish in lime juice heaty kah? Wei!!! Don’t simply cari pasal lah! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Hehehehehehe!!!! LOL!!! 😀

  8. The weather is insane!! Sometimes too hot, sometimes rain everyday… Oh dear!

    Quite ok here now. It has started to rain a bit since everybody left so it isn’t so hot. Nice and cool. 😉

  9. See! Ruby’s midin wins again LOL….

    Paku with santan? hmmmm….rather weird for me la. I biasa with sambal belacan.

    I think it’s the sea cucumber soup that is mahal la. That one alone already cost rm40 i think

    Paku with santan is nice, like masak lemak. Actually goreng with sambal udang kering and belacan and tambah santan. Sometimes I cook it like that too. The soup RM25!!! *pengsan!!!! If I had known, I would not have ordered that. Ya, everybody loved Ruby, it seems….and Payung…and Noodle House kompia…and… LOL!!!

  10. It was a good experience to be able to try these kind of local dishes. Frankly¸ I never had umai before but it was a truly good experience and I brave myself to try it. Although i dont fancy it¸at least I get to try it. Yea ler¸ one time enuf la. Would not want to go back because its not cheap to dine there…..The best was me and Mandy get drool over the handsome dude…LOL!!!!..

    **btw I wana pinjam some of the pics from your blog and FB¸k…

    Ok, no problem at all. Just help yourself. What happened to all the photos you took? Handsome dude? Oooo…that gay guy kah? Where got handsome? Just very fair, smooth complexion only. LOL!!! Ya…we would not go there next time. Will find some place better.

  11. The Lokan looks interesting! Never heard of it before.. and I’d much rather have keropok as appetizers than those peanuts which they charge as well!

    True, true! At least everybody enjoyed those…especially the kids.

  12. Great food. All the plates are clean up.

    Good but not great…and at least, nothing went to waste. 🙂

  13. Love paku pakis. RM90 is pretty reasonable considering you had sea cucumber.

    That’s RM25 a bowl…and we could hardly see any sea cucumber inside – just tiny bits swimming in the soup. 😦

  14. Looking at the pictures, I’ve been thinking what are suitable for the 2 little girls and true enough, they eat nothing except for the keropok. hehe…..

    The clam is very special. I’ve never come across anything like that.

    It’s just minced meat mostly – can hardly taste the lala but I guess it is also minced and contributes to the sweet taste. It’s nice…but not something to die for, I would say. The two girls hardly ate anything…everywhere we went. That’s why so skinny and so small…

  15. prawn crackers are always so addictive! hard to stop!

    love the look of the lokan. perhaps they are right…not seen any on this part of malaysia too.

    There used to be another shop making those – my daughter loved them and I used to go and buy…but then the quality dropped, not nice anymore so I stopped buying. Dunno if they still have that or not – haven’t dropped by for years. Not really crazy about keropok…but if there’s acar, then that’s a different story. 😉

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