Safe and sound…

When my friend from New Zealand came to Sibu last year, she dropped by this place…

Sibu poslaju 1

…to send something via our national courier, poslaju (fast mail), to her friend in the peninsula. Smart move! It certainly would be a whole lot cheaper than sending it all the way from Auckland. While she was in the office, she was impressed by how friendly the people were and how they processed everything for her efficiently and she was out of the place in a jiffy.

I often use their service as well if I have anything to send so I would keep a whole lot of their forms…

Sibu poslaju 2

…in the house so that I could fill everything first before proceeding to the office to save time and I could go about everything slowly and steadily…and smoothly.

Well, my friend from Perth, Western Australia, told me that she would be in Penang from the 25th to the 28th of  April so I decided to send her something c/o the hotel where she would be staying and what better way to do it than via poslaju. While I was in the premises, I saw this sign…

Sibu poslaju 3

Hmmmm….sorry, my NZ friend! Food is prohibited so you can just forget about getting any made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy through the mail. LOL!!!

In actual fact, I have received quite a lot of stuff from friends via poslaju but I did not know until sometime ago that some did not know that they could actually keep track of the whereabouts of their mail online. Once, I had sent some things to some people and I texted them to tell them that the things had arrived and they were surprised and asked me how I knew – they did not know as they were still at work and had not gone home yet at the time.

To do so, you will just have to log in to their webpage at and click “TRACK AND TRACE” at the top right hand corner and you will get to this page…

poslaju track & trace 1

…which tells you to enter your tracking number or numbers.

To do so, you have to type the number that you can see in your form…

poslaju track & trace 2

…and in my case, it was EM017092315MY.

Do not leave any space in between the letters and the numbers…

poslaju track & trace 3

…and click “Track”.

They will let you know the status of your mail like this…

poslaju track & trace 4

…and if you want more details, you can click “More Details Tracking”, and you will get some further information about the progress of the delivery…

poslaju tarck & trace 5

When your mail has been delivered, this is what you will see…

poslaju track & trace 6

In my Perth’s friend’s case, the hotel people accepted the mail while awaiting her arrival the next day and they used their official stamp. Otherwise, you would be able to see the name of the person who received the mail and his or her identity card number.

For one thing, I must say that they were not very prompt in updating the status. I received a call at around 10-11.00 in the morning from the hotel people and I confirmed that she and her hubby would be checking in the following day and requested them to hold on to the mail for them and I only got the update online after 6.00 p.m. Still, I feel that it is good that they have this so one would be able to track and trace anything one has sent.

Of course, it is more expensive compared to the regular snail mail or registered mail but what’s a few extra ringgit for the speed – “dijamin sampai hari esok” (quaranteed to arrive the following day) as well as the peace of mind. It sure helps when there are people who never bother or take their sweet time to let you know that they have received whatever you have sent to them…

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26 thoughts on “Safe and sound…”

  1. Ohhh… interesting! I’m one of the outdated, didn’t even knw we can track the poslaju online! Noted now, thanks!

    Good. I’m sure you’re not the only one…

  2. Food can la if dry ones. Don’t post ikan masin enough lah.LOL.

    No, no, no, no!!! Must follow law one – no food, means no food. But to KL, ok… The sign says “international”. Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  3. Is this the first non-food post I see? lol

    Not really…but one thing’s for sure – they’re few and far between. And look…so few comments! That happens all the time when there’s no food… 😦

  4. same tracking as fed ex 🙂

    Ah!!! So they have the same tracking facilities for other courier services. Never sent, dunno about that.

  5. i’ve tried sending something through normal snail mail and it got lost!!! BLARDY HELL D*MN F**K!! i think with Pos Malaysia service, at least send something that you can track and have proof for all these frequent “just in case”…

    Oops!!! O…temper, temper!!! So far my snail mail took a long long time but they did not go astray. No problem. I like poslaju better than registered mail or pos ekspres.

  6. I seldom sent things through pos laju until recently only… yeah, u told me that it could be tracked.. Like SK, i also lost something through the normal mail… from then onwards, i sent my stuff through pos laju.. at least can track..

    Yup, it’s safer and faster…but of course, it’s more expensive. 😦

  7. Most of the time I would use pos laju to send things to my son in SP but never know there is this “track and trace”. So every time have to call up my son to confirm if he has received or not. Thanks for the info.

    So now you know… Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  8. Teacher, teacher, you know how to read or not? It is DISCOURAGED not PROHIBITED lar…cit! Tak mau kasi say lar, no need to show false evidence..muahahaha.
    You know what, my dermatologist in KL teach me to use Poslaju to send stuff to overseas especially those discouraged items as apparently the customs here and overseas don’t really bother to do a thorough check on packages from Poslaju. However, those Fed Ex, DHL etc got very strict checks. He did explained the reason ( which slipped my mind )and we have found out that his claims are actually true! I am very tempted to send my ikan sepat masin via Poslaju next!
    The staff in Poslaju Sibu were very friendly, soft spoken and eager to please…I guess, you helping me out by filling out the forms earlier in your very neat and beautiful handwriting helps:))..and yes, dijamin sampai besok!

    Ok lah…I buy some ikan sepat masin and send to you by poslaju…Reach or not, not my business, as long as I send. For me, discouraged or prohibited, the same one – I am very obedient one…or to be honest, very kia si, not one to take risks!! That’s why always bullied by people lah!

  9. How thoughtful of you, to have a package waiting for your friends at eh hotel.

    I love the ‘track and receive’ feature, I’ve been using that for years here in the USA. I normally don’t go to the post office though. I subscribe to a postal service, so I can print out the correct postage needed for the packages I send directly from my computer; additionally I have a postal scale to weigh my packages.

    The furthest package I sent was to Australia I believe, I mainly ship to Europe but occasionally parts of Asia also, in the past ten years I’ve sent hundreds of packages around the world. 😉

    Wow!!! But actually we can do that here too – just call them and they will come to the house to pick it up. But my town is very small and the office is just round the corner, so no need to trouble them. I will just drop by myself. 🙂 I sent some books to my daughter in New Zealand and my goodness! The postage was shocking! That’s why I would have second thoughts about sending things overseas – not worth it, considering the expensive postage.

  10. So, Poslaju is national courier – means it is part of the Malaysian postal system?

    Your 2 packages arrived beautifully, nothing squashed! I hope my Poslaju parcel arrived at your place unsquashed too, albeit a day’s delay, as you told me about the flight being delayed.

    You’re so sweet to have sent me those lovely items. See, we both ‘have each other’s hearts’ in that we both Poslaju things to each other. But I sayang you even more leh, I carried the things all the way to Bangkok, then to Penang and then on day of arrival, had the hotel Poslaju for me. Sayang you or not? But I forgot to Poslaju 2 other smallish items in my haste to send you the parcel. Very small, so I will post from Perth, postage of a DL sized envelope only.

    Yup, part of Pos Malaysia – which is actually privatised already. No problem – arrived nicely. Will post on it sometime in the near future. Haiyar!!! Forgot already, no need to send anymore lah!!! Memang not destined to ne mine one like that… Huh!!! Don;t bluff lah! Flew all the way to Thailand…and flew to Penang – where got sayang like that? If true-rue sayang, would have come to Sibu instead. Sulk! Sulk!!! Like Shereen, so sayang gua…came all the way to Sibu via Singapore via KL, so long the journey…also she came. Memang got heart to come and visit me like that! Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Trust you to stll chuck a wobbly after people sayang already!! Shereen, see lah how you have spoilt you know who (we don’t mention name, OK?) !! Patience lah, we’ll visit you one day. Meantime, hope lots more of your blogger friends from Malaysia will visit you this year.

      Other blogger friends coming, where got sama as Yoong coming leh? 😦

      1. Yoong, you were in Malaysia? Haiyah, didn’t come to KL? Next me, remember to visit me also!! I will sayang you “kow kow” makes macarons for you and your hubby.

        She only went to Penang, so sombong… Did not even bother to stop in KL to see you and the rest hor? Sibu, no need to say lah!!! No chance, I don’t need to dream! 😦

  11. Poslaju are normally cheaper than the others like DHL or TNT or whatever. Off my head, I would reckon about 20% cheaper. For receiving of Poslaju item, there is one thing I don’t like. Assuming you wasn’t home when they came to deliver your thing, then you will have to go to their office all the way up in Upper Lanang Road and it’s not easy to find their office.

    Cheaper? Gee! I thought they’re expensive….but for the speed and security, I guess we just have to pay for it. Nothing comes free in this world…and sending “heavy stuff” via ordinary mail not that cheap either. The stamp for an ordinary letter already how much? 50sen? And even to KL, it will take at least one week! Ridiculous!

    Hey! You’re talking about registered mail lah! I hope nobody sends me one when I’m not at home – I don’t even know where the office is. Poslaju…the office is near Kwong Ann (Methodist church), just a stone’s throw away from my house so for me, it’s perfectly all right.

  12. tak jamin sampai esok one. i’ve experienced many times and it took at least 2 working days.

    Latest: Of Latest Hit: Sesame Ramen

    Not if in the main towns…or if there aren’t any problems. Yoong sent me stuff from Penang – got stuck in the transit office in KL, said the flight that night cancelled or delayed so they could only forward from KL to Sibu the next day…so hers took two days. I sent her two – both, no problem!!! Give and take, sometimes people do run into problems…but if you’ve experienced it MANY times, I think you need to go take a bath with water with flower petals of seven colours… Buang sial!

  13. Lot of ppl are using Pos Laju..
    their services are improving and getting more reliable…
    hey .. when u are going to send me return air ticket from Klia to Sibu?
    still waiting .. or is it already lost in the mail? LOL
    have a great week ahead….

    Yes, they certainly seem to have improved a great deal since long ago. Air ticket? You give me your full name, IC number…so I can make the online booking, complete address and telephone number so I can fill in the poslaju form to send to you. Quick! Quick!

  14. Pos Ekspress is just as good sans the tracking perks.

    The suspense is killing…and anyway, I think you can only send documents – letters, applications, certificates and so on. You buy those special envelopes – can’t possible put anything bulky in those, can we? I’ve used the service before – didn’t catch on, felt like sending ordinary or registered mail so I haven’t bothered since.

    1. They’ve got all sorts of sizes to fit all sorts of needs. You are charged according to the size.
      Remember the pen pals thing I did? Well, I managed to fit 30 letters + small gifts in the standard envelopes. Just takes a bit of tetris power!

      Cheaper mah… Pos Laju is premium service. Maybe I’ll use it when I reach your level.

      Nah!!! People my age only send things once in a blue moon, so it’s ok. Otherwise, I would just opt for snail mail. With my measly pension, that’s all I can afford. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  15. they are actually not too bad. though some days they don’t make sense in their delivery. i had a document to be sent from KL to Malacca and it took them 4 days to do so. All I could see was my letter travelling up and down KL Malacca everyday! No idea why.

    You could go and ask… I had a problem with Melissa’s mail once – saw that it went to Kelantan instead of Kedah. Went to the office here to ask – it was all right, delivered promptly and correctly – problem with the track & trace system both via phone & online. Teething problems then, I guess. Seems ok now, fingers crossed.

  16. I would say the Pos Laju service is improving. The last time I send out the Big Dog T-shirts to you, the lady was so rude to me. I launched a complaint and two days later, the Post master of that post office called me and find out the whole story and apologize. No bad ha? hehehe So far so good, everything I send to you and my other blogger friends all reached them safely with no damage.

    Privatised now mah… So far, I’m very happy sending things through them…even though more expensive.

  17. seriously, i didnt know we are not suppose to send food too, but if we don’t use pos laju, what else can we use?

    Those courier companies? FedEx, DHL and the like…?

  18. hi there. from what i know,there 2 of the poslaju here in sibu. so,i’m trying to get my parcel there and which one of them should i go? i am so clueless omg.

    Collecting, Suriyati? Go to the main office on the way to Pekan Sg Merah – past SMK Kpg Nangka if you are coming from that side.
    The one somewhere in Salim/Upper Lanang is for registered letters only and not poslaju.
    Other post offices are for sending, not collecting.
    You can call them to ask –
    34, Sungai Merah, Sibu Tel. No.: 084 – 330849

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