I told you so…

I told him so – that somebody that I used to know. I said that I would be back to try his stewed pork leg and I did.

My missus and I dropped by for lunch that day and had that at RM7.00 each for this…

9SIX stewed pork leg 1

…and a plate of rice.

It was all right but again, unfortunately, it was not like what my mum or my missus or most of the rest in the family would cook. I think he did not add any five-spice powder and instead, he used these cinnamon sticks…

9SIX stewed pork leg 2

If I’m not mistaken, other than garlic, we also have ginger and a bit of galangal (lengkuas) in ours and of course, we add five spice powder as well.

Another thing that I feel is that they should stew the eggs as well instead of serving them hardboiled and plain like that. I really wonder why they did not do that – after all, they would have to simmer the pork leg so they could have just thrown the eggs into the sauce and get them to become nice and brown like the ones here instead.

I also ordered a bit of his chicken curry to try…

9SIX chciken curry

…and got this bowl with two pieces of meat and lots of potatoes swimming in a whole lot of curry gravy for RM5.00.Β I thought it looked like the so-called Chinese curry but when I tried it, I found that it really wasn’t too bad after all – anytime better than any curry that you may find at those economical fast food stalls.

I’ve also tried his char bee lau chicken soup but I reckon the one here would be a little bit nicer as his was not Β as strong and therefore, not as fragrant.

The bottom line, therefore, is that the food is quite nice but I do not think I would take the trouble to go all the way there to eat – not unless it so happens that I Β am in the vicinity for one reason or other.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “I told you so…”

  1. ooo, more makan makan πŸ™‚ .. i would prefer the 5 spice powder than the cinnamon stick too i guess.

    You’re a man of your words eh πŸ™‚ said you’ll be back, and you did go back! πŸ™‚ .. hey it’s friday today, have a good friday today Arthur πŸ™‚

    You too! Have a great weekend… Ya, I always keep my word…as far as possible. πŸ˜‰

  2. Ooo…..
    Why don’t u give him d suggestion so that he could improve d recipe..
    Then u b back for more…..

    Aiyor…I wouldn’t dare. People in the business, me nobody…want to kaypo, give suggestion. And besides, he may like it very much the way he does it – to each his own. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison…so other people may like it – just not me. 😦

    1. ooo but you are the licin master..
      LOL… ur suggestion mayb could lead him to have more customers….

      From the way he talks, I think he’s very proud of what he cooks – gives the impression that it’s simply the best. I do not think he will take kindly to criticisms. No worries about business – he gets a lot from the karaoke joints in the area – lots of those k-boxes…and he says they will all go to his shop after the croaking sessions. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. You are certainly right cikgu! In addition, many would also throw-in star anise (8 kok in cantonese), but they use five spice would certainly suffice. The curry looks a bit watery but still ok I guess if the flavours are pungent enough.

    TGIF, have a great weekend. ^^

    You have a great weekend too… Yup, so watery but it tasted all right, definitely not the best – just quite good. Ya…for phak lor (stewed) meat or making ngor hiang/lor bak…but if you’re cooking masak hitam or curry and the like, throwing in five spice powder is out of the question. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. no thank you, not interested in the pork leg at all.. but instead i would only eat that egg, and errr, perhaps the gravy with rice and that’s all.. :p

    Unfortunately, there was very little gravy. Good thing I ordered the curry to try so I could pour the gravy over my rice and plain hardboiled egg, I can cook my own very easily at home…😦

  5. My MIL also does not like to simmer hard boiled egg together with the sauce with meat because sometimes the yolk will ‘break’ and make the sauce ‘cloudy’. She will scoop the soup from the stew into separate pot to simmer those hard boiled eggs.

    Hardboiled. If they’re boiled properly and handled carefully, I think it should be all right. Stewing the eggs separately would mean extra work – usually I will not bother…

  6. sedap leh if like that. I think I ate something like that before. Didn’t add 5 spice powder.. Forgotten wher already.

    Me too – just soy sauce and garlic…and sugar to balance the saltiness of the soy sauce, pepper optional. Follow the way my mum used to cook pork – very nice also. I will stew one big chunk of meat…and when cooked, I would slice to serve…dark on the outside but the meat inside still very fair, not black like if it had been sliced and cooked. Nice!

  7. Aaaarrgghhhh!!! I did it again! Go away for 10 days and already forgotten not to visit til I’ve had lunch. I looove stewed pork leg … yum!

    Oh? You’ve been away? No wonder I have not seen you around lately. Hmmmm…maybe that is why I get very few comments these days – everyone’s staying away as I’m making them hungry. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  8. The curry chicken looks promising… it has the nice red hue that a curry should have.

    It was nice, this much I would say but it lacked the exotic tastes and fragrances of nyonya or Malay curry.

    Your first time here? A warm welcome and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Will link you in my blogroll…

    1. Haha, Yen, so you have join the “Willing to be tortured by Arthur” CLUB? Have fun!

      No lah! Anyone who can survive your blog will find it sap-sap-sui here! Simple, common everyday things here…not like yours. Will really drool till dry one! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  9. My mom also like to cook this dish… stewed pork and stewed chicken too.. plus eggs, sedap! My kids love them too.. last time she used to put in chicken feet but nowadays very health conscious, dare not eat them already…

    Chicken feet unhealthy? Eng…eng…eng!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!! I would not touch those. I thought people claim that it contains collagen – will keep ladies looking young? πŸ˜‰

  10. Your blog is making me very, very hungry with all these yummy photos. Anyway, would love to try the chicken curry… miss it a lot since I’m abroad. ;(

    Ya, that’s one thing about being overseas – one would miss the very delicious local cuisine…and over there, at best, there may be some good ones, mostly pseudo-authentic…and all very expensive. Drop by often – that may motivate you to come home…at least, for a holiday sometime. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    Your first time here too, I see…so a warm welcome to you as well. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  11. Just as I managed to get rid of the song from my head…here we go again!!! Yup, agree with you that they should stew the egg instead of just serving it as a hardboiled. Nothing special like that. In Melaka, serving the stew with chicken curry, Chinese style is very popular. We call it Nasi Kari. I would usually mix both gravy in my nasi until banjir…nice!

    Oh? Never had that. In Kuching, it is a plate of chicken rice – with steamed chicken and char siew and they pour (Chinese) curry gravy over that. An old-school restaurant named Ang Lee – very popular in the 70s. I hear it is still there and is still in business.

  12. OMG! This is awesome pork leg! I think I know which one this is.

    I once went and ordered a whole bunch of pork coz I love their stewed pork leg.

    Drooling here…

    You did? Hmmm….have to watch the fat! But it’s ok for you, you’re so clim. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  13. stewed pork look good, love the gravy to go with the rice, yum yum. I just love food that is black black color. hahahhah
    Curry!! Oh no, i better not to talk about this, i am going to have curry for the next three days. Help!!!!!

    Oh no!!! You’re just like Shereen – likes things black-black one!!! Hmmmmm!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ No worries, wouldn’t get you to eat curry when you come home end of next month…

    1. Arthur,
      Your comment sounds so rude..muahahaha.My otak dah terlebih kotor!!

      What? You always said that, what? Like kampua, you said you wanted the black one…and then you tried the white one here and you changed your mind, said white one better. Eeeee….apa kotor? Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  14. If the pork meat drops off the bone, wah, then very nice leh. I, too, like to flood my rice with gravy, curry and even soup (Chinese soup), and can eat as such without much of anything else. Arthur, did I pay too much for my prawn noodle at Red Garden last nite – RM7.00 coz the man asked if I wanted some stewed pork pieces. He gave 2 small pieces.

    I dunno. Can’t remember how much I paid for mine there…but the one I had here was RM6.00, no meat.

  15. The curry chicken looks interesting!! But for the stew, I personally don’t like cinnamon so maybe not for me. I don’t mind curry though! πŸ™‚

    Not the best around…but not the worst either. Good enough for me but I wouldn’t want to go back again just for this…. 😦

  16. When my mum stew these pork leg, she does not use 5 spice powder but she uses anise, cardamon and cinnamon sticks. I prefer the eggs to be in the stew. There are too much oil in this curry. You are a man of your words, you have my respect Sir Arthur:D

    Make promises, must keep one… Cannot destroy people’s trust in you. Ah!!! It looks like this is another way to stew pork leg other than using 5-spice. Not the way I like it though… 😦

  17. Yeah la, they should have stewed the egg too. Just like I do with my pongteh. Even though we don’t put eggs in pongteh I do, just for Ethan coz he loves it so much when the eggs gone all brown! hehe..

    Like me!!! I put eggs in my masak hitam Sarawak, nobody else does…like when cooking phak lor duck! I love eggs!!!! Yummmmm!!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. i cook it with cinnamon stick too…and there’s always some 5 spice powder with star anise in it too. The egg is white. Wasn’t it cooked together with the stew pork?

    Yalor…was a disappointment, really! Hmmmm….I wonder what your stewed pork leg tastes like. So far here, none that I like. 😦

  19. Oh I love love love stewed pork leg! All soft and smooth and jelly-like yum. People always cringe at me when I order this because “girls don’t like fatty food”. There was once I ordered this at a cafe in KL and the waiter tried to warn me “This dish is quite oily and fatty one hor…?”. To that I said “Ya I know, if I want skinny I won’t order pork leg!”

    Hahahahaha!!!! Not healthy, but once in a while, it is good to indulge and pamper oneself…and sin! That’s what I always tell myself. πŸ˜‰

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