I told you so…

I told him so – that somebody that I used to know. I said that I would be back to try his stewed pork leg and I did.

My missus and I dropped by for lunch that day and had that at RM7.00 each for this…

9SIX stewed pork leg 1

…and a plate of rice.

It was all right but again, unfortunately, it was not like what my mum or my missus or most of the rest in the family would cook. I think he did not add any five-spice powder and instead, he used these cinnamon sticks…

9SIX stewed pork leg 2

If I’m not mistaken, other than garlic, we also have ginger and a bit of galangal (lengkuas) in ours and of course, we add five spice powder as well.

Another thing that I feel is that they should stew the eggs as well instead of serving them hardboiled and plain like that. I really wonder why they did not do that – after all, they would have to simmer the pork leg so they could have just thrown the eggs into the sauce and get them to become nice and brown like the ones here instead.

I also ordered a bit of his chicken curry to try…

9SIX chciken curry

…and got this bowl with two pieces of meat and lots of potatoes swimming in a whole lot of curry gravy for RM5.00. I thought it looked like the so-called Chinese curry but when I tried it, I found that it really wasn’t too bad after all – anytime better than any curry that you may find at those economical fast food stalls.

I’ve also tried his char bee lau chicken soup but I reckon the one here would be a little bit nicer as his was not  as strong and therefore, not as fragrant.

The bottom line, therefore, is that the food is quite nice but I do not think I would take the trouble to go all the way there to eat – not unless it so happens that I  am in the vicinity for one reason or other.