Happy people…

I do believe that happy people will be more efficient, more productive and they will go that extra mile for you and to make people happy, one would have to treat them really nice and well. That is why when I had some people to do some renovation works at my house, I would go out of my way to make sure that they had nice things to eat every day. After all, as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! LOL!!!

Well, I did mention in passing a few times before this that I was going to buy them some char siew pao (steamed barbecue pork buns)…

HongFu char siew pao
*recycled pic*

…from this dim sum place and I finally did in the  end.

Now, please don’t think that I am being very generous for at this particular shop, everything is quite cheap really – RM10.00 for any three lau (storey) or baskets and since there are 3 char siew pao in each basket, that works out to around RM3.33 per basket and RM1.11 per pao. The small and miserable meat ones sold at the market are RM1.20-1.50 each, if the prices have not gone up again…and they are  not even half as nice. I know of other places selling bigger ones at RM1.70-2.50 (or more) and the last time  I bought some…and they were mostly skin and quite hollow inside. I would say, therefore, that these are indeed value for money and the best part would be the fact that they are very nice!

While I was there that day, I noticed that they were also selling bak pao (steamed meat bun)…

HongFu bak pao 1

…also at RM10.00 for 3 baskets but these are bigger and there are only 2 in each basket so it works out to less than RM1.70 each. I had not seen them before so either they have just started making and selling these or I was unaware of their existence prior to this.

Anyway, I bought two baskets to try and I must say that they were pretty good…

HongFu bak pao 2

There was so much meat inside, chunks of it, in fact, and a big slice of shitake mushroom and a bit of egg…

HongFu bak pao 3

I would say that I wouldn’t mind having that again should I happen to be dropping by there for dim sum…but considering the price, perhaps it would be better just to stick to the char siew pao.

In case you’re wondering why I only bought 2 baskets of those and what happened to the 3rd one, well, actually I also asked for 1 basket of the lau sar pao – the ones with the gooey, runny butter plus salted egg custard filling…

HongFu lau sar pao

I quite like the ones here and I wouldn’t mind having them once in a while. After all, at only RM1.11 each, I don’t see any cause whatsoever to complain. Real cheap, don’t you think?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Happy people…”

  1. I started to appreciate the wisdom of our ancestors for inventing the art of steam paos ever since I came to india. Lol
    The breads n cakes here are the last thing one would like to try.

    I’m glad we can get reasonably good paos here now. In the past, I had to get from Kuching…or KL and Singapore. We used to have such miserable ones – maybe that was why you did not use to appreciate them. 😉

  2. They are definitely cheaper from my part of the world!..ahak!

    Of course!!! Even before conversion. But you can console yourself in insisting that yours are nicer! LOL!!! 😉

  3. Only 6.40am now, guess who has gone out cycling again this morning?! I, tummy sakit leh. Went to New Lane last nite – popiah and satay were good. Lobak – weird. They had something like cold sausage which looked like cross-section of intestine and some kind of soft gummy white meat – we didn’t eat them after tasting tiny bit. Ice kachang and bubur chacha ice, ok only. The or-chien was quite good. The apom I tapaued, that was great! Zzzzzzzz….

    Where on earth is New Lane? I thought you said you would be going to Red Garden?
    See the review, not so good: http://eatlah.blogspot.com/2010/10/penang-hawker-food-new-lane-penang.html
    Go to New World today… I liked quite a lot of stuff there – the hawker stalls side. There are some nice-looking restaurants in the more expensive looking side…including one nyonya restaurant. Never tried…no money.

  4. Auckland dimsum is nice, can’t remember name of the restaurant though. And that was back in 2003. Dim sum in Perth, of course nice, but must know which place to go to. I only started trying the lau sar pao after reading your previous posts about the pao paos and I love them. Onn tak eat, so the 2 paos for me, yum yum. I like the paos when the custard is hot and burning…..like ‘burning love’ in my mouth, mmmm, lovely ;


    Ya, when you see it oozing…flowing…squirting out…. Slurpsssss!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!!
    Here, go and see my friend, Isaac’s post on Red Garden:
    Very degil…never listen to people one! Shereen! Shereen! You tell her lah! Pasal food, want to ask who? >.<
    Go Facebook and check the link to Isaac’s post on New World. Of course there are other nice places here, there and everywhere but where you’re staying and you’ll be there only for a few days…more convenient to go to places nearby with everything under one roof. A nice Chinese restaurant would be May Garden, right next to Cititel (left side) straight up the road (Penang Road) from where you’re staying.

    P.S. Sending you the BIG one this morning. Should arrive tomorrow morning, let us pray! In the meantime, enjoy the two small ones with the bulu-bulu. LOL!!!

    1. Not Red Garden or New World tonight – probably tomorrow. Sayang wants to go to Nyonya Baba Cuisine tonite. Today I will obey the abang. Very well behaved today.

      Which one are you going to? Hope not the one I went to… Not really nice, many things we can cook a lot better at home and expensive too, I think – somebody footed the bill so I’m not sure:

    2. Yes, I already tarik her kuping until panjang. Very degil this woman..already ring on fire ( you ask her what is that..lol! ) somemore she very daring eat udang asam and curry kapitan for brekkie..tsk!tsk!tsk! Oh ya… I saw the berbulu-bulu thing. Good taste you’ve got 🙂

      She should be getting the BIG one tomorrow so she’ll have the complete thing by then. LOL!!! No lah…she’s not in our league – already cannot stomach the nice food all around, already missing home… Ring of fire? You mean Dracula’s teabags? 😉

      1. OK lah, laugh lah…ring of fire, you know’ you try lah…

        We people no problem, always eat spicy stuff…the ring already very thick, no effect. LOL!!! 😀

  5. Makes me wanna go out for dim sum this very minute! But I cannot take much.. one pau itself can make me half full already….

    Haiyor…if everyone’s like you, the dim sum shops all close down already. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  6. yeah, very true!! if you want people to treat you good, you have to take the first step to treat them good before expecting anything to happen.. well, a little “bribe” to the renovators with nice food would sure make them happy and in the end you get nicer work done.. 🙂

    Takes two to tango, two hands to clap…I scratch my back, you scratch mine! 😉

  7. It is true. When my son is happy, he will complete his homework promptly. No need to shout! But when he is tired and sleepy or in a bad mood, he will take forever to do his homework.

    I like char siew pao with the opening on the top. haha..dun know why but felt they are tastier.

    LOL!!! I never noticed. Just eat! As long as it’s nice, it’s ok by me.

  8. The siew pao looks good

    They’re good. Generally the char siew paos at the dim sum places here are fine – it’s the siew mai and the others that may have some differences.

    Btw, a warm welcome and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Will link you in my blogroll.

  9. i like these pau that burst on top. Dont know why but my perception is that it tasted nicer

    Oh? Then you’re the same as mnhl… For me, anything goes – semua masuk. LOL!!! 😉

  10. yup is reallly cheap n nice…
    the best thing that I love about pau is the egg…
    the custard pau also not bad …

    Ya, ya…I love the egg also. Last time, a quarter…now only one eight. Cilaka betul!!! 😦

  11. I like this type of pao…Can peep what’s inside…see the filling enough or not…ahahha. Tao pao pls…kekekekek

    Buy and keep and wait for your arrival? Aiyor…morning till night, where got nice anymore. We can go there for breakfast, if you want…2nd, 3rd, 4th round… LOL!!! 😀

  12. Sigh, tonight must indulge myself with big pao for supper. That runny buttery custard pao looks special to me.

    You can get it at any dim sum place over there, I’m sure…nicer ones even! 😉

  13. love the char siew pau, look so fluffy!! This is the type i like. Yum yum!!

    We can go there when you come back. The paos are good and a few other things, and very cheap. I just don’t like the siew mai and the other similar varieties – very coarse, the meat…

  14. Wow the lau sar pao certainly caught my attention! So golden and gooey.. love it!

    This place not bad – does it pretty well… 😉

  15. Love the bak pao too.. is that similar as the big pao here? Coz it looks huge!

    Not so big, a little bit smaller… We have the big pao here too…but where got so cheap? RM2.50…dunno if it has gone up to RM3 already or not. I love it but cannot afford to eat that anymore.

  16. I absolutely adore lau sar pao! oh yummies! I can go gaga and eat quite a bit. Think last round was 9 over our late lunch of dim sum:D

    9!!!! How big are the lau sar paos there? Ours palm-size (excluding the fingers). I can’t imagine anyone eating 9.

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