He’s my brother-in-law…

My missus and I were invited to where-else-but-here for dinner on the occasion of my brother-in-law’s birthday…

BIL's birthday cake

Don’t ask me why there is no writing on the cake – the daughter got this very nice chocolate blueberry cake for him from the very popular Marcus who runs his own home-based cake business here.

There was, of course, the longevity noodles – the fried mee sua

BIL's birthday mee sua

…which was very well done that night. I certainly liked it a lot.

Then, we had the sweet and sour fish…

MMS sweet & sour fish

…which was also good. It is my brother-in-law’s favourite and everytime we go out for dinner, he simply must order this dish.

He also ordered the pork belly fried with salted fish and dried chilies…

MMS pork belly with salted fish

…which would normally be served in a claypot but came out on a plate here. Never mind, for at least, it was very well done with the strong fragrance from the generous use of salted fish. I’ve had this at some other places before and more often than not, it was not really satisfactory and came across as something like pork in soy sauce.

The kiam sor hay (salted crusty prawns)…

MMS salty crusty prawns

…was extraordinarily good that night as well. I think it must be due to the fact that the prawns were very fresh so they were really firm and tasty.

We had the sea cucumber soup, no photo of that, and the fried midin (jungle fern) in belacan

MMS fried midin belacan

…and my sister-in-law made this pickled jellyfish salad…

SIL's pickled jellyfish salad

…for her daughter who is working in Singapore and was home that day for the birthday celebration. She wanted this but unfortunately, they do not serve it at this restaurant so the mum had to do it for her instead.

I must say that we really enjoyed the dinner but if anybody is thinking of dropping by these few days, don’t. They’re closed for the whole week since Monday, 23rd April, 2012 and will only resume business of 1st May, 2012. Gee! This must be the 2nd or 3rd time that they’ve closed shop to go on a holiday within this year alone – they must be ย making tonnes of money, don’t you think? After all, it is pretty obvious that they have been enjoying very brisk business all this while…

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24 thoughts on “He’s my brother-in-law…”

  1. Love such family gatherings and they always have a huge cake. This is nice without any writing:D

    Pickled jellyfish salad? It sure looks good. Can provide the recipe ah? THANX!!! and please….

    Not too sure – thinly-sliced jellyfish blanched and toss with lime juice, pounded chili, ginger sliced into thin strips and sugar. If I were to make, I would add thinly sliced Bombay onions or shallots as well…and crushed peanuts. You can try googling – lots of people have shared the recipe.

  2. i love the cake…how do i order that? any contacting add? the rest look good too.

    I only know the house. You’ll have to go to Delta Lane 3 and ask at one of the houses in the middle of the lane on the right as you go in. They will tell you where. Once I went to the wrong house and a neighbour came out to point the right one out to me… Hehehehehe!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your bro in law. I would love to try the jelly fish pickle…

    Thanks. Come to Sibu – I know a place where they serve very nice ones… Yum!!! LOL!!!

  4. yeah, there’s no writing on the cake and there’s no candles also, haha.. and that cake is really retro with all those flowers made of butter cream, haha.. the noodles looks nice, with the deep fried eggs..

    The guy’s been around since the 80s…and his cakes, style of icing, everything has remained the same…and he’s so popular it is so hard to place orders unless you do so very early. Ya…the noodles were great that night. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. All the dishes look so good!! I miss the fried longevity noodles with deep fried boiled egg. Haha! That’s definitely a dish from home.

    Cake from Secret Recipe?

    Nope, from Marcus. Famous in Sibu for his cakes – your parents would know him, same church. Hopefully, you’ll be back in June and you can eat this… Not very long to go.

  6. I won’t ask you why there isn’t any wordings on the cake but… why isn’t there any wordings on the cake? hehe.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Your sis-in-law’s pickled jelly fish salad looks so yum! I love jelly fish you know. I mean to eat them not to get stung by them >_<

    Dunno… I was wondering too – my niece ordered the cake. Maybe she forgot to tell the guy what the cale was for… You like jelly fish? I’m ok with that – not really a fan but will eat when there’s any.

  7. Sometimes I wonder when during this family makan makan or celebration,can we have other kind of dishes besides the usual hahahahahhahaha,,,but i do like the Jelly fish salad that your sis in law made and that’s unconventional

    Unconventional? Not really leh? Actually, many restaurants here serve that – just not this one. Of course, you can order other dishes…but usually we would consider everyone’s favourites…and this one, mostly, the daughter’s – working in Singapore and missing all her favourites here, like the midin for example.

  8. Eyeing on the cake!! I love the way they did the cream piping…Very traditional.

    Old school. He always does it this way – his standard design…

  9. Next time got opportunity, u must take us there… the food loooooks ravishing! How much was the whole set of dinner?

    You were here! Your first night in Sibu, remember? Slightly over RM100 for 7 people, inclusive of rice and drinks, minus the cake.

  10. Wah! The owners so enjoy! Close and go for holidays not one but 2nd time this year~ yaloh, they must be making enough money and enjoying life! hahah!

    Yalor…and I hear they also bring their workers along – maybe to KL only but something is better than nothing. So very nice, employees these days.

  11. Love family gathering like this. Laughter will be everywhere. Sure have lots to talk with each other. Happy belated b’day to your brother-in-law.

    Thanks. Ya…I love getting together with loved ones, family of friends, like this… Smile and the world smiles with you.

  12. Cake look good, not sure is this the same house that we used to order @ Delta Road.

    Ok, already noted down, this time must go and eat at this place. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do they have mee suah in soup instead of fried one?

    Jellyfish!! My favourite. Oh, i didn’t know they serve this at most of the restaurant. I thought this is only home food.

    No, most restaurants will serve this in their first dish – the 4 Seasons…in the middle. You can get it at Ruby anytime, if I’m not mistaken. Yes, this place has mee sua soup – I had that for my birthday dinner…as I prefer the soup version…and yes, that’s the house! Delta Lane 3. Most people here would know of the guy, I’m sure – so well-known for his cakes. He did my wedding cake too, yunno! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Love the look of the retro birthday cake..ahaks!…very neat the piping and very halus. I think of all the dishes there, my favourite will be the pork belly with salted fish. No need other lauk i can makan with a few bowls of rice. Next will be the midin ( extra kaw-kaw belacan ) and also the sea cucumber soup. I don’t mind the prawns also but most probably i will just hisap-hisap the kulit ( best part of the prawns, what with the seasoning and all ) and pass the isi to hub and son..hehehehe.

    Ya…I dunno why many people I know love sweet and sour fish fillet… I’m just ok with it, will seldom order when I go out to eat.
    Nice icing? That man made my wedding cake – you can take a peek here:
    but the photo is very small…

    1. Wah lucky my iPad can make the pics go bigger… Wahhhhhh……. U so handsome and Lucy don’t look at all like Lucy… Wakakakaka. I sampai terlupa nak tengok the cake .. Hehehe. I have always like Lonely is the night by air supply but Simon say the song is too depressing for our first dance..cit!!!

      Sighhhhh!!!!! Time has not been kind to us. Ya, of course lah! Was so slim and handsome then, otherwise…how to want to become flight steward leh? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  14. Ooooo, I like the ‘old fashion’ creamy looking flowers on the cake leh!! I am awaiting 7.30pm to go makan makan! Hungry!

    Where to? Red Garden is within walking distance…all the nice hawker food – the or chien, the ikan bakar…and don;t forget the mango pulut at the Thai stall…and the dim sum is nice too….and the yong tofu! Penang is all about hawker food – forget about all the fancy restaurants! Opposite Red Garden is the mamak place with the best Indian soup in Penang…but if you want a classier joint, Passage to India is behind Red Garden – go out the back entrance.

  15. Red Garden, we’re on our way in a few hours!!! Yah yah, ikan bakar – almost forgot this! Sting ray or what other fish you think is good? Onn’s wanting rojak (Chinese rojak). Waiting, waiting for 7.30pm!

    Sting ray is good, black pomfret (or chio) is good too – more expensive…and there’s one two-faced fish – meat mostly on one side, the other side not much meat. I like that as well… If you stay till after 9, there will be entertainment and you can dance – old-school style to all the oldies.

  16. Upon your reply to Shereen, I went look-see your wedding post but cannot open either link, tells me ‘no youtube’…..aiyah!

    No leh? No youtube video in that post. I clicked and could get to the post, no problem at all. You use your ipad?

    1. Yes, using iPad. Waiting in lobby, waiting for Onn to get back. He has gone cycling, on hotel’s courtesy bicycle. Just saw 2 very princely looking Arabs leaving the hotel with local big man, got police officers in white waiting in lobby waiting to escort them. Wah.

      Wait, wait patiently eh… Build up a good appetite for a sumptuous dinner. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Nice family gatherings. All the food looks so great. Droolingggggg.

    You can have all these…and more if one fine day you decide to come to Sibu. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Jelly fish pickle sounds very interesting. I must try making the salad for my mum. She loves jelly fish. I am sure it was an awesome family gathering and you have enjoyed both the food and the company.

    It certainly was. Should be easy to make the pickle. Usually, we just blanch the jelly fish after cutting into thin strips and eat with a dip with a lot of chilies, garlic, soy sauce and sugar.

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