I guess you can find these everywhere in Malaysia and even in Singapore.

Sibu tau sar peah 1

Tau sar peah, they are called, which literally means bean paste biscuit…and when I was young, they were smaller, around the diameter of a 50-sen coin and about an inch thick and they were sold in cylindrical packs wrapped in white kite paper. I remember there used to be a thin piece of paper stuck to the bottom and sometimes, when eating it in a hurry, I would forget to peel it off and end up chewing it and spitting it all out in the end.

In the past, as far as I can remember, they only had the or tau sar (black bean paste) which actually is the black-coloured red bean paste but these days, we also have the pek tau sar or the white-coloured bean paste as well. I’m not too sure but perhaps, somebody would care to enlighten me on this matter – is this made from green beans or white soya beans? If I’m not mistaken, it is the former, minus the green skin/shell.

Lately, we have these pek tau sar ones…

Sibu tau sar peah 2

…which are a lot bigger than those that we had in my younger days – about the size of a drink coaster and I really like them a lot. Selling at 70 sen a piece, the pastry is very nice, very tasty and not dry and the filling is sort of saltish sweet and it is not so sweet as to put one off after a bite or two.

I bought half a dozen for the workmen doing the renovation works at my house – two of them only that day…and they finished the whole lot. Hmmm…it certainly looked like they liked it a lot.

It did not cross my mind at that time when the West Malaysian bloggers were in Sibu – I should have bought a few to let them try so they can make some comparisons to those in their own towns. What about you? How are the ones in your town? Are they any good? How much are they selling them per piece? I certainly would like to hear from you…

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21 thoughts on “Everywhere…”

  1. try tat with kopi o…

    I eat everything with kopi-o… I’m a kopi-o man, remember? πŸ˜‰

  2. never fancy those. XD spoiled kid i am.

    I didn’t really like them when I was small… Those days, only the black variety – the red bean paste…and the pastry was dry, like layers of thin paper. The ones these days are much nicer and I quite enjoy them.

  3. It’s always nice to have it with a cup of piping hot beverage. I also prefer to put the tau sar peah in the ovenette before popping it into my mouth. πŸ™‚

    Yup…that would make the pastry more flaky and crusty. I like it like that!

  4. I was never a big fan of tau sah peah, until I came here and now it’s one of the few things I miss whenever my stomach decides to go amok on me. This and dim sum are always on my must eat list whenever I reach home!

    That would be in July eh? Tinkle me…I’d buy these nice ones for you and take you to a nice dim sum treat!!! Yummmm!!!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. That’s not so long from now! Haha thanks! I really have no idea where in Sibu are good dimsums.

      No worries, you’re in good hands… Oops! Figuratively speaking that is! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  5. I love n crazy abt pg tau sah peah…
    It must b ghee hiang or him hiang….
    Once eaten cannot stop….

    The tambun biscuits? Not the same – the filling has the taste of fried shallots…and is drier. Hmmmm…the two? Some people will say that they’re overrated and there are others that are nicer…
    …and some people will say these tau sar peah is nicer. Ah well! Like I always say, to each his own!

  6. Any version of tau sar peah is all my favourite! Here, probably RM1-1.40 per piece, depends on the size.

    So expensive? Double the price! These are big already…palm-sized, not like those we had when we were young. I cannot imagine any that are bigger.

  7. white tau sar are made from green beans.. wow, the size of a coaster and selling at only 70sen?? that’s very cheap!! but this type is not so common, what we see here is those smaller ones, the Penang style, that comes in boxes..

    They are? From green beans? I don;t really know… The Penang ones would be the tambun biscuits, not the same – see my reply to Simple Person’s comment.

  8. its indeed one of my favourites tea break, can`t stop looking for it once i entered the bakeries…..my childhood cake i should say especially the moist fillings.

    Yup, they do have these at some bakeries here too…but so far, these are my favourite.

  9. the pek tau sar sounds interesting. they must have taken an extra effort to remove the green skin of the beans

    Latest: Best Milk Ever

    Exactly what I was thinking…but I think they do sell those with the skin removed, no? The ones they use to make “let tau suan” or is that something different? Ooooo….I love that! Can’t find in Sibu, only in Kuching…eat with yew char koi/yew tiao inside… Yummmmm!!!!!

  10. I’m a sucker for these! But perhaps I’m a sucker for anything bean-related lol. Yeah really used to buy the small ones packaged in paper, and eat them all up!:D

    Hah!!! You’re my kind of girl then. I don’t think Melissa likes it very much and my missus doesn’t eat it. She says the bean paste makes her giddy…. Dunno why.

  11. The most I take is a quarter and that is it… I am not a fan even here in Ipoh where it is famous… I prefer those salty ones.. πŸ™‚ by the way, if you find that your workmen takes longer than usual to finish your renovation, do not blame them… lol..

    Now that you mention it, they’re still here!!! Said 2-3 days…now a week already. Hehehehehe!!! Today, I bought the dim sum char siew pao for them…and yesterday, the kuih that I will feature in tomorrow’s post… Hmmmmm….now what can I buy for them next week? LOL!!!

  12. I loved the pek tar sau peah but I havent tried those with the black or salty ones. In Penang, it’s selling everywhere! πŸ™‚

    I’m not a fan of the black tau sar – they do sell those too…and not really crazy about tambun. Do they have anything like these there?

  13. I love tau sar peah sweet or salty, big or small. I have been eating them ever since I was young as my late dad would buy them every so often. My favourite especially is the slighty larger ones but thin and the inside is a bit gooey. I think the skin is sweet pastry instead of flaky ones. Nowadays however very difficult to get the sedap ones like those days. NZ sells tau sar peah, tambun peah etc and all imported from Malaysia. Price not too bad…nak makan apa boleh buat!!

    You like? Hmmm…must remind me to get for you when you come. There’s a bakery with very nice “butter biscuits” – something like this, not biscuits…but the pastry is different and the filling also – very fragrant because of the butter content. Nice, especially if hot from the oven!!! Yummmm!!!!!

  14. hmmm..the tau sar one not same la. The ones we have here is yellow. and a bit dry

    KIV, next time you all come must try…and also the so-called butter biscuits too – I prefer to call it butter pastry. Hmmmm…maybe when Yee Ling comes, I let her try first… πŸ˜‰

  15. I prefer pek tau sar to tau sar. Not a fan of tambun biscuit as I find the fillings are very dried. Nowadays they say pek tau sar are made of sweet potatoes, don’t know how true is it. So kind of you to buy for your workers. Surely they enjoy doing renovation works at your house. Everyday got nice breakfast or tea break, hehehehe

    Me too – not crazy about anything tau sar – the black one though I would eat…and not a fan of tambun either. Same here, I would eat should there be any but not something I would look forward to. Dunno about the sweet potatoes. Well, I always believe that if you’re nice to people and keep them happy, they will be willing to work and put in effort to do the work well. That’s my hope…

  16. Maybe i had too much before, now i heard tau sar peang or pek tau sar, i got phobia. Pssssttt….don’t get me this when i go back ok. hahahhahahhaha

    Ok, none of this for you… LOL!!! We’ll stick to the chicken pies from Aroma Bakery then… πŸ˜‰

  17. Any colour also can coz I like these peang peang. I am easy to please πŸ˜‰

    Ok, come to Sibu and you can have the kompiang (kompia), lay peang, tee peang, tau sar peang….all the peangs!

  18. I seldom buy this biscuit in KL. They don’t look good. I had those from Malacca which my son’s GF bought for me and they are very delicious. Next time come to Sibu, must try and then can compare.

    Yes, yes… So when are you going to come here again? πŸ™‚

    1. Arthur, I would love to visit you again soon but looks like I won’t be able to plan a trip to Sibu until I return from the states. I want to bring my mum this time πŸ˜€

      Ah yes!!! Looking forward to that. I’m sure she would love it here. And Quay Lo too!!! πŸ™‚

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