I guess you can find these everywhere in Malaysia and even in Singapore.

Sibu tau sar peah 1

Tau sar peah, they are called, which literally means bean paste biscuit…and when I was young, they were smaller, around the diameter of a 50-sen coin and about an inch thick and they were sold in cylindrical packs wrapped in white kite paper. I remember there used to be a thin piece of paper stuck to the bottom and sometimes, when eating it in a hurry, I would forget to peel it off and end up chewing it and spitting it all out in the end.

In the past, as far as I can remember, they only had the or tau sar (black bean paste) which actually is the black-coloured red bean paste but these days, we also have the pek tau sar or the white-coloured bean paste as well. I’m not too sure but perhaps, somebody would care to enlighten me on this matter – is this made from green beans or white soya beans? If I’m not mistaken, it is the former, minus the green skin/shell.

Lately, we have these pek tau sar ones…

Sibu tau sar peah 2

…which are a lot bigger than those that we had in my younger days – about the size of a drink coaster and I really like them a lot. Selling at 70 sen a piece, the pastry is very nice, very tasty and not dry and the filling is sort of saltish sweet and it is not so sweet as to put one off after a bite or two.

I bought half a dozen for the workmen doing the renovation works at my house – two of them only that day…and they finished the whole lot. Hmmm…it certainly looked like they liked it a lot.

It did not cross my mind at that time when the West Malaysian bloggers were in Sibu – I should have bought a few to let them try so they can make some comparisons to those in their own towns. What about you? How are the ones in your town? Are they any good? How much are they selling them per piece? I certainly would like to hear from you…