Enjoy yourself…

The year was 2008 when my mum was admitted into a medical centre here and three sisters, old friends of mine, opened a takeaway shop in the same premises. The food was good and I became their regular customer. Unfortunately, after sometime, they decided to close shop as they were shorthanded and were unable to cope with everything.

The other day, however, I got a call from the son of one of the sisters telling me that the mum had taken over this cafe…

EnjoyCafe Sibu

…and they had kacang ma chicken that day so if I was interested, I could drop by to buy and I did. It was just so-so, not great at all and definitely not as nice at what I used to buy from the takeaway shop many years ago – perhaps, it was the (fat) youngest sister cooking it then…and maybe this one was not as good at it.

Nevertheless, my missus and I dropped by for lunch on Sunday just to give the place a try. I had one of the day’s specials, their Indian curry with rice (RM9.90)…

EnjoyCafe Indian curry with rice 1

It was good but of course, the fact that it was a classier cafe was reflected in the price. Otherwise, I could go to one of those Indian mamak places in town for the nasi bryani which would be just as nice or even nicer and at the same time, Β pay a bit less for the meal as well. For one thing, it was not spicy…

EnjoyCafe Indian curry with rice 2

…and I would have loved it a lot more if it had been so – probably they had the general population in mind and made sure that what they served would be suitable for most.

My missus had the nyonya fried rice (RM7.90)…

EnjoyCafe nyonya fried rice

…which reminded me of the Thai-style pineapple fried rice except that it was not served in a pineapple. I tried a bit and I loved it – I do not usually say that about the fried rice that I eat outside, mind you! Between the two items that we had, I think this one was the better choice. My missus said that it was better than the fried rice we had here and I must say that I would agree with her 100%. For one thing, it was not so excessively adulterated with msg!

I saw somebody having the mee mamak and I must say that the portion was huge – should be enough for 2-3 persons, at least. One point in their favour was that we had iced water aka sky juice and that was provided FOC (free of charge) unlike a few places in town. Tsk! Tsk! Other than that, while we were there, they were playing some pleasantly nice English songs. Two thumbs up for that!

Actually, this place is at least 3 years old…and one would be able to tell that it is not brand new. Perhaps if they could spruce up the place a bit, it would look much better. The “E” had dropped from the name above the entrance, for instance, so the least they can do is to fix that. It still looks all right though…

EnjoyCafe - interior 1

…more or less like how it was before when I dropped by with my daughter for lunch

EnjoyCafe - interior 2

– except perhaps it is a little bit brighter now unlike when it was under the old management – one thing I did not quite like then was it was very dark…even in the daytime.

Incidentally, they have a page on Facebook but that page belongs to the old management, not the present one so it would have no connection with the people presently running the cafe. There is a recent comment on that page complaining about how it is now…but the moderator said that it has nothing to do with them. It looks like somebody went there not long ago and did not like it – so I would like to state unconditionally here and now that all that I have said are my frank opinions, all entirely my own and the fact that we’re friends does not, in any way, influence what I think or how I feel about the place and the food – the two items that I have tried, that is…and the kacang ma chicken that I had bought from them earlier.

If I had been unhappy with it, I would have just opted NOT to blog about it – it’s as simple as that!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Enjoy yourself…”

  1. am curious re kacangma chicken… btw the timun looks nice.. or was it your camera… hmmm… tmrw going for banana leaf curry rice… wanna follow us?

    Ummmm…don’t all timun look the same? LOL!!! No lah…not my digicam, not like mamakucing’s DSLR. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your banana leaf… Not craving for that atm so not pulling my hair out. Hehehehehehe!!!! Kacang ma chicken? Well, there isn’t any place around that serves a really good one – will have to ask my missus to cook for you if you would care to come to Sibu again…

  2. “so I would like to state unconditionally here and now that all that I have said are my frank opinions, all entirely my own and the fact that we’re friends does not, in any way, influence what I think or how I feel about the place and the food – the two items that I have tried, that is…and the kacang ma chicken that I had bought from them earlier.”

    yay! my longest comment ever.. just cause I quoted you.. lol πŸ˜› .. i like the way you worded this paragraph, like taking an oath in the court of law.

    hmm, everybody always have differing opinions be it food or anything else. A man’s meat may be another man’s poison, or something to that effect ..

    LOL!!! Did your marriage vows at the ROM sound like that too? πŸ˜€

    Yalor…everyone is entitled to their own opinions – I say nice, you say not nice…and suggest a place that you think is nicer…or just say why you think it’s not nice. No need to make snooty high and mighty remarks like you know all…and I know crap. Just can’t understand why there are people like that. Some people really need crash courses on courtesy and presenting own opinions in a more pleasant manner.

  3. STP, you really good in taking food photos! I’m gonna like this place cos sky juice is FOC!! It is too temping looking at your food photos at this time! i rather go to bed!

    Some places charge 50 sen, others RM1.00…and one place even RM2.00 – just for iced water. Tsk! Tsk! Oh? You’re going to bed already? Good night, sweet dreams…and don’t dream about food eh? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. The fried rice looks interesting. I wonder why they served it in 2 “hills”?

    Ya, I wonder why too. Maybe it’s meant to be shared by two persons? The portion was big – definitely enough for two persons, ladies especially. πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh, kacang ma.. I still have a packet in my house and not too sure what to do with it! One of my Kuching friends gave me, I have yet to find out how to cook it..
    The ambience looks nice here… by the way, why do they serve in two portions? (I mean the rice…)

    No idea, maybe it’s meant to be shared. I’m not too sure how to cook kacang ma – my missus will cook it all the time. It involves pounding or blending…and I’m too lazy to do that. My cooking must be really very easy one…no need for much effort. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. well, i never underestimate how the mamak restaurant charge on the nasi briyani, they would be as expensive as this restaurant you go.. i think they always go by the mood, or perhaps numbers in indian pronunciation is too long, so there could be more possibilities in creating summing mistakes?? :p

    I’ve been slaughtered a few times and they tell me that the moment they hear how I speak, they would know I’m not local and they will start sharpening their cleavers already. Tsk! Tsk! The nasi bryani with grilled lamb that I had in Penang
    cost a little less but I did not think it was great. I did like the sotong one but that was RM11.00…and it was in a no-class-at-all mamak kopitiam.

  7. Nice food and place. Kacang ma! I just have some last week! :p

    You cooked your own? I wonder if there is any good place selling that in Kuching. I used to buy from the Palm Road wooden stalls – already demolished – if I’m not mistaken, they moved to Hui Sing with the rest of the people in those shacks. Dunno if they are still there or whether they’ve closed shop.

  8. saw Payung cafe got kacang ma but didnt order. Wondering how it taste like

    Payung’s one not nice. I had that before. The one at Fisherman’s nice…but they do not pound/blend the leaves – my missus would do that and I prefer it that way. I think I will bring Yee Ling to Fisherman’s to try the kacang ma when she comes… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  9. the kacang ma sounds interesting but i havent been to sarawak to sample any before. seems like there’re lots of inviting cafes around the place πŸ™‚

    Latest: World Best Sandwich 2012

    You should consider coming over. Look at all those West Malaysian blogger-friends of mine who came. They had a great time and enjoyed the food and the place so much… No regrets, I’m sure…and one of them will be coming again at the end of this month! I’m sure if it wasn’t good, she would not bother to come anymore – just throw away her almost zero-fare air tickets!

  10. I like the indian curry rice. Serving 2 portions in one plate. Meant to be shared.

    I guess so. The curry was very nice…except that it wasn’t spicy and I love food that’s spicy! Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, food from certain parts of India, the north, I think…is not spicy.

  11. Hmmm, everything looks so nice ehh….but when put into the mouth is another story pulak..LOL!!

    Hey! I just came back here from your blog. What a coincidence! LOL!!! The food is pretty good here…or at least what we had was – just that it’s a cafe, so prices also more attractive. LOL!!!

  12. Many places does not served FOC sky juices anymore. Every thing also money ! haha..

    I’m glad there are at least two here! One place, can ask for giant mug!!! Huge one, free of charge. But even coffee shops will charge for iced water these days, I think! Tsk! Tsk!

  13. Oh..the curry look very good, but is it the camera do the trick? Make it look nicer? hahahahha….
    Curry not spicy? Sibu not many people can take spicy food ma, so must accomodate their taste, but i think now a lot people can take spicy food already.

    Kacang ma, heard so much, but have not tried out. The other day i saw Aunty Christina, she sell kacang ma too, i think she only sell it on certain days.
    Wow, Lucy’s nyonya fried rice, double portion, so big and so much rice! Lucky it tasted good!

    I don’t think she finished the rice even though it was good – there was simply too much and I was already full from my own order. Ya…you are not really into spicy stuff, I know…and definitely no belacan! LOL!!! I love kacang ma but I think not everybody likes it – not those from Sibu, that is. I think Kuching people would be more familiar with it.

  14. Thumbs up for being frank. They should not be angry with you if they got negative reactions. They should consider negative reactions as the reason to improve their services.

    Not the people in the business…or none so far, thankfully. It’s the readers dropping by to comment here or on Facebook. The old folks used to say that if you have nothing nice to say, then it is time to remain silent…but that is not so relevant anymore. Ok, they have their opinions but I do wish they could be more gracious… After all, we are a polite society, no need to be so pompous and blunt! Tsk! Tsk!

  15. If I eat the fried rice, sure berterabur one…the serving plate got no edges one!!!I think that plate is a Hors d’oeuvre plate la πŸ™‚ The portions are huge and the food look good. I missed out on the kacang ma too. I must remember to try next time I’m in Sibu…must get Lucy to cook for me..hehehehe…can, ah?

    Of course, of course!!! So when are you coming? I’ve been waiting soooo long already. Oh? Dunno about plates. Actually I thought they were pretty nice… Hehehehehe!!!! Tak kan lah so messy, eat berterabur all over the place. Like ibu ayam, scratch-scratch-scratch while eating kah? Hahahahaha!!!!

  16. indian curry with rice.. it looks like chinese style to me…
    my mum use to cook it that way ..
    of course add 1 telur masak.. LOL

    Chinese? Nyonya, you mean… You come to Sibu and see our Chinese curry with your own eyes – it definitely is not like this. Yup, our curry is like this too – with thick gravy. When in the UK, my Malay friends used to comment on the curry I cooked – not like curry, they said. Of course lah, their curry gravy is watery but theirs is not just a whole lot of santan and curry powder like the Sibu Chinese curry. This one is more like what I cook at home…except that it wasn’t as spicy…and it was low on those Indian spices. See comment below – many people will not like those spices… Smelly, they say.

  17. the indian curry looks very decent…yummm~~~

    Strictly speaking, not really like Indian curry but it was curry and it was nice… That’s fine by me.

  18. to be frank I dislike indian curry because there is a certain smell ,maybe too much spices ….

    Obviously you do not like the herbs. Then you must NOT book the nasi bryani when flying on Air Asia. The herbs are EXTRA strong… I like!!! πŸ˜€

  19. plenty nice restaurants there wor…..

    Yes, don’t play-play… This small town isn’t as backward as some may think. πŸ˜‰

  20. I`ve been to Sibu a thousand times already…..I`ve tried to find all the places that you`ve posted and i am so disappointed because i couldn`t find them, maybe my hubby is not a good pathfinder. he…he

    Gee whiz! Those who came from West Malaysia had no problem. Eeeeekkkkk!!!! They even managed to find my house (they’ve the address)!!!! Sibu is such a small place….and if you have the landmarks like Wisma Sanyan, Medan Mall, Delta Mall etc…opposite, left or right and so on…you can’t go wrong. If you don’t know this place at all, then you’ll need a local guide or a GPS perhaps…

  21. Now, most places in KL will charge for water. Nothing is free anymore. My Quay Lo will like this place. He likes Indian curry.

    Better stick to the ones in KL… I think you’ve much nicer ones there, cooked by Indians. πŸ˜‰

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