Enjoy yourself…

The year was 2008 when my mum was admitted into a medical centre here and three sisters, old friends of mine, opened a takeaway shop in the same premises. The food was good and I became their regular customer. Unfortunately, after sometime, they decided to close shop as they were shorthanded and were unable to cope with everything.

The other day, however, I got a call from the son of one of the sisters telling me that the mum had taken over this cafe…

EnjoyCafe Sibu

…and they had kacang ma chicken that day so if I was interested, I could drop by to buy and I did. It was just so-so, not great at all and definitely not as nice at what I used to buy from the takeaway shop many years ago – perhaps, it was the (fat) youngest sister cooking it then…and maybe this one was not as good at it.

Nevertheless, my missus and I dropped by for lunch on Sunday just to give the place a try. I had one of the day’s specials, their Indian curry with rice (RM9.90)…

EnjoyCafe Indian curry with rice 1

It was good but of course, the fact that it was a classier cafe was reflected in the price. Otherwise, I could go to one of those Indian mamak places in town for the nasi bryani which would be just as nice or even nicer and at the same time,  pay a bit less for the meal as well. For one thing, it was not spicy…

EnjoyCafe Indian curry with rice 2

…and I would have loved it a lot more if it had been so – probably they had the general population in mind and made sure that what they served would be suitable for most.

My missus had the nyonya fried rice (RM7.90)…

EnjoyCafe nyonya fried rice

…which reminded me of the Thai-style pineapple fried rice except that it was not served in a pineapple. I tried a bit and I loved it – I do not usually say that about the fried rice that I eat outside, mind you! Between the two items that we had, I think this one was the better choice. My missus said that it was better than the fried rice we had here and I must say that I would agree with her 100%. For one thing, it was not so excessively adulterated with msg!

I saw somebody having the mee mamak and I must say that the portion was huge – should be enough for 2-3 persons, at least. One point in their favour was that we had iced water aka sky juice and that was provided FOC (free of charge) unlike a few places in town. Tsk! Tsk! Other than that, while we were there, they were playing some pleasantly nice English songs. Two thumbs up for that!

Actually, this place is at least 3 years old…and one would be able to tell that it is not brand new. Perhaps if they could spruce up the place a bit, it would look much better. The “E” had dropped from the name above the entrance, for instance, so the least they can do is to fix that. It still looks all right though…

EnjoyCafe - interior 1

…more or less like how it was before when I dropped by with my daughter for lunch

EnjoyCafe - interior 2

– except perhaps it is a little bit brighter now unlike when it was under the old management – one thing I did not quite like then was it was very dark…even in the daytime.

Incidentally, they have a page on Facebook but that page belongs to the old management, not the present one so it would have no connection with the people presently running the cafe. There is a recent comment on that page complaining about how it is now…but the moderator said that it has nothing to do with them. It looks like somebody went there not long ago and did not like it – so I would like to state unconditionally here and now that all that I have said are my frank opinions, all entirely my own and the fact that we’re friends does not, in any way, influence what I think or how I feel about the place and the food – the two items that I have tried, that is…and the kacang ma chicken that I had bought from them earlier.

If I had been unhappy with it, I would have just opted NOT to blog about it – it’s as simple as that!