Emas in Malay means gold and this one…

EmasCorner Sibu

…along Jalan Morshidi Sidek (the road leading straight towards Wisma Sanyan/Parkson) facing the primary school, is not the same as this one at Kampung Datu that was once very popular for its Sarawak laksa. I have not been to the latter for a while but I hear business is no longer as good as before and the laksa isn’t as great either. I bet the guy running the stall would be a lot more amiable now than before – he certainly was not the friendliest guy I had had the displeasure of encountering.

Well, Wednesday was a public holiday here owing to the installation of the new Malaysian King so I thought I would go downtown considering that if I ventured out a little early, traffic would not be heavy and parking would be a breeze and I was right! A friend had posted on Facebook a photograph of the tomyam kampua noodles that he had at one of the coffee shops in the vicinity and he said that it was very nice so I went hunting for it in order that I could give it a try for breakfast.

I did not see the stall initially but instead, I saw this coffee shop and somebody told me sometime ago that the Sarawak laksa (RM3.50) was very nice…

EmasCorner Sarawak laksa 1

I decided to try that instead and when it was served, I must say that I was not impressed. It seemed too lemak (too much coconut milk) and that would make it become something like the (nyonya) curry laksa or curry mee. But when I tasted it…

EmasCorner Sarawak laksa 2

…I found that it was not really lemak, just right, and was very nice, in fact. I loved the very fragrant and spicy sambal balacan (dried prawn paste) that came with it. Nice, very nice indeed!!!

Be forewarned, however, that the coffee there certainly leaves a lot to be desired…

EmasCorner kopi-o-peng

See how diluted my glass of kopi-o peng was! Tsk! Tsk!

Still, if it’s laksa that I’m looking for, I would certainly consider going back to this place…and I definitely will have to go to that part of town again sometime to try the elusive tomyam kampua noodles. I’ve managed to locate the stall eventually so it would not be a problem looking for it the next time around.

On that same day, seeing that we were planning to go out for dinner that night, I told my missus not to cook and I tapaoed this for our lunch…

Chopsticks chicken rice & more 1

– (roast) chicken (drumstick) rice with one stewed egg and extra roast pork added…

Chopsticks chicken rice & more 2

…and one packet like that cost RM6.50. What do you all think? Expensive or not or do you think it is quite reasonably priced? Come, let’s hear your opinion on this…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Gold…”

  1. Laksa!!!!! One of my most loved and I would certainly hunt for an eatery that offers good laksa. Glad your food adventure had a positive ending 🙂 Btw, that kopi peng looked more like sarsi! Lolz

    Rm6.50 seems reasonable given that the drumstick looked quite big. Roast pork certainly does not come cheap these days too.

    Have a foodilicious weekend! 🙂

    I thought it was ok. Chicken wing would be RM2 already these days, dunno one whole drumstick…and the stewed egg’s RM1 each. Throw in the rice and the roast pork, I guess RM6.50 is pretty o.k. Ya…the laksa here is good – wouldn’t mind going again.

  2. the kopi oh peng does look really diluted?

    RM6.50 is pretty okay since you’re getting a drumstick, plus nice siew bak. Factor in the egg, and it’s a wrap. 🙂 Pork is expensive nowadays

    It does. Hardly any coffee taste, not really sweet…I would not order than again next time, better just have a Coke instead or canned soya bean milk. Ya…I thought the rice was ok tpp…at RM6.50. 😉

  3. aaaaaa….i had that laksa before…it was good. one of the best in town. first look, its scary but when u dig in….sedap..hehehehehe
    as for that rice….a bit expensive lah…if between RM4-5 would be reasonable. the egg 50 cents, the drustick RM2, the meat RM1, rice RM1…totalRM4.50….hehe that should be the price lah…cheers STP!

    Wah!!! Your money as big as roda kereta lembu lah!!! Plain rice already RM1…and stewed egg is RM1.00 everywhere. The guy told me how much everything was, can’t remember exactly… Oh course, you go to Low Chow…I think they still have RM2 chicken rice there… Not that great! 😦

    Very true about the laksa – I thought it was going to be real horrible but was pleasantly surprised.

  4. The first dish looks filling and savory — just how I like my food. My daughter is the sweet tooth. Did they have any festivities, in reocognition of the Malaysian king?

    Yes, it’s a complete meal – usually people here will have that for breakfast or for lunch. Spicy though – the good ones…in our point fo view, that is. LOL!!! 😉 Nope…we have a unique system here whereby the Sultans will take turns to be the King of the country and they rotate every 5 years – so many of them so this is the 1st one to be the Malaysian King twice – most would not live that long. There was a live telecast of the installation on television and it was a public holiday, that was a bout it.

  5. in my point of view,RM 6.50 is a reasonable price because all the stuff are there compared to other places in the town.

    It most certainly is. Hmmm…your first time here, I see. A warm welcome…and do keep dropping by. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  6. RM6.50 with huge drumstick, extra meat and egg is a good bargain actually 🙂

    Latest: Vegan Fruity Pizza

    My sentiments exactly. And the best part – it tasted great. No point going for something cheap and it’s not worth the calories… 😉

  7. I think they overboiled the laksa gravy for it to look like pecah minyak already. Not attractive looking at all. But all is forgiven as they give you quite a bit of the sambal belacan which look very good. As for the chicken rice…very cheap lar…the chicken quite a lot ( and look so nice ) and also got the roasted pork somemore. I cannot tahan see the egg….aiyor…so black! Sure very very nice…all the rasa already meresap inside the egg and you know how I adore black stuff..muahahahaha. So, yes I would say RM6.50 for all that is cheap. We just had dim sum this morning and ordered a small plate of that roasted pork…only a few tiny pieces but the taste was superb ( nasib baik! ) and it cost us NZ16…tsk!tsk!tsk! I forget to check if the roast pork got dusted with gold or not..sigh!

    Muahahahaha!!! No lah! The pork not dusted with gold…but the golden cocks & hens going to eat – so rich mah! Must pay more. LOL!!! 😀 But NZ$16 is atrocious! Shocking! The laksa gravy was ok – I think he just brought it to a boil and served – did not tapis what floated up to the surface. Not pecah minyak…like in cases where they keep boiling the gravy or they have kept it overnight – I cannot stand the “eyew kau” smell, like the smell of minyak kelapa. I would not go back to eat again if that was the case.

    1. I cannot stop looking at the black egg. Look so nice. I wonder how they managed to get it so black until like that. Any tip,ah?

      I think they stewed it for a long long time…and your five-spice soy sauce gravy must be dark enough – stew till it thickens, the eggs will be very dark but I think over-stewing makes the white a bit hard. The yolk’s fine…and goes excellently well with the gravy. Yummmmm!!!!

  8. I can see Penang bridge thru the kopi o.. LOL!!

    You can? Can see numbers or not… Come, tell me and I’ll go and buy TOTO. Mana tau, can treat you to rarnd dinner when you come…LOL!!! 😀

  9. Come to Kuching for the best laksa.The laksa looks so lemak. RM6.50 for the packet of rice is quite reasonable.

    Nah!!! I think this one’s as good or perhaps even nicer than the many “famous” ones that I had eaten in Kuching.

    Actually, I like it lemak but Kuching people do not – they say it ends up like curry. Not really lah, laksa and curry taste, where got the same? I loved the ones at the Kuching Airport last time in the 80s, I think, run by Supersonic Coffee House and later by Lok Thian. Ooooo…so lamak!!! Whenever I stopped on transit to KL, I would go and eat…and buy sandwiches some more so I could dip the bread in the gravy and eat…till the bowl licin. Sooooo nice! But ask Kuching people, they said not nice, too lemak. Now Kuching airport, where got nice things like that to eat anymore?

    Yup, I think the price was reasonable too… 😉

  10. Bananaz sure to likey the laksa..haha.

    I bet you would, you curry mee lover! Come, come on over to Sibu…and you can eat all that you want. Slurpsssss!!!!!

  11. hahaha, never judge a book by its cover, never judge food by its color!!

    True! True! You see our Sarawak masak hitam – so black…and those who came and have tasted it, they keep craving for more!!! And some Chinese dishes too like our kacang ma chicken – looks terrible, tastes absolutely wonderful! 😉

  12. RM6.50 for roasted drumstick, roast pork and egg?? that’s not expensive at all.. i think just around the price.. if you were to get this in KL, i think easily RM8..

    KL people…like NZ people, all so kaya one mah! LOL!!! 😀 Actually I only have myself to blame – just chicken rice alone, not enough – must add this and add that…so that’s why RM6.50. I think without the extras, it’s RM3.50 only.

  13. The one time I had Sarawak laksa was my last time … I wasn’t impressed, but then according to my Sarawakian friend, no Sarawak laksa in KL tastes like the real thing. So, I guess I’ve been had. It was kinda herbally, yet lemak …. weird. And it sure didn’t look like the pic you have here.

    There’s one couple from Kuching running a laksa stall in Bangsar – I hear it’s good…even people from Kuching, working and staying in KL, say it’s good. Laksa, once you know how to cook it – not a problem – can sell it anywhere, can get the ingredients easily…but not kampua or kolo mee unless you know how to make the noodles yourself.

    1. Really? Do you know the name of the shop or the whereabouts of this stall? I’d like to try it again to get convinced that it’s not because of my tastebuds. Thanks.

      You can GOOGLE “Sarawak laksa @ Bangsar” and you will get a WHOLE list of people who have blogged about it like this one, for instance…

      Ahhhh!!! This girl’s from Kuching, Sarawak. She should know what she’s talking about:
      She said, “Even though I was excited to have my Sarawak Laksa, the sambal belacan was such a turn off. It doesn’t taste any close or near our Sarawak Laksa’s sambal belacan!” and I know exactly why – the West Malaysian belacan is nothing compared to ours – the Bintulu or Mukah ones… So much more fragrant, so much nicer!

  14. yaloh! The laksa very “lemak”. I dont like because i would have stomach upset after taking too much of those lemak

    No problem for me. My stomach steel-walled one!!! Can eat anything… This one only looks lemak – in actual fact, not really….but the sambal! Ooooo…pedas! I like!!!!

  15. Mr Arthur,
    To tell you frankly, I do not like the laksa here. Either too diluted or no taste. I prefer the laksa in Kuching. As for the roasted chicken, ‘mahal’ wai…

    Where can I get cheaper than that and just as nice, maybe you can tell me? I know Low Chow RM2.00 chicken rice – cheap, yes but I don’t think it is really nice. This one – whole drumstick wor, not any part of the chicken…and I like the rice best in the whole of Sibu and I loved the egg too. Roast pork, so-so…more or less the same as elsewhere and maybe, some places even nicer.

    Laksa diluted? No taste? That’s what I thought about the one at One Cent – used to love it so much when at e-Cafe, not nice anymore. I like Thomson Corner’s but quality control not so good. This one was very very good – nicer than anything I had in Kuching (never really crazy about any of the laksa at all the famous places in Kuching – I would rather go for kolo mee anytime)…but I’ve only gone once so I cannot say whether it is always this nice or not. Maybe you can go and give it a try?

    Anyway, like I always say, to each his own. All my opinions are entirely my own – you may not like what I like and that’s nothing unusual. But like what many of my friends do all the time, do tell me if you think anything is nice anywhere and I would surely go and try…and of course, I may or may not agree with you.

  16. Oh that is laksa? looks like laksa curry mee to me. That chicken rice rm6.50 is expensive…

    Expensive? I wonder how much just one piece of chicken at the Colonel’s costs – never mind which part and nothing else…and please, Sarawak laksa is completely different from curry laksa. That’s like saying wantan mee is the same as spaghetti…or nyonya curry laksa is the same as Penang’s curry mee – there’s a world of difference between them!

  17. RM6.50 seems quite reasonable, for Sibu. It does look quite a hefty portion as well. The one thing I cannot stand about things like chicken rice in Sibu is the shocking amount of meat they give you. I rather order half a chicken (and pay for it) and have half the usual amount of rice with it.

    I pass by the Emas Corner quite often but I don’t think I’ve ever been there. Must try the laksa next time I’m around that part of town!

    Me too! Always walked past, always knew it was there…never stopped by, not even for a drink.

    Oh? You don’t like so much rice. At other places, I would ask them to cut down the rice by half…but not here! I like the rice here and I’d have it all…and sometimes, I’d tapao just the rice…to take home to eat with whatever we cook at home. Half a chicken? These days. that would be almost RM10, I think…if not over RM10.

  18. I think it is reasonable… chicken,roast pork and rice cost around 5.50 here.. then plus one egg.. that cost 80sen to 1rm.. so it is around that price too… but of course the laksa is cheaper but then not much “ingredients” ….

    Yup…not much ingredients but anything with prawns, don’t expect too much if you are paying that price. Ya…I reckon the price for the rice and stuff is pretty reasonable – a bit high, of course…but if one wants more, one has to pay for it. Nothing comes free in this world…

  19. The laksa look so good…….. I love laksa a must have at least once a week. LOL

    The chicken, stewed egg & roast pork look really good too, pirce ok not exepensive. The drumstick itself already cost RM2.50, then egg RM1.00, overall RM6.50 is worth eating.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Once a week? Oh dear! Watch the santan! They say it’s not very healthy…

    Yup, I would think it was expensive but considering all the things, all the extras…and especially, considering that it was nice and I enjoyed it, that was definitely value for money.

    You too, have a nice Sunday.

  20. Not much of a laksa fan if it comes with coconut milk. I love the Penang tangy Asam laksa:D

    To each his own… I didn’t like it before because of the bunga kantan but I’ve since acquired the taste. 😉

  21. wah i think my heart is too weak to take that rich bowl of laksa!

    LOL!!! No lah…you are young and you exercise regularly. Definitely not a problem for you… 😉

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