The turning…

I know for a fact that the char bee lau pork leg here…

WanJiaHe Cafe Sibu

…is very nice but they only have it on alternate days. On the other days, they have the pek ting eyok chicken, another local herbal delight but I’m not really crazy about it –  I wouldn’t mind duck cooked this way though.

Anyway, I went there the other day as somebody was praising the kampua noodles…

WanJiaHe kampua kosong 1

…to the skies so I just had to go and give it a try.

In case, anybody’s wondering where this coffee shop is located, it’s at the turning from Central Road…

Central Road Sibu

…towards Ramin Way, at the corner directly opposite this bank…

SC Bank Sibu

For one thing, I must say that they were very generous with the chopped spring onions…

WanJiaHe kampua kosong 2

…but tastewise, I think those who love the authentic old school kampua noodles, the way they tasted way back in the 50s or 60s, would love it a lot. Way back then, Foochow cuisine was known to be plain and bland with the emphasis placed on quantity rather than quality, if you get what I mean. It wasn’t too bad really but given a choice, I think there are many other places that I would prefer.

I also heard that the coffee was really good – the kopi-chn’ee peng (iced coffee with evaporated milk)…

WanJiaHe kopi-chn'ee peng

…but I had the kopi-o peng (iced black coffee)…

WanJiaHe kopi-o peng

…and it did not tickle my fancy. I think the coffee here or here would be a whole lot nicer.

I tried the Foochow-style chicken soup cooked with ginger and red wine…

WanJiaHe Foochow red wine chicken soup

…and THIS, I would say was very very good plus the meat had been very well simmered and was very nice and tender. I think if anyone feels like having mee sua (string/thread noodles), this would be a good place for that.

They also said that the Foochow-style fried noodles (with sauce) here is very good but I did not get to try that so I am in no position to say anything about it. Perhaps somebody who has had tried the noodles before at this coffee shop can shed some light on this?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “The turning…”

    1. What can I say, I am my son’s father…

      Ya…he obviously loves kampua too…A LOT!!! Good taste, your son! He knows what’s good. LOL!!!

  1. yay more kampua noodles.. and double yay coz i havent tried it yet. Oh wait, that should be a nay.. not a yay >< .. Have a good Thursday STP!

    Nah!!! I’m sure you’re not interested in coming over – no excitement here, no social events, right? And nobody here except this boring old man… 😉

  2. Ooooer I could surely do with a bowl of steaming hot chicken soup with lotsa ginger and wine. 🙂

    Come on over – Labour Day long weekend. I assure you that you will not regret it.

  3. all the food look good. hungry liao see the kampua but too lazy to make for myself. and its the middle of the night, should not eat leh. hahaha

    That’s torture!!! Go, go…eat something. Once in a while should be ok. Muahahahaha!!!! 😉

  4. Oh my gosh…the coffee and the kampua! I am so proud to be a Sibu-ian 😀 I love the Foochow red wine soup with mee suah and chicken….the one cooked by my mother-in-law. It’s really good…mmm. I must look for you the very day I land in Sibu when I go back again…for all the best food in town…haha

    And I actually heard someone commenting that he doesn’t like the chicken soup, too much red wine. Ooooooo…I thought that is what people want. I love it! Just enough ginger, not too much…and lots of red wine fragrance.

  5. It looks like I will be going there A LOT when I am back in Sibu (due to convenience)

    Ya, it’s right across the road. I understand that they’ve just taken over the coffee shop not too long ago – they say the lady’s Ah Ngei’s daughter-in-law. The guy was very famous for his fried noodles – had a stall on a wooden platform over the river where the present Sibu Central Market is – I guess you’re much too young to know the guy.

    1. I miss the old kampua place that was next to Standard Chartered bank. I know the owner moved to Central Market, but heard that he has passed away. Is that true?
      Would you know where the stalls on the laneway next to the old hock hua/public bank has gone? I remember as a kid to tapau congee and bak chang from one of them and the other had the best tofu and octopus soup.
      Speaking of the old wooden shops where the current Central Market is at, I remember walking past chicken coups to get to the stalls inside. My sister was a fan of “jew hu eng chai” hence we went there when we were young.

      Yup…used to go for the cendol too and sotong kangkong. Dunno where they’ve all gone now – probably at the Sibu Central Market hawker centre but I don’t like the place – hot, stuffy and dirty…and you have to climb up the stairs (so dirty too) or use the lift – just as unpresentable. The SCB kampua old man was still alive, the last time I heard – opens only at night (so I’ve never gone to eat)…very slow and if you go and ask, you’ll get scolded. Ya, I’ve bought the zhang from the Hock Hua Bank lane before – dunno where it is now. You can try the ones at Kiaw Hin – very nice. I blogged on that a few days ago.

  6. “very generous with the chopped spring onions”.. hmmm, this is something I do not like, I’ll instead ask for one with no spring onions at all, hahaha~~ :p

    Why? Love the fragrance. If you add a bit to your clear soup, it will bring the taste to a whole new level…and throw in some fried shallots as well. Nice!!!

  7. Kampua noodle again…make me wanna have it now. I can see that chicken wine soup is very very good too. Never know Kuching got so many places to eat.

    I’m in Sibu, dear… Kuching is some 500-600 miles away like KL to JB or further.

  8. Whoa foc advert compliments from STP for ‘the big, strong & friendly’..not many will know this slogan used long long time ago featuring a singh greeting at the main door in the commercial. Pork leg no got pork hand kah btw got this English word? The Chinese do say ‘tu chiew’ [pork hand].

    Ya, I remember…big, strong and friendly – can refer to me hor? LOL!!! 😀 How are you? Haven’t seen you around for a while… So busy kah?

  9. Kampua looks superb, soup even better. Now craving for mee suah in pek ting eyok soup. Delish!!

    Eyewwww…you like pek ting eyok? LOL!!! Ah well…you’re half-Foochow. Still, I’m 75% Foochow but I’m not really crazy about it. 😉

    1. 25% Foochow here but evidently a classic case of nurture triumphs over nature. Hehe. Love ANY traditional herby/barky Chinese soups.

      …and I know people in the other extreme – wouldn’t touch anything herbal with a ten-foot pole and insist they’re so smelly. LOL!!! I guess it takes all kinds to make the world… 😉

  10. the kampua mee we have smthg similar here! But we call it kolok me…

    You’re in Kuching? Kolo mee’s Kuching’s specialty and kampua is Sibu’s and f you’re in the know, you would not say that they’re similar…That’s like saying that in dim sum, siew mai and har kau are the same…or lor mai kai and bak zhang. Not the same definitely…and not really similar!

  11. somewhere near the heritage centre ka?

    Yup!!! Ah!!! You people now so clever hor…know what I’m talking about already – not blur-blur like before. LOL!!! You can see it in the photo on the left a bit further cup the road.

  12. Give a choice, I would prefer pek ting eyok duck to chicken. The Foochow-style chicken soup with ginger and red wine and add some mee sua would be nice. Yum!!!…Yum!!!..

    Yup, I would rather have that…and yes, pek ting eyok, I’d rather have duck too. Somehow, the duck smell makes it taste nicer.

  13. Oh! I know the coffee shop but never tried it out yet! Maybe the next round I go to Sibu!

    You do? Used to be run by other people. Once, they even had an Indian fella’ manning a stall there but not anymore.

  14. I would love to try the above..kampua and the red wine noodles.. the other day I just took a bit and tried.. maybe saving the space in my stomach for more food… 🙂 U didnt take us to this shop… ok, ok, some other time, right?

    Now the question is: When is the next time? Have you asked Aaron to hop over from JB? May 1st weekend would be good – Mandy and Yee Ling will be here too… 🙂

  15. Looks like all the food are a disappointment!
    Sometimes I also felt like that… maybe other ppl’s writing style very good, describe til very detail and tasty but I really can’t feel that when I eat it :/

    To each his own. Sometimes people like but we don’t – everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. Like how so many people are crazy over those (expensive) Taiwanese desserts, but if you ask me, I will say: Eyewwwwww!!!!!!! 😉

  16. Next time, I come, you must not forget to take me go eat mee suah and Foochow-style chicken soup cooked with ginger and red wine. I LIKE!! I have yet to use the red wine you gave to cook chicken. Lately, I am very very lazy to cook lah. Better buck up otherwise no more contents for Quay Po Cooks and the blog got to close shop. LOL!

    LOL!!! I’m desperately trying to keep mine going too, my a day a post record – haven’t been out much, so not eating and so, nothing much to blog about. 😦

  17. hmmmm…now where is this place?? Standard Chartered Bank? Is this the place where there was an old man sell kampua at the lorong beside it? So the coffee shop just opposite the bank? Noted.

    But problem with me is, everytime i am home, i can have pek ting yoke and chicken red wine at home, hardly had that outside, maybe i should try that chow chee char and the kampua. That also explain, why everytime i am back, if i am out for food, i will just order kampua and kompia. hahahhaha

    Yup! That’s the place – next to the old Rex Cinema. Hmmm…must tell your mum not to9 cook, just relax…go out and eat…and enjoy!

  18. Mr Arthur,
    Thanks for the direction. You know that I am sure to ask you about the whereabouts. I can’t wait to try the red wine chicken.

    Have you tried the one at Lot 9? One Cent coffee shop – right behind the pharmacy (same block as Singapore Chicken Rice). The one there is good too…and I loved the one in the middle block in that area as well – the left end right beside the car accessories shop – VERY nice but the old lady worked at a snail’s pace. Will have to be very patient…but I have not been there for a long time so I do not know if she’s still there. Very near your place of work so you can always drop by to check it out.

  19. oh,the foods you gave are really new to my perspectives, though i think i’ll love to try the coffees cause i ♥them. 🙂

    You’re a coffee guy like me? I prefer it black, what about you? Hmmm…your first time here, I see. A warm welcome and thanks for dropping by. Will link you in my blogroll – do come again, k?

  20. I have been trying few stalls of Kampua at sibu,but the best is still at kopitiam near Farley….very nice.Have u tried before?

    There are so many coffee shops in the vicinity of Farley, how do I know which one you’re talking about? You can’t jolly well expect me to go and eat at everyone of them. Tsk! Tsk! Give me the name of the coffee shop and I’ll go and try. I don’t usually go to that part of town, very far from my place.

  21. I love Foochow-style chicken soup cooked with ginger and red wine…but can’t take as much as I like coz its too heaty for me. Will end up with ulcers in my mouth or tongue.

    You’re not fat like me. are you? I have a problem with heaty foods including fruits too… Would fall sick. 😦

  22. was it me who told you about that kampua? hehehhehe anyway its not that bad….a lot of people going there for lunch also…must be for that pork soup thing hehehehe…hopefully going there again soon…parking is a problem though…..cheers!

    We have private parking in the space after the old Rex Cinema… Hehehehehe!!!! Nope, you didn’t tell me and anyway, I did not think the kampua was really great.

  23. all the food looks enticing but i can’t have coffee and chicken for now 😦

    Poor thing! I am so blessed – I can eat anything and everything….almost! LOL!!! 😀

  24. kopi-chn’ee peng has a smiley face on it!! hahaha…the ice literally form a smiley face =D

    Oh? You’re very imaginative… LOL!!! My daughter loves smileys too… 😉

  25. woo! the chicken soup looks good, so is the kopi o peng. thanks for the review, will recommend to my folks, since their shop is nearby. i’m sure they would love it. 🙂

    Yup! I liked it a lot…and my cousin loved it so much – they said they would not be able to find any that could come close in Kuching.

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