Send it to me…

Annie-Q‘s mum dropped by my house the other day to send these to me…

Marmalade/jam from Elaine

They’re from Elaine – her own homemade orange marmalade and pineapple jam.

Annie’s mum had gone to Taiwan for a holiday and she stopped by KL on her way home and she gave me this…

Taiwan fish floss

– fish floss from Taiwan.

Well, I have not tried either of them but I’m sure they taste really great.

A cousin of mine from Bintulu was back in town too for the Ching Ming Festival, the sister of the one from Brisbane – the one who gave me the chocolates in this previous post, and she gave me these…

Claypot noodles

These are specially meant for claypot noodles and I enjoyed the ones that I have had before. I’m not too sure whether I can cook anything like that but I will try – perhaps when my daughter’s home for the holidays so she can get to enjoy them too.

My cousin also gave me this packet of the original, unadulterated Bario rice

Bario rice

…and unlike those factory-packed ones, this would be very fresh and would, of course, be much nicer.

Thanks so much, Elaine – it was so sweet of you to think of sending those to me…and thanks to Annie’s mum too for the fish floss and for going through the trouble of delivering everything to my house even though she was down with the flu after the trip…and thanks also to my cousin for the goodies.

I am truly blessed in having all the wonderfully loving and caring people all around me, there can be no denying that, and for that I am truly very grateful, praise the Lord.