According to this website, chocolate has a lot of health benefits. It is claimed that it is good for your heart as  it lowers blood pressure and can reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) by up to 10 percent. Other than that, it stimulates endorphin production, which gives a feeling of pleasure and it contains serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant, as well as theobromine, caffeine and other substances which are stimulants.

I’m not really crazy about chocolate but I would love a slice of  Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe anytime or the double chocolate mille crepe from the Noodle House here in Sibu

NoodleHouse double choc mille crepe
*recycled pic*

…and I do like some of those available locally as well as those that I have received from family and friends here, there and everywhere but this is new on the market, it seems – the Cadbury’s mint bubbly…

New from Cadbury

– milk chocolate with an aerated mint flavoured centre. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say right now whether it’s any good.

I got it from a cousin of mine who was back in Sibu for a couple of days from Brisbane, thanks so much, and she also gave me this box of Belgian Cherry Liqueurs…

Belgian cherry liqueurs

I hope I will not get drunk from eating those. LOL!!!

Actually, she gave them to me in this paper bag…

Victoria's paper bag

…but no worries! No Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie or whatever inside. They wouldn’t have my size, anyway! LOL!!!

Well, moving away from the topic of chocolates now, in case anybody doesn’t know, it’s Easter Sunday today…

Happy Easter

…so allow me, if I may, to take this opportunity to wish one and all a Blessed and Happy Easter.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Chocolate…”

  1. i love chocolates definitely, but maybe only chocolate itself and not every product made of chocolate.. unless they are really chocolatey (as in eating chocolate itself), so those really cheap chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cream etc are just turn-off to me…

    Ya, I don’t like chocolate ice cream – tastes like medicine…but good, rich chocolate cakes are fine by me. I’m not really into chocolate myself though – I find it a bit heaty…and may end up with a sore throat or a fever. 😦

  2. i love chocolates, some claimed that chocolate damages brain cells, while recent studies also state that it reduces fat gain. so i always got stuck in a dilemma, ‘to eat or not to eat, that’s the question when i have a chocolate bar in my hand’. lol
    ah, i saw mint, love it too, again some say it is harmful for guys. 😦

    Oh? I thought menthol cigarettes are bad for guys? Mint too? Eeeee…I like peppermint herbal teal, very nice! LOL!!! 😀 Ya…these studies are always contradicting…but whatever it is, the high sugar content is bad. Must take in moderation.

  3. True, but as the article states it’s certain types of chocolote since not all chocoloate is equal.

    I’m not a big chocolate lover either, but my daughter loves it.

    Me too, not really crazy about chocolates. My daughter will eat but my missus is the one who loves chocolate the most. Ya…it says dark chocolate but personally, I prefer white…. 😦

  4. hmmm…the last time i read that chocolates are good was last week. and i ended up eating up a whole bar of chocolate on my own while blog hopping. at 431am…it seems like its happening again. Aargh!

    Oh dear! Watch your sugar level! Everything in moderation, my dear…in moderation. 😉

  5. Good morning, and a Happy Easter to you, Lucy and Melissa.

    I like my chocs, esp my Baci. Hey, try Peters’ Light & Creamy choc ice cream or Nestle’s Connoisseur (Choc Obsession) – they won’t taste like medicine 😉

    Don’t have those here – we only have the ones in sold in tubs at the supermarts – Walls, Magnolia…and the lesser known brands. I’d stick to vanilla…or raspberry ripple. Don’t like strawberry either… Ummmm…I don’t think you can bring those you mentioned with you when you come to Sibu, can you? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

    Wah!!! So efficient in commenting now, eh? Must be the new iPhone 4S… New brooms sweep well? 😉

    A happy Easter to you and Onn too… 🙂

    1. Heh heh! Went crazy and suddenly decided to get myself 2 new toys – the iPhone 4S and the new iPad – and the IPad makes it so easy….just ‘whip it out’, muahahaaaa! Oops, Easter Sunday, cannot write that this, hoh?? I left it long enough to get these 2 gadgets, now got no time to nag Onn!

      Aha!!! I’m sure Onn’s telling himself that he should have bought you those long ago… Peace at last! LOL!!! 😀 Hmmmm…just wait till the novelty wears out! Just look at Shereen…. No sign of her anywhere! Guess she’s happier with what used to keep her entertained before she had all these… Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

      1. Hah, what ‘cannot write that this, hoh’ ??! …..cannot write like this,hoh..makes more sense lah..

        No worries, after all my years of teaching, I’m quite used to this… Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      2. AH! Someone got new toys, no wonder forgot this i-lunch chatting mate. 😦 😦 😦

        Oh? So you two gossip gossip during lunch time, ya? No sign of her today…dunno what she’s browsing on her ipad… 😉

  6. hey bro , saw ur comment from inhouseling on the coffee chemistry … … how r u doing? seriously long time din blog if u can see from my blogsite itself … been busy with work, business and family … seems i need to sacrifice my blog.

    Welcome back! It certainly has been a long long time… Never mind, busy is good…as long as the money keeps pouring in. Hope to be able to drop by your place should I happen to hop over to KL one of these days. Got special discount or not? Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  7. Happy Easter to you, Lucy and Melissa! Big Bear Hugs. Hope you and Lucy is enjoying your Easter Sunday. I had tons of chocolate yesterday, a big piece of salty caramel chocolate cakes and then a piece of the salty caramel expresso chocolate tarts I baked. Wish I can let you and Lucy taste those tarts. Maybe I make some to bring with me the next trip to Sibu.

    Same to you, Gary and your mum and Nicholas. Went to church and had lunch on the way back. Nothing fancy… Hmmm….so when are you coming? I certainly would love to try those yummy things you make… Drool!

  8. Helo, helo…Happy Blessed Easter to you & family.

    Never know chocolate has so many benefits. Mostly many would say it is not good for health. I am a chocolate person and would go for any chocolate flavour except mint.

    Oh? Now I know what to buy you should I happen to hop over to Kuching…and no mint ones, of course. A Blessed Easter to you and your family too.

  9. Oops, I’m crazy with chocolate, but, I don’t take much chocolate, for example, the Cadbury’s mint bubbly I’ll share with others and I only take 1/3 only, LOL. weirdo right.

    your Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe make me feel like having it T.T

    Latest: HPV and Gardasil

    That’s not from Secret Recipe – it’s the double chocolate mille crepe from Noodle House here. Personally, at Secret Recipe, I prefer the white chocolate macadamian to their chocolate indulgence but my daughter’s the opposite. Ya…it’s always good to share – that way, you will not be eating too much. 😉

  10. Hah.. Gossip about me, ah!!Dont know why my iPad don’t have the normal ‘reply’ at the each comment and hence I can’t butt in at Yoong’ s comments.I’m eating white choc with berries and macadamia toffee brittle at the moment.. Hehehe.I’m not like Yoong lar.. I’m not crazy over gadgets at all… ahem! Now back to chocolates, I’m not so into chocs but both the boys are chocs mad! My fridge will always be full of chocolates and we don’t care how much a bar cost as long as it’s sedap. We once bought over Aud1k worth of Godiva chocs as we couldn’t decide which one to buy.. Muahahaha.

    Ooooo…Godiva! Expensive! I have the choc spread that somebody gave me – so-so leh… Didn’t get me jumping up and down with delight.

    1. Hah! You looove your gadgets, Shereen! I learn from you leh! Godiva chocs nice meh? I’ve tried it and think it OK only. Probaby I don’t have expensive taste like you all lah.

      Yup…not too crazy over the choc spread. Maybe the chocs are better…but bet it’s very expensive, so I can live without them – no, thank you.

      1. No, Godiva is not the best in my opinion.. Very over rated! You know me what, when buying, forever in bulk!.. Lol! If spending money, must spend puas-puas.

        Yup! Like Haagen Dazs… I prefer Baskin’ Robbins…though it isn’t much cheaper. 😦

      2. Hahahaaa, my dear Shereen, you are bad influence 🙂

        Sama-sama… Birds of the same feather… All kaya-raya, so much money to splash. Come, come…splash some on me! 😉

  11. Yoong is going to Sibu kah?

    That’s what she has been saying all along…but no date fixed. Hmmmm…it would be just great if she decides to come and I’m out of town. Serves her right!!! I’ve always said I don’t like surprises…must let me know way ahead of time…and then, later confirm once all settled. That way, people can adjust plans and what not. Like in my case, December…and I’ve already sounded the warning horns!!!!

    1. Aiyah, you people don’t pressure me lah – I old chook, cannot take stress one ! Moons ago I said it’d be great to go over for someone’s birthday. Now that celebrity said he won’t be home that time. OK lah, my fault lah. I go to the naughty corner now.

      We’ll be around till a week later. Now, are you going to confirm coming or not? I wouldn’t want to stay back…and then you don’t show up…and I’ll end up here looking real stupid. Tsk! Tsk!!! Discuss with Shereen – see when she can come and come together. Oops… That doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Muahahahahahaha!!!! But honestly, that would be so much fun, wouldn’t it?

      1. Hah, where got pressure you one! Did you see a pistol kat your head?… Tsk! tsk! tsk! Never mind lor… Go lar to Penang. You didn’t go for soooo lonnggggg already. Sibu never go, never mind lor. You won’t miss what you don’t know 😦 Arthur, am I doing a good job making someone feel guilty?.. Muahahaha

        Yalor…never been here, wouldn’t know what she’s missing. As they say, ignorance is bliss. Penang? Eyewwwwwww!!!! Go google…and see all the bad things people are saying about Penang!!! If you read all that, you would think twice about going there…

      2. Aiyo, you banyak brave saying that “Sibu never go, never mind lor” ! I am still in my naughty corner, hahahaaaaa!

        She sindir-ing you lah!!! What she means it you will be missing out on allllllllll the nice things here but you would not know as you’ve never been here. Humph!!! Go lah! Go to Penang! Don’t miss Gurney Drive ya… “BEST” place to be! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!

      3. You go ahead with your Dec plans. When I have decided on timeframe, I will let you know, and if during that time you have some other plans already in place, I will change mine to fit in with yours. No problem at all.

        I most certainly will…

  12. Happy Easter to you and your family!!
    We spent our mid morning in the Catholic cemetery… 15 years already since their father was laid there…
    Andy was just mentioning the crepe last night to his brother… he said that was the best one he had ever tasted… lol…

    15 years. Gosh! That’s a long time. But you’ve got such great kids, Claire – you’ve done a great job raising them. Poor Aaron. He missed all that! Tell him to fly over – there’s a direct flight from JB. I’ll make sure he gets to eat all the nice stuff here – stay at my place, no problem at all. Labour Day weekend – Mandy & Yee Ling will be here… 😉

  13. Happy easter sunday STP.

    I love the chocolate flavoured mille crepes too.. now you have just triggered my cravings for some 😦

    So when are you coming over? NATO – no action, talk only! Come, hop over! You can have all that you want to eat… 😉

    1. hehehe.. isaac is spelt NATO i guess >< .. hoping hoping

      Nah!!! Celebrity blogger…so busy, so many events to event, so many social activities, so much fun…where got want to come to boring ol’ Sibu and visit this boring ol’ man? 😦

  14. Happy Easter to u too! Yes..I do love chocolates once in a while especially those with raisins. The darker the better, less cholestrerol. 😉

    Whitaker’s rum and raisin is nice… 🙂

  15. A happy Easter to u and ur beloved ones as well. Ur post does give the me desire to have the crepe at Noodle House. Too far away man…

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. Nah!!! I’m sure you have lots where you are – it’s a French crepe cake…but perhaps, they’re a lot more expensive there. You’re in NZ, right? Nothing’s cheap there… Hehehehehe!!!! No plans to come home anytime soon?

  16. Besides tat it also make u FAT…lol
    There is always a jar of chocolates on my table…
    It helps to destress also….. N now I m fat… Lol

    …and that stresses you out! Ooooo….the vicious cycle! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  17. Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Not really crazy over chocolates, but once a while, crave for some dark chocolates for desserts. Whitaker’s dark chocolate with almonds! Yummyz 🙂

    I’m like you – just once in a while…but I’m not a fan of those with nuts. Don’t mind raisins.

  18. Happy Easter to you too, Arthur!
    Chocolate is a great health supplement in small amounts. However, the sugar, milk & other additives in modern commercial chocolate has more than rendered it’s health benefits impotent.
    To get the best out of chocolate, only take small pieces of dark chocolate that is 70% cocoa or above. The rest (milk chocolate, irish chocolate, etc) are just as bad as eating chocolate flavoured sugar. The worst is white chocolate. It’s not chocolate at all!

    Awwwwwww!!!! Why is it that all that I love are bad!!! I love whites… Perhaps it would be better to make and drink hot chocolate – there used to be Van Houten’s cocoa powder for that during the colonial days. Dunno if it’s still available. Not too crazy over it though – I preferred Milo or Ovaltine during those days. Ya, thanks, bud…a Happy Easter to you too.

  19. may you be aware of the power of resurrection in your life 🙂

    i love belgian chocolates…that mille crepe looks really enticing…i would love to try that. 🙂

    Happy Easter to you and your family. I’m ok with chocs – wherever they may come from but those mille crepes are really nice. Yummmmm!!!!

  20. Happy Easter to you and your family. Entah why I dont like to have mint Choc and ice cream. Taste weird to me. hahaha

    Same to you and yours. Ya, I know… You don’t like that very nice and cooling herbal peppermint tea either! 😉

  21. Happy Easter to you and your family, i hope you do have a great Easter day yesterday? Easter egg hunting? No? hahahhahhaha

    Chocolate, my fridge also full of chocolate now! :S:S Parent in law went to Germany during chinese new year, brought back a lot choco, and i also get my friend bought some from langkawi and recently my mum bought some from airport while she was in Taiwan. tsk tsk tsk, and me still unwell to consume all. *cry*

    Thanks, and the same to you and your family. Hahahahahaha!!!! Look on the bright side – at least you will not put on weight. 😉

  22. let me know what happened to the aerated bubbles in that chocolate. sounds interesting!

    I suppose it will pop or crackle in your mouth like those “explosive” sweets. Haven’t tried yet… Will let you know. 😉

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