I go back…

I said I would go back there and I did.

After the evening service last Sunday, my missus and I went there for dinner. She had had the special Taiwan rice before at the other place and she loved it a lot so she had that. This time around, I made sure that I took note of the price and it was actually only RM6.00 a bowl – not RM8.00 like I said in the earlier post. The bak kut teh and the lo kaki khinzir were both RM8.00 each. I was determined to go back there again to try the latter – the stewed pork leg…

FoodCourts lo kaki khinzir 1

…but unfortunately, it was way below my expectations and nothing like what my missus would cook at home. I think it was just pork trotters stewed in soy sauce and garlic so at best, I would say that it tasted ok – nothing to shout about.

FoodCourts lo kaki khinzir 2

I ordered their special teh-c-peng…- the iced  3-layer tea with evaporated milk, gula apong/Melaka and wheat grass…

FoodCourts special teh-c peng

…for a change from my usual iced black coffee and it was fine – much the same as what I have had elsewhere.

We also ordered the satay, chicken and beef, from one of the stalls there…

FoodCourts satay

…and it was pretty good. But at 50 sen a stick, it is  much more expensive that what we had here – 5 for RM2.00 so that works out to only 40 sen each.

There are so many different stalls there and it seems that most of them are open at night and there was quite a crowd there too – I may just go back there again one day to see what else they may have to offer but I definitely will not be having the lo kaki khinzir again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “I go back…”

  1. masyallah… haram tu… somehow lo kaki babi sounds much better… wonder why they changed to Khinzir… so much respect given. Just had my satay yesterday, in the mood of satay.. jom pi kajang makan satay…

    Oooooo….Kajang satay! Have not eaten for bertahun-tahun liao lor!!!! So far, nobody bawa me there… Sobssss!!!! Hint! Hint! 😉 Oh? Khinzir’s supposed to sound more respectful? Didn’t know that… But I quite like the name – babi, used to scold people one…not so nice. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. have not heard of ‘khinzir lu’ or ‘khinzir sial’… ‘Babi lu’ or ‘babi sial’ is quite common… hahaha…

      Ya…and makan macam babi…gemuk macam babi, all the negative connotations. 😦

      1. well, to some, babi cute ape… haha

        Like Miss Piggy! I like…. So cute. LOL!!! 😀

  2. Hi, the teh-c-peng look so refreshing, like the 3 layer color. 🙂
    The satay look good too, yum yum…

    Have a great week ahead.

    Both good, at this place…just the satay’s a bit more expensive than the other place I went to.

  3. Oh everything looks lovely, I always get inspiration from your posts, most of the time it makes me want to rush into the kitchen and prepare a meal. But, I’ve already prepared our dinner this morning, a simple dish of beans and rice, hopefully I’ll get to post a picture.

    Although I’m not a coffee drinker, I love the way the three layered coffee looks, I remembered I “oohed and ahhhed” the last time you featured one of these drinks.

    What denomination is your church? Mine is Lutheran, but I was raised Baptist. 🙂

    That’s tea! Normally I’d drink coffee but I would avoid it at night…just in case I would not be able to sleep. I was born and raised a Catholic…but personally, I feel that whatever religion it is that teaches people to be good is good. Period.

  4. the lor kaki babi would make my dad drool. hahaha, that one always want to eat kaki babi only, i think kaki khinzir sound awkward -_-

    Dunno why they use that name at this place. Whatever they call it – like in English, leg, trotters, knuckles…they’re all the same to me. I just wanna eat, just like your dad! LOL!!! 😀

  5. At 40cents a stick, it’s a steal! Here, we’ve seen the sharp hike in sate prices just these past few years, from the standard 50cents to 70cents now.

    Oh? So far only at one place here – 5 for RM2. All the other places, 50 sen…and many are not even nice. Wow! 70sen in KL? Gee!!! The prices of things keep going up and up. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

    1. Yup, there a famous kampung sate near my home. Used to be cheap, since their sate was chunky @50cents. Their increased their prices twice in a year….. 60cents and now 70cents. Their few other signature dishes eg. Mee jawa and laksam have all increased recently too. Kampung fare is no more cheap.

      Btw, I’ll book you for Kajang sate on your next trip here. And we dun have to go all the way to Kajang since Hj Samuri has a few outlets within the Klang Valley. Their sate is delish, a satisfying portion @70cents each!

      Oooo…Yipee!!! I’ve got a date!!! Now I can’t wait to hop over to KL. Sigh!!! If only I can find a good excuse to do so….. 😦

  6. I prefer the satay to the lo kaki khinzir…but don’t take satay too often.

    They only have a few places here…and good ones, even fewer…and they’re not exactly great. Ok lah…beggars can’t be choosers. 😦 I hear in Kuching, across river, one traditional satay stall – you have to squat by the roadside to eat – that one’s best in the world! Dunno exactly where.

    1. Opsss…never knew it, squatting by the roadside to eat and that sounds more interesting.

      My cousins loved it and used to gloat about it…and never took me there to try. Tsk! Tsk!!! 😦

  7. it’s been such a long time i last had satay, and i have no idea how much they are selling per stick..

    Oh? I thought you’re surrounded by satay in KL and the kawasan2 yg sewaktu dgnnya? Not here, not that many choice…and just so-so mostly. 😦

  8. I really should avoid checking out food blogs so early in the morning…. ok, it isn’t THAT early but still I can’t be craving for such heavy stuff when my tummy isn’t even awake yet … wait, what’s that I hear? A growl?

    Hungry eh? Go…go eat something! LOL!!! 😀

    1. But, but, I want what you had here! Otherwise I won’t ever be satisfied! You know how it is when you crave for something and have to make do for something else? ……

      See Yee Ling’s comment – can get these very easily anywhere in the country, so what’s stopping you? Unless, of course, if you’re staying overseas but then again, you can get these at the Chinese and Malaysian restaurants there, I’m sure, except that, of course, you need to pay a lot more. Still it’s much cheaper than getting an air ticket to fly all the way here to eat… 😉

  9. oh gosh… too oily for me.. by the way, the satay is very cheap! over here, u cannot get 50sen anymore…

    Ipoh city mah… All the people kaya-raya one… Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  10. hai ya! “Lo Thu kah”! I like, but from what you describe, it does not taste nice. But it sure look yummy there. heheh!

    And every time i drink that teh-c special, sure I “lao sai”. Too ‘rich’ for me. if normal teh-c, i have no problem. lol!

    Oh. Then it’s not the detoxification effect of tea. You’re sure you’re not lactose-intolerant?

  11. oink oink my favourite. Kekeke…eaten the frozen oink oink in the pack yet?

    Already! Long gone! A bit too sour and a bit too spicy…but as long as it’s pork leg, I like!!! Yum! Yum! LOL!!! 😀

  12. Ohh…no no…i dowan kaki khinzir..LOL!! 3 layer tea,,,,hmmm here also can get. Nvm, will keep coming back to check what else to eat..ahahahahahh

    Here for only one night only…what to eat…and you wanna go back to Payung, and I’m sure Mandy wants to go to Ruby…and also Noodle House for the kompia and mille crepe…where got much time left to eat much else?

  13. …Lalalalaaa..(* I am singing *), you can’t tempt me coz soon I’ll be eating very, very yummy food!

    Thailand? Ask Shereen… She found it boring when she went there after stopping for a short stay in Sibu. Hehehehehehehe!!! And Penang – never mind! Let you get there and find out for yourself. Hehehehehehe!!!! But of course, you can always dine in style at E&O at prices that I will never be able to afford…but after conversion to AUD, I bet you will think it is sooooo cheap!

    1. Don’t lah like that, my sweet Arthur 🙂 Told you I’ll try and get you a keycard for your collection. See, must go Thailand, Penang..then only can compare with Sibu and then only can I go ooo and aaahhh over Sibu food mah.

      No lah…you say only that you will come. Even before you started telling people you’re going to Thailand and Penang… Tsk! Tsk! Don’t want to come, never mind lah! Now I’ve many people who are dying to come this way… Some more will be here end of this month. Hehehehehehe!!!!

      1. But you’re not ‘people’…you’re Arthur 😉 “I’ll Be There..”

        Well, hopefully, I’ll be here… I may go off somewhere you know…just when you decide to come. Have to let me know earlier. December’s out – if you come then, you’ll be on your own! 😦

      2. “I Will Follow You”… Har, you’re away in Dec? Aiyah, I thought the party of the year would be some time in Dec.

        Not sure whether I will hold anything – people have been telling me about this old Chinese superstition that advises against celebrating these milestones…and besides, when I wanted to hold one for my 50th, everybody could not or DID NOT want to come…so I just abandoned the whole idea. Don’t want to be disappointed again… It was such a miserable let-down.

    2. I told Yoong already, food in Thailand and Penang not as nice as they were years ago. Portion control, taste all have been compromise. I think it’s not just me who felt that way but quite a few of my friends who live overseas felt the same way too.However, Sibu’s food is totally different and worth the travelling time to just go and eat.

      Yalor! Penang’s overrated! I was in Thailand a long time ago, loved the food then but then, we can get Thai food anywhere else in the world – even in Sibu…so nothing really special now.

      1. What I meant to say was you can get the same kind of food you get in Thailand or Penang or KL almost anywhere in the world now. Taste sama jugak …more or less. However, you can’t get Sibu’s food anywhere outside Sibu..the ones you get in KL pales in comparison.

        Exactly what I was saying too…and don’t we know better? Ah well…perhaps it’s a lot better and definitely cheaper than the pseudo-authentic stuff you get in Oz or Kiwiland and is worth going all the way for it, I wouldn’t know… 😉

      2. It’s been more than 10 years since my last visit to these places. I’ll let you know what I think of the food after my feasts.

        Have fun! Enjoy the ladyboys…. Oops! They wouldn’t want you! Muahahahahaha!!! 😉

  14. Hahah! you keep your promises…xP ommm!! Pork always taste the best…haha! for me la..xP

    Not this one though – just so-so, not really great. I think I can do a lot better… 😦

  15. AH! I will be more interested to have that glass of three layer tea! The other day i just try three layer coffee! hahahahhahah..

    But i have to avoid cold stuff for a while, still coughing bad!! :S

    Got three-layer coffee? I wonder whether they have that here or not…but then again, I don;t think I would like my coffee all mixed up with other things. 😦

  16. I don’t eat kaki babi…very geli lar…hahahaha just as how you also geli to eat kaki ayam. Give me the 3 layer tea and satay anytime:)

    Wait! Wait till you come to Sibu again. I’ll ask Lucy to cook hers and you can try eating it with sambal belacan. You’ll be begging for more, I tell you!!! Yum yum!!!!

  17. One tak makan kaki babi, the other eyeeeeew kaki ayam! Haha, so cute lah you both.

    I know what feet you love…, fetish you! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. My dear Arthur…what would you know about fetishes??! You jahat, very!! Shereen brings out the worst in you, heh heh!!

      Yes, yes…it’s all her fault!!! And yours too! Dua kali lima… 😉

  18. wah…. kaki khinzir .. looks good le…
    fat n yummy…
    luckily i eat dinner already .. if not i will go and look around for fat khinzir ..

    Fat khinzir? You’re talking about food, I hope. LOL!!! Looks good but not really nice – I wouldn’t wanna have that again, that’s for sure.

  19. 50sen a stick is cheap lah! KL…I can’t remember finding 50sen ones anymore.

    love pork trotters stewed in soy sauce and garlic…but its only good with lots and lots of garlic in it for that scare the vampire away effect.

    I would prefer it stewed till the gravy’s thick and sticky…and I’d love a bit of five spice powder in it as well.

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