Phone ringing…

It has been said that ringtones are an opportunity to express yourself and they do say something about you.

Old & new handphones
*recycled pic*

It is believed that users who constantly change their rings might be flighty and unreliable, adding that people who retain one particular tone for a long period of time are more reliable, but sometime misjudged as ‘old school’. So, what is your current ringtone? What does it say about you?

According to one website, if your phone plays a classical tune or a favourite oldie from days gone by, you’re showing your age. If your phone is still playing festive songs out of season such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Christmas songs in the middle of the year, you’re considered as being not very productive but if your ringtone is a current hit, you are young at heart.

Well, I don’t change my ringtone all the time anymore. When I was using my old one, the one on the left in the photo above, I had Nirvana and later, I had Maroon 5 and a number of others but eventually, I stuck to “1973” by James Blunt for a long time…and no, I never had “Crazy Frog” nor “Fast and furious – Tokyo drift” ever! So where does all that put me? Young at heart or showing my age? LOL!!!

After I had switched to the new one (right), I found that I could not transfer the ringtones from one to the other so I just used one of those (boring ones) that came with the phone…until quite recently, when I discovered that I could go online on my mobile and download ringtones for free. Yipee!!!!!

So, of course, I’ve got a “new” ringtone now!!! Wanna guess what it is? LOL!!!