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I wonder how many of you are old enough to know Skeeter Davis and this popular album of hers – “Here’s the answer“. On this album, you have the original song e.g. “He’ll have to go” by Jim Reeves and then, Skeeter comes in to sing the answer, “He’ll have to stay“. My favorite song on that album, however, is not exactly an answer as the original is an instrumental by Floyd Cramer, “Last Date”…and Skeeter follows that up with the sung version, “My Last Date (With You).

Anyway, this post is not going to be all about that but instead, I would like to unveil the mystery and reveal the answer to my question in yesterday’s post – what on earth is mangolon juice…

MapleLeaf Tonight's Special
*recycled pic*

Is it, as I had guessed, a mixture of mango and watermelon juice?

When the waiter served it, I was quite tickled to see that, in fact, it was buah kedondong juice…

MapleLeaf mangolon juice 1

The local Foochows call the fruit “makolong” or something like that – the actual Malay name buah kedondong that has been so severely distorted till almost beyond recognition. If it had been mang0-long, they would not have been very far from the truth, as, if I’m not mistaken, it does come from the mango family.

This drink is getting very popular these days, it seems, as word has gone round that the fruit brings a lot of health benefits. Don’t ask me what the health benefits are as I really do not know. I tried googling and all I got was that it may be used to cure dysentery and the leaves may be used to cure coughs or something like that. Perhaps some of you know better and would like to share it with everybody?

Normally, it is blended, skin and all and served with a couple of asamboi (sour plums) inside…

MapleLeaf mangolon juice 2

…as a cool and refreshing sourish drink and though I would not say that I love it a lot, I do not mind drinking it…except that RM6.50 is a little bit too much to pay, don’t you think?

Well, Huai Bin and Joe Cotter were on the right track but they did not give the specific name and Yi Ling was the first to give the correct answer but that was after I had laid down a condition for any guesses that would follow…and she’s Foochow so she is not entitled to a prize, I’m afraid. LOL!!! Never mind! All three of you can give me a tinkle when you’re back in Sibu and I can take you to this place for the mangolon juice…and I’ll throw in a plate of those yummy mango duck slices as well – my treat! How about that? Wink! Wink!

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28 thoughts on “The answer…”

  1. Say that drink looks yummy. I make some type of fruit or vegetable juice/smoothie daily; delicious and good for you too…

    I’m curious to see whether they sell that here in the States, I’ve seen (and heard of) a lot of exotic fruit, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of this.

    I would think it’s basically a mango – from the same family…but this one’s sour and crunchy. It has a spiky seed – something like rambutans or sea urchins. There’s another one – the emplam which is a lot more sour and I prefer that one as it has a nicer and stronger fragrance. Haven’t heard of anyone using those for drinks though – maybe it’s too sour…or perhaps, it’s seasonal so not that easily available.

    1. Arthur edy promise to take me there….muwahahhahahah!!!

      Ya…eat your heart out, Claire! Mandy’s coming too! Are you coming as well? Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. yeah, i think that juice is getting very popular now.. so that mangolon is the kedondong or ambula?? wow, RM6.50 is tad too expensive for that,i don’t think the cost is more than RM1!! such a big margin..

    VERY expensive – even for cafes and restaurants of that “standard”. Others, the drinks wouldn’t go beyond RM5.00! If it had been mango juice, perhaps it would be worth it as we do not get mangoes so easily here…but not watermelon or kedondong – cheap stuff! 😦

  3. The juice looks nice……but i found it bit expensive lol.

    What a bit? VERY expensive. If I had known it was kedondong juice, I would not have ordered it. Tsk! Tsk!

  4. Yeah, that juice is very popular in Kuching too. It is a very refreshing drink x’pecially nowadays with this very freaking hot weather. But it is too pricey.

    Yup…it’s not that expensive, the fruit…so RM3-4.50 would be reasonable at a place like that…not RM6.50. 😦

  5. rather expensive at that price…i also thought it was mango plus melon juice

    If mango and honey dew, perhaps can consider not THAT expensive but kedondong! Chesh! Really too much!

  6. it also very famous over here…
    so that Foochow ppl call it Makolong .. so then it evolve to Mangolon…
    i know most of the chinese dialets and Foochow is the difficult to understand…

    I’ve lived in this Foochow territory all my life…and I’m a Foochow myself…but I can’t speak the dialect. I speak Hokkien…and I’ve picked up a fair bit of Mandarin but not Foochow. The tone, intonation and all – impossible for me to master, I’m afraid. 😦

  7. Hi, the mangolon juice look so refreshing and tempting but a bit pricey lei. Slurp… 5 mins cost RM6.50. LOL

    Must go my inlaw house to pluck the buah kedondong to try out this juice, usually I just eat with kicap and chilli padi.

    Have a nice day.

    Ya…it’s a common fruit, not that difficult to get hold of…and many people have a tree or more in their garden…so I cannot see how or why they can charge so much for a drink – even if unadulterated, pure kedondong juice. Personally, I prefer buah emplam – use that to make sambal and eat with rice. Yummmmm!!!!!!

  8. Haha so mangolon is buah kedondong?
    I never knew that! I’m not a fan of fruits and sour stuff though… yaya I know I’m weird :p

    Yes, you are. I think most ladies that I know love sour stuff…and are not into sweet things. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  9. im craving for the ‘kam quat’ drinks now!!! weeeeee….

    Kumquat? That’s a totally different fruit, isn’t it? Very hot here these days – sure can do with some of those ice-cold refreshing fruit juices.

  10. wow…..
    the photos of the juice are so clear…. I can imagine myself drinking it glass by glass.
    yes indeed, a bit pricey. for 6.50 u can get urself 2 tins of beer…hahaha

    ur blog boleh contest for the Digi Awards – Fave makan-makan expert..

    Oh? You can get cheap beer where you are? 3 cans for RM10? Not anymore I think – probably RM12 or more but I’ve stopped boozing so I don;t really know. Your first time here, I see. Welcome, thanks for dropping by and do come again.

    Awards? No, thank you. They’re sponsored by Nuffnang…and I’m not a Nuffie…. Wouldn’t stand a chance.

  11. oh! buah kedondong. never fancy it cos i dont really like sour drink!

    Oh? Another exception to the rule – I always thought ladies love sour stuff…like asamboi and pickles.

  12. Adoi, rabak pocket with that kind of price for a glass of kedondong juice.I think in KL pun not that expensive as I would often have that whenever I visit Msia.I think in KL the drink is called ‘sar lei’. In my Malacca house, we have a tree in the garden. It’s less than 4 feet tall (don’t know why it never grew tall…maybe ikut the Tuan but fruiting heavily all year round.

    Ya…I was just going to say, maybe being 4 feet tall runs in the family… Muahahahahahaha!!! Yes, it is VERY expensive…but if I’m not mistaken, ALL the drinks is that price and above. That’s why I say this place is pricey – RM8.90 for some fried rice dish and the prices go up from there. Definitely will not consider it should I be looking for a place to eat unless I’m that desperate and do not have much choice. I hear many things on the menu aren’t great too…so that makes it a double thumbs down. We’ll just stick to good ol’ Payung!

  13. Mahal!! Don’t want to go la. I wana go Payung and Rasa Sayang!

    I would say Payung is a whole lot nicer…and yes, this time around, you MUST eat the kampua at Rasa Sayang. Too good to miss! πŸ˜‰

  14. Mangolon? Buah Kedondong? Where did they even hear mangolong from?? HAHAHAHHA!! And yes, RM 6.50 for a kedondong juice is VERY expensive! But buah kedondong juice is awesome though. haha

    You like! I think I will just stick to my kopi-o-peng – nicer and a whole lot cheaper. The owner or the chef/bartender must be Foochow so that must be how they got that name – pretty close to the Foochow name for the fruit.

  15. ee….never like kendongdong juice. Wow…RM6.50 for that glass ? I can eat 2 plates of chicken rice with that money. haha

    Yalor…come to think of it, I really wonder about the sensibility of people eating at such expensive places. Can buy three plates of kampua noodles – two with meat, one kosong! If it’s to sit and chat and hang out for the whole day, then I guess it isn’t so bad…but if it’s just to go for a drink or to eat, it certainly makes more sense to go some place cheaper…and perhaps even nicer!

  16. assamboi drink ar? or something similar to that.. hehe

    I like to order this drink though, as it helps in getting rid of the bloated feeling.

    Does it? I feel some kind of acidity in the tummy – maybe I’m not used to such sour stuff… 😦

  17. Now i only realise the price! RM6.50! So expensive! The one that sold at the food court at our office building, very nice and big packet and thick, only RM3 and i already complain so expensive!! Unless i am having there, cheaper by RM1. 😦 I heard when you’re having flu or sore throat, this juice is good. I drink quite often, but not lately.

    Oh? So it’s supposed to be good for that. And I thought mangoes (same family, I think) are heaty and bad for sore throats and and cold drinks are no good for coughs. I certainly would stay away from this drink if I have any of those ailments. LOL!!!

  18. Oh….no one seem to know of the Skeeter Davis album – except you and I, muahahahaaa!! Yes, I am old enough / music-wise enough to know of Skeeter Davis and Jim Reeves AND I have this CD. Such a mushy-mushy, lovey-dovey album….so nice! If you want a copy, I can send to you when I get to Penang.

    The name of the drink – perhaps the cafe was trying out their skills at ‘spoonerism’, haha!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! I’m sure some are just as old as us but perhaps, they’re not so musically inclined as us so they do not know Skeeter or Jim. πŸ˜‰ No lah…I think it is just a bad transcription of the name in Foochow… 😦

    1. …””I can hear the jukebox playing soft and low. And you’re out again with someone else, I know. My love was blind, I’m not your kind that’s all I’ll say. So you can hang up, I’m in his arms, he’ll have to stay…” What a lovely song, eh?

      Muahahahaha!!! We could never be happy…living in sin! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    2. Of course I know of Sketeer and Jim…just don’t want to incriminate myself,ma..muahahaha. Infact, one of my nephew’s Chinese name is Jim Reeves, okay!!!

      Of course you do!!! Not surprised at all… Hehehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

      1. His other 2 brothers..Jim Yee and Jim Wayne. Just so you know I tak temberang you!!

        I knew a blogger from Johore – Jim Long – met him once in KL but he doesn’t drop by anymore. 😦

      2. Haha! Very dangerous ahh, Shereen, that you admit you have heard of Skeeter – you want to be lumped into being our ‘contemporary’ meh?! You tak pass (too young lah)!

        She’s not? I thought she’s around our time??? As old as the hills? Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  19. the colour look like a bit colouring, is it natural?

    Latest: Birthday Post – XiXi

    It is. They blended the skin altogether with the rest of the fruit. For one thing, it wasn’t that green actually – I adjusted the brightness and the contrast in the photo…and it got greener. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Mr Arthur.
    Don’t worry. You have someone here who knows Skeeter Davis…gosh I’m old…Anyway, I prefer her ‘I’m can’t help you I’m falling too’ , ‘End of the World’ and banyak lagi. Bird Brain to those who translate kedondong or makalong to mangolon…Kedondong kedondong lah, makalong, makalong lah…pandai-pandai translate pula…Tapi I like the juice a lot.

    LOL!!! You’re old school too, eh? Welcome to the club! πŸ˜€

  21. I don’t know Skeeter Davis but I know Gary Davis inside and out! muahahaha I love sour drinks but I am not expecting! huhuhu

    LOL!!! Ask Gary. I bet he knows…and Jim Reeves too – the old-time country stars. Good for you – they say sour stuff is slimming. πŸ˜‰

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