The answer…

I wonder how many of you are old enough to know Skeeter Davis and this popular album of hers – “Here’s the answer“. On this album, you have the original song e.g. “He’ll have to go” by Jim Reeves and then, Skeeter comes in to sing the answer, “He’ll have to stay“. My favorite song on that album, however, is not exactly an answer as the original is an instrumental by Floyd Cramer, “Last Date”…and Skeeter follows that up with the sung version, “My Last Date (With You).

Anyway, this post is not going to be all about that but instead, I would like to unveil the mystery and reveal the answer to my question in yesterday’s post – what on earth is mangolon juice…

MapleLeaf Tonight's Special
*recycled pic*

Is it, as I had guessed, a mixture of mango and watermelon juice?

When the waiter served it, I was quite tickled to see that, in fact, it was buah kedondong juice…

MapleLeaf mangolon juice 1

The local Foochows call the fruit “makolong” or something like that – the actual Malay name buah kedondong that has been so severely distorted till almost beyond recognition. If it had been mang0-long, they would not have been very far from the truth, as, if I’m not mistaken, it does come from the mango family.

This drink is getting very popular these days, it seems, as word has gone round that the fruit brings a lot of health benefits. Don’t ask me what the health benefits are as I really do not know. I tried googling and all I got was that it may be used to cure dysentery and the leaves may be used to cure coughs or something like that. Perhaps some of you know better and would like to share it with everybody?

Normally, it is blended, skin and all and served with a couple of asamboi (sour plums) inside…

MapleLeaf mangolon juice 2

…as a cool and refreshing sourish drink and though I would not say that I love it a lot, I do not mind drinking it…except that RM6.50 is a little bit too much to pay, don’t you think?

Well, Huai Bin and Joe Cotter were on the right track but they did not give the specific name and Yi Ling was the first to give the correct answer but that was after I had laid down a condition for any guesses that would follow…and she’s Foochow so she is not entitled to a prize, I’m afraid. LOL!!! Never mind! All three of you can give me a tinkle when you’re back in Sibu and I can take you to this place for the mangolon juice…and I’ll throw in a plate of those yummy mango duck slices as well – my treat! How about that? Wink! Wink!