Garden of love…

I do not believe in spending a fortune to stay at an exclusive, classy five or more-star hotel especially when most of the time, one would be out all day and would only come back to bathe and sleep. However, wherever I go, I would want a reasonably comfortable, clean and decent hotel that is not too expensive. One where I usually stayed in the Bukit Bintang area in KL cost RM150 a night for a standard single/double with  complimentary American or Malaysian breakfast (not buffet) and RM180 for a triple room the last time I was there.

That was why when my blogger-friends came to Sibu, I booked the rooms at this hotel for them. The big room with two big double beds is only RM90.00 and the triple with a double and a single is only RM85.00.  Try looking for hotel rooms at those prices in the towns and cities in the peninsula and see what dump you will end up in. The drawbacks would be:
1. It was not in the town centre so you would need a car to get around.
2. There is no lift so you would have to book rooms on the 1st Floor instead of the 2nd or 3rd.

My friends rented a car when they were here so they had no complaints regarding (1) above but they were grumbling that they had to climb up and down the stairs every day while they were here and for somebody like smallkucing‘s papa who’s more than twice my size, it certainly was not easy. Frankly, I would think the exercise would do them good especially after all the food they ate while they were here – six meals a day, don’t play-play! LOL!!!

Well, having listened to their grievances, I was thinking that perhaps they, or whoever else that may be coming to town, may want to consider this hotel…

Garden Hotel Sibu

The rooms have balconies…

Garden - balconies

…so lovebirds can play “Romeo and Juliet” but I must state for a fact here that the scenery in the vicinity is not anything worth hanging around outside for.

For one thing, the  hotel has its own private parking area…

Garden - free parking

…so you can enjoy free parking all day long without having to worry about parking tickets. Actually, if you are staying in this hotel, you do not even need to rent a car as it is located right in the town centre…and as I told my visitors the other day, every place is about 100 metres away so it would be so easy to get around.

This is the reception counter…

Garden - reception

…and here are the room rates…

Garden - room rates

Their triple room is definitely more expensive than at the other hotel and I’m not sure whether an executive or superior deluxe would be one with two double beds.

But this hotel has a lift…

Garden - lift

…and a nice cafe that they call the “Coffee Garden”…

Garden - Coffee Garden

…where you can have your complimentary breakfast every morning. The last time I saw, it was a buffet but do not get your hopes up too high – you will get juice, porridge with some condiments to go with it, bread/toast with butter and jam and something Malaysian such as fried noodles, kway teow, mihun or rice…and free flow of coffee or tea.

One good thing, however, is that their a la carte menu is very nice and relatively cheaper than at other hotels. Their fish and chips, my daughter’s favourite, is only RM12++…

Garden - fish & chips

…and a platter of mixed grill cost RM18++, if I remember correctly…

Garden - mixed grill

They do have set lunch with five options to choose from at only RM9.90 nett with complimentary soup and a drink. This one was their “braised chicken in red tofu”…

Garden - set lunch

…and though it came across more like fried chicken and I wonder whether red tofu was tauju (fermented bean curd), it tasted really great and I would consider it value for money.

So, if anyone is coming to town, perhaps he or she would consider this hotel which I would think is good enough. Of course, there are at least three or four better hotels but the room rates aren’t exactly this affordable unless you are government employees and  can get to enjoy the special privilege of paying what is called the “government rate” in which case you may be able to get around these same rates but they only have standard rooms and if you come with your family, you will need to book adjoining rooms (and pay double) unless somebody sleeps on the floor…or everybody squeezes into the small beds like sardines.

You can drop by their website to have a look at the rooms that they have…and perhaps, that may help you make up your minds.

Didn’t we almost have it all?…

No, you didn’t…

The group of blogger-friends of mine who came to Sibu on a brief visit certainly enjoyed the food here and have been singing their praises in their blogs and Facebook for days on end…but no, they definitely didn’t have it all for there are still many places that they have yet to go to and many other nice things here that they must get to try.

No, I’m NOT going to take them to that place with the ridiculously-priced hay mee (prawn noodles) which is not that affordable at over RM20.00 a bowl and besides, I do not think it is really that nice – not at that price…but there is another local Foochow delicacy, the favourite of many (but not mine), the dianpianngu and we also have this – what we call char pek koi (fried white cake)…

Char pek koi

…that they may want to try. I’m not really crazy about it but Melissa likes it a lot so perhaps they may like it too.

They did get to sample a not-as-nice version of the tee piang but no, you don’t know tee piang until you have eaten these…

Tee piang with meat filling

…and they did not get to eat the Foochow traditional engagement/betrothal cake either, the lay piang.

They did drive past the place (I saw the photo) where Asian Flavours is located and they could have stopped to sample the very nice chicken croquettas…

Chicken croquettas

…that I liked a lot but they didn’t…and it was really too bad that they left town without eating these very yummy chicken pies…

Chicken pie

…at only RM3.20 each. It used to be RM2.80 only but the price has gone up since. Well, what hasn’t?

They did not manage to find time to come here where they could have all the nice and cheap food and perhaps try their Philippine pork leg…

Philippine pork leg

I would say that it is very nice but I can’t remember the last time I had that for obvious reasons. I have been avoiding it but perhaps, if in a big group, we can have that and each person will only need to eat a little. That should be all right, don’t you think?

And too bad, they did not get to come here for the cincaluk fried rice…

Cincaluk fried rice

…or here for their spicy fried rice with XO sauce…

Spicy fried rice with XO sauce

…and all the nice dishes that they have at these two places…or their Japanese restaurant just a few doors away…or they may want to try another restaurant in the vicinity that has been endorsed by Jalan-jalan cari makan.

I can go on and on and on about all the nice things that they can eat in town but before anyone starts to think that Sibu is all about food, actually they can go and relax and take some nice photographs at some of the scenic spots around like this park, for instance

Kutien Memorial Park

…or they can go and feed the fishes and relax here or if they stay long enough, they can actually go and visit one of the nearby towns like Bintangor , Sarikei or Kanowit

Kanowit River

…and drop by a longhouse there for an experience of a lifetime…

Rantau Kemeding longhouse

So how about it? Anybody coming my way? May the 1st is a public holiday, Tuesday…so if you take one day off work on Monday, perhaps you can come on Friday night or on the first flight on Saturday morning…and take the last flight home on Tuesday night just in time to get back to work the following day. Great idea, don’t you think? LOL!!!

A little something…

It is the Asian or definitely, the Malaysian tradition to bring a little something when you visit somebody. In Malay, we call it buah tangan. But when my blogger-friends from KL and Ipoh came to town, I certainly would not say that they brought a little something…for that would be a dreadful understatement.

Quay Po gave me another Big Dog t-shirt

From Quay Po 1

…and how very true that is! Life is indeed full of choices.

She also brought along these pasta and olives…

From Quay Po 2

…and the very nice almond slices that she made herself…

From Quay Po 3

…and that wasn’t all! Her mum cooked these vegetarian intestines…

From Quay Po 4

…and she wanted me to try them as I commented once that I was not really into all those vegetarian stuff. I just opened the container to take the photograph and the mere fragrance swept me off my feet. My missus took a piece and ate it cold and commented that it was very nice. I saved the rest to share with some of my blogger-friends who came for dinner at my house and everyone enjoyed it very much. It was very nicely cooked with all the aromatic spices and the dried chilies. Double thumbs up to your mum, Quay Po!

Yee Ling gave me these…

From Yee LIng

Oooo….Famous Amos! Melissa would love those a lot…and the egg rolls were very nice too. Hey! Wait a minute! What was that? An ang pao! Tsk! Tsk! Ooi!!! I’m not a kid nor an old grandfather…so anyone who comes next time, don’t give me any ang pao. I’ll just give you all my bank account number to bank in your Nuffnang cheques one by one as they come. Hehehehehe!!! This one, I’ll pass to Melissa and tell her it’s from Yee Ling cheh-cheh (elder sis)…considering that you’re not much older than her – so very young! LOL!!!

Claire came with these in tow…

From Claire

Thank you so much, Claire…and also to Elin for the heong peah – so thoughtful of you to send me a little something through Claire. Hopefully, she will share with you some of the things that I gave her and asked her to pass some to you. She’ll probably give you the masak hitam Sarawak sambal paste and ask you to cook…and then she’ll go and eat. Clever hor, our friend? LOL!!!

These came from smallkucing

From smallkucing 1

Oops!!! Yes, there was the contraband that I asked papakucing to buy for me on his trips to Indonesia…and he refused to accept reimbursement for that. Humph!!! Like that, I will not ask him to buy anymore. Tsk! Tsk!

And they also brought this along for me…

From smallkucing 2

Now would anybody want to guess what it is? I have not defrosted it yet and heated it up to enjoy so I really can’t tell how good it is but I bet it is going to be really yummy. So, come, everybody! Make a guess! Friends and family of smallkucing are not allowed to participate! LOL!!!

And last but not least, thanks, on behalf of Melissa, to smallkucing and Claire for the ang paos and thanks from me too…and to Quay Po and Yee Ling as well for everything. Thanks so very much from the bottom of my heart to all of you for coming…

@WNS Memorial Park
@ Wong Nai Siong Memorial Park (smallkucing’s mamarazzi’s photo on Facebook)

…It certainly was my pleasure having you all fly all the way to this humble little town to visit me and I do hope that all of you found the trip worthwhile – with all the good food, good fun…and hopefully, good company! A thousand apologies from the bottom of my heart for any shortcomings along the way…and please do come again soon. We would be looking forward to that and would certainly welcome you all with open arms…

I hope I have not missed out anything and have given due acknowledgement to everyone for everything that I had received. The thing was there were so many people and so many things changing hands that my head was spinning in all directions so much so that I did not know whether I was coming or going! Old man like that lah! LOL!!!

The last stop…

It wasn’t the last stop actually for after this, we went to a bakery in town to buy the mochi and then to the Sibu Central Market to get some sago worms and midin…before proceeding to the Noodle House to buy the kompia stuffed with pork belly. Before this, we had gone to Rejang Park to buy the kompia and the chu nu miang…and to Bandong, for the kek lapis Sarawak.

I’m talking here about my last group of visitors – my blogger friends, smallkucing & family and Claire & family on their final day in town. They were going here and there for some last-minute shopping to buy some more things that they would like to take home to KL and Ipoh.

In the midst of all the frantic buying, we did manage to stop for a while for a dim sum breakfast. Claire had mentioned a day or two earlier that she would want to go for that but frankly, I do not think ours are really that nice – surely they can get better dim sum in Kl or Ipoh but still, I took them here…as among the Melanaus and other ethnic races here, there is this superstition that if you want to eat something, you will have to eat it especially when you’re travelling and that certainly was a good excuse for all of us to eat some more. LOL!!!

We had the char siew pao

Mitsu char siew pao

…and the lau sar pao

Mitsu lau sar pao 1

…with its creamy salted egg custard filling…

Mitsu lau sar pao 2

There were no complaints about those from them so I guess they found them to their satisfaction.

They liked the siew mai

Mitsu siew mai

…and ordered a second basket of those.

Claire wanted the baked cheese sweet potatoes…

Mitsu baked cheese sweet potatoes

…that she had seen in my blog before and she seemed to enjoy it.

They commented that the skin of the chee cheong fan

Mitsu chee cheong fan

…looked thick and white while theirs are usually thin and translucent. I guess it’s the same with their kway teow (flat rice noodles) and what we have here. Still, we managed to finish all of it – it was ok by me, really!

However, I did not think the chai thow koi/koi khak (fried white carrot/radish cake)…

Mitsu fried radish cake

…was all that nice compared to what I had in Penang or elsewhere. If I’m not mistaken, we did not finish that.

By the time, the Portuguese egg tarts…

Mitsu Portuguese egg tart

…came, we were already very full. I think they shared one just to try and tapaoed the other two…and Claire commented it was very nice, very well done.

They also ordered a bowl of kampua noodles for the noodle lover, smallkucing, and I noticed that everyone was helping themselves to it as well. I tried a bit but I would say that it was just so-so. They had real char siew (not thin slices of red-coloured boiled pork) but I felt that the meat was a bit hard or at least, it was for me.

The bill for all that, including the kampua noodles and a second serving of siew mai and drinks came up to RM45.30. I guess it would be cheaper if we had gone to some other places in town but I still think that this one has the best we can get here…and for 4 adults and a kid, I would say the price was pretty reasonable.

Make yourself at home…

They loved the masak hitam Sarawak that I bought them the day they arrived…so to let them have another go at it, I invited my blogger-visitors to dinner at my house…

At STP's house

…but unfortunately, by then, Quay Po and Peng and Yee Ling had gone back to KL already. It being a  roadside stall, I could not take them there to eat so I had to go and buy the best they had to let them enjoy our local Malay fare in my small and humble home.

Of course, I got them the masak hitam Sarawak…

Masak hitam Sarawak

…as well as the Melanau specialty, the umai (raw fish)…


…and the ayam belada

Ayam belada

…plus their sambal terung (brinjal)…

Sambal terung

Unfortunately, they did not have any sambal petai (stink beans) or rendang hati ayam (chicken liver) that day.

I fried this daun Bandong (tapioca leaves) and pumpkin dish with belacan, ginger and ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…

STP's tapioca leaves & pumpkin

…and thankfully, it was a hit!

I also cooked the prawns – the udang masak kunyit that I had featured in my post not very long ago…

Udang masak kunyit

…and of course, everybody fell head over heels in love with it. You just can’t go wrong with prawns. Ok, mamakucing! Click the link to see the recipe and the steps and cook for papakucing! He wants to have some more of this! LOL!!!

And lastly, I fried some noodles for smallkucing (who seems to love noodles a lot)…

STP's fried noodles

I don’t know if Claire was trying to flatter me or what but she said it was nicer than the fried noodles that I had ordered for them in town – the Foochow-style fried noodles (with sauce).

Quay Po brought these for me all the way from KL…

Quay Po's mum's vegetarian intestines

– the vegetarian intestines that her mum cooked and I heated that up to share with everybody…and everybody enjoyed that a lot. Thanks so much, Quay Po and compliments to the chef, your mum!

They also bought some se’ut (pronounced see-ert) or sago worms from the market so we fried that and everybody ate them (except me!) and believe it or not, they actually loved them a lot…

Sago worm
*smallkucing’s mamarazzi’s photo from her Facebook album*

…Somebody said that it tasted like peanut butter! As a matter of fact, they liked it so much that they even bought some to take home to KL.

I also took out my precious bottle of tuak (traditional Dayak rice wine)…

*smallkucing’s mamarazzi’s photo from her Facebook album*

…and shared with everybody and they loved it! Thankfully, nobody got drunk but somehow they all look embarrassed or shy with their blushing pink cheeks. No need to use blusher, Claire said. LOL!!!

After the simple dinner, they left to go for a stroll around the pasar malam (night market) here….in search of some more food there but unfortunately, I heard it was raining in town so they had no choice but to go back to the hotel and call it a day. Hmmmmm…looks like you all will have to come again another time to go to the pasar malam and the many other nice eateries around that you have not tried yet.

We made it through the rain…

Last Sunday, my family and I went to the evening church service while my blogger-visitors made a beeline back to the Ruby Restaurant to eat the things that they loved a lot and more…before they sent Yee Ling to the airport for her flight back to KL.

After the service, on our way home, we stopped by the Taman Muhibbah Hawker Centre for a bite before heading home…

Taman Selera Muhibbah Sibu

Unfortunately, it started drizzling and despite that, the place was crowded and everyone had to sit in the covered areas.

We had the things that my daughter loved – these fried sui jiao (meat dumplings)…

Fried sui jiao

…and the salad sotong

Salad sotong

…as well as the fried brinjal sticks with meat floss..

I ordered the glutinous rice cooked with hay bee or dried prawns (RM3.00) to try…

Pulut hay bee

…and we thought it was not bad. We did not really enjoy the prawn fritters (RM3.00) though…

Prawn fritters

…as it was mostly batter and the batter was bland, not really tasty at all. We would probably try the ones from another stall next time.

Other than that, we had the satay


…and I tried the Sibu Foochow-style siew mai or what we call sio bee (50 sen each)..

Sibu sio bee

…and found that they were really good so when my blogger-visitors dropped by after they came back from the airport, I ordered some more for them to try. This photograph of smallkucing is testimony to how nice it was…

Stuffed smallkucing

He just could not resist popping it all into his mouth at one go…and he said that he liked it.

They just had drinks…

Fruit cocktail

…as they said they had been eating non-stop the whole day and could not possibly eat anymore but they did manage to finish the oven-toasted kompia stuffed with minced meat that I also ordered from a stall there.

Papakucing commented that he felt “Sibu is very nicely managed” in more ways than one…and for one, I would say this hawker centre is definitely nicer – a lot cleaner and more pleasant to the eye and the people are a lot nicer than those at Gurney Drive in Penang…and I’m sure many would agree with me on this.

All that is good…

Claire from Ipoh was the last to arrive in town, with her son and daughter and smallkucing‘s papa was nice enough to offer to pick them up at the airport so I would not tire myself out and would be out of commission that night. Their flight was delayed by around 30 minutes and they only got to the hotel past six. No worries, they were still going strong and we were all at this restaurant

At MingMeiShi

…before 7.oo p.m. along with Quay Po and Peng and Yee Ling…and my missus and daughter as well, 12 of us altogether (including the little smallkucing).

Dinner started off impressively with this ship of goodies…

The ship

…bringing all the luck and prosperity and the wonderful blessings of goodwill and friendship to everyone present.

There was the braised pork belly with mantao (steamed buns),  a favourite of mine, and this is the usual thing one would see when bloggers go out for dinner…

Bloggers in action

LOL!!! They all loved this dish…

Braised pork belly with mantao

…and also the belacan midin

Belacan midin

…but those who were at Ruby the night before felt that theirs was better as they were more generous with the belacan while on my part, I actually thought that even though it tasted great, the smell was a bit too strong and their midin was not so fat and crunchy (fresh).

We were served a plate of ladies’ fingers even though I did not order that. Gee! They’d got my orders wrong again – I wanted the mixed beans with brinjal and baby corn but since everybody did not mind it at all and it was Quay Po’s favourite veg, we decided to just let it be and have the ladies’ fingers instead. Honestly, in my opinion,  it was nicer than the midin.

Another order that they got wrong was the prawns. I wanted the creamy butter prawns but I got this instead…

Crusty salty prawns

No complaints about this dish, just that it was not what I wanted. Hmmm…they really should be more careful with people’s orders and having a full house that night (and on many other nights) was certainly no excuse for the mix-up.

The fish was fine…

Fish in sauce

…even though I felt they were chunks from a big fish and the skin was a bit tough for somebody toothless like me and besides, I had better on previous occasions.

smallkucing loved the Foochow -style fried noodles…

Foochow fried noodles

…but then again, he loves anything that’s noodles! Kids are all the same, aren’t they? LOL!!!

The cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Cangkuk manis with egg

…was fine. Ah well, frankly, anyone who cannot cook this dish and get it right has no business being in the food business.

I did not order fruits…

Fruit platter

…but we were served this at the end and everyone enjoyed our local pomelo and pineapples. I loved the papaya! LOL!!! Actually, I was wondering that night if that was complimentary as once when I had dinner there, they also gave me that at the end and told me that it was on the house.

Dinner came up to RM337.00 and my blogger-friends insisted on paying. They felt that was extremely cheap…but I think for RM350 at some restaurants, you can get a full 8-course dinner (with dessert) and get sharks’ fins soup – even though you may not be able to spot any of the offensive stuff swimming in the liquid.

After dinner, we adjourned to a karaoke pub at a local hotel here…

Karaoke star

…and sang our hearts out…

Karaoke queens

It was almost the witching hour before we left the place…but never mind! It was all good – a good dinner with good company and good fun!

Next in line…

Next in line was Yee Ling who arrived the following morning after the first group landed the day before. I went to the airport to pick her up and on our way to town, I contacted the rest of the gang and found that they were somewhere around the town centre…acting as tourists, visiting the sights and taking photographs. They had had our local Foochow delicacy – the zhao chai hung ngang

MeiLe zhaochai hung ngang
*recycled pic*

…at this coffee shop named Tung Lok, located near the hotel where they were staying (that some people say has the best in town) – they loved the one with the freshwater prawns (RM12.00) but were not so thrilled with the plain ones. They had also gone for the Sarawak laksa at Thomson Corner…and when I managed to locate them, we headed straight to the Noodle House for lunch.

They loved the Vanilla Mille Crepe a lot more than the Double Chocolate but it was the kompia stuffed with pork belly/three-layer pork that stole the show…

NoodleHouse kompia with 3-layer pork

They simply loved how they could deep fry it to be crusty on the outside layer but still nice and soft inside and yet it wasn’t oily at all. They were ok with the ones with minced pork – like me, they preferred the former.

smallkucing and his mum loved the sizzling beef kampua but the father was not so impressed by the kway chap special (RM7.50) that he  ordered…

NoodleHouse kway chap special

I didn’t really like the beef noodles (RM9.80) that I had either…

NoodleHouse beef noodles soup

…and Yee Ling thought their kampua noodles (RM4.20) was a bit salty and did not really enjoy it as well. Quay Po and her friend, Peng, shared the mee sua or long life noodles as they are called there (RM9.80) and though I enjoyed what I had there before, I did not see them jumping up and down with delight. Probably, they’re not that accustomed to the local Foochow cuisine and would prefer something else…or perhaps, they had been eating the whole morning and were too full to really appreciate it as much.

They said they would pick Claire and her family from the airport upon their arrival at around 4 something that same day so after lunch, I left them to their own devices and went home to rest and have a nap…to prepare for the food, fun and excitement that night. But for that, you will have to wait till the next post… LOL!!!

Liked you better before…

The day smallkucing and his family…

With smallkucing & family @ Ruby

…arrived in Sibu with Quay Po and her friend, I took them here for dinner.

They were amazed that we could fry our mee sua

Ruby fried mee sua

– something that they felt would be quite impossible with the mee sua they have over in the peninsula as it would all stick together in one big lump. They loved it a lot and smallkucing had no less than THREE helpings of that!

They also enjoyed the deep-fried homemade tofu a lot…

Ruby homemade tofu

…and also the butter scotch prawn balls…

Ruby butter scotch prawn balls

However, I did not think it was as good as on previous occasions when I had that. They probably had the deep-fried prawn balls in the gravy for a little bit too long before the dish was served so they were a bit soft…but thankfully, they had not reached the stage of being soggy yet.

I wouldn’t have ordered their lamb in lemon sauce…

Ruby lamb in lemon sauce

…had I known earlier that Quay Po does not touch the meat – under the Chinese horoscope, she’s a goat herself and thus, does not eat her own kind. LOL!!! Anyway, it was a disappointment that night. I remember  that they used to cut the meat into thin slices, not chunks, and they would fry or grill it till it was really well done before serving it with the lemon sauce poured over it. It was not done like that that night and in fact, there was a bit too much fat in the meat and the smell of lamb was a bit too strong for everybody’s liking.

The cangkuk manis fried with egg was as always, the best in town…

Ruby cangkuk manis

…and everyone loved the midin (wild jungle fern) fried with belacan (dried prawn paste) too…

Ruby belacan midin

…but I did not think it was that nice owing to the strong belacan smell. In the past, I loved the belacan that they used but this one was not as nice as far as the taste and the smell were concerned.

We also had the sea cucumber soup that everybody loved but personally, I felt that it used to be a lot better. Business was very good that night and in the hassle, they even forgot about the pandan chicken that we had ordered…and thankfully so too as we were already very full by then and decided to cancel the order in the end.

Altogether, inclusive of rice and drinks, the bill came up to over RM140.00 but the boss rounded it up to just RM140.00. I guess that can be considered quite reasonable for a pleasant-enough meal for 8 persons (including one kid).

My world…

My daughter arrived home for the holidays on Friday and on the same flight came smallkucing and his papa and mama and also Quay Po and her friend, Peng…bearing gifts of gold, frankinsence and myrrh. LOL!!! That’s not exactly true but really, they certainly brought a lot of things with them for me. However, I’m afraid that if you want to see what they brought, you will have to wait till another post.

Well, to welcome them, I bought some kompia for their snacks in their hotel rooms

A kompia welcome

…and a bit of masak hitam Sarawak to go with those…

Masak hitam Sarawak

According to mamakucing, they loved the masak hitam so much that they ate all of it and poor Quay Po did not have the chance to try it at all. LOL!!! I should have bought more and divided it and given to them separately.

It was already past 3.00 p.m. when they got to the hotel and checked in and everything so I thought it was a bit too late for lunch and we could go for an early dinner instead. However, Quay Po insisted that I took her for Sarawak laksa…as she would be in town for two nights only and would not have that much time to eat everything. That was why I took her and Peng to this place but luck was not on their side. The laksa was sold out for the day!!!

Well, they had the pian sip instead…

ThomsonCorner pian sip

…and they loved it a lot! Quay Po was saying that she would want to buy the skin home and try to make them herself.

They also liked the kampua noodles…

ThomsonCorner kampua noodles

…even though I wouldn’t say that they had the best in town. The same goes to their oven-toasted kompia stuffed with minced meat but they loved them too!

ThomsonCorner kompia

I had their rojak sotong before…or what we call jiew hu eng chai (cuttlefish with water spinach) and I did not think it was any good but Quay Po insisted on ordering it to try…

ThomsonCorner rojak sotong

…and true enough, she did not think it was great. I must say it was better than when I had it previously but still, given a choice, I would not want to have that again.

So there you have it – the first taste of Sibu for my distinguished visitors…and next stop – DINNER!!! Stay tuned!