The closer I get to you…

I had this once before

Taiwan Rice 1

…and I liked it a lot but that food court is on the other side of town and I don’t usually go there so that was the first and the last time I had that.

This one is a lot nearer to the town centre but the last time I was there during lunch hour, most of the stalls were cleaning up and closing shop for the day…and I did not quite like what I had then even though my missus enjoyed her zhao chai hung ngang very much.

Well, the other day, I was in the vicinity and I decided to drop by and browse around. Again, most of the stalls were closed for the day…and I bumped into that ex-student of mine and it seems that this latter place is some kind of a branch of the former – he runs both of these places or the drinks and some of the food stalls at least, including this small, not very appealing-looking one…

Food Courts Sibu 1

…that sells the nasi Taiwan (Taiwan rice) alongside bak kut teh and lo kaki khinzir (braised pork leg)…

Food Courts Sibu 2

I had not had lunch so I ordered the special Taiwan rice that I enjoyed so much the first time aroundย and it was as good as ever.

I asked for a bit of the pork trotters to try but my ex-student said that they would have that pre-packed in servings and I could not have just a bit of it unless I went all the way to their other place. However, he gave me this bak kut teh soup…

Complimentary bkt soup

…with an egg in it.

The soup was very nice but it had an extra-strong herbal taste so if one is not used to that kind of Chinese herbal cuisine, then probably one would not like it. I thought it was very nice – definitely nicer than at this other place that my missus and I went to not ย long ago…but I would prefer it to be a little toned down – just a little.

Now comes the best part! When I asked for the bill, my ex-student said that the meal was on him…so I’m not very sure about the prices. I think everything’s RM8.00 inclusive of rice and that is definitely cheaper than the aforementioned bak kut teh place and that huge and thick slab of pork belly…

Taiwan Rice 2

…would cost that much or more, I’m sure – uncooked!

I will definitely go back there again one of these days…as I’ve yet to try the kaki khindzir. Yum! Yum!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “The closer I get to you…”

  1. that’s some really nice food.. kind of unhealthy if over indulged in, but I love it! lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ya…definitely not something to have very often. It’s been years since I last had it so it’s ok… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. The braised pork looks heavenly. What is Taiwan rice please?

    Dunno – that’s what they call it. Maybe it originated from Taiwan – that slab of delicious braised pork with salted veg and green veg like that?

  3. Oh gosh!! One piece of that meat will last me one whole day…. by the way, so nice of your ex student to give you a treat… do they still call you “Sir” when they see you? :p

    Ya, that’s why you’re so small and thin. Ask Andy – I’m sure he’ll finish it one go! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ No, he calls me “sinseh” – he’s from the more Chinese Chung Hua. You did not see the school – Kuching and Quay Po saw it when they drove all the way in search of the lost Ark…

  4. Wow.. look at that big piece of pork! I would go for the bak ku teh. Wouldn’t mind the strong herbal taste plus the egg…yummy ๐Ÿ™‚ come to think of it. I never had bak kut teh with egg.

    Dunno, he gave me the egg. Would rather have a chunk of the bkt pork instead. LOL!!! Ya, you must KIV this place for the next time you come home. Near Anson…and btw, I heard that Anson only opens at night now.

    1. I hope I’ll remember..haha.. there are so many places to eat in Sibu. Sometimes I think 2 months is not enough ๐Ÿ™‚
      Anson only opens at night???? That’s a shame.. I quite like their food and it is super cheap. Probably the place doesn’t look appealing to most people. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I hope it is still in business by the time you come home again. Business isn’t too bad – whenever I went, there would always be others. Not packed…but ok. Do like what my blogger-friends did when they were in town – 6 meals a day. LOL!!!

  5. Hahahha…the piece of pork belly looks like my char siew…Nasi Taiwan is similar to braised pork rice, ike what I have posted in my FB. In Taiwan, they have braised minced pork instead of this big piece of meat…ehhehehhe

    I don’t think I would like only minced pork – would be nice to have both. Mix the minced and the salted veg with the rice to give its flavour…and enjoy that alongside the slab of pork belly. Yum! Yum! Ya…it certainly looks like your char siew and braised pork… Yum! Yum! How on earth do you manage to stay so slim? LOL!!!

  6. That one big piece of meat is enuf to feed me, william and Ethan!

    No wonder you’re so small…and you and Ethan so thin. I think I know who would eat the most of the meat… Muahahahahaha!!!!

  7. That big piece of pork belly looks good. I will take a bit of the lean part and you can take the rest, hehehe. Egg in bak kut teh soup, nice interesting & new.

    Cannot. Then I will not have any lean meat to enjoy lor? Don’t want the fat, then go eat other things…no fat one. Like my missus – will buy pork belly to cook and eat…and she was so slowly and patiently remove the fat and eat the lean (and often there is not much lean to eat!!!). She said the meat is nicer…and I said but I don’t bother to remove the fat and just eat everything all the time…so very soon, I will die, no problem in my case lah!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  8. Bak Kut Teh soup with an egg. That’s special. The bowl of rice look so appetizing.

    It is! Very nice… My ex-student said some guy would always ask for an egg in the soup like that – I wouldn’t mind the soup without it.

  9. Normally Taiwanese like to eat their pork and rice with salted vege and greens all in a bowl. Actually even their noodles also like that. Most of the time they use minced meat instead of a slab like that and they will call it, Poor Man’s Meal. Nowadays, even the rich will eat it but they will sorok-sorok to makan or else jatuh standard..hahahaah. Justyn’s piano teacher who is a Taiwanese will often cook for us these type of dishes and they are so yummy. So nice for me…no need to cook for a few days as she will cook a lot and send to my house. Bahagianya dapat kawan baik macam ni…lol!

    I guess the zhajiangmian comes from Taiwan as well?…
    Lucky you!!! How come I do not have friends like that here in Sibu? Sobssssss!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. Wow..big slab of meat!!! But i love that salted vege, yummy!!

    I love BKT with strong herbal taste, especially strong dong gui taste. BKT with egg? Something new to me, but look good.

    You do? Then I must take you here then. According to my ex-student, he learnt how to mix the herbs from a sifu from KL/Selangor…so I guess he buys them from the Chinese medical store and creates his own combination – not using the pre-packed pouches of bkt spices that we can buy everywhere.

  11. eih, with such a nice bowl of noodles and that perfectly looking piece of meat, it’s worth to drive to the other side of the town lah.. furthermore, i remember you mentioned sibu is very small and places are only few hundred meters away~~ :p

    A few hundred metres to everywhere in the town centre and the surrounding areas are within a radius of 1-2 miles or to the most 3. This place is outside that radius…maybe 5 miles or more…and that, by Sibu standard, is far. Maybe for KL people, it is so very near…plus no jam!!! The furthest destination would be the airport – 15 miles.

  12. I’ve always heard that makan in Sabah is extremely expensive but from I’ve read so far (in your blog anyway) everything seems pretty reasonable … and certainly looks yummy!

    Ooi!!! Sibu is in Sarawak lah. If I’m not wrong, things can be more expensive in the other towns like Kuching (city mah!) and Bintulu and Miri – the rich gas and oil towns. Yes, Sabah is expensive…especially Kota Kinabalu but it’s a very very nice place – seafood heaven!

    1. Oh, you’re in Sibu ka? Sorry, all this while I kept thinking you’re in Sabah. Me: ignorant West M’sian ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, I’ve been to Kuching and things were expensive and I didn’t think the food was that great … can’t remember where we went.

      Yes, I’m in Sibu, Sarawak…not Pualu Sibu either…nor Cebu in the Philippines. You probably did not know people in Kuching or you knew people who did not know where to get the best food. Like if I were to go to Penang and follow the crowd to Gurney Drive, I would say that Penang food’s the worst and Penang people are so unfriendly and rude…or Jalan Alor in KL!

      Like this group of bloggers who came to Sibu (and I was in Kuching that weekend) so they just went around on their own and they were complaining like hell about how horrible Sibu food was until the final night when one checked my blog and it led them to Ruby Restaurant… You can read their posts to see for yourself how they changed their tune right there and then:
      We were extremely disappointed with all the food we had for LUNCH. TEA BREAK, everything we had in Sibu before dinner time was a big disappointment. It’s either its too healthy.. means tasteless.. or.. it’s not nice at all.. So.. that particular evening.. we promised ourselves we must have something nice! Annna searched through some famous sibu food blog and she found this. RUBY RESTAURANT!

      1. Yeah, you’re right. We were left to our own devices and just went to what we thought looked popular. Not much we can do without a local guide nor transport. In the end we were so disappointed, we just stayed and ate at our hotel ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The only highlight was on the way to the airport to catch our flight home, we saw this lady selling the famous ferns (similar to fiddleheads) and we cleaned the stall out and had a great fern stir fried with sambal belachan dinner that night.

        That should be the much-coveted midin. My blogger-friends loved it soooo much when they were here…and look at how they enjoyed themselves when they were here – Sibu is a small town, nothing much to offer…but it’s the company and knowing where to go for the best food in town that made all the difference. Like when I go anywhere these days, I would have all the friends that I’ve made through blogging…and rest assured, I would be well taken care of.

        Hmmmm…hotel food would be the last thing to eat and pass judgement on a place. In fact, they’re all the same wherever you may be…same look, same smell, nice if you don’t stay in hotels that much but after a while, you long for something more decent and sneak out to the coffee shop next door for some char siew fan or wantan mee…

      2. Arthur, I think you are still not aware that Ping is also very “LUCY”. I think you are just destined to be surrounded by all the LUCYs! muahahahaha

        Not me…and not your friend, Peng – the one who came to Sibu with you. We were teachers – born leaders, organised and organisers and able to take charge of things very well. See how she could tell you wll where to go here when you all were driving around on your own… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Where is this place? Can I have the location please? Can’t recognize it. I want to try too. Thanks

    The shops to the left of Medan Mall (fronting Jalan Wong King Huo) somewhere in between Courts Mammoth & SenQ. There’s another new coffee shop at the back,same row as Hong Fu at the very end – dunno if there is anything good there, haven’t tried.

  14. I love pork belly. During the period when I frequently go to Bangkok, I never miss their stew pork belly with preserved mustard and eggs on every trip. This piece of pork belly looks tender and I can imagine it melting in my mouth.

    Yes, it was…and was very nice. Looks like you’ll have to come to Sibu again…and I’ll take you to eat this. Will go and try the kaki khinzir soon and see if it’s any good.

  15. Hi, bak kut teh with egg, never try before!! But egg anyhow cook sure taste good and appetizing.

    The big piece of meat so delicious and tempting, eat first forget about diet, yum yum…
    Live to eat or eat to live, don’t care lah if the food is so delicious, LOL

    Have a nice weekend makan mania.

    Yup…eat now, pay later. But I do feel that moderation is the key – must not eat stuff like this all the time or too often. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love eggs too…but I think they’re nicer in instant noodles soup – not too comfortable with it in the bkt soup. Maybe I’ve never had it that way before…and I think I would prefer it hard boiled in this case. You have a great weekend too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. BKT soup with an egg in it? voila! that sounds yummy. i am going to try that soon at my regular BKT shop…i hope the uncle does not stare at me when i do it:P

    LOL!!! We do not usually have egg in BKT as well – this one, according to my ex-student, is something he will do for a certain customer upon his special request.

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