The closer I get to you…

I had this once before

Taiwan Rice 1

…and I liked it a lot but that food court is on the other side of town and I don’t usually go there so that was the first and the last time I had that.

This one is a lot nearer to the town centre but the last time I was there during lunch hour, most of the stalls were cleaning up and closing shop for the day…and I did not quite like what I had then even though my missus enjoyed her zhao chai hung ngang very much.

Well, the other day, I was in the vicinity and I decided to drop by and browse around. Again, most of the stalls were closed for the day…and I bumped into that ex-student of mine and it seems that this latter place is some kind of a branch of the former – he runs both of these places or the drinks and some of the food stalls at least, including this small, not very appealing-looking one…

Food Courts Sibu 1

…that sells the nasi Taiwan (Taiwan rice) alongside bak kut teh and lo kaki khinzir (braised pork leg)…

Food Courts Sibu 2

I had not had lunch so I ordered the special Taiwan rice that I enjoyed so much the first time around and it was as good as ever.

I asked for a bit of the pork trotters to try but my ex-student said that they would have that pre-packed in servings and I could not have just a bit of it unless I went all the way to their other place. However, he gave me this bak kut teh soup…

Complimentary bkt soup

…with an egg in it.

The soup was very nice but it had an extra-strong herbal taste so if one is not used to that kind of Chinese herbal cuisine, then probably one would not like it. I thought it was very nice – definitely nicer than at this other place that my missus and I went to not  long ago…but I would prefer it to be a little toned down – just a little.

Now comes the best part! When I asked for the bill, my ex-student said that the meal was on him…so I’m not very sure about the prices. I think everything’s RM8.00 inclusive of rice and that is definitely cheaper than the aforementioned bak kut teh place and that huge and thick slab of pork belly…

Taiwan Rice 2

…would cost that much or more, I’m sure – uncooked!

I will definitely go back there again one of these days…as I’ve yet to try the kaki khindzir. Yum! Yum!!!