Not like that…

I first heard of es teler, an Indonesian dessert/drink, when Lily, Cibol’s wife mentioned it when they were in town. She said that she liked it a lot but unfortunately, I did not know of any place here in Sibu where we can get that. Then, the other day, I saw on the food channel on television an eatery in Singapore named after the dessert and I saw them making some kind of banana dessert and I decided to give it a try.

I took two bananas and cut them into halves…

STP's pisang bakar 1

…and greasing the pan with a bit of butter, I grilled the flat side of the bananas first till they had turned slightly brown.

Then I turned them over and put a slice of cheddar cheese on one side…

STP's pisang bakar 2

…and some chocolate spread on the other.

What I saw them doing on tv was they sprinkled some grated cheese on one side and some chocolate rice on the other…and when done, they sandwiched the two halves together and served.

Well, when I thought mine was already done, I sat down to give it a try…

STP's pisang bakar 3

I don’t know what the real thing tastes like but I did not think mine was great. One reason could be because of the variety of banana that I used which was not sweet and a little bit sourish…and perhaps, if I had sprinkled some cinnamon powder and served it with ice cream, it would be a lot nicer…and if you look at this recipe, they add condensed milk. Humph!!! I didn’t get to see that on that show on television. Tsk! Tsk!

Hmmmm…never mind, no harm trying…and I’ll definitely try again in the hope that I may be able to come out with a nice banana dessert.

I did contact smallkucing‘s papa who is an expert in Indonesian cuisine as he spends a lot of time there…and he told me that this is simply called pisang bakarΒ or grilled bananas and es teler is their version of our ABC (air batu campur).

Author: suituapui

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27 thoughts on “Not like that…”

  1. gotta use pisang Kepok… and parut the cheese. I guess must use those chocolate syrup or kelapa parut.

    Another variant of our pisang goreng is this Pisang Molen… quite nice..

    Es Teler is quite different from ABC…

    Will try using another type of bananas – maybe the ones they use for banana splits would be nice. Hmmmm….so many nice thing sin Indonesia kah? When are you going again? I tag along…to eat? πŸ˜‰

    1. if u come, must made special arrangement one. Me work in jungle lah… wat you like to eat? Nasi padang is good… maybe we go bandung and jakarta lah… just for makan! hahaha… err, btw, take taxi ah? Extra charge leh…

      LOL!!! For heavyweights? Adoi…kesian! I love nasi padang… Used to eat that in Singapore. Yum! Yum!

      1. ceh… mana sedap singapore punya… wifey and sister loved their gulai cumi (sotong) and gulai telor ikan… bit pricey, but ok to indulge once in a while… i think Kuching JKT ada direct flight…

        Last time 70’s, I had nasi padang in Singapore…best lah! Now dunno lah, have not gone for a long time – and the last time I went in the 90s, I think, everything’s quite disappointing – not the same anymore…and after conversion, soooo expensive.

      2. 70’s aku baru like 2 yrs old ka? tat time still hisap susu lah…

        And sekarang masih hisap… Hehehehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. have u ever try banana fritters which are very well known desserts in chinese restaurants here. they are just deepfried bananas serve with vanilla icecream and some toffee or maple syrup on top. very nice but not sure abt bananas with cheese…i think our own pisang goreng will be nicer

    We don’t have that here… Not a fan of banana fritters as well. Would rather eat them on their own…or with ice cream as in banana split or with pancake/crepe and ice cream. Yummm!!!!

  3. wow, this is certainly very fattening!! banana with chocolate and cheese!!! @_@”

    No worries. Didn’t get me all weak in the knees…so I guess I would not bother trying to cook that again. Perhaps I can figure out some nicer ways to eat a banana instead… Oops!!! No pun intended! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Good try. No harm in trying. Hope you get it right the next time and don’t forget to share your receipe., hehehe. I am waiting for it.

    I think that’s all there is to it – use grated cheese and chocolate rice…and add condensed milk. Doesn’t sound very promising… 😦

    1. Upon request, I am cooking your ever popular Kampung style assam fish (instead of prawn) today. This is the 2nd time I am cooking it. Droolingggggggggggggggggggg!!!….

      Wah!!! They like it so much kah? Hmmmmm….at least, there are benefits that people can get from reading my blog, eh? LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

      1. Yes, hub & me love it . You have made my life, much much easier. Thnx again.

        Good, good… So I go to Kuching, must take me out and give a treat, ya? πŸ˜‰

        P.S. That is why I can’t understand why some people can’t cook – some, of course, only say they can’t cook – they’re just plain lazy. My recipes are all so easy ones…and yet nice to eat. Right or not? πŸ˜‰

  5. Errrr….the cheesy pisang doesn’t look very appetising lar..hehehehe…sorry:)I think if Simon nampak this post, he’ll pengsan as for him to eat a banana, it’ll take him about an hour!You should try the pisang molen that Superweightkoalabear was telling you.That one sedap and you can buat sendiri at home too.Easy peasy!

    Of course lah!!! Simon does not eat the pisang, you do!!!! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!! Malas lah…not into these desserts – just try for fun – see if there’s anything really nice that I have missed but no, nothing! Nothing to get excited about.

  6. Reading ur posts definitely make me miss my Indo food alot…Let’s go Indonesia and explore the food there…a lot of nice food to try out and I can’t wait for my Nov trip back to Medan..gonna wallop all kind of food during my 3 weeks holiday in Medan.

    I wish I could. When I retired, I told myself I would travel…and relax and enjoy but unfortunately, God has other plans. I’ve to take care of my bedridden mum…and if I get to get away, it will only for a weekend for for 3-4 days, that’s all. 😦

    1. the next time you are back in Medan snap more pic of food and blog about it so that we can “enjoy” the food with our eyes , Hmm…maybe we can make a “rombongan” to medan next hehehehe

      Ikut papakucing on one of his trips lor… This time he’s the expert and the food guide.

  7. nice try there! i guess if you used those really sweet bananas, it should turn out delicious! πŸ™‚

    Probably. Maybe can try “chay gay” – the big green ones, very sweet…

  8. Umm. No thank you. Looks like very sweet la the thing. I’ll stick to my pisang goreng and cucur kodok. hahahahah… (actually sked wanna try to make this, later hangit!)

    Not a fan of pisang goreng…but I love kodok – the ones made from sweet potatoes.

    1. Ah! The orange kodoks! LOL… I love them too. Yummy, best eaten while still piping hot!

      Had them 1st time at Cameron. Never seen them since… 😦

  9. did you use saba (cardaba)? maybe it’s the cheese which makes it weird, but condensed milk always make fruit really yummy! πŸ™‚

    What’s saba or cardaba? Never mind… I’ve arough idea what the real thing tatses like…and I don’t think I would like it.

    1. it’s a kind of banana but rounder and fatter…best eaten cooked πŸ™‚

      Probably the type used for making banana fritters here – not normally eaten just like that.

  10. Doesn’t tickle my tastebuds. Seems a little weird tho and awfully sweet … esp with the addition of the condensed milk. Plain fried bananas are sweet enough for me … but then, I’m not into very sweet stuff. My niece who’s based in Indonesia for 6 mths blogged about this as well … apparently they put cheese (kraft cheddar) on everything!

    They do? Like how people here will add mayo to whatever that is deep fried here…. Eyewwwww!!!!! 😦

  11. hehehe…it does look good though. i supposed choosing the right or sufficiently ripe bananas should would result in a yummier taste.

    i’ve tried something similar but drizzled some honey smack before taking it out of the pan resulting is a slightly caramelised bit on one side. never tried it with cheese before though. perhaps i will soon…maybe tomorrow since i have a bunch of beautifully ripe bananas at home.

    Ya…honey or maple syrup would be nice.

  12. i think it’ll taste better if you grilled the bananas wrapped in an aluminum foil. maybe you should try it the next time.

    I think I’d rather eat bananas just the way they are… I’m not even a fan of deep fried banana fritters. Love banana splits though… Yum!!!!

  13. This does not entice me to try lah. Look mushy and too “lembek”. I don’t think I like texture like this. I will go for banana foster instead:D

    Not mushy, not lembek…just not nice. I don’t see what the attraction is in this Indon dessert… 😦

    1. Don’t worry, Ling. I’ll protect you from all the worms if I’m around. I’ll eat them all, just for you. *ROFLOL*

      You can eat all you want… Help yourself!

  14. eeeeeeeeeee…banana and cheese….aiyer…….

    I love one of the restaurant here for grill banana..very very nice!!! They use those long and sweet banana..really good!

    Now this remind me, last night me and Elaine went for buffet dinner at Mandarin Oriental, they have this dessert..something like banana fritter and silly me it look like doughnut to me and later Elaine told me actually it is apple fritter!! Outside the skin just like how they do the goreng pisang but instead of using banana they use apple, very nice.

    Not a fan of fritters – banana, that is…never tried apple but I like kodok (made with sweet potatoes). Last time many many years ago, Country Cafe here…they had banana pancakes, grilled bananas served on crepe topped with ice cream – that one was very very nice…but the place closed down already. No more…

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