Not like that…

I first heard of es teler, an Indonesian dessert/drink, when Lily, Cibol’s wife mentioned it when they were in town. She said that she liked it a lot but unfortunately, I did not know of any place here in Sibu where we can get that. Then, the other day, I saw on the food channel on television an eatery in Singapore named after the dessert and I saw them making some kind of banana dessert and I decided to give it a try.

I took two bananas and cut them into halves…

STP's pisang bakar 1

…and greasing the pan with a bit of butter, I grilled the flat side of the bananas first till they had turned slightly brown.

Then I turned them over and put a slice of cheddar cheese on one side…

STP's pisang bakar 2

…and some chocolate spread on the other.

What I saw them doing on tv was they sprinkled some grated cheese on one side and some chocolate rice on the other…and when done, they sandwiched the two halves together and served.

Well, when I thought mine was already done, I sat down to give it a try…

STP's pisang bakar 3

I don’t know what the real thing tastes like but I did not think mine was great. One reason could be because of the variety of banana that I used which was not sweet and a little bit sourish…and perhaps, if I had sprinkled some cinnamon powder and served it with ice cream, it would be a lot nicer…and if you look at this recipe, they add condensed milk. Humph!!! I didn’t get to see that on that show on television. Tsk! Tsk!

Hmmmm…never mind, no harm trying…and I’ll definitely try again in the hope that I may be able to come out with a nice banana dessert.

I did contact smallkucing‘s papa who is an expert in Indonesian cuisine as he spends a lot of time there…and he told me that this is simply called pisang bakar or grilled bananas and es teler is their version of our ABC (air batu campur).