She’s not impressed…

This place has been around for many years and it used to be very popular but not anymore. It used to be so very crowded  that at one time, it was difficult to get a seat there but not anymore. I used to love what they served there and my daughter loved the noodles but in my case, not anymore…

@KpgDatu BKT shop

My missus and I stopped by for lunch after the church service last Sunday and I didn’t realise that she had never been there before. My daughter and I had eaten here a few times before – I guess that would be during those days when the mother was working and the two of us were left to our own devices and had to look for our own lunch.

I had the bak kut teh – I can’t remember exactly but this was RM6.00, I think it was, with a few chunks of bone swimming in the soup…

KpgDatu BKT

…and rice was served separately at RM2.50 a bowl. If I wanted yeu char koi or yeu tiaw, it would be another RM2.50 for a little bowl of that.

My missus had the dry version of the bak kut teh (which used to cost RM8.00, can’t remember how much it is now)…

KpgDatu dry BKT

…and not only did I have to fork out the money for the rice but for the soup to go with it, that was another RM2.50. Tsk! Tsk!

So what was my missus’ impression – seeing that this was her first time at that place?  Well, she wasn’t in the least impressed, unfortunately – as a matter of fact, she thought what we had here was so much nicer…and a lot cheaper too!

For one thing, I must say that everything looks a whole lot nicer in the pictures…

KpgDatu seafood BKT

…and it seems that now, they sell zhao chai hung ngang too – RM4.50 for fish and RM6.00 for prawn…and that would be very cheap if one would be getting exactly what they portray in the photographs on the wall but judging from what we had that day, I reckon it would be safer to just go and try one’s luck elsewhere…

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29 thoughts on “She’s not impressed…”

  1. when it comes to BKT i always love only the very authentic and original version, those creative versions are never my bowl of soup, haha~~

    Me too…and in my case, I’m not even a die-hard fan of bkt – just something I would think of eating sometime for a change. Wouldn’t go out of my way to have that…

  2. awww not that impressive huh .. I’m in love with dry bah kut teh nowadays, but the taste actually varies from one place to another

    It tastes good – lots of pepper, fragrant, not tough…but I prefer bkt to be soupy… 😦

  3. Gosh all the hidden costs for bakuteh, sounds like Air Asia! Rofl Bakuteh pricing averages RM9 for a small combo which includes meat, rice and as much as as we want (except for a few soup-stingy outlets)
    It’s sad when we know of places whose food standards have dropped, especially when the dishes used to be excellant.

    LOL!!! Ya…it certainly seems like that. Something like – hey, if you can do it, I can do it too… 😉 I guess it works out to more or less the same…but RM2.50 for a bowl of rice is a bit too much…and the bkt is not even that great that I would want to eat it again. 😦

  4. That’s ridiculous! RM 2.50 per bowl of rice is daylight robbery. I’ve been here before but I can’t remember if they charged for rice back then.

    Unless it’s topped with a generous douse of glorious pork lard and has bits of deep fried pork lard hidden inside, it’s not worth RM 2.50.

    I think I’ve only been there twice or three times, just to check it out, I wasn’t impressed either.

    I can’t remember either. Thought it was not as bad way back then… One bowl of yew char koi/yew tiao – I don’t think that makes up to one whole thing at all, that small bowl. And it’s not even great – even if it’s very good, I would think twice about eating there again – not at those prices.

  5. I’ve never heard of dry bak kut teh. Sounds interesting. Clever businessmen…haha. Must be so disappointing when the food doesn’t come out as expected. Let us know when you find the real good one. I love bak kut teh….mmm

    Click the link in the post – that one that we had at Kopitiam Fantasy (Fortune Commercial Centre, behind Rejang Medical Centre) is just nice…or at least to us. Maybe you prefer thicker soup, stronger herbal taste – that I wouldn’t know. Dry bak kut teh is fairly new, I guess…very popular in West Malaysia, it seems. I prefer to traditional soupy version…

  6. I’ve been here once, didn’t really like it. I found their bak kut teh too bland. And yes you are right, at those prices, one should expect a lot more!

    Yup, very diluted. Used to be a lot nicer than that. Prices going up, quality going down…

  7. Ahh!…BKT, my favourite comfort dish. Either in soup or dry version. Like those with strong herbal aroma taste and best if served in claypot. RM2.50 for a bowl of white rice or yeu char koi is way too expensive lor. In Kuching, a bowl of white rice will cost RM1.00 or
    RM1.50 the most.

    Yup! Very unreasonably-priced. Would not want to go again…Hmmmm….you like bkt? I think I’ve a fair idea of your kind of food – something along the same line as Claire’s. Not so much into the exotic, spicy stuff, right?

    1. Clap, clap…..yup, you are right. Would be more adventurous into typical chinese food than exotic spicy stuff. Call me a typical chinese woman, hehehehe.

      Never too late to learn… Like my friend, Philip, living in the US. He said that since he got to know about my blog and go out here and there with me in Sibu to eat, he had begun to appreciate different kinds of tastes. Normally, it would be more or less kampua every day. LOL!!!

  8. Woah….both soup and dry bak kut teh all here! I still prefer the soup one. I find that the dry one more like some braised pork meat or something. Have a good weekend, STP.

    Yup…could hardly taste the BKT herbal taste at all. It tasted ok though – just too expensive. 😦

  9. i won’t be impressed either. it is daylight robbery! rice cos rm2.50?? tsk3

    Once bitten, twice shy. You wouldn’t see me going there again. If I’m not mistaken, the place was originally started by some West Malaysians from Klang or some place in Selangor – dunno if they are still the same people running the place.

  10. the whole package of bak kut teh is very expensive..
    rice is RM2.50?? I always had 2 bowls of rice .. so it will cost me RM5.00
    it looks like a charcoal for the dry bak kut teh…

    Yup…but the burnt taste added to the fragrance. No complaints about the colour…just the price.

  11. Did they sprinkle gold dust on the rice? Why so mahal?…tsk!tsk!tsk! I have never try dry bakuteh before and I don’t even know that it exists!Jakun betul I. Please describe sikit the taste. Taste like those lor ark or sek bak kah? Never seen in KL before pun.

    You will see it in KL if you hop over now… The trend started there, I think. No need lah…when you come, I tapao for you to try…then you will not be so jakun anymore. Of course we will not eat there – will cook our own rice and eat at home… 😉

    1. Shereen, want nice dried Bak Kut Teh, come to KL quick quick, I take you go eat one very nice wan. At the same place, also go VERY nice rice wine chicken.

      KL, rice wine chicken…if like the one at Jalan Alor with all the newspaper features pasted all over the stall like it was the best in the world…would be nothing like the Sibu one. That one’s not good at all…and I had that a few years ago – RM12…and I could not even finish half.

  12. Anyway, lupa mo tanya… What the heck is zhao chai hung ngang too?

    zhao chai is preserved vegetables, preserved using zhao or the residue from making the traditional Foochow red wine and hung ngang is the big version of the mihun – something like what they use in Pennag laksa. For the dish, they cook a soup similar to the mee sua chicken soup but with the zhao chai added and hung ngang is put in it instead of mee sua. I’m not too crazy about it, kind of sourish but Melissa loves it! You can see the photographs here in smallkucing’s blog:

  13. BKT is not in our food list.. my kids don’t like the herbal soup taste … when I go, I normally order the stewed pork leg to replace the BKT. If you like BKT, next time when you come, I take you to one shop which is quite famous here… let you taste the difference…

    Not really crazy over it. Mandy always wants to take me to Klang to eat the best but I always refused. Will only eat sometimes – for something different for a change.

  14. Sometimes looks can really be deceiving. They make the food look appetizing in the pictures but when they serve them they turn out to be different.

    Yup…and sometimes, the food may not look very nice but it tastes great! Never judge by appearance…

  15. Dry BKT……never try before..where is this kopitiam?
    BTW, I saw Claire’s post about dining at your house…You are a good chef..can cook so many dishes. Next time dun lupa invite me ya…hahaha:) no shy shy lol….:)

    Invite, no problem… Question is whether you want to come or not… 😉

  16. Why so expensive??? Normally a top up of rice or you tiao is like RM1 here in Kuching. =( Bad experience.

    Yup! Used to be RM1.00 elsewhere, don’t think it has gone up…but RM2.50 is a bit too much. More expensive than a plate of kampua… 😦

  17. The dried Bak Kut Teh does not look good in the photo, so dry wan??? Come to KL again, there is one near my house, very good Bak Kut Teh, friendly service and reasonably price.

    Go KL, don’t want bkt lah… So many nice things to eat and bkt is not on my list of favourites. Just something to eat when dunno what to eat, something for a change.

  18. If I had stayed a bit longer, I would have ask you to bring us to BKT..ahahahh

    You like BKT? Good grief! I thought you would have more than enough of it in KL…

  19. Is this BKT is near to the place where me and my mum buy the bakery thing when you pass the “tee piang” to me? if i am not wrong, this is my good old friend’s sister opened, he told me when i am back in KL last year, he said how come didn’t go to his sister shop and try the BKT. Anyway, if for BKT, i still prefer the KL one. 🙂

    Yup! Yup! That’s the place. You can tell your friend – so expensive and not so nice, what for people want to go. Now, business not so good, very friendly. Last time, very unfriendly one…

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