Your smiling face…

I went to town last Sunday afternoon as I had something to do. You see with all the nice and happy visitors that I had, I was thinking that from all the positive vibes, Lady Luck would be smiling on me. I parked my car and went about doing what I had to do and in just a couple of minutes, I was on my way back to the vehicle. Before I could get to it, a car drove into the parking space beside mine.

No, no…I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, the problem was mine, all mine. You see, I had parked, still within the parking space, a bit too much to the right and the lady had parked a bit too much to the left so it was virtually impossible for me to get into the driver’s seat. After she had got out of her car, I asked her if she would take a long time to do whatever she was going to do and she said no…so I said it was all right then, I would just wait a while for her, no worries!

She took a bit longer than I had anticipated but it was perfectly okay by me. After all, it was a Sunday afternoon and I had nothing planned and had all the time in the world so I was in no hurry whatsoever. Finally, she emerged from the shop where she had gone to tapao (takeaway) some packets of chicken rice. I looked at her, wanting to smile at her as a gesture of appreciation that  she did not take too long and she would be driving off in a jiffy and I would be able to get into my  car but not only did she look quite unhappy…

Sad face

…but she did not even bother to look in my direction as she walked past right in front of me as if I were invisible.

What is the world coming to, I wondered? I remember the time when people were all very cordial, very warm and amicable even to people they did not know – after all, it does not cost anything, does it? What’s wrong with just flashing a smile? Usually, when in such a situation, the people concerned would smile at one another and maybe, carry out some small talk. Perhaps one would say, “Banyaknya beli?” (Buying so much?) and the other would probably reply jokingly, “Yalor! Semua si-rangkak kat rumah!” (All the greedy people at home!) which, of course, is not meant to be taken seriously and both would laugh and go their separate ways, feeling tickled and happy inside. Perhaps people don’t do that anymore these days and have this tendency to eye the others with utter distrust or suspicion?

I noticed that the car next to hers had parked more to the left as well (also within the parking space) so it was not that easy for her to get into her car and of course, she could manage as she was neither my shape nor my size…but there was another vacant parking space after that car which made me wonder why she did not park her car in that one. I suppose that would mean she would have to walk the additional distance of an extra two parking spaces to get to where she was going…and that’s one thing many would not want to do. If they could, they would drive right into the shop to buy what they want. Just look at all those (luxury/big) cars parked illegally by the side of the narrow roads or on the pavement right outside the coffee shops in town and you’ll get what I mean.


Or perhaps the lady had a load on her mind  and that probably was why she did not bother at all to smile and try to be friendly to one of her fellow-human beings. After all, life today, it seems, is like a pressure cooker, so stressful that each individual is like a walking time-bomb…about to explode any minute now.

Come! Go ahead, make someone’s day! Smile…and the whole world smiles with you. It will do wonders, believe you me.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Your smiling face…”

  1. either she sakit gigi, or she is scared of you, being a DOM! hahaha…

    If I looked like you, cute like a giant overgrown baby, maybe she would have smiled. I think I look quite intimidating and would scare the living daylights out of people who do not know me well. 😦

    1. Mebbe not la… some people are just timid. So dun really warm up towards you easily.

      Apa lagi…when I look like a steam roller? One look already pass green shit! LOL!!! 😀

  2. In KL, you’ll hardly see anyone smiling to a stranger of the opposite sex. Everyone who is a stranger esp the opposite sex is BAD until proven otherwise…

    Why? Has things become so bad these days? Wei!!! Smiling at people of the same sex also the same lah these days… Don’t think it is much safer.

    1. I got tat once in pasarmalam few years back. A guy came over, smiling, telling me he wanted to be my friend. Cilakak betul!

      Oh? Somebody thought you’re cute…or perhaps, he thought he wouldn’t need to buy a mattress? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. To continue the setoli, he approached me and confessed that he was different, he was a gay, and wanna make fren wt me. Well, told him am not into this and asked him to find some one else.

        Muahahahaha!!!! No comments… 😉

  3. give her the benefit of doubt…she probably had lots on her mind:D
    but seriously, smiling won’t do us any harm…so smile and make someone’s day better.

    That’s what I said – in today’s world, that is more often than not the case. See, have to run here and there…tapao food for the family, no time to cook…etc…etc…etc… Gone are the good ol’ days when life was slow and simple.

  4. You not only made me laugh….you made me laugh out loud uncontrollably with that “If they could, they would drive right into the shop to buy what they want.” I could visualize that happening!

    Go around the town and you see that everywhere. The roads are already narrow enough without all those cars by the side.Even when they’ve been issued tickets, things never change. Maybe they’re just too rich – paying off those fines is a small matter to them? 😦

    1. Perhaps she didn’t look at you coz you looked like a bouncer and she was fearful that she would be beaten up if she dared to stare at you! Rofl

      Jokes aside, I think the situation is gonna get from bad to worse because the new generation is spoilt. Society is getting more negatives with selfish and greedy attitudes, a far cry from the flower power times. And I feel our education system no more highlights the importance of moral studies, thus social decay.

      I know. I don’t look cute and cuddly and I scare people off… Sobssss!!!!! 😦 And please don’t blame the education system – we did not study any such subject in school and we did not have such a problem at all. After all, good moral behaviour is not meant to be like studied. It is supposed to be taught via good advice and example AND practised. During our time, our parents taught us to be nice people…and they showed us by their good examples. Times have changed…unfortunately! 😦

  5. That first picture… looks like the eraser my anak lost in school! OMG!

    See my reply to your follow-up comment! LOL!!! 😀

  6. *sigh* for a moment, i thought my anak’s eraser terpelanting to Sibu. 😦

    Nasib that’s not an eraser! Otherwise, habis terfitnah saya people say I stole her anak’s eraser! Muahahahahahaha!!!! That’s a talking clock that Melissa brought home from NZ – will tell you the time and make all kinds of funny noises. That reminds me of her Furby! No battery, haven’t tried it out yet.

    1. Furby! OMG… I got one in my parent’s place. It can talk and make all kind of purring noise! Got AI wan… but mine ‘die’ liao. Tarak battery and never bothered to service it. LOL!

      I remember, not available in Sibu then. I had to get somebody to buy and bring over from Kuching, almost RM100…and Melissa loved it so much but after playing for a while, the battery ran out and it dies…and she cried and cried and cried…. Had to rush to the neighbourhood store to buy new batteries and bring it back to life. LOL!!! 😀

  7. Awww….Arthur, you are such a nice and patient person! That lady must have taken you for granted I think she can tell by your face 😛 Sibu has changed too much. The town has changed and the general public has changed. Driving there needs to be daring! Same for parking I’m sure.

    Slowly but surely but still not as bad as in the bigger cities… The “small town” feeling is still there but not as laid back as some of the small ones here like Kanowit, for instance. Love that little ol’ town!

  8. I notice people back home don’t smile much especially the service people. Most of them having very long face. I remember when my hubby went back to Malaysia and we were paying at the cashier and you know my hubby being friendly and greeted the cashier ‘hello, how are you today” she just looked at him with a black face. She must be thinking him being crazy 🙂

    Sad, isn’t it? I do not deal with these people much but the ones that I see often – those at the Rejang Park post office, the bank near my house – they’re all smiles and all very sweet and polite. Unfortunately many seem to forget that it’s because of you, they are where they are and behave as if we are the ones who owe them something – a little learning is a dangerous thing. 😦

  9. Maybe she didnt realize you are the owner of the car parked next to her? Out of the blue, you asked her whether she would be long or not.. you might have frightened her out of her wits.. hahaha…. If I were her and I have parked my car like she did and knowing very well you were waiting, I wouldnt have gone to do my purchases… I would reverse and allow you to drive your car out first, then only I go do my stuff with peace. I feel that she doesnt know you are the owner of the car … that is why she quickly drive away… 🙂

    Nah!!! I was trying to get into my car when she got out of hers…and I spoke to her across her vehicle. If she did not realise my problem, she must be one of those dead-to-the-world types! Tsk! Tsk! I didn’t mind waiting really as I was in no hurry but it wouldn’t hurt anybody just to be a bit pleasant and smile, would it?

    1. She should thank you for waiting..if i were her, either i reverse my car to let u out first.. or thanking u for waiting.. maybe she is too over cautious of males.. hehehee…

      No lah! Not very friendly, that’s all. Lots like her these days… 😦

  10. LOL….dont know what happen to her in the shop gua. Tapau wrong order or what. Anyway…one thing i noticed about arking there ah…many car will simply hentam park one. Along the hotel and at the wisma sanyan. Sometimes overlap to other people box! The box is straight and they park senget

    No lah! She already looked muram before she went into the shop.

    Ya…you did not see me parking my car like that, right? I’m the very kwai one… That’s one thing about Sibu – simply park, illegal parking everywhere and did you notice what HUGE vehicles they all drive? And every place is some 100 metres or so away only… I dunno what their problem is – is it their upbringing, their education or lack of it or their culture or maybe they have some kind of inferiorty complex? All of them seem to be anti-establishment and seem to take pleasure in challenging the authorities by flaunting a nonchalant attitude towards whatever rules or laws there may be.

    1. Hey, u almost got your car climbed up the kerb near ruby! Anyway, across the straits, people are much more friendly, esp keturunan Jawa, frm janitors to top shot ceo. They will wish u good day, even the taxi drivers, after a hot tiring day. Guess tat rubs on me too,

      Where? No leh? LOL!!! Oh? You friendly kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  11. Arthur, this happen all the time here in KL, you see more black faces than smiling faces. When someone reciprocate a smile to me, it truly made my day!! Sadly but true, very rare now. When my Quay Lo first came to live in KL, he used to be very friendly, he greets the car park attendants, the janitors in a shopping complex, the cashier, the counter sales staff, the toll cashier etc. etc. Some give him a blank look, some give him a long face, some immediately look the other direction, some even give him a dirty stare!!! Over the years he learned not to smile so readily at strangers and or strike up a conversation with one. I hope he will not stop smiling after living here another 10 years and then put on a black face the next 10 years if he lives that long. LOL! As regards to inconsiderate parking, KL probably wins hands down! When someone blocks your car and you can’t get out, and even when you give them a soft and friendly honk to notify them, they still give you a dirty look when they come and remove their car… not a world of apology, can you beat that??? I “kena” many times. This is the real world we live in now. I find that in the virtual world, we have more smiles and laughter.

    Yes, when I was in the UK, I really loved it there. Everyone was so polite and so friendly – people in the shops, the cafeteria, the housekeepers, the cleaners, the bus drivers….everybody! When I was teaching, I would tell my students about that and make comparisons to what we have here. Malaysians are friendly? Humph! That’s the LAST word I would use to describe many around us. I wonder if you have inconsiderate parents letting of their children at the schools, kindergartens and nurseries – here, you will have to queue up and wait while one by one, they turn in and out of the gate to let the child/children off…and they would get out of the car to escort the children in some more…never mind if there are already a thousand cars stuck and waiting…. With parents like those, is it any wonder what kind of people their children will grow up to become?

  12. Yes, smile and the world will smile at you. After all, you lose nothing. Maybe she gets up at the wrong side of her bed that particular day or may be due to monthly blue, hehehehe.

    A smile will definitely help to lift up her spirits… Being gloomy will only make it worse. 😦

    1. One time I went to the post office to send something by Pos Laju to my son in SP and the lady at the counter was not friendly at all. I asked her when will it arrived at SP and she pulled a long face saying “Besok”. And worst of all, she was putting on a badge which reads “Serve with a smile”.

      Here, they’re all ok at such places. Maybe Kuching is a city mah – city people not so friendly one. Hehehehehehehe!!!! I had a nasty encounter with a lady at a bank here (from Kuching) and I wrote in (c.c. KL HQ) to lodge an official complaint – I think she did not get her bonus that year, serve her right!!! I no longer have an account at that bank. Other than that, there was this sour puss at the MAS counter at Sibu airport – when I had everything done, I purposely said to her out loud, “Thank you very much. Have a nice day!!!” and she looked quite embarrassed, probably suddenly aware of her snooty attitude.

  13. I was in Sugarbun a few years back and I helped a woman hold the door behind me, purely out of courtesy, but she did not even bother to look at me. This is Sibu mannerisms at its best!

    They’re all over, aren’t they? Good thing she did not eye you with suspicion…like you were going to rob her…or pick her up! LOL!!!

  14. Maybe some people just being shy. hahahhah

    When i am young, i am not so social and hardly talk and smile to people too, shy. *ahem* Till she sent me to study hotel management, from there i learn a lot and meet a lot people and make me a more talkative person. hahaha

    This morning when i brought Cruz to the clinic, he was feverish last night, while in the clinic, a lady look at me and smile and said you got a handsome boy and you have a good day! Wah! This sure bright up my day and maybe also my lucky day? 🙂

    I love the alarm clock and door hanger, so cute!!

    Yes, yes…little gestures like that certainly help to make one feel nicer and one’s day better, agree? Hope Cruz is ok now… Lots of people sick – I’m still coughing myself inside out… 😦

    Ya…not surprised…you country bumpkin from Sibu venturing into the big city, KL…and I suppose, like all the rest, not so proficient in English – very self-couscious and shy. LOL!!! I never had a problem even during my teenage school days… Always shameless! LOL!!! 😀

  15. i think people nowadays are much colder. And probably there’s a lot of distrust with strangers after all the horror stories we heard about. I also don’t smile at strangers but if someone i didn’t know smile at me, I’ll be very scared too.

    Not strangers out of the blue but in situations like this…or when a guy holds the door open for you…etc… Ever noticed when someone holds the lift door open to let everybody get out first, how many will say thank you to him or her? At best, a sprinkling…or none at all. Excuse me, he/she is not the lift attendant and even so, it would be nice to smile and say thank you. Right? 😉

  16. Never mind lah, let her keep that kind of attitude and that kind of face. You just make sure your friendly-face is always on, then it’s good stuff for Sibu town 😉 Hope you took down her carplate numbers – go buy 4-digits…maybe got luck leh 🙂 You strike big big, you send me 1st class ticket to Sibu, OK? Have a lovely weekend, Arthur 🙂

    Dream on, dream on… In Hokkien, we say…mai kong bay sai, bay phui pun bay tiok!!! (No need to say horse shit = consolation prize, horse fart also we can’t get!) LOL!!!

    1. Muahahaa! I thought you were teaching me some Hokkien swear words!

      Me? I’m such a decent chap… LOL!!! 😉

      1. Eh!!! I wished you strike big big, didn’t I?? 3rd prize also must share! Show me the money, friend!!

        Eeeeee….this kind of friend, so money-faced! Muahahahahahaha!!!! Should offer to top up to console me in my misfortune – what I win, you give me the same amount or better still…DOUBLE!!! 😀

  17. So kesian you…such a nice man but the sour puss can treat you like that. If it’s me, I’ll reverse my car and let you get into your car first as that is the right thing to do rather than let you wait like that.My ex boyfriend, a french told me once an incident that happened to him in Ampang. A man dropped a bunch of keys and didn’t realized it and walked off. My ex picked up the keys and ran after him and after catching up with the guy, told the guy what happened and returned the keys to him. This guy instead of thanking my ex, just grab the keys and gave a nasty look at my ex and just walked off without thanking him!My ex was so angry and swears that he will never do another good turn for any!Nowadays, whenever I’m back in Malaysia and if I get that type of treatment, I’ll just smile at the person and would thank him/her or say something nice instead of getting upset.Saying that, when I was in Sibu, the Poslaju lady was very nice and helpful and I think everybody that I met on that trip were very nice and pleasant…maybe because the Sibu YB was with me lar…hahahaha.

    Sibu like that lah, all nice one…but if unlucky, may bump into some not so nice ones – sad to say, usually our own kind! 😦

    But mat salleh also, if young ones, can be quite kurang ajar as well. I think at Melbourne or Auckland airport, this young chap – his big fat wallet fell out of his back pocket (jeans) onto the floor – I picked it up and went after him calling out, “Excuse me.,..excuse me…!” When he realised I was calling him, he turned and looked at me with a strange look on his face, and when he saw his wallet I was waving in the air, he just snapped it away rudely…and he said to his friends, “I wouldn’t be able to do without this, would I?” and they all laughed (like orang gila) and walked away. Not a word of thanks, not even a smile or a nod of acknowledgement…and I just stood there feeling quite stupid and thinking, perhaps I should have just kept the wallet. Perhaps that was because I was Asian?

    1. I agree with Arthur, nowadays the young “Mat Sallehs” are kurang ajar and can be worst than us. In fact the world has gone nuts! Now can only find friendly people in the food blog community! At least it seems like that. It was great knowing you, Shereen, Yoong and my other food blogger friends. You guys add colors to my life!! BIG BEAR HUGS!

      Hugssss from me all around too – let’s make this world a much better place to live in! 😉

  18. malaysians are having such attitude nowadays, how bad ;(

    Latest: Anything IS Food!

    Sad, really sad… I think we should all sit down and look at ourselves and change…if we want to make our country a better place in which to live.

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