Didn’t we almost have it all?…

No, you didn’t…

The group of blogger-friends of mine who came to Sibu on a brief visit certainly enjoyed the food here and have been singing their praises in their blogs and Facebook for days on end…but no, they definitely didn’t have it all for there are still many places that they have yet to go to and many other nice things here that they must get to try.

No, I’m NOT going to take them to that place with the ridiculously-priced hay mee (prawn noodles) which is not that affordable at over RM20.00 a bowl and besides, I do not think it is really that nice – not at that price…but there is another local Foochow delicacy, the favourite of many (but not mine), the dianpianngu and we also have this – what we call char pek koi (fried white cake)…

Char pek koi

…that they may want to try. I’m not really crazy about it but Melissa likes it a lot so perhaps they may like it too.

They did get to sample a not-as-nice version of the tee piang but no, you don’t know tee piang until you have eaten these…

Tee piang with meat filling

…and they did not get to eat the Foochow traditional engagement/betrothal cake either, the lay piang.

They did drive past the place (I saw the photo) where Asian Flavours is located and they could have stopped to sample the very nice chicken croquettas…

Chicken croquettas

…that I liked a lot but they didn’t…and it was really too bad that they left town without eating these very yummy chicken pies…

Chicken pie

…at only RM3.20 each. It used to be RM2.80 only but the price has gone up since. Well, what hasn’t?

They did not manage to find time to come here where they could have all the nice and cheap food and perhaps try their Philippine pork leg…

Philippine pork leg

I would say that it is very nice but I can’t remember the last time I had that for obvious reasons. I have been avoiding it but perhaps, if in a big group, we can have that and each person will only need to eat a little. That should be all right, don’t you think?

And too bad, they did not get to come here for the cincaluk fried rice…

Cincaluk fried rice

…or here for their spicy fried rice with XO sauce…

Spicy fried rice with XO sauce

…and all the nice dishes that they have at these two places…or their Japanese restaurant just a few doors away…or they may want to try another restaurant in the vicinity that has been endorsed by Jalan-jalan cari makan.

I can go on and on and on about all the nice things that they can eat in town but before anyone starts to think that Sibu is all about food, actually they can go and relax and take some nice photographs at some of the scenic spots around like this park, for instance

Kutien Memorial Park

…or they can go and feed the fishes and relax here or if they stay long enough, they can actually go and visit one of the nearby towns like Bintangor , Sarikei or Kanowit

Kanowit River

…and drop by a longhouse there for an experience of a lifetime…

Rantau Kemeding longhouse

So how about it? Anybody coming my way? May the 1st is a public holiday, Tuesday…so if you take one day off work on Monday, perhaps you can come on Friday night or on the first flight on Saturday morning…and take the last flight home on Tuesday night just in time to get back to work the following day. Great idea, don’t you think? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Didn’t we almost have it all?…”

  1. Gosh if they also had all of the above food on top of what they already had, they would end up going home looking like puffer fishes! Rofl

    Was just told of Sibu’s best dianpianngu stall which is situated along a deep lane near the Sibu taxi stand. The taste is alien to me I guess since I really dunno what it is other than that it is a famous foochow delicacy.

    Not a fan of dianpianngu – ordered a bowl not too long ago (for the sake of blogging about it) and I could not finish…but I know many who would fight tooth and claw for it. Yes, the original’s in one dark lane in a not-very-nice looking shop (which has not changed one bit since God knows when)…and there’s also Grace Cafe which some say is nicer, some say not. If you ask me, I ‘d say both not nice…since they stopped adding meng ngee (dried cuttlefish – RM10 for one little piece now). The sweetness and the fragrance are no longer there…but should be ok for people who have never tasted the original way back in the 60s or 70s. Come, come to Sibu and you can give it a try. Who knows, you may like it?

  2. it’s really quite impossible for them to have tasted all the best of sibu within just a short stay right?? but i guess with your professional itinerary planning, they are close to 80%?? haha..

    I wouldn’t say they had 80%, maybe 50-60% only… A lot more to try, so much more that even with 6 meals a day, they did not manage to eat all. One problem was they had reruns – going back to eat the same things that they liked a lot…and letting those who came late try as well.

  3. Smart guy!! Putting these pictures up mean we got to go to Sibu again next month!!! The tee piang.. *hit wooden table* yes.. how could i left that out??? Arthur… don’t put up any more pictures for us to “hit table!”

    Not the tee piang, Claire…the lay piang!!! You need to at least know what it looks and tastes like… Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    Hehehehehehe!!!! If I don’t do this, how else will I be able to get you all to come again? But I think…now that you’ve all been here and you’ve tried some of the nice things we have here, you would want to come again any opportunity you may have. Keep checking the airfares and grab any cheap ones that may come your way… Always welcome anytime!

    1. must go for second round la Claire. This round I wanna go further see the longhouses and maybe some tuak? kekeke

      You all must come again! I forgot about this place: yummilicious prawn noodles at only RM8.00
      I did hear that the man had died…so I’m not sure if they still sell the same things and whether they’re any good. Will have to go and try one of these days…just in case you all come again.

  4. Haiyo “Mouth Watering” *excuse me*…Sibu got lots yummy foodie. If I made a trip to Sibu I’ll call you…

    Most welcome. Just let me know anytime when you’re heading this way. From the feedback and the response from those who came, everyone should know by now that Sibu isn’t too bad a place after all and is certainly worth a visit…

  5. Wah, RM20 hay mee, I must open stall sell……fatt tatt lorrr………

    Not really! It used to be very popular when it was around RM8-10 many many years ago…but since the price has gone up and up and up so much, I don’t think they’re enjoying very brisk business anymore. Maybe some die-hards, coming home from overseas…and so cheap for them after converting into their currency and comparing to the miserable ones they have over there – these people would go and eat, not those of us here, I’m sure.

  6. I always have to go on a week’s fast or even two weeks before going back to Sibu so that I can taste all the good food.

    But you’re only in Kuching? And with the Foochow migration, they do have a lot of our local favourites over there as well. No need to wait to come home to enjoy them… 😉

    1. I am a stranger in Kuching. It’s not my home. I don’t know many places. I don’t know many people also.

      Oh dear, poor thing! Ok, for a start, try Me Kong…a coffee shop opposite Heritage Restaurant – behind the block of shophouses across the road from Grand Continental Hotel (Ban Hock Road) – lots of Foochow specialties there and they’re not bad at all…

  7. Yes, taste, I did not use the wrong word. Chris said, “Mum always orders the food, tastes it, and leaves the rest for me to finish.”

    LOL!!! No wonder you’re in your shape and he’s in his… Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

  8. Arthur, there is one place in Damansara that sells expensive hay mee also but delicious. To me it is too expensive no matter how delicious it is. The long house looks interesting. Next time come, have to do more sight seeing but then I want to eat all the other food I missed first.

    I wonder what that one’s like? Maybe like Penang hay mee? Ours would be the soup version of the Foochow fried noodles (you had that when you were in Sibu) and with a few of those freshwater (big head) prawns added, it would bring the taste up to a whole new level… They have in Sarikei – slightly cheaper…tom yam prawn noodles.

  9. Very yummy food….make me lapar. I got nice food from my mum last week….it is called “RISOL” (from Indonesia, Medan). Wanna try? taste great and u jz need to fried them till golden brown n eat with chilli sos. Drop me an email..can pass some 4 u to try out…

    No, thanks… I googled and it looks really good – looks like chicken cordon bleu…but I’m having a really terrible cough right now – should not take fried stuff. Another time perhaps…

  10. Claire, another bait to lure you and blogger friends to Sibu. That pek koi looks like char kway teow Does it belong to the kway teow family? Tee piang and chicken pies looks yummy!!!…

    They sell the dried ones in packets, imported from China… I’m sure you have this in Kuching as well. I would go for kway teow anytime…but if one has never tried, no harm tasting it…and knowing what it is.

  11. Wah, your bait is very powerful to lure us anak ikan your way..hahahaha.

    Yakah? So are you coming? When? When? When? Make sure you stay longer this time, k? 😉

  12. hmmm you’re a good tour guide to all the best Sibu yummies.

    Ya…upgraded from being a food directory. LOL!!! 😀

  13. i never try the tee piang with minced meat inside. it look so good! dianpiangu is not my favorite too. ahh bintangor don’t have so many food!

    I love it! And so do many of my friends…but my missus prefers the plain ones, and Annie-Q too… You don’t like dianpianngu too? You’ve got good taste in food – like me. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  14. Wah , good way to promote Sibu !! Now I think Kathy , quay Po , Claire and Yee Ling got better view of Sibu already . They eat so much and still got so much left out ? Hahhaa . I am the same , everytime when I go back I just eat the same food all over again . Kekekkeke

    Yes, an eye-opener! At least their readers will start to think of coming to Sibu or will know a bit about it – no more a backward place where people still live in the trees in the jungle.

  15. Wah….still got so many goodies they missed. But I don’t think they can stuff themselves with all these goodies since they already had a lot of goodies during the trips. Making me wanna go to Sibu. hahaha……let me plan. I might need you to be my guide.

    Come, come! Just let me know when you’re coming! Would love to have you here…and the rest can always come again too. I’m sure they would love that very much after the first time… 😉

  16. Hi Arthur, would like to check with you the exact location of Asian Flavour – is it at the food court right besides Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre? Went there with hubby last Sunday morning around 10+ but seeing no sign of the stall. They do not open on Sunday I supposed…or perhaps they have shifted again? Looking forward to try the SG hokkien mee and your highly recommended Spanish chicken croquettas.

    Yup! It’s supposed to be there – one of the stalls at the food court. I have not been there for a long time. Let me contact him and find out. Oops…no response from the DIGI number. Will try Facebook and will get back to you soonest.

    Got word from the guy himself now and I’m afraid – not very good news. He has closed down his business…and he did not say where he is or what he’s doing now. Oh dear! Now I can’t go back there for the chicken croquettas anymore… Sobssss!!!!!

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