A little something…

It is the Asian or definitely, the Malaysian tradition to bring a little something when you visit somebody. In Malay, we call it buah tangan. But when my blogger-friends from KL and Ipoh came to town, I certainly would not say that they brought a little something…for that would be a dreadful understatement.

Quay Po gave me another Big Dog t-shirt

From Quay Po 1

…and how very true that is! Life is indeed full of choices.

She also brought along these pasta and olives…

From Quay Po 2

…and the very nice almond slices that she made herself…

From Quay Po 3

…and that wasn’t all! Her mum cooked these vegetarian intestines…

From Quay Po 4

…and she wanted me to try them as I commented once that I was not really into all those vegetarian stuff. I just opened the container to take the photograph and the mere fragrance swept me off my feet. My missus took a piece and ate it cold and commented that it was very nice. I saved the rest to share with some of my blogger-friends who came for dinner at my house and everyone enjoyed it very much. It was very nicely cooked with all the aromatic spices and the dried chilies. Double thumbs up to your mum, Quay Po!

Yee Ling gave me these…

From Yee LIng

Oooo….Famous Amos! Melissa would love those a lot…and the egg rolls were very nice too. Hey! Wait a minute! What was that? An ang pao! Tsk! Tsk! Ooi!!! I’m not a kid nor an old grandfather…so anyone who comes next time, don’t give me any ang pao. I’ll just give you all my bank account number to bank in your Nuffnang cheques one by one as they come. Hehehehehe!!! This one, I’ll pass to Melissa and tell her it’s from Yee Ling cheh-cheh (elder sis)…considering that you’re not much older than her – so very young! LOL!!!

Claire came with these in tow…

From Claire

Thank you so much, Claire…and also to Elin for the heong peah – so thoughtful of you to send me a little something through Claire. Hopefully, she will share with you some of the things that I gave her and asked her to pass some to you. She’ll probably give you the masak hitam Sarawak sambal paste and ask you to cook…and then she’ll go and eat. Clever hor, our friend? LOL!!!

These came from smallkucing

From smallkucing 1

Oops!!! Yes, there was the contraband that I asked papakucing to buy for me on his trips to Indonesia…and he refused to accept reimbursement for that. Humph!!! Like that, I will not ask him to buy anymore. Tsk! Tsk!

And they also brought this along for me…

From smallkucing 2

Now would anybody want to guess what it is?Β I have not defrosted it yet and heated it up to enjoy so I really can’t tell how good it is but I bet it is going to be really yummy. So, come, everybody! Make a guess! Friends and family of smallkucing are not allowed to participate! LOL!!!

And last but not least, thanks, on behalf of Melissa, to smallkucing and Claire for the ang paos and thanks from me too…and to Quay Po and Yee Ling as well for everything.Β Thanks so very much from the bottom of my heart to all of you for coming…

@WNS Memorial Park
@ Wong Nai Siong Memorial Park (smallkucing’s mamarazzi’s photo on Facebook)

…It certainly was my pleasure having you all fly all the way to this humble little town to visit me and I do hope that all of you found the trip worthwhile – with all the good food, good fun…and hopefully, good company! A thousand apologies from the bottom of my heart for any shortcomings along the way…and please do come again soon. We would be looking forward to that and would certainly welcome you all with open arms…

I hope I have not missed out anything and have given due acknowledgement to everyone for everything that I had received. The thing was there were so many people and so many things changing hands that my head was spinning in all directions so much so that I did not know whether I was coming or going! Old man like that lah! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “A little something…”

  1. Wow….so many gifts and food and got angpaus somemore! This must be a happy STP for the next few weeks!

    Too bad you didn’t come. I would have got one from you and I would be even happier! SIN$!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. till the next trip… hold on to that tuak… marvelicious…

    Next trip, put aside one day to go to the source – the longhouse is about an hour or so away by car… I saw the giant jars in which they store the stuff – about our size…or my size at least, not as big as you. Hehehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Oi Superweightkaolabear… jaga the liquor abit… later mabuk la, drink so much!

      You think I will let him drink so much!!! Very precious commodity – at the most, just a sip! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Yup,I also dapat a sip saja eventhough I like it a lot.The tuak was so delicious but Arthur so stingy with it!!!

        Hehehehehe!!!! Come! I’ll let you have the rest…still got at least half a bottle left. πŸ˜‰

    2. Actually I was thinking of going to the longhouse you have mentioned in your previous posts.. but no one suggested, I also kept quiet.. (food was the first priority, I cannot deny that!) .. in that case, we have to make a second trip?? πŸ™‚

      I did tell them to go to Taman Bukit Aup (and I hear there’s a Taman 1Malaysia there now as well) and on the way, there’s a longhouse on top of a hill – you all can stop there to look around. Never mind! You come again and I will drive you and your family myself to Kanowit to visit the longhouse – you’ll see it again in tomorrow’s post… πŸ˜‰

    3. not the long house… takut roboh bah… anyway, been there, done tat… drank sampai nungging…hahaha.. those good ole days…scary.. come to think of it.

      Ya…may not hold your weight. LOL!!! Ok…ok…I’ll take Claire the next time she comes. She’s never seen one before…

  3. ROFLOL! Ling kasi ur girl angpow? Aiya… ur our friend, of course ur anak kena treat like our little kids. We sometimes lupa that ur kid is no longer a lil girl ma. Same goes with Claire’s kids. I kasi them angpow during CNY… and they were like… aiyo, almost same age…why kasi angpow wan…LOL!

    I was tempted to kirim a doll that I gave to Juan Juan (Littlesprout) to Melissa…but din manage to meet Kat before she fly off to Sibu. LOL!

    I also gave Claire’s kids – 1st time coming to the house, Chinese tradition…but big kids, small ang pao lah! Just to preserve the tradition.

  4. Wow…that’s a lot of food, Arthur! I think u won’t go hungry the next whole month…haha. I love that T-shirt πŸ˜€ You should wear it and take a picture and put on your blog…hehe. By the way, I have no clue about that frozen pack…haha. It’s wonderful to know everyone had a great time! I must fly back time to join u all πŸ˜€

    Yes, holidays are best when spent with lots of friends and lots of good food… Even at some boring place like Sibu where nothing much ever happens, it will be a whole lot of fun.

  5. How to cook terung dayak ah? Kat gave me two of it… so big… can cook with wud? I dowan to keep the terung liao, sked spoil. o.O

    No fish or prawns, just a handful of ikan bilis will do – simmer to get the sweetness and flavour out of the dried anchovies. People say don’t throw away the seeds – later, not sour…but these days, the terung Dayak not sour, with or without seeds…we have to add assam keping! Tsk! Tsk!

    1. I think I screwed up my terung dayak…dun really taste sourish. 😦

      Read my lips!!! Didn’t I tell you they’re not sour…and you have to add assam keping??? These days, terung dayak not sour, chili not pedas….what is the world coming to? Some say it’s the result of the overuse of fertilisers….

  6. ooopsss, i don’t bring buah tangan when i visit friends, hehe, is that very rude?? you’ve just got so many things from the ladies, wow!! i guess those all must have taken up the space of an entire table, haha.. they just really got the heart yeah?? πŸ™‚

    Men! And city people some more! Usually will not bring any buah tangan… But I’ve had male friends – Ivan, Huai Bin…they all brought something too…and people like Eugene and other guy friends also gave me stuff when I went to Penang…but not bags and bags of stuff like the ladies. We men memang kalah when it comes to these things… πŸ˜‰

  7. wah i like that T-shirt very much. Life is really full of choices!

    Yes, it’s very nice, eh? American original, very comfortable some more… πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow so many gifts! They would certainly make a small hill if put together. Vegetarian intestines? Gosh I’ve never come across that before. Looks really yummy though.
    They make a few more trips and you’ll have enough for a mini-market! Rofl

    Yes, the intestines were very nicely done, so tasty and so fragrant – it’s more the way of cooking, the recipe – I guess the intestines would be quite tasteless like real intestines. Ya…ya…I hope they will come again and often…and very soon I will be able to start a kedai runcit in my neighbourhood liao. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. I didn’t try the egg rolls,but I hope it’s nice cos I bought it from one of the famous confectionery shops in HK…Aijor…first time coming to Sibu…just a small thought. Initally want to pass you daughter, but paiseh…better give to you and you can pass it to her.

    They egg rolls were very light – nor hard like our kuih kapit…and not sweet, just right. Wah!!! From Hongkong one kah! I’m so privileged. Btw, the seaweed noodles you posted to me sometime ago – that one not nice… No taste, texture a bit like spaghetti…I prefer our ordinary noodles.

    1. **to your daughter.

      She, one kind one… When given a lot of money, she gets all stressed out. Dunno how to spend one. Boy, am I lucky or what! LOL!!!

  10. Wow, you not only have great friends visiting you, but bundle of happiness “buah tangan”. Hope you enjoy it every moment.

    Feel bad when people bring so much – so hard for me to try and reciprocate. Traditionally, when people bring buah tangan – have to give back one, you know. Plates, pots and tupperware containers, bags and what not must not be returned empty! Of course, I enjoyed all of that…but best of all, I enjoyed the days when they all were here. So nice to have so many friends around, so happy!

  11. Me also pening leh from the “Hand letters” you gave me. Thank you very much for evrything πŸ™‚

    Welcome. Ummmm…what “hand letters”? Surat tangan?

  12. Arthur, I showed my mum that you “tayang” her vegetarian intestines. She was so happy to see that and even more happy when she heard you and all the others love it. Next time I come, you sure will get another vegetarian dish from her. I agree with Mary, you must wear the new Big Dog T-shirt and take a photo and show us in your post. I was so glad to see you wearing one of the older ones when I was in Sibu. Next trip to San Francisco, I hope to pick up a few more cool ones for you:D XXXL right? or should I buy XXXXL? muahhahaha

    Oh by the way, you asked if there is any shortcomings? Yes there is, you are too fast to pay all the bills. I had to sneak off without your knowledge to beat you to it. Worst still, it took me 15 mins to convince the lady boss to accept payment because she was afraid to offend you. Don’t do that next time or we all dare not come to Sibu anymore.

    Oh! Please don’t trouble her…so sweet of her to think of sending me something she cooked herself. Hope she likes the made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy instant noodles. And please don’t trouble yourself to buy any more Big Dog t-shirts – I’ve enough t-shirts to last me for a while now. I wear them frequently but the new one, I think I’ll reserve for “special days”.

    Hah!!! Good! Good! The lady boss very obedient! Actually I left standing instructions not to accept payment from my guests whenever I dine there. The Ruby boss is different – he will accept payment from my guests and will refuse mine. Dunno why…maybe my money no Agong’s head… 😦 So susah…people come all the way and I don’t get the chance to treat. Shy lah like that… 😦

    1. From what i’ve been reading in all the posts, it was such a FUN trip – being able to meet blogger friends in person and feasting on so much good food! πŸ™‚

      Quay Po, based on the link here, I also read your post on the trip. A very well written post, I would say. And good photography skills too. Btw, I wanted to comment on your post but could not 😦

      Yes, what can be more fun than having a whole lot of nice friends around? I certainly had a great time when they were here and I hope they will come again…and others too! Always welcome…and no need to bring so much buah tangan! If can cook, something like Quay Po’s mum’s vegetarian intestines would be more than enough – and that makes it a whole lot more meaningful as it is one’s own special cooking.

      Actually in the all days, when one brought buah tangan, it would be something one had cooked or baked – bagi sikit, cuba…or fruits or vegetables from one’s own garden.

      P.S. You need to register a blogger.com account and sign in to comment in Quay Po’s blog and other similar ones. I have my wordpress account so I can just use that to comment.

  13. Oh forget to guess, I think it is acar. I am right yes? What is the prize?

    Wrong, not acar… LOL!!! Prize? An all-paid holiday in Sibu, want or not? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Wah almond slices!!! I can imagine the tastiness πŸ˜€

    When are you coming to KL? Don’t forget to let me know hahaha

    Very fragrant, very crispy, very nice… Yum! Yum! No plans at the moment but stay tuned! Sure you’ll get to read about it should I be hopping over anytime soon. πŸ˜‰

  15. Marvellous, look at the goodies all the way from KL & Ipoh and the almond slices looks so crispy. Everybody comes with big bag and likewise going back too. Those goodies can last you for quite sometime. Hard to guess that packet from smallkucing but inside looks like got prawn and peanuts.

    Sorry, no prawn, no peanuts! Muahahahahaha!!!

    Frankly I enjoy receiving and giving them back in return – the pleasure of caring and sharing… Maybe some people do not feel the same way, I wouldn’t know…

    1. See you people praising high about the masak hitam, so just now go to Everise and Upwell trying to look for it. Can’t find. Either they don’t sell or out of stock. Almost give up hope and my last stop was at H&L. Luck was with me then and I manage to get hold of the last one on the shelf. Will be cooking ayam masak hitam soon. Oh ya, yesterday cooked curry using the A1 Mountain Globe curry paste and boy!!!…it was sooooooooo nice.

      The masak hitam paste very hard to get – always out of stock. Of course, the curry was nice!!! If I say anything is nice, it is nice. Ask Shereen lah… Last time, always wanted to argue with me…but after she came and tasted all the things I said were nice, now she kwai-kwai will agree with me… Hehehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

      1. Arthur, masak hitam thingy, have to add extras & extras or not. Liza brand is from Kuching and got address printed on it. Maybe can go there and buy, hehehe. Yes, if you got anything nice and easy peasy to cook, share share lah. Would really appreciate. Thanks alot.

        You can go to Yee Ling’s blog to see how to cook the masak hitam: http://www.inhouseling.com/2012/03/ling-cooks-ayam-masak-hitam.html
        Personally, I think it’s nicer with beef though.

        Have you seen this wee’s satay sauce in Kuching? Very nice too…even with pork:

  16. Very special paste shape……
    Wah, vegetarian intestines…….very interesting…..STP begins to appreciate vegetarian food liao….he he he

    What paste? What shape? Ummm…the taste was great, the ingredients used in the cooking and all…but given a choice, I would still go for real pig’s intestines. Old habits die hard! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  17. So Arthur,where and when will our blogger meet up be, it seems that now you are the most happening one, therefore can organize one meet up with the other geng geng one bloggers lol, I think there are still many out there that we have known from blogs but yet to meet…now over to you ya..

    Hey have a great week ahead ya

    Where got happening? Still the same as usual? I guess there are bloggers who would want to make friends…and would want to eventually meet one another in person while there are others who would like to remain anonymous – virtual friends for purposes known only to they themselves, nothing more. I’ve been around long before I had a blog and I know many bloggers – some I met, others would keep their distance. Well, it’s a free country – to each his own.

  18. Don’t mention la…I so paiseh la…small gift and you make it so big *blushing. Hope you like the biscuits…Claire wont let me buy more….say no space in her luggage :p but she still give face to me….agreed to give me a bit more space…instead of one packet , she allowed me two LOL! No take for me No cakes for her next time….heehee I use blackmail la…

    Kathy gave you the seaweed leong cha she boiled for you ? With longan and all those stuff. Can’t wait to know what is in that frozen stuff πŸ™‚

    Big or small, it’s the thought that counts. What I asked Claire to pass to you, very very small…but ok lah hor? LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Hmmmmm…you should have let me know – I would have asked the Immigration here to stop her from entering and put her on the next plane home. See if she dares to refuse to bring things for me next time or not. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    But jokes aside, Elin, I certainly would love to have you, Wild Boar and your piggies here. I’ve checked the air fares – not very cheap at the moment, RM100 plus in April – I think when they came, it was RM60 plus, probably because of Ching Ming – lots of people coming home. Anyway, I’ll stand watch – once I see any cheap fares, I’ll alert you on Facebook.

  19. You don’t eat finish all the goodies, ya. When I come and visit you, we exchange gifts okay..muahahaha. That way, no need for me to go Ipoh, Penang, Terengganu and HK to buy all those goodies. Good idea or not?
    The stuff that smallkucing give you is braised pork leg in black vinegar? Got hadiah or not I dapat teka correctly? 1 carton of curry flavour Mee Daddy, perhaps?

    Now who has told you that???? LOL!!!! Ok, you got it right…and you win a carton of Mee Daddy curry flavour. When are you coming to collect? Hehehehehehehe!!!!! I never said I would send, did I? πŸ˜‰

    When are you coming? If you are coming real soon, I would, at least, save the keropok sotong for you. Very nice!

  20. Shereen – we share the hadiah coz I was also going to say it’s the pork hog in black vinegar. MamaKuching said so mah in her FB message, that’s how I know. Shereen and I so got heart…we remember what we read!!

    Ooooi, Arthur, it’s about time you be nice to Shereen and I lah! Always so nice and sweet and coo-chi coo-chi-coo everyone else except us two. Why? Just becoz we live so far from Sibu, so you think we cannot fly in overnight and graffiti your walls and car?? muahahahaaaa!!! Aiyo, now I am so malu leh that I sent you that t-shirt, compared to this beautiful Big-Dog one from QuayPo.

    Yours also nice what? I’m also saving it to wear when there’s a special occasion…but unfortunately, none coming up anytime soon. Me not nice to you and Shereen meh? I’m nice to everybody one…eye not one big, one small one…. Hehehehehe!!!! So when are you two coming? I am waiting…. Will treat you two just as well, perhaps even better!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. No, your eyes are not one big, one small lah…you just have special eyesight, heh heh!! And you have lumped together the pressies from Claire and MamaKuching into 2 single pics – so small, I can’t make out the brand names of the biscuits or the bakuteh brands! Can you please tell me what they are, thanks. The other pics are nice and big, I can see what they are.

      They’ve all appeared in my posts before…and what for you want to see? Come to Sibu, and if there are any left, I’ll share with you lah. But actually, if you come to Sibu, I’m sure you would want ALL the Sibu things…not interested in these anymore. Ask Shereen lah – true or not!

      1. Yoong,
        Arthur has to lumped Claire’s and Mamakuching’s pressie into one as they brought too much lar..if Arthur were to show one by one, he’ll need at least 5 postings to do..hahahaha.

        Yalor…and it would probably take ages to download when you want to see the post. That’s what happens when people have too many photos in their posts.

  21. Hop to Yee Ling’s blog and see how she cook the “masak hitam”. Looks nice. Will take note on the wee’s satay sauce and your receipe to it. A lot of hassle free receipe to try. Thanks alot.

    Hah!!! You owe me a treat should I get to go over to Kuching…for making your life a whole lot easier…and you get to enjoy all the nice food, minus all the hassle.

    1. No problem. When are you coming? Make it soon.

      No immediate plans. There’s a wedding reception in late October…but that’s still a long way to go. πŸ˜‰

    1. OMG… how u do that? How come got pic come out in comment wan? o.O

      Got leh…Wordpress. Can post image, and add links to youtube videos…and the video clip will appear in the comment box.

      1. i will terkejut badak if you can make the dish fly out from the page right now… can smell it oredi… yummy…


    2. YUMMY! Appetising! I was about to guess some kind of rendang or chicken pongteh….

      LOL!!! Both wrong… πŸ˜€

  22. Wah so many gifts…..
    I think u should start ur career as tour guide now….
    Many tips n buah tangan…
    Next time I come I bring 2 sikat of Pisang ok ka? Lol

    No need to bring anything lah…but if you bring your banana…oops…I mean your two sikat of pisang, I would also happily accept. Like they say, it’s the thought that counts. Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  23. Wow! That’s a lot of goodies! I love the shape of the pasta! At first I though those were pork livers in that plastic. lol!

    That’s pretty close. We would cook liver in soy sauce looking somewhat like that too. Ya…haven’t tried cooking the pasta yet. Dunno what it will be like.

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