A little something…

It is the Asian or definitely, the Malaysian tradition to bring a little something when you visit somebody. In Malay, we call it buah tangan. But when my blogger-friends from KL and Ipoh came to town, I certainly would not say that they brought a little something…for that would be a dreadful understatement.

Quay Po gave me another Big Dog t-shirt

From Quay Po 1

…and how very true that is! Life is indeed full of choices.

She also brought along these pasta and olives…

From Quay Po 2

…and the very nice almond slices that she made herself…

From Quay Po 3

…and that wasn’t all! Her mum cooked these vegetarian intestines…

From Quay Po 4

…and she wanted me to try them as I commented once that I was not really into all those vegetarian stuff. I just opened the container to take the photograph and the mere fragrance swept me off my feet. My missus took a piece and ate it cold and commented that it was very nice. I saved the rest to share with some of my blogger-friends who came for dinner at my house and everyone enjoyed it very much. It was very nicely cooked with all the aromatic spices and the dried chilies. Double thumbs up to your mum, Quay Po!

Yee Ling gave me these…

From Yee LIng

Oooo….Famous Amos! Melissa would love those a lot…and the egg rolls were very nice too. Hey! Wait a minute! What was that? An ang pao! Tsk! Tsk! Ooi!!! I’m not a kid nor an old grandfather…so anyone who comes next time, don’t give me any ang pao. I’ll just give you all my bank account number to bank in your Nuffnang cheques one by one as they come. Hehehehehe!!! This one, I’ll pass to Melissa and tell her it’s from Yee Ling cheh-cheh (elder sis)…considering that you’re not much older than her – so very young! LOL!!!

Claire came with these in tow…

From Claire

Thank you so much, Claire…and also to Elin for the heong peah – so thoughtful of you to send me a little something through Claire. Hopefully, she will share with you some of the things that I gave her and asked her to pass some to you. She’ll probably give you the masak hitam Sarawak sambal paste and ask you to cook…and then she’ll go and eat. Clever hor, our friend? LOL!!!

These came from smallkucing

From smallkucing 1

Oops!!! Yes, there was the contraband that I asked papakucing to buy for me on his trips to Indonesia…and he refused to accept reimbursement for that. Humph!!! Like that, I will not ask him to buy anymore. Tsk! Tsk!

And they also brought this along for me…

From smallkucing 2

Now would anybody want to guess what it is? I have not defrosted it yet and heated it up to enjoy so I really can’t tell how good it is but I bet it is going to be really yummy. So, come, everybody! Make a guess! Friends and family of smallkucing are not allowed to participate! LOL!!!

And last but not least, thanks, on behalf of Melissa, to smallkucing and Claire for the ang paos and thanks from me too…and to Quay Po and Yee Ling as well for everything. Thanks so very much from the bottom of my heart to all of you for coming…

@WNS Memorial Park
@ Wong Nai Siong Memorial Park (smallkucing’s mamarazzi’s photo on Facebook)

…It certainly was my pleasure having you all fly all the way to this humble little town to visit me and I do hope that all of you found the trip worthwhile – with all the good food, good fun…and hopefully, good company! A thousand apologies from the bottom of my heart for any shortcomings along the way…and please do come again soon. We would be looking forward to that and would certainly welcome you all with open arms…

I hope I have not missed out anything and have given due acknowledgement to everyone for everything that I had received. The thing was there were so many people and so many things changing hands that my head was spinning in all directions so much so that I did not know whether I was coming or going! Old man like that lah! LOL!!!