The last stop…

It wasn’t the last stop actually for after this, we went to a bakery in town to buy the mochi and then to the Sibu Central Market to get some sago worms and midin…before proceeding to the Noodle House to buy the kompia stuffed with pork belly. Before this, we had gone to Rejang Park to buy the kompia and the chu nu miang…and to Bandong, for the kek lapis Sarawak.

I’m talking here about my last group of visitors – my blogger friends, smallkucing & family and Claire & family on their final day in town. They were going here and there for some last-minute shopping to buy some more things that they would like to take home to KL and Ipoh.

In the midst of all the frantic buying, we did manage to stop for a while for a dim sum breakfast. Claire had mentioned a day or two earlier that she would want to go for that but frankly, I do not think ours are really that nice – surely they can get better dim sum in Kl or Ipoh but still, I took them here…as among the Melanaus and other ethnic races here, there is this superstition that if you want to eat something, you will have to eat it especially when you’re travelling and that certainly was a good excuse for all of us to eat some more. LOL!!!

We had the char siew pao

Mitsu char siew pao

…and the lau sar pao

Mitsu lau sar pao 1

…with its creamy salted egg custard filling…

Mitsu lau sar pao 2

There were no complaints about those from them so I guess they found them to their satisfaction.

They liked the siew mai

Mitsu siew mai

…and ordered a second basket of those.

Claire wanted the baked cheese sweet potatoes…

Mitsu baked cheese sweet potatoes

…that she had seen in my blog before and she seemed to enjoy it.

They commented that the skin of the chee cheong fan

Mitsu chee cheong fan

…looked thick and white while theirs are usually thin and translucent. I guess it’s the same with their kway teow (flat rice noodles) and what we have here. Still, we managed to finish all of it – it was ok by me, really!

However, I did not think the chai thow koi/koi khak (fried white carrot/radish cake)…

Mitsu fried radish cake

…was all that nice compared to what I had in Penang or elsewhere. If I’m not mistaken, we did not finish that.

By the time, the Portuguese egg tarts…

Mitsu Portuguese egg tart

…came, we were already very full. I think they shared one just to try and tapaoed the other two…and Claire commented it was very nice, very well done.

They also ordered a bowl of kampua noodles for the noodle lover, smallkucing, and I noticed that everyone was helping themselves to it as well. I tried a bit but I would say that it was just so-so. They had real char siew (not thin slices of red-coloured boiled pork) but I felt that the meat was a bit hard or at least, it was for me.

The bill for all that, including the kampua noodles and a second serving of siew mai and drinks came up to RM45.30. I guess it would be cheaper if we had gone to some other places in town but I still think that this one has the best we can get here…and for 4 adults and a kid, I would say the price was pretty reasonable.