Make yourself at home…

They loved the masak hitam Sarawak that I bought them the day they arrived…so to let them have another go at it, I invited my blogger-visitors to dinner at my house…

At STP's house

…but unfortunately, by then, Quay Po and Peng and Yee Ling had gone back to KL already. It being a  roadside stall, I could not take them there to eat so I had to go and buy the best they had to let them enjoy our local Malay fare in my small and humble home.

Of course, I got them the masak hitam Sarawak…

Masak hitam Sarawak

…as well as the Melanau specialty, the umai (raw fish)…


…and the ayam belada

Ayam belada

…plus their sambal terung (brinjal)…

Sambal terung

Unfortunately, they did not have any sambal petai (stink beans) or rendang hati ayam (chicken liver) that day.

I fried this daun Bandong (tapioca leaves) and pumpkin dish with belacan, ginger and ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…

STP's tapioca leaves & pumpkin

…and thankfully, it was a hit!

I also cooked the prawns – the udang masak kunyit that I had featured in my post not very long ago…

Udang masak kunyit

…and of course, everybody fell head over heels in love with it. You just can’t go wrong with prawns. Ok, mamakucing! Click the link to see the recipe and the steps and cook for papakucing! He wants to have some more of this! LOL!!!

And lastly, I fried some noodles for smallkucing (who seems to love noodles a lot)…

STP's fried noodles

I don’t know if Claire was trying to flatter me or what but she said it was nicer than the fried noodles that I had ordered for them in town – the Foochow-style fried noodles (with sauce).

Quay Po brought these for me all the way from KL…

Quay Po's mum's vegetarian intestines

– the vegetarian intestines that her mum cooked and I heated that up to share with everybody…and everybody enjoyed that a lot. Thanks so much, Quay Po and compliments to the chef, your mum!

They also bought some se’ut (pronounced see-ert) or sago worms from the market so we fried that and everybody ate them (except me!) and believe it or not, they actually loved them a lot…

Sago worm
*smallkucing’s mamarazzi’s photo from her Facebook album*

…Somebody said that it tasted like peanut butter! As a matter of fact, they liked it so much that they even bought some to take home to KL.

I also took out my precious bottle of tuak (traditional Dayak rice wine)…

*smallkucing’s mamarazzi’s photo from her Facebook album*

…and shared with everybody and they loved it! Thankfully, nobody got drunk but somehow they all look embarrassed or shy with their blushing pink cheeks. No need to use blusher, Claire said. LOL!!!

After the simple dinner, they left to go for a stroll around the pasar malam (night market) here….in search of some more food there but unfortunately, I heard it was raining in town so they had no choice but to go back to the hotel and call it a day. Hmmmmm…looks like you all will have to come again another time to go to the pasar malam and the many other nice eateries around that you have not tried yet.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Make yourself at home…”

  1. Wow! Lovely meal at your home. I like all the dishes you served, except the sago worm!

    They were all put off by the worms at first but they all wanted to try. Just imagine! After trying, they liked it so much that they went back to the market the next day to buy some more… You should try too – you’d never know what you’re missing!

    1. The worms are yummy lah, Jessie…try one time and you’ll get addicted.

      You’ll love it if you live chicken butt – I don’t touch that…very lemak like that. Had it once, not too crazy about it.

      1. Really, Cleffairy? You’re addicted to it?! I don’t know…….I’m just put off by the sight of it……anyway, I dun like chicken butt 😛

        You’re like me, Jessie. No chicken butt for me either… But they say women must eat, got collagen…can stay looking young, skin as smooth as silk? 😉

      2. LOL… you guessed it right… I love fried chicken’s butt. Hahahahaha… that is why I love sago worms… Kat gave me a tub of it… and I practically devoured it… I was actually hoping that they would be alive, but the poor worms died one by one on the way back here… so the mamakucing have to throw them into the pan and fry it first. 😛

        Neway… i had no idea that sago worms could actually cause allergic reaction… my hubby ate some of it, and his whole body gatal gatal wihin minutes! So dahsyat, and I had to sumbat him water to drink to flush out whatever toxin that’s inside the body!

        @Jessie… yes… addicted is the word… I can’t stop eating em… lol… one after another… like eating popcorns… amazing that I had no feelings whatsoever towards the worms… and this is coming from a person who feels kesian towards fishes and pig and couldn’t stand the sight of frogs! Pelik!

        Everybody ate and nobody seemed to have any allergic reaction??? 😦

  2. u have been a great host! the bandong and co amazingly nice and those masak hitam beef are very ‘love me tender’. claire was pondering y u show her your collection of cds…

    I was thinking she might want a second round at karaoke…but no home theatre system – just the vcd player & the tv – good enough for me…wouldn’t want the neighbours to file a petition of complaint against me. LOL!!! But since you all wanted to go to the pasar malam, I did not take out the microphone… Quess it wouldn’t be as much fun, anyway…without Quay Po around.

    1. hahaha, luckily you guys did not karaoke without me otherwise I will not friend you all! kekekeke

      Phewwwww!!!! That was close! Luckily we didn’t sing! We wouldn’t want to lose a good friend… LOL!!! 😀

      1. After such a heavy delicious dinner, mana ada suara lagi??? hahaha…

        Tak ada kah? I thought would be full of energy, all ready to sing your heart out? Should have drunk more tuak, then can sing so well. LOL!!! 😀

  3. Awwwwwww…look at those food!!!! And Claire didn’t bring me there ! 😦

    Look at what you missed! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. Smallkucing loves noodles… lol… that, I know too. 😀 Thank you for the masak hitam paste you sent thru Mamakucing… I got two of em here. 😀 I dun think I’m going to make ayam masak hitam like the rest… I’m gonna get some nice daging to cook it. I prefer daging ones than ayam.

    Welcome. You’re right there. I think it goes best with beef. Not so great with chicken. I think I got her 12 altogether and asked her to spare you some and up to her who to give the rest to. Can keep, I think. Expiry date not so soon… Luckily, there was stock! Not so easy to get. 😦

    1. LOL….i used 1 already the other day. Ya, use daging to make is nicer than chicken. But which part of daging should i buy ah? Coz i never bought daging before.

      If I buy fresh beef from the stall, I will tell the man – goreng punya… If tell him masak curry, he will giove the tough part. At the supermart, just simply buy any part – cut thinly and across the grain. LOL!!!

      1. Kat… tak pernah beli daging kah? Senang… if go malay butcher, tell him you want batang pinang part…but I malas go wetmarket, so i usually beli from Carrefour… simply beli some of those Aussie daging…buy those labeled ‘for stir fry’. Those are very soft and usually ada sikit lemak on it.

        They label like that there? Eeeeee….so nice! Even frozen beef here, we do not have a choice – just buy what’s available – imported from Oz or NZ. Can’t buy fresh beef here… Maybe at some of those couple of Malay meat stalls at the market, never checked them out so I wouldn’t know. They all look frozen to me – the beef, I mean.

  5. yeah, how can the icon of Sibu just bring the ladies everywhere for food but not the best at home right?? oooh, they sure are lucky to be able to taste your cooking!! OMG, se’ut!!! @_@”

    Well, at least now I have witnesses who will testify that I really can cook…and what I cook is nice, just as I always claim. 😉

  6. I AM SUPER JEALOUS!! NOT ONLY MY EYES TURNED GREEN, MY HAIR TOO! See the big print or not??? OMG, the rest get to taste so many nice food plus Lucy and your cooking?? I really missed out lah!! You never say you going to invite us to your house for home cook food?? if not, die, die also I will stay another day. Quay Po, “CHILL!” no worries, that is something to look forward to for the next trip to Sibu.” See Arthur, I got to self talk myself not to SOB SOB. You very bad wan!!! muahahaha

    You come again lah!!! I promise you a dinner at my house – all the best that we have to offer. This time around, who asked you to stay for two nights only? Of course, you did not have time for everything. Even those who went back later also didn’t get to eat and see everything – watch out for my post on this They too will have to come back again…. Come, come – discuss and agree on a date! I’ll be waiting… 😉

  7. When I was a little boy at Kg. Nangka, I used to pop the se’ut ‘ala’ fresh into my mouth! I loved it then but not too sure if I can still do it now. However, I wouldn’t mind the fried ones. 🙂

    Ya, people eat it raw…but my guests are definitely no Fear Factor material – they wanted the worms fried first. LOL!!! 😀

  8. Thumbs Up for the great host. What a lovely dinner with all the scrumptious dishes except the yuckyyyyyyyyyy!!!….sago worms. I won’t touch it too. Oh yes, I have tried to use your receipe to cook ikan kembong instead of prawn and It tastes sooooooooo heaveny. If I am not wrong, the assam keping is the dried version of dayak terung cos the soup taste like dayak terung.

    I dunno what assam keping is originally but dayak terung these days is not sour at all – will have to add assam keping when cooking that. Like chilies also, big but not hot… What is this world coming to? Ahhhhh!!!! You’ve tried the recipe, eh? Nice, eh? And the best part is it is so very easy to cook…just dump everything in and boil!

    1. Oh ya, masak hitam paste, what is the brand? Want to buy and try. I like easy peasy receipe and the best part, the end result is so superb

      Lisa Brand. It is packed in those little white cups…shaped like those in which they sell homemade kaya. You ask most of the Malays here who will cook maskak hitam – they will all tell you that they just use Lisa’s – hassle-free…but not easy to buy here, always sold out. Other Lisa products like rendang, masak merah, curry, laksa – can get anytime, no problem.

      1. I bought a packet of A1 Mountain Globe Brand paste. 1st time use this paste to cook curry. I saw from one of your blog.I am using evaporated milk instead of santan. Have to kay liao, rite. Can share yr step by step receipe kah? Thanks.

        Just fry chopped Bombay onion (1) and two stalks of serai (bruised at the ends) in a bit of oil, put in curry paste and meat and mix thoroughly and stir till cooked. Add evaporated milk and curry leaves…and bring to boil and it’s done. You may want to add potatoes – cut into chunks and boil first separately – add last. Add salt and msg, if so desired, according to taste.

        You may want to simmer for a bit to let the curry flavour go into the chicken and the potatoes. All the extras are extras – in fact, you only need the paste, meat and evaporated milk but adding those may enhance the taste a little bit. Been using the paste for a long time…and been cutting down on some of the extras I used to have before – no need:

  9. masak hitam sarawak! yummy. was just having that for lunch yesterday when a one of my fave chefs whipped it out for a few of us to try.

    Huh??? Where? In KL? They have that there? Then you will have to tell everybody the place… I’m sure many would want to go there to eat. They all brought the sambal paste home and have been cooking this and posting the photos on Facebook. All of them love it so much! See the bowl behind the sago worm – almost empty, all gone the masak hitam! LOL!!!

  10. hmmm i’ve never tasted umai before. hopefully i get to try it when i visit my sis in sarawak and brunai in june.

    the daun bandong preparation does look different from the usual tapioca leaves prep that i am accustomed too. dad in law loves this vegie and i’ll see if i can replicate this recipe for him to taste.

    Ya, you should be able to get umai in Sarawak, dunno about Brunei. How do you usually cook your tapioca leaves? It will be great too with sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin.

  11. YES!!! Indeed we are very honoured to be invited to STP’s house for the best dinner in Sibu… nothing beats homecooked food.. starting with eating worms as appetizer and finishing it with Sibu “champagne”.. .what more can we ask!!! hahahaa…

    Glad you all enjoyed the dinner… Didn’t plan for it, just decided to go to the market that very morning to get the prawns so you all can enjoy those…

    1. LOL…belum drink the “Champagne” claire already “high” ya :p

      Must be the side effect of the sago worms… LOL!!!

      1. Sago worm can allegic wan… my hubby whole body got spots and rashes after makan… takes one day to clear…

        11 out of 12 people (no prize for guessing who’s that 12th who chickened out) ate and nobody ended up with any allergy… Problem with your hubby, not the worms! Like some people can’t eat crabs or prawns, others can feast away like nobody’s business…

  12. looks like a big feast……….
    how much per person? eat all u can? lol

    How much ah? The prawns were expensive – over 1 kg, RM40…and the ingredients for the mee less than RM5, the tapioca leaves and the pumpkin were leftovers that I found in the fridge…and I spent less than RM50 at the Bandong Malay food stall so perhaps, we can round it up to around RM100 for the dinner. There were a lot of leftovers though – the chicken, the umai and the brinjal – I think I overestimated and bought too much. So for 8 persons plus a kid, I guess that is very cheap. You can’t get those prawns at the restairants in town – many would prefer not to sell and if you can get, it is way too expensive. I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Was it a feast? I’ll leave it to my guest to comment on that – surely you do not expect me to praise myself? Hehehehehehe!!!!! 😉

  13. Gosh all the dishes look so yummy! You are really a gracious host! 🙂

    That’s what friends are for! Would do the same for you if you should ever decide to come over… 😉

  14. WOW! You are such a great host, Arthur!
    I checked out Claire’s blog & saw what you did… so jeles.

    Why jeles leh? Friends mah… You also did the same for your friends when they came to town – took them to Ruby and all. 😉 You can see more in Quay Po and Yee Ling’s blogs – check the links in my blogroll…

  15. eeky worms hehe…i’ve seen them, tried to eat one i think but it just tasted different, had to spit it out 🙂

    But personally I would much sooner eat these than the balut with the chick, feathers and all… No, thank you.

  16. Ya… i guess it’s not the worms la… i ate more than him, yet nothing happened to me. So syok onli I makan the worms… nothing happen oso… but my hubby whole body got rashes after that. Make me so terkejut! Anyway, he knot makan, the better… next time more for me… hahahaha…

    Different people, different reactions… You can have my share too. LOL!!! 😀

  17. No la… beef’s lemak is not smelly like lamb… I cooked a lot of beef at home… so far no smell…

    Since we can’t get fresh beef anymore, we seldom cook that anymore. Imported from NZ or Oz, very expensive…and there are those from some countries (they say India?), VERY smelly…

  18. Having home cooked food at your place , tsk tsk tsk . So fun and happening and I bet it is noisy too . LOL.
    Sago worm ??? Eeeeeeeee…never try and don’t want to try too .

    No, it was ok… Your next trip, will invite you over too and your mum…andno worries – no belacan and no pedas stuff specially for you. LOL!!! 😉

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