We made it through the rain…

Last Sunday, my family and I went to the evening church service while my blogger-visitors made a beeline back to the Ruby Restaurant to eat the things that they loved a lot and more…before they sent Yee Ling to the airport for her flight back to KL.

After the service, on our way home, we stopped by the Taman Muhibbah Hawker Centre for a bite before heading home…

Taman Selera Muhibbah Sibu

Unfortunately, it started drizzling and despite that, the place was crowded and everyone had to sit in the covered areas.

We had the things that my daughter loved – these fried sui jiao (meat dumplings)…

Fried sui jiao

…and the salad sotong

Salad sotong

…as well as the fried brinjal sticks with meat floss..

I ordered the glutinous rice cooked with hay beeΒ or dried prawns (RM3.00) to try…

Pulut hay bee

…and we thought it was not bad. We did not really enjoy the prawn fritters (RM3.00) though…

Prawn fritters

…as it was mostly batter and the batter was bland, not really tasty at all. We would probably try the ones from another stall next time.

Other than that, we had the satay


…and I tried the Sibu Foochow-style siew mai or what we call sio beeΒ (50 sen each)..

Sibu sio bee

…and found that they were really good so when my blogger-visitors dropped by after they came back from the airport, I ordered some more for them to try.Β This photograph of smallkucing is testimony to how nice it was…

Stuffed smallkucing

He just could not resist popping it all into his mouth at one go…and he said that he liked it.

They just had drinks…

Fruit cocktail

…as they said they had been eating non-stop the whole day and could not possibly eat anymore but they did manage to finish the oven-toasted kompia stuffed with minced meat that I also ordered from a stall there.

Papakucing commented that he felt “Sibu is very nicely managed” in more ways than one…and for one, I would say this hawker centre is definitely nicer – a lot cleaner and more pleasant to the eye and the people are a lot nicer than those at Gurney Drive in Penang…and I’m sure many would agree with me on this.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “We made it through the rain…”

  1. hmmm, it’s like everything is regarding food for their visit to Sibu huh?? hahaha, anyway, i think the sotong looks good as a snack, but i’d prefer not to “act westerners” by purposely drizzling all those mayonnaise on top.. πŸ™‚

    Yahor…now that you mentioned it, why mayo? And that does not make it a salad, does it? Come to think of it, I would very much prefer eating the fried sotong with chili sauce.

    Well, there was karaoke the night before…and the group rented a car so they drove around following a map with directions to various places that I prepared for them and I think they had a gps too. They did not want to trouble me all day long so they went around by themselves quite a lot… You would be able to see their photos on Facebook if you’re a “friend”.

    1. SK, I am with you. I am so crazy of the salad cream too:D Eat with sambal belacan or chilli sauce is the best.

      I know one place where they add lime/lemon, condensed milk, crushed peanut and whatever and the cream is very nice. I don;t mind that – not plain mayo straight from the bottle.

  2. aiyo… will come back for tat wicked lookin sotong and siobee…

    Yes, come back! Come back! Coma again soon… Tickets on offer now, any cheap ones KL-Sibu?

  3. i agree the one at gurney drive penang really messy and disorganized.. the weird thing in Penang is, most penangites will flock to the dirtiest stalls, just because the crowd is there. Well, thats just my observation, dont flame me πŸ™‚

    I can see you really enjoyed playing the sibu icon, and best host!

    Latest: Express Teppanyaki Food Republic 1 Utama

    What Sibu icon and best host? I tried to be one…but being old, I got tired easily and needed to rest especially in the afternoon so they would go round on their own in their rented car quite a lot. I did prepare a map with directions to the various places of interest for them. So you may see certain things on Facebook or in their blogs, not in mine as I did not go with them…like Payung Cafe, for instance, they were there on their own.

    Here, you cannot sell food by the roadside/drain on the pavement like the famous Penang assam laksa place and coffee shops are graded – if yours is too dirty, you will be asked to do something about it or else you will have to close down.

    1. nice wor. By the way this trip was a planned bloggers’ outing to sibu? or was it for someone’s wedding or something.

      Sibu icon, think i read this in claire’s blog or somewhere. and its you!! wahaha

      Blerk! Don’t listen to her – I’m a nobody. It was not planned – smallkucing booked her tickets and Quay Po followed suit and then she asked her friend, Peng, to come as well….Claire jumped on the boat and Yee Ling….and the problem then was they were all coming and going at different times and I thought I would be spending most of my time meeting them and sending them off at the airport. But they rented a car…and took care of that themselves. πŸ™‚ No, no wedding, nothing…just cheap fares – I think it was around RM60 something one way…cheaper than the taxi fare KL-KLIA. So when are you coming?

  4. weird, it forces me to login either wp, twitter or fb..

    “That email address is associated with an existing WordPress.com account, please log in to use it.” 😦 .. i shall change my email add here

    You’re having a problem too? So far, only you, Claire and Merryn have complained. The rest seem all right. Claire said she clicked the link on Facebook to get to the current post and comment. I always do that – very convenient, I feel…and I know there’s a new post that I can comment on.

  5. oh no.. still facebook .. wait i try again with my blog url

    But your comments are appearing – there does not seem to be a problem? Merryn said she googled and found out that wordpress is currently having problems. I dunno. Just hope all will work out ok eventually. 😦

    1. comments are appearing, but do you realize the link on my name is different?

      Anyway, not a big issue. hehe πŸ™‚

      Which link? On my blogroll? The one to your second blog? You have two there… Later I go check again…. Maybe that was the old one…before you became a celebrity. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. So much of food just for snacks? Hmmmmmm tsk tsk
    I love these large hawker centres too coz we could order at our whims and fancies.

    Ya…decisions! Decisions! And then when you order a little bit of this and a little bit of that, you end up eating too much…and it is not really that cheap after all. 😦

  7. Hey, the pulut rice looks good.. so “unfortunate” my stomach was on strike by then.. I just couldn’t take in anymore.. by the way, that was the 6th meal.. hahahaa… if eat like that everyday, we will look like “twins!” LOL…..

    So.. I am not the only one not able to comment without signing in to FB… yeah, must be something wrong with WP at the moment…

    You can log into https://suituapui.wordpress.com via chrome or Firefox, click the title of the post…and type another email address of yours (or even a fictitious one), leave out your url…and comment. 1st time, have to wait for moderation – after that, ok liao….

    1. Claire, finally I hear you said you cannot eat anymore!! Yes, when I was there, I ate 2 breakfasts for days, lunch, after snacks and dinner. 5 meals a day but still you win, you did 6!! You are right if I stay on a few more days, I will have to go back MAS biz class, my “buntut” cannot “masuk” Air Asia seat. Come to think of it, it is better to make short trips to Sibu, two days at a time. Come home, starve for 1 month and then go again! muahahaha

      Nooooo…must stay at least 4-5 days. Still a lot of things for you all to enjoy. Maybe I put up a post on that…to lure you all! πŸ˜‰

      1. That’s why I stayed a night was just nice…ahahhaha…Else like QP said..’buntut’ cannot masuk AA seat jor..LOL!!

        You’re so small, will never be a problem – that will be the day! And you’re coming again in April… Must see what you have not eaten and where you have not gone to! πŸ˜‰

      2. no need starve 1 month la…all also very fit. Diet 2 weeks enough :P….I want the pomelo salad…

        Or stay in same hotel and ask for 3rd floor. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€

  8. Arthur, I wan to go here next trip. Jot it down in your note book! If I bring my mum, she will love this place. She love to go places with lots of hawker stalls that sell different food. Don’t underestimate that tiny body of hers, she can eat more than anyone I knew. “Jangan main main” hahaha

    You stayed for two nights only – 1 night Ruby, the next night MingMeiShi…where got time? Those who were still here did not get to eat much also as they had an early dinner at Ruby (again!!!) so they were full. Otherwise, many things to enjoy at this place…and it would have been a lot nicer if it wasn’t raining. Yes, yes…ask your mum to come. Welcome! Welcome! It would be so nice to have her here…and she may be interested in our very illustrious Chinese history and heritage.

  9. siu mai at 50sen? That is so cheap!

    the glutinous rice looks good. nice and fluffy.

    Unheard of over there, eh? The dim sum ones at least over RM1 each… The rice was nice but I would love some meat in it…or maybe some lap chiang slices.

    1. get kathy to bring u to the best lo mai fan in town… will cost RM30 per order… tat is if u can finish it!

      Pengsan!!! Ask her to cook for me better – very nice and best of all, free of charge! LOL!!!

      1. Arthur had before la the 1st round meet him at the restuarant at jln imbi

        Yup…but had to eat it cold – no fridge in that miserable RM150 a night single room hotel….and after the heavy dinner some more. Tsk! Tsk!

  10. The salad sotong and sio bee looks nice. Tastewise, any difference between Sibu Foochow style siew mai and Kuching.

    Even among the ones here, there are differences. Some are really horrible, not worth the calories at all…but these were very nice. I would not mind going there to buy next time PLUS it’s cheaper. Other places, gone up to 60 or 70 sen already, not to mention the famous Hock Cheu Lau ones (which I personally don’t think are very nice) – I think they’re RM1.20 each, frozen…and RM1.30, if steamed. Tsk! Tsk!. I guess it’s the same in Kuching – the open air ones, Fock Hai, Xiao Pao Wang, Kenyalang Park…all have their own unique tastes.

  11. testing comment

    Ya…using another email address (can even be fictitious) and not typing your blog’s url, like I said on Facebook. Will have to await moderation the first time around though…. Chop passport first. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. yay! can liao…..yup he love the dim sum so much. Nice place there. I love their 3 layer tea. drank two…end up 2am also cannot sleep

      Yes, I tried the sio bee first to make sure they’re worth ordering for you all to try. Some places, they’ve not very nice ones – I think the ones at Thomson Corner aren’t great either – had those long ago, not nice so I never ordered again.

      Ya!!! Shereen’s favourite drink in Sibu. You certainly seemed to enjoy that a lot. LOL!!!

      1. of course ler…that one nice…dont think can get it over here. The ones at The Chicken Rice Shop here is pale compared to those there.

        They have at CRS? What about the ones with gula melaka as one of the layers… Where to get those? Should be nice leh?

  12. wah so much fried things. after that should have drank some herbal drink or else will have sore throat the next day.

    We had herbal peppermint tea! My daughter loves that!

  13. I like that simple glutinous rice and this is making me think and miss the loh-mai-gai that one gets at dimsum shops in KL / Ipoh. The ones here wrapped in lotus leaves somehow don’t have that loh-mai-gai taste. Dream,Yoong, dream…about loh-mai-gais, sigh.

    This one’s not really lormaikai…even though that’s what they call it in Chinese but I guess for RM3.00, one can’t expect very much. I’ve had better ones elsewhere with meat but that was RM5 and a long time ago – haven’t seen it for a while. Maybe nor worth making at that price and if increase the price, nobody will buy…

  14. Agree, Gurney Drive Penang hawker centre very disorganised and dirty…….price of food there very expensive too….

    …and the worst is the food is not nice at all! So many other places on the island where one can get things a lot better, minus the hassle and without being scolded. Tsk! Tsk!

  15. That’s the hawker center that you didn’t bring us lar…although you drove past to show us.Now I know there’s so many stuff to makan there…chehhhhh…rugi lar I like that..tsk!tsk!tsk!

    You also – two nights here…one night Ruby, one night MingMeiShi…no more! This place is very near my house, no problem if want to go there. Come, come to Sibu again and we will go there…jalan kaki pun boleh sampai!

    1. He very jahat one..will drive pass one. U know what happen the 1st night we went there? After dinnner he brought us ‘drive by’ so many nice restaurant and makan places….we looked and looked….

      Yalor…so many other places to go – that is why I said you all must come again. Worse thing is you people kept going back to the same places to eat the same things again and again. So many more things to try…. Should have called me to ask before going for the “replays”. How to makan all like that? Those that datang lewat, sorry lah – they would just have to come again next time to enjoy what they missed. Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  16. d siew mai looks good n cheap…
    50cents .. i can eat 10 pcs….

    Come on over! MATTA Fair is on right now… Grab a cheap ticket, quick! You will love it here – they all did…and can;t wait to come again!

  17. Next time try Apui Siomay…..taste nice,but more expensive 70sen per piece.

    Where is that? I don’t know of any apui siew mai or sio bee. You should have chipped in to show your friends where the good food was when they were here…

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