We made it through the rain…

Last Sunday, my family and I went to the evening church service while my blogger-visitors made a beeline back to the Ruby Restaurant to eat the things that they loved a lot and more…before they sent Yee Ling to the airport for her flight back to KL.

After the service, on our way home, we stopped by the Taman Muhibbah Hawker Centre for a bite before heading home…

Taman Selera Muhibbah Sibu

Unfortunately, it started drizzling and despite that, the place was crowded and everyone had to sit in the covered areas.

We had the things that my daughter loved – these fried sui jiao (meat dumplings)…

Fried sui jiao

…and the salad sotong

Salad sotong

…as well as the fried brinjal sticks with meat floss..

I ordered the glutinous rice cooked with hay bee or dried prawns (RM3.00) to try…

Pulut hay bee

…and we thought it was not bad. We did not really enjoy the prawn fritters (RM3.00) though…

Prawn fritters

…as it was mostly batter and the batter was bland, not really tasty at all. We would probably try the ones from another stall next time.

Other than that, we had the satay


…and I tried the Sibu Foochow-style siew mai or what we call sio bee (50 sen each)..

Sibu sio bee

…and found that they were really good so when my blogger-visitors dropped by after they came back from the airport, I ordered some more for them to try. This photograph of smallkucing is testimony to how nice it was…

Stuffed smallkucing

He just could not resist popping it all into his mouth at one go…and he said that he liked it.

They just had drinks…

Fruit cocktail

…as they said they had been eating non-stop the whole day and could not possibly eat anymore but they did manage to finish the oven-toasted kompia stuffed with minced meat that I also ordered from a stall there.

Papakucing commented that he felt “Sibu is very nicely managed” in more ways than one…and for one, I would say this hawker centre is definitely nicer – a lot cleaner and more pleasant to the eye and the people are a lot nicer than those at Gurney Drive in Penang…and I’m sure many would agree with me on this.