All that is good…

Claire from Ipoh was the last to arrive in town, with her son and daughter and smallkucing‘s papa was nice enough to offer to pick them up at the airport so I would not tire myself out and would be out of commission that night. Their flight was delayed by around 30 minutes and they only got to the hotel past six. No worries, they were still going strong and we were all at this restaurant

At MingMeiShi

…before 7.oo p.m. along with Quay Po and Peng and Yee Ling…and my missus and daughter as well, 12 of us altogether (including the little smallkucing).

Dinner started off impressively with this ship of goodies…

The ship

…bringing all the luck and prosperity and the wonderful blessings of goodwill and friendship to everyone present.

There was the braised pork belly with mantao (steamed buns),  a favourite of mine, and this is the usual thing one would see when bloggers go out for dinner…

Bloggers in action

LOL!!! They all loved this dish…

Braised pork belly with mantao

…and also the belacan midin

Belacan midin

…but those who were at Ruby the night before felt that theirs was better as they were more generous with the belacan while on my part, I actually thought that even though it tasted great, the smell was a bit too strong and their midin was not so fat and crunchy (fresh).

We were served a plate of ladies’ fingers even though I did not order that. Gee! They’d got my orders wrong again – I wanted the mixed beans with brinjal and baby corn but since everybody did not mind it at all and it was Quay Po’s favourite veg, we decided to just let it be and have the ladies’ fingers instead. Honestly, in my opinion,  it was nicer than the midin.

Another order that they got wrong was the prawns. I wanted the creamy butter prawns but I got this instead…

Crusty salty prawns

No complaints about this dish, just that it was not what I wanted. Hmmm…they really should be more careful with people’s orders and having a full house that night (and on many other nights) was certainly no excuse for the mix-up.

The fish was fine…

Fish in sauce

…even though I felt they were chunks from a big fish and the skin was a bit tough for somebody toothless like me and besides, I had better on previous occasions.

smallkucing loved the Foochow -style fried noodles…

Foochow fried noodles

…but then again, he loves anything that’s noodles! Kids are all the same, aren’t they? LOL!!!

The cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Cangkuk manis with egg

…was fine. Ah well, frankly, anyone who cannot cook this dish and get it right has no business being in the food business.

I did not order fruits…

Fruit platter

…but we were served this at the end and everyone enjoyed our local pomelo and pineapples. I loved the papaya! LOL!!! Actually, I was wondering that night if that was complimentary as once when I had dinner there, they also gave me that at the end and told me that it was on the house.

Dinner came up to RM337.00 and my blogger-friends insisted on paying. They felt that was extremely cheap…but I think for RM350 at some restaurants, you can get a full 8-course dinner (with dessert) and get sharks’ fins soup – even though you may not be able to spot any of the offensive stuff swimming in the liquid.

After dinner, we adjourned to a karaoke pub at a local hotel here…

Karaoke star

…and sang our hearts out…

Karaoke queens

It was almost the witching hour before we left the place…but never mind! It was all good – a good dinner with good company and good fun!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “All that is good…”

  1. had been a good session tat night… hows da flu?

    Ya…it was fun – had not sung for a long long time. Flu’s ok, thanks…took medicine, lots of Vitamin C and lots of water. No problem, this old fella’s still strong as a bull. LOL!!!

    1. drink redbull… hahaha…

      Does that work? Maybe I should try it sometime. Old man, not that energetic anymore… 😉

  2. Everything was sooooooooooooooo GOOD that night!!

    Glad all of you were not disappointed. Otherwise, cursing and swearing…fly all the way from KL and no fun at all. 😉

  3. Woah…….. I want to join next time!

    There! When everyone was talking about coming and booking their cheap tickets, you did not bother at all. Bet you thought it would be boring like hell here, eh? 😉

  4. What a wonderful time you guys and gals must have had! I’m sure all-readers not included in the get-together must have wished they were there!
    The dishes looked good, albeit a little pricey.
    What did the 2-main crooners sing in that pic pls? They looked as if they were belting their hearts out! Lolz

    I hope they’re wishing just that and would make an effort to come and visit Sibu soon.

    The dinner was pricey because of the ship – seafood…with oysters, fish maw and all. I think it’s at least RM100-120 so if you deduct that from the total, the cost for the rest of the dishes was really VERY reasonable. Actually, I wanted the ship to impress my visitors mah – compare that to your Four Seasons…and compare the whole dinner to your sit-down Chinese banquets there that can cost up to RM1,000….this is really dirt-cheap and a whole lot nicer.

    They sang Without you, Don’t cry Joni, Let me be there, One way ticket…etc…etc…etc…and some Chinese songs including Teresa Tengs’s The moon represents my heart…and they danced too! Don’t play-play!

  5. wow why they mixed all your orders one. =S
    btw, it’s call midin? lol i tried it once, yeah they need to be crunchy only nice! =D

    Ya, if it’s not crunchy, either it’s overcooked…or it’s not fresh – not plucked that very day or kept in the fridge for a few days already. That place is always full – everytime, diners would have to leave disappointed…so I guess they do not have enough hands in the kitchen to cope with special/unique orders. Probably trying to kill many birds with one stone.

  6. whenever bloggers meet up to eat together, there must be lots of cameras and have to wait for everyone to finish shooting the food before you can eat.. hahahaha!!!

    If with me, it’s ok…as I do it very fast. Simply click one…but with real pros and their HUGE equipment, you may have to wait a while before you can get to eat – the food, I mean…not the equipment! LOL!!! 😀

  7. Arthur, the picture you took of me and Claire singing did not show all my wrinkles, if not, I don’t friend you! kekeke..If know the karaoke there used CDs, I would have brought my own. There is no Cantonese songs:( I love the food, the company and the fun we had together. You guys are the BEST! We have to do this again.. this time we go Disco after dinner, I teach you how to do the Hip Hop! muahahahaha

    You ask Claire about my collection of karaoke vcd’s. Her eyes nearly popped out when she saw. At first, she thought it was my wedding photo album. LOL!!! Disco…I pun tak kalah one! Those were the days! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

    1. I want… i want… i mean the hip hop.. teach my old bones to move.. ok! I nearly dont want to friend Arthur too.. just look at my mouth! so big.. yours is so refined.. Arthur has favouritism… hahaha…

      Where got? I should have used that photo of you before you fell into the food one… Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. Hey Arthur, you made the food so “alive” that I wish I could eat them once again…. flying to Sibu is not tough but the journey to LCCT is…. More than 3 hours, going to 4 on the bus is no joke… buttocks also pain liow.. hahaha… but despite all this, landing in Sibu and having such a wonderful time is so worth it!!
    Lets do that once again… hahahaa…

    Glad you think it was all worthwhile. No problem at all for people in KL… Imagine my daughter having to make her way home from SP everytime!!! Yes, yes…do come again! Ask your friends to join you. I love company! 😉

    1. eh Arthur.. how come now i need to log in to FB then only can comment here? now awaiting moderation some more.. ?

      Dunno… You’re on office computer, different i.p. maybe?

    2. Reana Claire,
      When my family and I went to visit Arthur, we all lagi kesian.9 hours flight to Singapore and reached Singapore at 6 am. Transit for 6 hours in Singapore and about 45 minutes flight to KL and wait for another 5 – 6 hours in KLIA. Took Firefly for 2 1/2 hours and reached Sibu ready to collapse in Arthur’s arms.All in all the journey took from home to Sibu was 27 hours.Pengsan lor!!!

      Yalor…that’s when you stay so far away! Same thing when Melissa was in Welly – the sheer thought of travelling for hours to come home put her off already.

  9. Aiyo the thorn among the roses for the album Bananaz eat vinegar haha. Phew all the Pro clicking away at the dishes like Stars Parade lolz.

    Eat, eat lots of vinegar! Invite you to come, don’t want… You check out their blogs and their photos on Facebook. Sibu is really a very nice place, yunno!

  10. picture now, eat later, whoa bloggers! belacan midin is so beautiful in picture I wonder how it tastes

    Come, hop over and you can get to try it. Everybody loves it…a lot!

  11. I really drooled over all the food. Looks soooooooooo heavenly and hmmm……with great company. I am like smallkucing, loves anything that is noodles. High five, smallkucing.

    Ya…don’t you wish you were here too? We certainly enjoyed ourselves to the fullest!!!

  12. The food look so divine..especially the midin and the ladies’ fingers but a tad expensive in my opinion. I like to take food pictures too but so shy la..hahahahaha. Anyway, when we were there, no time to snap-snap pictures lar…time so limited, cannot waste time snap here and there..hehehehe. Also, don’t want any reminder how good those food were…nanti tengok, sakit jiwa!!

    There’s no escaping…for as long as you keep dropping by my blog, you will see all the food calling out to you, “Shereen…Shereen…come! We are all right here…waiting for youuuuu!!!!” Muahahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  13. Yummm, the wickedly delicious wobble-wobble meat again. And, from wobble-wobble to warble-warble! Looking at Claire and QPC’s expressions, must have been an emotional song – “Without You”, perhaps ;

    I loved that song until Ken Lee came along. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, search for “Ken Lee” on youtube and watch the clip.LOL!!! 😀

    1. Muahahaaaaa! Ken Leeeeee…..tulibu dibu douchoo!!! Wahahaaaa!! Bulgarianish leh! I laughed so much that I am not hungry to makan my dinner now!!

      Hahahahahaha!!!! The 1st time I saw that it was in the early morning and I laughed so loudly that it woke my missus up and she thought I’d gone crazy!!! Great one, that one! 😀

      1. I am still laughing this morning! She’d just started singing when I sat down to eat – I watched the one with the English subtitles. Then I watched it again and again! Ken Leeee!!!

        Well, at least, she now has a fan…YOU! LOL!!! 😀

  14. the braised pork belly looks heavenly. its easy to get greedy and eat just this alone without sharing 😛

    LOL!!! That’s a lot for one person to finish on his or her own…

  15. the price is really reasonable, coz for RM350, i dont think there is any place offering shark fin anymore.

    Latest: Malaysian Version of “International”

    We have here but it’s mostly soup with egg and shredded chicken. Hardly any sharks’ fins…so most people would opt not to have it and have better quality in the other dishes instead…or they would replace it with herbal black chicken soup.

  16. Wow nice trip down to Sibu. Look at Claire and Quay Po karaok-ing…So fun! Great food with great friends….

    Sibu…the best place to be!!! Btw, your first time here, I see. Welcome & thanks for dropping by. Will link you in my blogroll. Do come again and again, eh? 😉

  17. Aarrgghh….it’s a “torture” looking at all the delicious food at this hour!
    What a fun nite out with blogger friends. Feasting and singing…no dancing, ke? Didn’t see any pics of anyone dancing 😛
    Think I’ll go cook myself Maggi mee now……

    I did not take many photos – too dark…and I never like using the flash. Ya, it was so much fun…

  18. Ok, shame , i am from Sibu, but have yet to try the food at this place. 😦

    This will be in my first place to visit on my next trip back!

    I am keepoying on the comment above, then suddenly i saw Yoong’s comment and your comment on “Ken Lee”? Now i am laughing so hard here!!!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! That was a few years ago – still funny to watch!!! Ken Leeeeee……

    Yup! Next trip back, I will treat you to dinner here too… 😉

  19. Hi, I stumbled on your blog by chance! Am from Sibu but haven’t gone back for very long time ever since we moved to Melbourne. The last time we went back with our young ones in 2011, we couldn’t find any decent kampua noodles or 炒煑麵. Or rather I should say, we couldn’t locate all those old stalls or coffee shops that we used to go, Sibu has changed a lot, the traffic around & in the town centre is so confusing that we got ourselves lost quite a number of times there.
    Where is this restaurant? And could you also suggest which coffee shop has the best kampua noodles? Thanks a lot!

    Gosh! Getting lost in Sibu? That will be the day. LOL!!! Perhaps you meant that you were going round and round in circles and ending up at the same place again and again. This is my favourite Ming Mei Shi Restaurant, in a new commercial area located right behind the Rejang Medical Cantre, Jalan Pedada:

    If you grew up eating Ah Kow kampua – I think the son has a stall at the coffee shop right behind Sibu Polyclinic…whereas people remember Ang Kao (the beef noodles guy at the same coffee shop who eventually took over Ah Kow’s kampua stall) – I think I saw the son at the coffee shop across the lane from Singapore Chicken Rice behind HSBC in the town centre.

    Feel free to search for kampua noodles and browse through my posts on that – there are some that I like more than others but of course, you may or may not agree with me – to each his own! As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  20. Exactly with the word ‘lost’ I mean we kept coming back to same old corner after making numerous turns….lol…

    Hahahahaha!!! That’s Sibu for you – have to be familiar with the road system…and the worse thing is they change it so frequently that I also get confused sometimes. Many say it is a whole lot easier to walk when in the town system – no need to worry about the one-way streets that lead you to the same place everytime.

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