Next in line…

Next in line was Yee Ling who arrived the following morning after the first group landed the day before. I went to the airport to pick her up and on our way to town, I contacted the rest of the gang and found that they were somewhere around the town centre…acting as tourists, visiting the sights and taking photographs. They had had our local Foochow delicacy – the zhao chai hung ngang

MeiLe zhaochai hung ngang
*recycled pic*

…at this coffee shop named Tung Lok, located near the hotel where they were staying (that some people say has the best in town) – they loved the one with the freshwater prawns (RM12.00) but were not so thrilled with the plain ones. They had also gone for the Sarawak laksa at Thomson Corner…and when I managed to locate them, we headed straight to the Noodle House for lunch.

They loved the Vanilla Mille Crepe a lot more than the Double Chocolate but it was the kompia stuffed with pork belly/three-layer pork that stole the show…

NoodleHouse kompia with 3-layer pork

They simply loved how they could deep fry it to be crusty on the outside layer but still nice and soft inside and yet it wasn’t oily at all. They were ok with the ones with minced pork – like me, they preferred the former.

smallkucing and his mum loved the sizzling beef kampua but the father was not so impressed by the kway chap special (RM7.50) that he  ordered…

NoodleHouse kway chap special

I didn’t really like the beef noodles (RM9.80) that I had either…

NoodleHouse beef noodles soup

…and Yee Ling thought their kampua noodles (RM4.20) was a bit salty and did not really enjoy it as well. Quay Po and her friend, Peng, shared the mee sua or long life noodles as they are called there (RM9.80) and though I enjoyed what I had there before, I did not see them jumping up and down with delight. Probably, they’re not that accustomed to the local Foochow cuisine and would prefer something else…or perhaps, they had been eating the whole morning and were too full to really appreciate it as much.

They said they would pick Claire and her family from the airport upon their arrival at around 4 something that same day so after lunch, I left them to their own devices and went home to rest and have a nap…to prepare for the food, fun and excitement that night. But for that, you will have to wait till the next post… LOL!!!

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26 thoughts on “Next in line…”

  1. trekking your blog!!!


    Welcome. Another friend from beautiful Philippines. You’ve been here before? How did you get past moderation? Will link you in my blogroll… 🙂

  2. I tried the zhao chai hung ang in tung luk and I wasn’t so thrill with it 🙂 now they are saying One o one’s zhao chai hung ang is the best in town. I haven’t try it yet 😀

    I heard about theirs too…but I don’t like that so I’ve never tried any anywhere. My missus and daughter may want to eat that sometimes, not me.

  3. oh yeah, i think i will also be fascinated by that kompia stuffed with pork rather than those western mille crepes, hahaha!! yum yum, i wish i will have a chance to try them~~

    Come! MATTA fair coming up, grab a zero-fare or cheap ticket and hop over…even if it’s only for a weekend. Come early Saturday morning and go back Sunday night…like Yee Ling. One night only! But she had to eat 6 meals a day to be able to try as many things as possible. LOL!!!

  4. So…these were what they ate before I arrived!! I was curious about that earlier… wanted to know what I have left out… hehehee….
    I tried the zhao chai hung ngang yesterday morning, just a few sips.. I like the soup cos I was too full to take in the mihun… imagine after the dim sum, I was super full but Kathy can still wallop the whole bowl of that! I “lose” to her stomach anytime.. hahahaa…

    Still quite a few places that you all did not manage to go and try…and I forgot to take you all to that stall at the Melanau kampung where they see sagu’ (toasted sago pellets), tebaloi (fragrant coconut sago crackers) and lots more! You all simply MUST come again!!! 😉

    1. Claire, you very “kiasu” lah! hahaha, you stayed so many days and eat more food than us. Somemore get to get Lucy’s cooking and you still “mm kam yuen” and want to know what you miss before you arrive? “AIYOH! Ngoh fook jor lay!” hahahaha Oh so you lose to Kathy? Maybe you should hand over the crown of “Miss Piggy” to her.

      And she is soooooo very thin! Which goes to prove that the old folks were right when they said that greedy people would never grow fat. See how Wee Kean and I would eat so little everytime… Wink! Wink! LOL!!!!

      P.S. Lucy didn’t cook, the MASTER cooked a few dishes… Watch out for the post! 😉

    2. Wei, you forgot to bring me to the Melanau kampung to buy the sagu,tebaloi and othe stuff…although you did let me try some:))

      You were here…ummm…two nights only? No need to say lah!!! Now you know better – next trip, make sure you stay longer so you will not miss out on so much. Sibu has a lot more to offer, I tell you! 😉

  5. Arthur, I like the vanilla mille crepe better than the chocolate one. Now I am try to make my own version of mille crepe cake at home so I can “TAYANG” and make you jealous! muahahaha

    LOL!!! I can always go to Noodle House to appease my craving. You have to show me things I can’t get here like your macarons…with or without nipples. Muahahahahaha!!!!!! 😀

    1. Veronica….see Arthur is still thinking of your macaron with or without nipples…LOL!

      LOL!!! Did you see them? Bet they were delicious…the ones with the nipples. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  6. Oh forget to say.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the zhao chai hoong ngang with prawns at Tong Lok but good to know there some other place that serves even more tasty one. I WANT!!!

    Come on over with Nick when he comes to town! You can have that and more…

  7. I’ve had the beef noodles at Noodle House but like you, I wasn’t impressed too. It’s different, taste-wise, from the typical beef noodles you get in Sibu but maybe I’m just not a beef noodles person. Best dish at Noodle House would probably be the sizzling beef kampua.

    Yes! That…and the kompia and the mille crepes. I quite like the mee sua too. The rest, I think I’ll pass – better ones elsewhere.

  8. The kampua noodle looks delicious but then it was a bit salty to my liking, and if the meat would turn out to be a little bit tender as well…..Gigi ah sou tua not strong jor..hehehehehhe. Luckily the next morning you brought us to another stall to have a good kampua noodle.

    I can think of another TWO places at least that I would want people to go and try the kampua…and a few other quite good ones as well but you people were here for such a brief stay. Never mind. When you come again in April, you’ll get to eat the Rasa Sayang one and the others that I also love a lot. Anybody else coming in April?

  9. the kampua noodle looks like some wet wan tan mee, which tastes really good with the pork! 🙂 love it

    Latest: No More Buffet Lines!

    Far from it!!! These people who were here would know exactly what I’m taking about. Nothing like those pale imitations in KL…and too bad they missed THE best in town! Rasa Sayang is closed for the holidays…and I did not know they went around eating kampua on their own. I could have taken them to a couple more places with very very good kampua as well.

  10. Arthur,
    How come you did not bring them to the Kampua Noodle yang kat that posh punya tempat.Remember, you brought us there and I just had to order another bowl of kampua sebab sedap sangat..hahha. I think even the Sarawak laksa pun sedap at that place kan?…or is that at a different place? I LOVE SIBU…nice food and nice shopping for salted fish, belacan, ikan bilis, udang kering etc. By the way, did Claire get to eat her durian hutan?

    Rasa Sayang! BEST in town, closed for the holidays – will reopen on the 16th or 18th, I think. Muahahahahaha!!!!! They were so heartbroken! Yes, Claire had her buah pakon…and they had the laksa that you had at Thomson Corner.

  11. Not a fan of zhao chai hung ngang. The soup tastes sourish, rite. Correct me if I am wrong. The beef noodles looks nice and opsss!!!…the kompia with pork belly, would prefer the minced meat.

    Yup, it’s a Foochow dish. I don’t really like it either…despite being a Foochow myself. I know…the ladies would usually opt for the minced.

  12. Wowwwwww..I don’t want to miss a thing. All flights full only way to swim there now boleh tunggu? Have fun guys.

    Bluff!!! Where got full? Memang no hati want to come here visit your poor old friend in his small miserable little town. 😦

  13. yee ling sounds like my name. Wah i also want to try the Kompia with pork belly! Yumms

    There’s another one – Yi Ling. That’s like your sister’s name, right? Come to Sibu lah…. You come and do not contact me, sure you will not get to eat the best in town.

  14. Just came back from a long trip. 🙂

    And I am glad to be bombarded by images of yummy food here at your blog.

    Hope you are doing fine STP.

    I’m fine, thanks…and sure am glad to see you back. Hope you’re doing ok too… 🙂

  15. Oh, really tourists with camera snapping and eating. hahah! Ok, next post please! hehehe!

    Patience! Patience! You’re not their friend on Facebook or you would be able to see hundreds and thousands of the photos they took.

    One has gone viral – smallkucing eating kampua! The mum tagged me and somebody shared the photo on his page and everybody else shared from there – I think over 50 by now and almost 200 LIKEs! Would be nice if they had asked permisson first to share the photo – so very unethical!

  16. Arthur, what’s this zhao chai hung ngang? I look forward to trying a kompia after looking at those great photos taken by Mama Kuching of the ‘making of the kompias’!

    Zhao chai is preserved vegetables using ang zhao – the residue left over from making the traditional Foochow red wine. You use the veg to cook chicken soup (like the one for mee sua but this one with the zhao chai added) and serve it with hung ngang (the big version of mihun) – a Foochow dish! Many like, but not me. You can try it for yourself when you come to Sibu. I am waiting……..

  17. hey so many people there! why wasn’t i invited to join the party? :p

    The invitation is always open to anyone who’s interested in coming over. All are welcome. You’re not interested, what to do? 😦

  18. The sizzling noodle was good…sedap…i like the long life noodles at the One Cents punya…a lot of wine

    Actually Annie’s mother asked her to ask me to bring you all there for the mee sua. Never tasted it myself. For one thing, it is a lot cheaper. 🙂

  19. whooots if i got go, i wanna try the Kampua noodle! =D but looks very dark! better not to wear white shirt lol!

    You’re such a messy eater meh? LOL!!! 😀

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