Next in line…

Next in line was Yee Ling who arrived the following morning after the first group landed the day before. I went to the airport to pick her up and on our way to town, I contacted the rest of the gang and found that they were somewhere around the town centre…acting as tourists, visiting the sights and taking photographs. They had had our local Foochow delicacy – the zhao chai hung ngang

MeiLe zhaochai hung ngang
*recycled pic*

…at this coffee shop named Tung Lok, located near the hotel where they were staying (that some people say has the best in town) – they loved the one with the freshwater prawns (RM12.00) but were not so thrilled with the plain ones. They had also gone for the Sarawak laksa at Thomson Corner…and when I managed to locate them, we headed straight to the Noodle House for lunch.

They loved the Vanilla Mille Crepe a lot more than the Double Chocolate but it was the kompia stuffed with pork belly/three-layer pork that stole the show…

NoodleHouse kompia with 3-layer pork

They simply loved how they could deep fry it to be crusty on the outside layer but still nice and soft inside and yet it wasn’t oily at all. They were ok with the ones with minced pork – like me, they preferred the former.

smallkucing and his mum loved the sizzling beef kampua but the father was not so impressed by the kway chap special (RM7.50) that he  ordered…

NoodleHouse kway chap special

I didn’t really like the beef noodles (RM9.80) that I had either…

NoodleHouse beef noodles soup

…and Yee Ling thought their kampua noodles (RM4.20) was a bit salty and did not really enjoy it as well. Quay Po and her friend, Peng, shared the mee sua or long life noodles as they are called there (RM9.80) and though I enjoyed what I had there before, I did not see them jumping up and down with delight. Probably, they’re not that accustomed to the local Foochow cuisine and would prefer something else…or perhaps, they had been eating the whole morning and were too full to really appreciate it as much.

They said they would pick Claire and her family from the airport upon their arrival at around 4 something that same day so after lunch, I left them to their own devices and went home to rest and have a nap…to prepare for the food, fun and excitement that night. But for that, you will have to wait till the next post… LOL!!!