Liked you better before…

The day smallkucing and his family…

With smallkucing & family @ Ruby

…arrived in Sibu with Quay Po and her friend, I took them here for dinner.

They were amazed that we could fry our mee sua

Ruby fried mee sua

– something that they felt would be quite impossible with the mee sua they have over in the peninsula as it would all stick together in one big lump. They loved it a lot and smallkucing had no less than THREE helpings of that!

They also enjoyed the deep-fried homemade tofu a lot…

Ruby homemade tofu

…and also the butter scotch prawn balls…

Ruby butter scotch prawn balls

However, I did not think it was as good as on previous occasions when I had that. They probably had the deep-fried prawn balls in the gravy for a little bit too long before the dish was served so they were a bit soft…but thankfully, they had not reached the stage of being soggy yet.

I wouldn’t have ordered their lamb in lemon sauce…

Ruby lamb in lemon sauce

…had I known earlier that Quay Po does not touch the meat – under the Chinese horoscope, she’s a goat herself and thus, does not eat her own kind. LOL!!! Anyway, it was a disappointment that night. I remember  that they used to cut the meat into thin slices, not chunks, and they would fry or grill it till it was really well done before serving it with the lemon sauce poured over it. It was not done like that that night and in fact, there was a bit too much fat in the meat and the smell of lamb was a bit too strong for everybody’s liking.

The cangkuk manis fried with egg was as always, the best in town…

Ruby cangkuk manis

…and everyone loved the midin (wild jungle fern) fried with belacan (dried prawn paste) too…

Ruby belacan midin

…but I did not think it was that nice owing to the strong belacan smell. In the past, I loved the belacan that they used but this one was not as nice as far as the taste and the smell were concerned.

We also had the sea cucumber soup that everybody loved but personally, I felt that it used to be a lot better. Business was very good that night and in the hassle, they even forgot about the pandan chicken that we had ordered…and thankfully so too as we were already very full by then and decided to cancel the order in the end.

Altogether, inclusive of rice and drinks, the bill came up to over RM140.00 but the boss rounded it up to just RM140.00. I guess that can be considered quite reasonable for a pleasant-enough meal for 8 persons (including one kid).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Liked you better before…”

  1. oh, i love that butter scotch prawns.. i just had butter prawns for dinner just now, haha.. hey, i am wondering, between suituapui and small kucing’s paparazzi, who actually eats more?? :p

    Both eat very little! The ladies eat more – they’re so blessed! LOL!!! The visitors love Ruby a lot…more than where we’ll be going in my next post. I guess it’s been around for a long time and we’ve been eating the things over and over again…so we, the locals, aren’t exactly as thrilled.

  2. Oh the Small Kuching family should prolly pay Klang a visit to try the fried mee sua then. The noodles are homemade too and featured in Axian and other local food shows. 🙂

    Yes, they must and they can make a comparison. Here, they actually went back again…and had the mee sua and the midin one more time! They must have loved it a lot! Well, I’ve been to the Jalan-jalan cari makan places here and in KK and I did not think they were all that great, probably invited to do a review, all paid for…and neither were most of those in Sibu nominated by Lonely Planet – it seemed they just went to those places around the hotel where they were saying, we could tell from the locations of the places named.

  3. Used to have lunch here after meeting with outstation staff. Should revisit one day!

    They loved the place and went back there again for a second round of the fried mee sua and midin. They loved the pandan chicken (that they missed the first time around) a lot and the sizzling hot plate venison with soy sauce and ginger…

  4. Fried mee sua looks yummy & the butter scotch prawns hmmm ho liao as well. Quay Po not to worry Bananaz no eat “you” too haha.

    See! The mummy bloggers all came all the way – what about the daddy bloggers? Come, come…you’ll love it here. All of them had such a great time! 🙂

  5. I am happy that finally kathy and her family (small kuching) met up with you in Sibu at last,, next will be me,

    You’ve never met her before? Never been to Penang? They’ve been to Ipoh and met Claire…and of course, Claire goes to KL regularly too.

  6. Before they send me to airport, luckily they brought me over here to have our dinner together..hehhhehhehhe. Actually we can get fried mee sua at Jalan Ipoh, KL. But definitely is more expensive compared to Ruby.

    Wee Kean said the mee sua there, when fried, will all stick together in clumps not like the mee sua here. You must tell him where to go – then he can go there to try and compare with Ruby’s.

  7. wow!!1…I would definitely love the midin and butter scoth prawns, Looks so yummy!!!…

    See! They came from KL, from Ipoh…and they all loved it here. Only Kuching people, so sombong…don’t want to come to Sibu. Tarek harga…

    1. Don’t say me sombong lah. I feel guilty. Just not the time yet.

      Not you specifically but most in general would rather go Singapore or KL or even beyond…and those in KL would rather go Thailand, Bali…even Vietnam…and beyond. Sibu, not on anybody’s itinerary… Sobs!!!! 😦

  8. Food looks quite good. Where is this Ruby restaurant?

    Tunku Osman – somewhere, across the road from RH Hotel, block of shops on the (old wooden) mosque side. In between Ivan Generation-X shop and Home Cook. 1st shop sells Mercedes Benz – your father would be familiar with that. Hehehehehhee!!!!

  9. Ahh, now I get to see smallkucing and family 🙂 The cangkuk manis and midin belacan certainly look delicious.

    You’ve never seen them before? Their photos are all over their blog.

  10. Mmmmm…I’ll have the fried mee sua with some belacan midin please. You didn’t order sweet & sour!!

    Nah!!! That one, even at our chap fan stalls, we can get…anytime. LOL!!!

  11. As always, the food looks great. But I dont think lamb goes quite well with lemon. Pepper maybe!

    Normally it does. VERY well and I used to like it a lot. I hate black pepper sauce. 😦

  12. I must be very lucky as everything that you ordered for us that day turned out so sedap…no cacat-cela at all. Everything so nice until not a drop of air belacan on the plate…hehehehe…so shy!!! Maybe it’s because of school holidays and business is brisk? Must tell Papa Kuching when he visit Melaka, he can eat mee sua goreng at almost all the top restaurant…Melaka is very famous for their mee sua goreng..clump free!

    Got meh? Never seen anywhere over that side and the only time I had mee sua, the soup version, at Jalan Alor – it was a disaster. Over RM12 a bowl some more and that was a few years ago…and all the Chinese newspaper cuttings on the wall and all over the stall – with all those fave reviews, I had expected it to be at least better than the worst that we have here in Sibu.

    They loved everything there except the lamb. I guess it’s just that I’m more fussy and I had better or I’ve grown bored of the food there – I do wish they would change the menu periodically. Those fellas actually went back there again (on their own – without me) to eat some more. You only managed to go there once… Hehehehehehehe!!!!! 😀

    1. That way my memory of Ruby will remain pristine!heheheh

      Hopefully, they’ll be good the next time you come around. I would think Payung’s a safer bet for tastebuds like ours…

  13. Haha and I don’t eat dog! (thank God) haha..
    The food looks really good! I would have several helpings of the fried mee sua too!!

    Come on over. You may even get to try dog too… Muahahahahaha!!!! Don’t worry! I don;t touch the stuff! You’re safe. 😉

  14. I love all the dishes at Ruby especially the midin and cangkuk manis. I don’t mind going back there again and again.

    Come to Sibu again…and I’ll take you there again…and all the other places that you missed. Did you go to Payung? I thin k they went when you were at the airport waiting for your flight home. They loved that A LOT!!! 😀

  15. NICE NICE! love seeing photos of familiar faces at your place, enjoying the same makan makan as you do. Give me moreee XD

    Latest: Yip’s Kitchen Sunway Pyramid

    No worries! More coming up in the next few posts…and when you come to Sibu, what else do you do? Eat…eat…and eat! I’ll leave it to them to post photos of the touristy spots and sights around town.

  16. Gosh!! I missed that… should have come on Friday, eh… but thank goodness I have two days of eating midin! Very nice… young and crunchy!

    They took you there your 2nd day here, didn’t they? No worries! Come again and I’ll take you there again and again… 😉

  17. stick together in one big lump? =S perhaps the taste gotta be heavier so that the big lump won’t taste plain. deep fried home made tofu i like! =D and midin again! =D

    Dunno how many times they had midin…and they even bought some home!!! They must have loved it a lot!!!

  18. not many places serve fried mee suah. most of the times its all too soggy:-( i wish we can get good ones here!

    Yes…and some may be too oily, not nice at all…

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