My world…

My daughter arrived home for the holidays on Friday and on the same flight came smallkucing and his papa and mama and also Quay Po and her friend, Peng…bearing gifts of gold, frankinsence and myrrh. LOL!!! That’s not exactly true but really, they certainly brought a lot of things with them for me. However, I’m afraid that if you want to see what they brought, you will have to wait till another post.

Well, to welcome them, I bought some kompia for their snacks in their hotel rooms

A kompia welcome

…and a bit of masak hitam Sarawak to go with those…

Masak hitam Sarawak

According to mamakucing, they loved the masak hitam so much that they ate all of it and poor Quay Po did not have the chance to try it at all. LOL!!! I should have bought more and divided it and given to them separately.

It was already past 3.00 p.m. when they got to the hotel and checked in and everything so I thought it was a bit too late for lunch and we could go for an early dinner instead. However, Quay Po insisted that I took her for Sarawak laksa…as she would be in town for two nights only and would not have that much time to eat everything. That was why I took her and Peng to this place but luck was not on their side. The laksa was sold out for the day!!!

Well, they had the pian sip instead…

ThomsonCorner pian sip

…and they loved it a lot! Quay Po was saying that she would want to buy the skin home and try to make them herself.

They also liked the kampua noodles…

ThomsonCorner kampua noodles

…even though I wouldn’t say that they had the best in town. The same goes to their oven-toasted kompia stuffed with minced meat but they loved them too!

ThomsonCorner kompia

I had their rojak sotong before…or what we call jiew hu eng chai (cuttlefish with water spinach) and I did not think it was any good but Quay Po insisted on ordering it to try…

ThomsonCorner rojak sotong

…and true enough, she did not think it was great. I must say it was better than when I had it previously but still, given a choice, I would not want to have that again.

So there you have it – the first taste of Sibu for my distinguished visitors…and next stop – DINNER!!! Stay tuned!