Back there again…

My ex-student/lawyer friend, Louis, was in Mukah so I asked him to buy some of the best keropok udang (prawn crackers) from that seaside town so that I could give them to my blogger friends who came on a visit to Sibu. When he got back after his tour of duty, we arranged to meet here for tea…so there I was, back there again.

I had their iced black coffee again (RM2.20) and this time around, I particularly requested for it to be extra strong but unfortunately, it was just okay for me – not really great. Louis had the calamansi juice with sour plum (RM3.00) that he liked a lot…

IpohKopiTIam drinks

He wanted the mini-burgers but they were out of those mini buns so he Β had the ham and cheese toast sandwich (RM4.50) that I had on my first visit there instead…

IpohKopiTiam ham & cheese sandwich

I thought they looked better that last time I had that. Somehow, I would think that first impressions are very important and the presentation and the way of serving do make a difference, I must say.

I had the roti pratha with chicken curry (RM5.50)…

IpohKopiTiam roti pratha & chicken curry

…but the roti pratha, another name for roti canai, looked quite miserable. It looked like those homemade frozen ones that we can order from some people in the kampung (village) here. They’re not bad actually and will usually go well with curry gravy but at a place like this and at that price, I would expect something a lot more impressive. Other than that, there was a slice of tomato and a slice of cucumber in the photograph in the menu…but they were nowhere to be seen in what they served me. Hey!!! I’ve got a lawyer with me, you know? I could have sued you for misrepresentation and demanded compensation… LOL!!!

At first sight, the curry looked horrifying…

IpohKopiTiam chicken curry

It was so very oily!!! But when stirred, it was, in fact, quite all right and as a matter of fact, it tasted really very good! I am not a fan of most curries at places all over town (I would prefer my own anytime!) but this is one that I certainly would not mind having Β again. Even the roti pratha tasted good when dipped in the curry gravy so despite the not-very-favourable first impression, contrary to my initial opinion on this issue, I would definitely give it the thumbs up – it is probably the best thing that I have had at that place…so far.

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21 thoughts on “Back there again…”

  1. it should be kompia dipped in curry … hahaha… am getting the kompia fever oredi… the one at Noodle’s house was good!

    Must go again. Claire has not tried their mille crepes…

    1. Makan, jangan tak makan…must makan kao kao… whether put on weight or not, itu belakang kira…

      What do you think they’ve been doing here? Having the time of their lives!!! They certainly look like they’re enjoying themselves a great deal…and I certainly hope so.

      1. each day we ate like 6 to 7 meals la Cleff

        Not including the try this-try that in-between meals in the car or while walking… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    2. Where’s arthie… Lagi tido ka? Wakie wakie, time to go makan again. So far my vote, in descending order 1. Kompia stuffed wt samchan 2. Kampua, by its own is great oredi 3. Fried meesua at ruby, u changed my tastebud on misua, used to hate the bugger 4. Midin belacan kaukau satu, only at ruby 5. Kompia, teared, and dunk into beef masak hitam gravy.

      What? What? It’s not even 7 lah!!! You people said 8.30, I said 8…so still early. Hmmmm….you have not tasted the best kampua yet. Let’s see if we can go for one of the nicer ones in town this morning, seeing that Rasa Sayang is closed for the holidays. Tough luck! LOL!!!

  2. My God!!! It’s FINALLY school holiday *grinz* finally got some time for myself. Hahaha… having fun with kawans kawans over there?

    Neway… the toasts looks like it was smothered in butter and jam instead of cheese from my phone… =.=

    Lucky you! Use my phone and you can hardly see anything… Sobssss!!!!

  3. yes, definitely agree with you!! the presentation is very important, if the food is so-so, the presentation will moderate.. if the food is superb, the presentation will increase the satisfaction.. and that ham and cheese toast looks just so yummy to me!!

    It is yummy…just that the way they served it the first time I had that, it looked nicer…

  4. Ohhh.. This is one of those posh cafes kan?.. Patutlar.. Hahaha.You know, I can never bring myself to order ham and cheese sandwich whenever I go out and makan.. No matter how cheap they are. Can make yourself at home what and using the best ham and cheese you can get and those budget brand ones.However, saying that the best ham and cheese sandwich I had was in a road side truck stop on the way to The Pinnacle,Perth. Not just ham and cheese but there was fried eggs, pineapple chucks and HP sauce I think and they were delicious.Enjoy your day with the gang!

    Ooooo….that would be so delicious!!! Yum! Yum! Must try and make that one of these days. Oh? The gang? Hmmmm….next time you come to Sibu, nothing left already! They bought everything liao!!! Have to charter plane home… πŸ˜‰

  5. I love to order these calamansi with sour plum drinks nowadays too, as i feel it goes down well with any meal, giving a false feeling of digestion, similar to eno. hehe

    Nothing’s nice without some oil in it, haha! the best food are always not very healthy.. I won’t mind having some of that curry myself XD

    Heard Claire went over? Have fun !!

    Yes, a whole lot of bloggers are in town at the moment. You can check out the photos on Facebook. 1st post on the visit tomorrow…

    1. Oh, ok..thanks for the warning. I’ll be missing from tomorrow. When will normal posting starts again?

      Hah!!! Bet you will not be able to stay away. Dying to see what they ate… and bought. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Yes! Mukah is famous for its keropok.

    Yup…but I love those from Terengganu too and they brought me some as well. Barter trade! πŸ˜‰

    1. Terengganu? You mean “keropok lekor”?

      Nope. Not a fan of lekor… A bit too hard for toothless old man like me… 😦

  7. Oh Arthur, you make me miss the thick coffee at Sg Merah. That was good. Need to go for it again next time when I go back. And that roti canai doesn’t look impressive. I love those thin many layers one. I think the one here is made from frozen ones. I think you can easily made that at home yourself….haha

    Yup, nothing great at all… Better ones at the coffee shops and stalls and a lot cheaper some more. 😦 Ahhhh!!!! I took my blogger-visitors to the shop at Sg Merah for the coffee and they loved it! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  8. the curry looks yummy! i thought the cheese toast looked so much better than oldtown kopitiam.

    You think so? I had Old Town’s curry once at Sg Petani, Kedah – thought it was nice but I cannot remember exactly. Been quite a while… Btw, your first time here? Thanks for dropping by. Welcome and do come again, won’t you?

  9. No food can tempt me now. I need to fast for one week after non stop eating in Sibu for the past two days.

    Hah!!! Hope you’re not like Shereen after she visited Sibu. Withdrawal symptoms – everything she ate after that seemed boring and did not taste that great at all. πŸ˜‰

  10. that curry looks spicy πŸ™‚ it reminds me of this beef stew being sold at the stalls within the university i’m working in πŸ™‚

    Beef stew that looks like curry? I wonder what that is like…

  11. i agree…the curry was good….STP forgot to mentioned that i had toast with the curry…yum yum……sedap..another food adventure again soon STP? Cheers!

    Ya…after I ooooo-ed and aaaaaaah-ed over the curry, you could not resist! πŸ˜€

  12. ohmy! i saw a thick layer of oil on top of the curry! =S
    you would prefer your own? next time i wanna try! =p

    Come on over! I’ll cook for you! Curry and the whole works! I never eat Malay/nyonya curry outside…not as good as mine – this one is one of the few occasions as I wanted to try to roti pratha. In the end, the curry turned out great but the roti was a disappointment. I don’t mind Indian curry outside though – theirs a bit different,

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